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Flag of Formosa
Deputy Mayorcamelfantasy
Town recognition
Date foundedJanuary 2015
Date recognized as CouncillorMay 12, 2015
Town hall coordinates-1954, 65, 522
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 5
Post code(s) FM5  1__: Diamond Sector
 FM5  2__: Ruby Sector
 FM5  3__: Southern Formosa (LoC and Estate Area)
 FM5  4__: Western Formosa (Formosa Western Transit Hub area)
MRT XW5 - M5 - D5  Formosa
 XW6  Formosa Northern
 M6 Formosa Western
 D6  Formosa Southern (Not built yet)
 XW4 - M4 - D4  Little Italy (collaborative)
Road connectionsB50
Air facilitiesUnion of Central Western Territories International Airport
Local transitFormosa Transit Authority
Language(s)English (Official)
French (Diplomatic)
Political affiliations
Political partiesEstablishment Party
Other information
SMPUnion of Central Western Territories
TerritoriesNaval Islands
Fort Yaxier
Sister CitiesSpruce Neck, Kolpino City, Janghwa Metropolitan City

Formosa is a Governor city founded by camelfantasy and is the capital of the Republic of Formosa. There are also two territories, Naval Islands, located in the West Lake, and Southern Isle of Friel, located in the East Ocean. The geography of Formosa goes from gently rolling hills to majestic mountains, and from deep rivers to wide lakes. Formosa has been divided into 6 distinct districts, and several sectors. The city itself is full of allusions (including the city name) to one of Camelfantasy's favorite countries, and some other media. Formosa will be one of the first, if not the first, city that is almost completely green. Electricity to major buildings will be supplied by cleverly disguised/hidden solar panels, while the rest of the energy will come from power sources that are 100% green and renewable. Using public transit and walking is highly recommended, but in the event that it is not possible, Formosa has an extensive network of roads. Notable characteristics are that they are wide and arranged in a near grid. Electric uCars are the only type of cars allowed; using other types will result in a fine by the Head of Transportation.


This section contains the history of Formosa, starting from January 2015, the founding month, and is divided into several distinct sections.


The first structure was laid down in early January, which was the exit to the MRT XW5/D5/M5 station. The first official building was the town hall, which still stands today.

The First Builds and The Ruby Sector Crisis

After the government area was built, the next few builds were focused on what is now Ruby Sector. During this time a civil war, the Ruby Sector Crisis, a battle fought between a group of wild cows began and would continue for several months. Several franchises and housing areas were built, along with a park, symphony hall, and a large memorial fountain traffic circle.

Ranking Up Through the Town Ranks

As soon as the mayor reached Trustee, the town ranked up quickly due to the town having been worked on for several months. Councillor was achieved 2 weeks later, and Mayor another 2 weeks after. Then came a long time of waiting for Senator, during which buildings in the new Diamond Sector were build drastically fast.

The Search for Senator

Several attempts later, Senator was finally achieved in December. The League of Cities, headquartered in Formosa, was developed during this time.

SMP Inter-period

Shortly before achieving Senator, Formosa joined a SMP, the Union of Central Western Territories, with neighboring cities Sealane (which was already in an SMP with Wallowyn), Wallowyn (which was already in an SMP with Sealane), and Danielston (which was already in an SMP with Formosa). Many projects were planned to link the cities closer together, and this period still continues.

Going for Governor

The most recent period, Formosa saw the major development of Formosa Western, where an entire transit hub and a harbor was created, along with the beginnings of the Western portion of Diamond Sector. Unfortunately, during this period mjpwwf took a temporary leave, thus halting most Formosa-Danielston development along southern Formosa.


Buildings must be built in their respective districts. Exceptions can be made with approval from Camelfantasy.


There will be several residential districts, most combined with commercial districts, called sectors. Residences will include standard houses, townhouses, and apartment towers. Diamond Sector is being built, and the possibility of a Emerald Sector being decided. 2 school campuses will also be built in residential districts, one of which will include grade school, and the other will include Formosa University. Expansions will be by additional areas (with sectors).

