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Formula MRT
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Number of Seasons6

Formula MRT is the second racing championship event after NASKart hosted on the MRT. It is a horse racing event that has races in several different cities and towns across the New World.

How Hosts are Chosen

When a season of Formula MRT is announced and a successful interest poll conducted, players can apply for their city/town to be a host by telling HarborRandom852. Harbor will deny or approve the host city/town for any reason.

Points System

The points system depends on the number of racers participating in that race and what position they get. Every participant of the race who finishes will earn at least one point.

The winner of the race (the racer that finishes in first place) will get the same number number of points as there are number of racers that took part in the race.

The second place finisher will earn one less point than the winner, and so forth until the last finisher earns one point. The mathematical formula for the points awarded for any finishing position p with number of participants n is (n + 1) - p.

Participants who do not finish the race for whatever reason do not earn points.

Example for a race with 10 participants:

Finishing Position Points Awarded
1 10
2 9
3 8
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1

List of Events

Season 1: July 24th 2021, July 31st 2021

Season 1 took place on 2 days and was the inaugural season of the event. Races 1-3 were held on July 24th 2021. Races 4-6 were held on July 31st 2021.

AlphaDS took the crown to become the first Formula MRT champion, with autobus22 coming in second. CaptainObi, Starcubed and frogggggg came in joint third place. The podium ceremony was held in Ottia, with the podiums preserved in southern Ottia Islands and available to be visited.

Race # Location No. of Laps Winner Runner-Up
1 Rattlerville 5 AlphaDS CaptainObi
2 Wazamawazi Flag of Wazamawazi.png 8 AlphaDS autobus22
3 Biwabik 12 AlphaDS autobus22
4 Beachview Flag of Beachview.png 10 AlphaDS frogggggg
5 Nymphalia Flag of Nymphalia.png 6 autobus22 frogggggg
6 Ottia Islands 3 AlphaDS Starcubed

Season 2: August 29th 2021, September 4th 2021

Season 2 was first teased at the closing ceremony of Season 1 on July 31st 2021 in Ottia. The event funding proposal was submitted at the August 2021 GSM and approved. Unlike Season 1, Season 2 used slightly slower Not So Fast Boi V3s instead of Fast Boi V4s. It was the only season to run 8 races instead of 6.

autobus22 became Formula MRT's second champion, while the reigning champion AlphaDS did not participate. Krakabraka was the runner up with Melecie in third.

Races 1-4 were held on August 28th 2021 while Races 5-8 were held on September 4th 2021.

Race # Location No. of Laps Winner Runner-Up
1 Caravaca Flag of Caravaca.png 6 autobus22 _Ludus
2 Prismarine 5 autobus22 Freskooo
3 Lakeborough 8 mi_aquamarine autobus22
4 Newbourne Flag of Lumeva.png 3 autobus22 __7d
5 Serena Serena republica wiki.png 5 Krakabraka frogggggg
6 Kazeshima Flag of Kazeshima.png 6 Melecie Krakabraka
7 New Singapore Flag of Nansei-Gunto.png 7 Needn_NL Melecie
8 Titsensaki Flag of Titsensaki.png 3 Krakabraka autobus22

Great Northwestern Race: October 23rd 2021

Harbor decided to host a spin-off event: the Great Northwestern Race on October 23rd 2021. The event would consist of one singular race: from Norwest through Kaloro City, Carnoustie, Larkspur to Miu Wan. The race ran along highways, most notably the A92.

Needn_NL was the winner of the event, with AirplaneNiner coming in second place, Minecraft252 in third.

Harbor was also drunk throughout the event, having drank some fruit beer.

Season 3: February 12th 2022, February 19th 2022

Season 3 was supposed to happen in December 2021. However, Harbor would delay it due to the fallout of the infamous October SSM. As the server finally began to recover in the early weeks of 2022, he would announce a 3rd season.

Unlike the past 2 seasons, the sixth and final host of Formula MRT was kept secret, something that will carry on to all later seasons. Harbor and Hightech_TR conspired to "leak" the final host as Central City, when in reality it was GSM Town all along. Many fell for this trick, as Harbor even "leaked" it in a private group chat treating it as real.

The season was also fraught with issues. Both Calgary and GSM Town's races had to be redone due to unexpected issues with the track. There was also an area in GSM Town that according to some racers, lagged the server.

AlphaDS retook the crown to be the first double Formula MRT champion this season, with lalaboy in second and frogggggg in third.

Race # Location No. of Laps Winner Runner-Up
1 Kleinsburg Flag of Kleinsburg.png 5 frogggggg AlphaDS
2 Port Sonder Flag of Port Sonder.png 6 SimonScholar AlphaDS
3 Calgary Flag of Kanata.png 5 AlphaDS frogggggg
4 Auburn Flag of Auburn.png 5 AlphaDS mi_aquamarine
5 Dewford Flag of Dewford City.png 3 AlphaDS lalaboy
6 GSM Town 6 AlphaDS lalaboy

Season 4: June 25th 2022, July 2nd 2022

Season 4 took place during the summer of 2022. This season used even slower Not So Fast Boi V4s, making them easier to control and to track for broadcasting. This was also the first time a linear track was used for a Formula MRT race instead of a circuit: the secret race had a route through Bahia similar to the Great Northwestern Race's route. Furthermore, it also spawned the infamous "banana my ass" joke.

AlphaDS became a three-time champion in this season, with PaintedBlue in second and chimata in third.

