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FlySubway Logo.png
Corporate Information
CEO TheSubway
Parent Company FlySubway Group
Facts and figures
Number of Destinations 17
Founded 29 January 2017
Airline Information
Hubs none (yet)
Alliance Stanley Air Alliance

FlySuwbay is an airline created by TheSubway on the 29. of January 2017. Its aim is to be a realistic as well as a flexible airline for all your traveling needs while providing a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. Its fleet mainly consists of aircraft built by SI-A. It may be a bit small at the moment, but it has big plans to expand, especially now after joining SAA.


Flight Number 1st airport 2nd airport Plane/Helicopter Type Status
FS 001 Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport (VFW) Titsensaki Regional Airport (TSN) SI-A 15 Active
FS 002
Anthony Fokker Regional Airport (AFK) Elecna Bay International Airport (EBI) SI-A 15 Active
FS 003 Anthony Fokker Regional Airport (AFK) Espil Ecilidae Airport (EEA) SI-A 15 Active
FS 004 Fort Yaxier International Airport (FYI) Pine Mountain Airfield (PMA) SI-A 15 Active
FS 005 UCWTIA(CWI) Fort Yaxier International Airport (FYI) SI-A 100-1 Active
FS 006 Segville International (SEG) Woodsdale Municipal Airport (CWB) SI-A 15 Active
FS 007 Espil Ecilidae Airport (EEA) Pixl Vinayaka International Airport (PXL) SI-A 15 Active
FS 008 Murrville Regional Airport (Mur) Zerez Capital Int. Airfield (ZRZ) SI-A 15 Active
FS 009 Marblelake Heathrow International Airport (MLH) Iliera Midcity Airport (IXM) SI-A 100-1 Active
FS 010 Murrville Regional Airport (MUR) Iliera Midcity Airport (IXM) SI-A 15 Active
FS 011 Espil Ecilidae Airport (EEA) Airchester Airfield (ACA) SI-A 15 Active
FS 012 Espil Ecilidae Airport (EEA) Deadbush (WMI) SI-A 15 Active
FS 013 Segville International (SEG) Deadbush (WMI) SI-A 15 Active
FS 014 Pine Mountain Airfield (PMA) Epsilon International Airport (EIA) SI-A 15 Active
FS 015 Anthony Fokker Regional Airport (AFK) Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport (SSI) SI-A 15 Active
FS 016 Thunderbird International Airport (TBI) Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport (VFW) ITP-1000 Active
FS 017 Thunderbird International Airport (TBI) Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport (SSI) SI-A 100-1 Active
FS 018 Thunderbird International Airport (TBI) Espil Ecilidae Airport (EEA) SI-A 100-2 Active
FS 019 Thunderbird International Airport (TBI) Leydon International Airport (BVL) SI-A 100-2 Active
FS 020 Thunderbird International Airport (TBI) Kantō International Airport (KTI) SI-A 300 Active


Founding and the early days

In very early 2017 FlySubway opened it's first flight (FS001) from Segville to Pine Mountain operated by a SPJet800 manufactured by SubwayPlanes, which would later become SI-A. This route remained the only route for two months.

Utopia and expansion

In March 2017 FlySubway opened a route to Elecna bay Int'l out of Utopia (FS002) operated by a second SPJet800, followed by another one to Espil (FS003) operated by a SIARJ200 and it acquired one of the modernized version of the SPJet800, the SIARJ 100 and put it to serve flight FS 001, replacing one of its two SPJet800s.

Fort Yaxier and fare plan introduction

6 days after the opening of the Utopia-Espil route, FlySubway opened another route out of espil, serving Fort Yaxier (FS004) and it acquired 2 new SIARJ100s, one to replace the last SPJet800 in service and another one for the new route to Fort Yaxier. At roughly the same time, FlySubway introduced its new fare plan, which hasn't changed from then.

Further expansion and the joining of SAA

During the period between July 2017 and march 2018 the airline got 2 new flights and acquired several more SI-A 15 (renamed SIARJ100) and it also now operated a 737-800 from UCWTIA to Fort Yaxier. the flight list now looked like this:
FS001: VFW-TSN via PMA
On the 7th of march 2018 FlySubway joined Stanley Air Alliance and announced further plans to expand.

Murrville, Airchester and a new A321

On the 9th of April FlySubway slightly changed its flights in order to incorporate Airchester Airfield and Murrville into the network. The Flight 004 EEA-FYI was changed to go from FYI to PMA instead and Flight 001 now goes between VFW and TSN without stopping at PMA. A new route (FS007) between ACA and MUR was opened stopping at EEA.
On April 12th FlySubway acquired an Airbus A321, which replaced the Boeing 737-800 that flew on flight 005.

Ilirea, Marblelake and Fleet Modernisation

On the 19th of October FlySubway acquired a new SI-A 100-1 to replace its ageing and uneconomic A321 on the FYI-CWI route. Two days later, it opened a new route between Marblelake Heathrow and Ilirea Midcity, also operating the SI-A 100. This leaves The airline one flight away from the ten flight milestone.


SI-A 15
Manufacturer: SI-A

SI-A 100-1
Amount: 2
Manufacturer: SI-A


Basic: seat
Flex: choosable seat + one free bag
Plus: choosable seat + free bag + priority boarding
Premium: choosable seat + free bag+ free meals + priority boarding