Ruby Sector

Camelfantasy Manor

Ruby Sector is the oldest residential sector. Residence include several townhouses and two residential towers. The Four Seasons hotel is built above the Glass Mall, and as such has an open area overlooking the Mall. Formosa's Library, Bank, and News Channel have also been built on Ruby Hill. Next to the Hill and partially on a peninsula is the campus of Formosa University, which has several buildings. They include the Main Building, the Greenhouse, the Dormitories, and an observatory several hundred meters to the north, on the tallest mountain in the area. A bridge links the campus to the other side of the river, where there is currently only a JROTC Training Center. The Training Center also has a secure entrance to Formosa's main Army/military base. The unlocked doors of the Main Building, unlike other buildings, symbolize the fact that the doors of education are open to all those who choose to pursue it. The Southern end of the Sector has been reserved for estates because of its quiet and private location and beautiful scenery. There are two estates: jdykhous's and Camelfantasy's. Camelfantasy's estate includes a Georgian-style mansion, two private lakes with a beach, and a garden, while jdykhous's is a more modern style one, with a medium-sized yard.

Diamond Sector

Formosa Eye at night, on top of the Dream Mall in Diamond Sector

Diamond Sector is a newer area of Formosa, and designed to be its downtown city area. It contains numerous towering skyscrapers, some of which take the term literally, as they soar well above the clouds and reach the height limit. Capitol Tower is built in this sector, but it is partially owned by the government, and as such has government offices in it. It has a notable feature, its roof, which is open. On clear days, surrounding land can be seen for miles. For those brave enough, there is also a glass Skydeck on the side. Directly next to the tower is the Dream Mall, which is a shopping center consisting of three distinct buildings. It is possibly the biggest shopping mall complex in the surrounding area, much like its real world counterpart. Blue Building currently has seven businesses. On the roof is the Formosa Eye, a huge 16-car Ferris wheel that towers 74 meters over the Mall and over 100 meters over the surrounding landscape, perfect for viewing Formosa and its surrounding areas. All cars are accessible through warps, and the ride costs the price of 16 warps. The Police Department of Formosa is in this sector, and will have jail cells, offices, OCME labs, and some other classified rooms. Formosa Armed Forces has its main headquarters here. In preparation for the 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster, a memorial of a scaled space shuttle, among some other tributes, has been built. Formosa Convention Center is under construction, and its 2nd floor is currently reserved for a temporary real-life event. The Tech Tower is Formosa's second major skyscraper, and it contains offices and test areas of CityTech and its TransitTech division.

Valley of the Wind

The Valley of the Wind, named after the anime Kaze no Tani, is an extremely mountainous area in the southern section of Formosa. No evidence has been found of wind; then again no evidence has been found of no wind either. Notable places in the area include the League of Cities Complex, several estates, and, interestingly, several horse pastures for The Whitechapel Cup, owned by _hnt and KittyCat11231

Mount Exclave

A mountain near Western Formosa has been dominated by several exclaves, complete with its own light rail, police, and tents. The list of exclaves can be found here.

Emerald Sector

Emerald Sector will possibly be built as a militarized area, housing Formosa's military, and containing supplies and training facilities.

Avallon District

Avallon ( XW6 ) was recently acquired by Camelfantasy, and will be integrated into Formosa over the next few months.

Los Doritos

Los Doritos ( XW4 - M4 - D4 ) is a town near Formosa that is currently owned by RLcrafters, but will be built in by Camelfantasy as well.

Other Sectors

Other sectors may be built as needed, though not necessarily as gem sectors. Possible names include Opal (gem), Blueridge, Batalla, and Lake.


Several commercial districts will be built throughout the city, some combined with residential districts. Buildings that will be built here include malls, shops, and commercial offices. Ruby Sector's Commercial District 1 is almost full, with 5 businesses, Narnia17's The Redstone Consultancy, Camelfantasy's Vitamin Drinks Shop, Casey_Jones3's Lehigh Valley Ice Cream, Hntredtie's RedGrocer, and Aliksong's AlikLolly. The Glass Mall in Diamond Sector has been finished, and franchises are currently being built there. There are currently two shops, TonyTajiri and MeetMeInSpace's SmaeBoy by Hanafuda, and erty10089's Potato Pail. The Dream Mall in Diamond Sector is the most notable commercial area in Formosa, with space for over 20 large mall franchises. Expansions will be by additional areas (with sectors).


Currently, one major building has been built in this district, the Formosa Concert Hall. It is home to the Formosa Symphony Orchestra, Formosa String Orchestra, Formosa String Quartet, Formosa Concert Band, Formosa Jazz Band, and Formosa Chamber Choir. There is seating for 680 people, both general and premium. General seating is on the bottom floor, while the second floor has 1 grand tier and 3 in each left and right tiers. Movie and regular theaters are planned, and stadiums will be built here at Senator. Expansion is to the right.


The Industrial District has yet to be surveyed and marked, although it is a terminus for the Amber Line cable car. A possible location is across the river (currently unnamed) from Metropolitan Park. Expansion is to the left.


