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Forest Mini-Golf

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Forest Mini-Golf
CEO/Founder godzilltrain
Additional Information
Number of Locations 17
Parent Company Godz Holdings


Forest Mini-Golf is a Mini-Golf franchise made by godzilltrain. It is a large franchise custom made in each location. This franchise features working Mini-Golf holes and is different in each location. When playing with multiple people, it is advised to go 1 person at a time, to ensure that you do not pick up each other's balls inadvertently.


If you intend to put your score on the wiki, please ensure that you follow the following rules for Mini-Golf:
1. Each hole should be started from the dark green carpet at the beginning of the hole. If you look directly downwards, you should see dark green carpet on your cursor (You don't have to be in the middle!)
2. After the first shot, all shots should be taken from where the ball lands on the previous throw.
3. If, after stopping moving, the ball is not on a carpet (i.e in the grass or on the wooden sides), it is a foul shot. The shot still counts towards your score, however you must take your next shot from the same location as the one beforehand.
4. You can throw your ball however you want, including over bridges or to take shortcuts. If the ball doesn't land back on the carpet though, it'll count as a foul (see rule #3)

Ordering A Location

Due to the large nature of this franchise, locations are currently only being sold to towns that are of rank [Mayor] and above. The pricing for the franchise is $250 for a 9 hole course and $400 for an 18 hole course. To seem realistic, a large, mostly-flat area is required. Due to the custom nature of this store, there is no specific size for a store, however if there is limited space available, speak to godzilltrain who will be able to decide whether the area is suitable. For players that have previously bought a Mini-Golf course, a $100 discount will apply.

Courses are not routinely given out, and are often given away as prizes for various competitions. If you want to have one for your town, speak to godzilltrain about how to get one

Current Locations

The current locations of Forest Mini-Golf are:

City Coordinates Number of Holes Overall Par Scoreboard
 ZS6  Segville (-264, 64, 2850) 18 60 Segville
 P9  Covina (3955, 64, -551) 18 64 Covina
 XW9  Kenthurst (-2563, 69, -474) 18 71 Kenthurst
 N6  Ravenna (7549, 79, -8654) 18 59 Ravenna
 XW17  Ilirea (-5349, 66, -1038) 18 61 Ilirea
 ES8  Castlecombe (8495, 72, 1683) 18 57 Castlecombe
 XE24  Los Angeles (8772, 64, -2252) 18 63 Los Angeles
 A21  Waterville (-4271, 70, -5095) 18 54 Waterville
 ES12  Marblegate (8442, 65, 3361) 18 60 Coming Soon
 ZS28  Zaquar (1042, 65, 8962) 18 53 Coming Soon
 M42  Heampstead (-8138, 90, 7864) 18 59 Coming Soon
 D13  Utopia (-2384, 67, 3095) 18 59 Coming Soon
 C109  Konawa (-3691, 63, -5844) 18 67 Konawa
Whiteley (-1836, 67, 8313) 18 58 Whiteley
 C76  Falloway (-6336, 65, 4804) 18 64 Falloway
 I23  Elecna Bay (2347, 63, 9200) 18 68 Elecna Bay
 C41  Wythern (6336, 71, 6611) 18 63 Wythern