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Forgotten Isle

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Forgotten Isle
Clockwise from top: Forgotten Isle from offshore, Settlement Hall, pond on the island
Flag of Forgotten Isle.png
Flag of Forgotten Isle
Deputy Mayorcamelfantasy
City recognition
Date foundedNovember 26, 2016
Date recognized as MayorFebruary 16, 2017
Town hall coordinates922, 64, 7308
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 5
No. of buildings31
Political affiliations
StateUnited Republic of Sealane

Forgotten Isle is a Mayor island town founded and owned by DergenTheDragon, located in Elecna Bay. Forgotten Isle is a part of the United Republic of Sealane.

Forgotten Isle is one of the New World's smallest Mayor towns.


RLcrafters established Forgotten Isle on November 26, 2016. The island was inspired by the Maldives and the Caribbean. The town was promoted to the rank of Mayor after getting endorsements from Narnia17 and MinecraftYoshi26 on February 16, 2017.

The town is considered to be a part of the United Republic of Sealane; however, despite being allied with the state, it does not have any political views.


Forgotten Isle is located in south Gamma in Elecna Bay in Ward 5.

As Forgotten Isle is an island, it has no direct neighbors. In relation to other settlements, Isle of Chez and Elecna Bay are to the east, La Zille and Genesis are to the west, and Inverness and Marblesheen are to the north.


Forgotten Isle from above

Forgotten Isle houses 31 buildings, three gazebos, and five docks. Most of the buildings in the town are houses. MishkaMan is the only person with a labeled house on the island.

The only buildings in Forgotten Isle that are not houses are a tall watch tower and Settlement Hall, of which the latter was visited in The Amazing Race 8 in the first leg.

The paths on the island are made of jungle planks, lined with andesite and dark oak fences against the shore.


Forgotten Isle's block palette uses jungle and oak woods. Nearly all of the buildings in the town have sloped rooves and simple exteriors, fitted with black stained glass pane windows and acacia doors. The interiors of the buildings include red beds, chests, a desk, a crafting table, and furnaces.

The island's ground features sand mixed with podzol, decorated with dead bushes. Forgotten Isle contains only jungle trees for flora and has a pond near its center.


The town has no connection to any other towns; however, numerous transit connections were planned.

There were plans to have a small, privately-owned ferry to connect to the mainland. For further transit, a shuttle airline, Palm Air, was planned to be created to operate a local shuttle service between other towns. If the town was to achieve Senator, a small airfield was going to be constructed to land small aircraft and seaplanes.