Metropolitan Park, when completed, will contain 2-4 office towers, each unique in size and architecture. Two are near completion, while 1 or 2 more may be planned. Offices in Building 1 are currently vacant. Building 2 is reserved for Fantasia Inc. and all affiliated companies and companies owned by it. Capital Tower in Diamond District is also planned to be an office tower. Expansion will be by additional areas.

Building Office/Floor
Building 1 Floor 1: Lobby
Building 1 Floor 2: All offices
Building 1 Floor 3: All offices
Building 1 Floor 4: All offices
Building 1 Floor 5: All offices
Building 2 Floor 1: Vacant (F.I. only)
Building 2 Floor 2A: Vitamin Drinks Shop
Building 2 Floor 2B: SkyTrans
Building 2 Floor 3: Vacant (F.I. only)


There are 4 main government buildings (not including embassies): City Hall, City Council, City Court, and City Offices. Any needed expansions will be relocation of government buildings to D.


The government is modeled after the U.S. system. Until council members are elected, there will only be Executive Orders, instead of laws. All laws passed are for the general good or benefits for the citizens. Qualifications for government positions: players are allowed to hold only one non-military government office and one military rank (General of Military different; it is the same position in both). New buildings may be built in Diamond Sector, as there would be more space, and the old ones either demolished or converted to Ruby Sector local government buildings.

Legislative Branch

Formosa City Council
"Life, liberty, and freedom"

The City Council building houses the Legislative Branch, which is made up of 10 Council Members and the Council Head. The first Council Member of a gem sector is also the Chief of that Sector. In the event new sectors are established, the sector Chief will replace the second representative of the most recently added sector. Red rows indicate that the council position for the area has not been established yet.

Council Position Council Member
Council Head
Ruby Sector (1)
Ruby Sector (2)
Diamond Sector (1)
Diamond Sector (2)
Emerald Sector (1)
Emerald Sector (2)
Corporate/Commercial Districts
Industrial District
Entertainment District
General Representative

Executive Branch

Formosa City Hall
"Sed lex, dura lex" (The law is hard, but it is the law)

The City Hall houses the Executive Branch, which is made up of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor. The Council Head and Head Judge also have offices in this building, and serve as advisors to the Mayor. The Deputy Mayor currently has no major role in the town; its main purpose is just to inherit the town if something happens to the Mayor.

Position Member
Chief of Heads
Head of State and Foreign Affairs
Head of Interior
Head of Transportation
Head of Trade and Commerce
Head of Education
Head of Treasury and Finances
Ruby Sector Administrator
Diamond Sector Administrator

Judicial Branch

Formosa City Court
"Liberty and justice for all"

The City Court houses the Judicial Branch, which is made up of 2 Judges, sesese9, and the Head Judge, Aliksong.

Other Offices

Formosa City Offices
"Serving the city"

The City Offices house other government positions, who ensure the smooth running of the city. These officers, when necessary, will also serve as advisors to the other government branches. The officers are:

  • Chief of Police
  • Firefighter Chief
  • Hospital President
  • General of Military
  • Superintendent of Schools
  • Head of Transportation
  • Ambassador (2)

All are TBD.
The officers will have offices located on the first floor of the City Offices, but their department may have headquarters in another location. Several floors are being constructed under the building, which will serve as temporary headquarters for emergency departments (B1), school board (B2), and transit systems (B3). The second floor is used for city meetings, which are called by the Mayor, with enough space to hold all officers in the three branches plus officers of the City Offices and some audience.


Formosa has several military bases. The Formosa Naval Base is located on several islands off the coast of southern Whitechapel/western Kenthurst. It is the command center for the Formosa Navy (FN) and the Formosa Coast Guard (FCG), and is currently home to the Formosa-class destroyer F.S. Formosa (DDG-1), Explorer-class cruiser F.S. Explorer (CG-1), and Supreme-class carrier F.S. Laputa (CVNA-1).


E.O. #1: The government reserves the right to use its military to any extent to put down any rebellions or attempted coup d'états, or against any outside force threatening the national sovereignty of Formosa, its territories, and its allies.

E.O. #2: Formosa's flag is to be displayed in a prominent area in all buildings, as well as the respective sector flag if the building is in that sector. Minor residential and commercial buildings are exempt.

E.O. #3: The Mayor and Deputy Mayor reserve the right to impose sanctions of any sort on any city for any reason, as they see fit.

Intercity Relations

Formosa has many relations with other cities on the server. It is the founder of the League of Cities, a server-wide MPO that includes many cities. It is also in an SMP with neighboring Danielston, Sealane, and Wallowyn, forming the Union of Central Western Territories.

Official Diplomatic Relations

The following cities/states have established official diplomatic relations with Formosa (separate from military alliances):


Formosa maintains official embassies in the following cities:

  • Izumo
  • Mason City
  • Kolpino City


Formosa's transit systems are operated by Formosa Transit Authority. When Senator is reached, a transit center will be built, probably near the town hall or at another station that may be claimed. Due to space concerns, all rail lines not part of FTA are required to remain underground within city limits. Formosa Boulevard, part of an underground complex, may be the transit center, or connected to it. Formosa's Transit is under development, and there is currently one light rail line, [A]. The line has three stations operational, with several more planned. Another line, line [C], is planned. It will be a circular light rail (hence its letter code) running along the outskirts (at the time of construction) of the city. Heavy rail subways will be constructed soon. In several cases, the light rail line has a heavy rail complement, thus a local/express line is created. No bus service is currently planned. The light rail trains are catenary free; they will charge quickly at the station. Subways will run by third rail (powered rail). Light rails will be named after letters, subways after numbers, and intracity buses after colors. All codes also be colored, with each color appearing only once in each service. The Naval Base will also build a 1-line pier transit system at its island base, to transport people between piers and ships.

Line A (Main Street Line)

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png A1 Government District  XW5   M5   D5 
Dynmap Green Flag.png A2 Mayor's House None
Dynmap Green Flag.png A3 Oakwood Park  R-? 
Dynmap Construction.png A4 Formosa Boulevard (under construction)  R-? 

Further expansion unknown.

Diamond Line (Diamond Sector Line)

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png D-? Capital Building/Dream Mall None

Will travel through Diamond District.

Ruby Line (B50 Line)

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png R-? Oakwood Park  A4 
Dynmap Green Flag.png R-? Formosa Boulevard None
Dynmap Construction.png R-? Exit 2 (under construction) None

Will travel from Diamond District along  B 50  southward.

Amber Line ([river] Line)

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png A-1 Metropolitan Park None
Dynmap Green Flag.png A-2 Industrial Zone None

Connects both sides of the [river]. These are currently the only 2 planned stations.

Line P (FAF Naval Dockyard Line)

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png P1 Pier 1 (under construction) None
Dynmap Green Flag.png P1-2 Pier A (1-2) None
Dynmap Construction.png P2 Pier 2 (under construction) None
Dynmap Green Flag.png P2-3 Pier A (2-3) None
Dynmap Pin.png P3 Pier 3 (planned) None

Travels throughout the many docks of Formosa Armed Forces's Navy's Island Base's Naval Dockyard.


Formosa is linked to other cities through 2 major roads,  B50  and  B51 .  B50  leads out of southern Formosa from Memorial Fountain to Danielston and has Ruby Line running through it, and  B51  is a northeastern connection to Sealane and Wallowyn. Diamond Sector's Grand Avenue may serve as an extension of  B51  through Formosa and extend towards Kenthurst Aerodrome.

MRT Stations

Formosa covers a total of 4 MRT station areas, one of which is made up of 3 separate stations. Formosa Station is near the center of Formosa, while Formosa Northern on the southern bank of the KFS Canal, Formosa Western is on the westernmost point of Formosa with a medium transit hub, and Formosa Southern is near the border of Formosa and Danielston, and will serve UCWTIA. Formosa Central, Western, and Southern are currently unmodified while Northern is currently undergoing renovation to a modern-style building that will have several tracks and bus areas.


The Formosa government supports the arts greatly. The Formosa Concert Hall is one such example of a supported music-related build. The government also has a list of official compositions used for official events, which are decided by them. Mostly by Camelfantasy.

Type Composition
Symphony Symphony No. 1 by Beethoven
Fanfare Symphony No. 8, 4th movement (beginning) by Dvořák

Places of Note

There are several interesting places in Formosa that are unique to the city:

  • Memorial Fountain: In memory of several events and a person, listed at the fountain
  • Oakwood Park: Has the largest tree for hectoblocks around
  • Concert Hall: One of its kind, and the only Hall to be home to 6 music groups
  • Formosa Lighthouse: A forever shining beacon of light to guide ships in the river
  • Dome of Light: A dome located in Formosa's Main Station with a contemporary mosaic artwork on it, supported by the Pillars of Ice and Fire
  • Formosa Eye: A huge Ferris Wheel ideal for sightseers wishing to see hectometers around
  • Challenger Memorial: A ~3:4 scale replica of the Challenger space shuttle and some memorials, for the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster

Future Plans

  • Open air market
  • Military Headquarters
  • Second residential/commercial district (Diamond Sector)
  • Develop (and name) river
  • Modify roads slightly
  • Begin clearing land for Diamond Sector.

Master Plan

The following plan was devised and used by Camelfantasy to better help construct his town (in no particular order):
1. Diamond District

a. Clear land
b. Determine size of city blocks
c. Determine and create road layouts
d. Determine feasibility of moving government buildings here

2. Ruby District

a. Determine further expansion
b. Rearrange roads and buildings in a small section
1. Change road widths in the area
c. Add some buildings to the university
1. Add more dorms

3. Entertainment District

a. Add theaters
b. Determine areas for stadiums (if senator is reached)

4. Transit

a. Find a suitable place for a transit hub
b. Scout river and lakes for possible harbors and canals
c. Begin subway system in Diamond District

Easter Eggs

As you explore Formosa, you may find that there are many Easter Eggs.


Feel free to fill in the blanks if you can figure them out.

  • City Name: [Another name for the country] TAIWAN! :D
  • Lighthouse name: Named after a famous one in [southernmost county] of [country]
  • Light rail circle line and power source: Kaohsiung of Taiwan. SOLVED BY CaptainChimpy
  • Metropolitan Park: Subway station/area in Kaohsiung. SOLVED BY CaptainChimpy
  • Ruby District: District in [a dystopian novel]
  • Memorial Fountain: Four memorials to events in Taiwan. SOLVED BY CaptainChimpy
  • Formosa Broadcasting Company: Channel number is a reference to [one of above events] 2? KevakaTheGr8
  • Dome of Light: Formosa Boulevard's (subway station) Dome of Light in Kaohsiung. SOLVED BY CaptainChimpy
  • Dream Mall: Name of a huge mall in [county]

More soon!

Jokes/Humor/Stuff of Note

  • The current guest conductor for Formosa Symphony Orchestra is a cow, Maestro Cow
  • In Memorial Fountain, the memorials are all to events except for one, which is to a person
  • Transcripts of transmissions/recordings regarding the secession crisis always cut off suddenly from unexpected events
  • In Building 1 of Metropolitan Park, a sign says: Please do not tap on glass. Fish may or may not break glass...
  • GAIA once built a "military airport" in Formosa, it had a 5x5x5 hangar and a 7 metre long runway. Because of the strategical building area of the airport(inside a house under construction), it is no longer possible for ArdyDuck clones to land on the airport.


Formosa Pagoda

Secession Crisis

Ruby Sector has seceded from Formosa and built a fort and a barrier on the border because of various reasons, namely that a wild cow has seized control of the sector and wishes no more expansion. This so-called leader of the UGS has been deemed crazy by many people, from the facts that he has attempted to place the area under martial law without sufficient troops, and that he has declared himself the Elector of the confederacy, a position unrecognized by the rest of the MRT nation. They have also attempted to entice the developing Emerald and Diamond Sectors to join to create the United Gem Sectors, without much success (to the relief of Formosa's government). The FAF has been called in to deal with the crisis, and a tank, a troop transport, a command jeep, a cannon, and two Bravo class recon boats have been sent. Help from the KIA (agents), GAIA (Ardy clones), AAAF Special Forces (1st and 2nd commando corps), Sealane (troops and Long-Range Strike Missile), and Utopia (Utopia troopers) have also been sent. The crisis has ended as of April 1st, 2016, approximately 11 months after it began. The long-standing fence has been taken down, and all military vehicles are still there to ensure order, and to escort the Siletz Police Department vehicles and officers out of Formosa and back to Siletz safely.

M.O. 1: Use of force has been authorized to counter the secession of Ruby District from Formosa, and to reunify the districts. Several tanks, gunboats, and divisions of troops are allocated for imminent battles. All troops have also been authorized to shoot United Gem Sectors Mayor Cow on sight.

Released transcript from a recorded transmission of the FCG Patrol Boat 2's captain:

Captain: Several artillery sighted near the fort and... wait, is that thing pointed at us?(Panicked voice) Move the boat, quickly!  Get us out of here!  Call for backup and... kxxxxxxxx
        *transmission has ended*

At this point the crew had to be rescued by nearby civilians after abandoning ship.

Short recording by a civilian near the tank:

Civilian: Well, they have set up several cannons in a makeshift fort and are trying to take our tank down.  They seem to miss a lot though and they tend to hit unintended targ...
          *recording has ended*

At this point the bystanders had to be evacuated to a nearby building after the microphone was unexpectedly hit by a stray bullet.