Race # Location No. of Laps Winner Runner-Up
1 Seolho Flag of Ophelia Confederation.png 3 AlphaDS chimata
2 Winterside Flag of Winterside.png 3 AlphaDS Ada_Virus
3 New Bark Town Flag of New Bark Town.png 3 Ada_Virus AlphaDS
4 Cirno Bay Flag of Cirno Bay.png 3 AlphaDS PaintedBlue
5 Weston Flag of Weston.png 3 AlphaDS chimata
6 Bahia Flag of Sunshine Coast.png 1* PaintedBlue chimata

*Bahia was not a circular track.

Season 5: February 18th 2023, February 25th 2023

Due to some internal issues and Harbor getting tempbanned, Season 5 was delayed significantly. Eventually, it finally took place in early 2023, sparking the best Formula MRT season yet. The secret race was held once again, this time in Boston.

Surprisingly, michabos had managed to defeat the reigning three-time champion AlphaDS and take the crown to be Formula MRT's third champion. Alpha was the runner-up, with ItsNotJasper in third.

Race # Location No. of Laps Winner Runner-Up
1 Nibel Flag of Nibel.png 3 AlphaDS ItsNotJasper
2 Cattington 3 michabos krisyam
3 Las Playas 3 AlphaDS ItsNotJasper
4 San Francisco Flag of Kanata.png 3 michabos ItsNotJasper
5 Stillwater Flag of Stillwater.png 3 michabos AlphaDS
6 Boston Flag of Boston.svg 3 AlphaDS michabos

Season 6: July 8th 2023

Unlike other Formula MRT events, Season 6 was held on just one day. This season changed the race vehicles used once again, now choosing between Fast Boi V4s and Not So Fast Boi V4s depending on the track width and openness. Only Keriyowna's circuit used the Not So Fast Boi V4s. In addition, it was held during Asian morning (2am UTC) rather than Asian night (12pm UTC) unlike Harbor's other events. Furthermore, the event was shorter than expected, as while both Harbor and Hightech_TR estimated it would take an hour and a half, the event didn’t even last an hour, possibly due to the fact that most of the races had only 3 laps. However even if they had more, it wouldn’t have made the event much longer.

The secret race was once again held on a linear track that passes through Cape Cambridge.

AlphaDS would once again take top spot in the standings to be an unprecedented four-time champion, but with kingsnake coming in a close second. Third place was shared between Worrski and Chimata.

Race # Location No. of Laps Winner Runner-Up
1 Kwai Tin Flag of Miu Wan.png 5 AlphaDS kingsnake
2 Keriyowna Flag of Keriyowna.png 3 AlphaDS kingsnake
3 Lifebush 3 kingsnake AlphaDS
4 Parkland Flag of Sequoia.png 3 kingsnake AlphaDS
5 New Chandigarh Flag of New Chandigarh.png 3 AlphaDS chimata
6 Cape Cambridge Metropolitan Area Flag of Meridia.png 1* AlphaDS worrski

*Cape Cambridge was not a circular track.


The list below shows circuits that have hosted Formula MRT Races from the Miu Wan Grand Prix until now.

Circuit Map Direction Location Grand Prix Season Remarks
Miu Wan Street Circuit Miu Wan Circuit.png Anti-clockwise Miu Wan, Republic of Miu Wan Miu Wan Grand Prix 0 Held 3 different races in the same event.
Rattlerville Speedway Rattlerville Circuit.png Clockwise Rattlerville, Meridia Rattlerville Grand Prix 1
Circuit Straat Wazamawazi Wazamawazi Circuit.png Clockwise Wazamawazi Wazamawazi Grand Prix 1 There were complaints of lack of barriers at this circuit.
Biwabik Street Circuit Biwabik Circuit.png Anti-clockwise Biwabik Biwabik Grand Prix 1
Beachview Circuit Beachview Circuit.png Clockwise Beachview, Neobaltia Beachview Grand Prix 1
New Nymphalia Loop Nymphalia Circuit.png Clockwise Nymphalia, Nymphic Union Nymphalia Grand Prix 1 Was adapted and extended from NASKart's iteration of the track.
Ottia International Circuit Ottia Islands Circuit.png Clockwise Ottia Islands, Federated States Ottia Islands Grand Prix 1
Caravaca Street Circuit Caravaca Circuit.png Clockwise Caravaca, Federated States Caravaca Grand Prix 2
Prismarine Raceway Prismarine Circuit.png Clockwise Prismarine Prismarine Grand Prix 2 One of a few circuits to only consist of right-angled corners.
Lakeborough Circuit Lakeborough Circuit.png Clockwise Lakeborough Lakeborough Grand Prix 2
Newbourne Street Circuit Newbourne Circuit.png Clockwise Newbourne, Region of Lumeva Newbourne Grand Prix 2
Serena Street Circuit Serena Circuit.png Clockwise Serena Serena Grand Prix 2
Kazeshima Circuit Kazeshima Circuit.png Anti-lockwise Kazeshima, Region of Nansei-Gunto Kazeshima Grand Prix 2 This circuit was built incorrectly from the original map layout.
The map here shows the built layout used for the grand prix.
New Singapore Street Circuit New Singapore Circuit.png Clockwise New Singapore, Region of Nansei-Gunto New Singapore Grand Prix 2
Titsensaki Ring Titsensaki Circuit.png Clockwise Titsensaki, Republic of Northern Peninsula Titsensaki Grand Prix 2 Longest circuit in Formula MRT, consisting of 40 turns.
Kleinsburg Circuit Kleinsburg Circuit.png Clockwise Kleinsburg Kleinsburg Grand Prix 3
Port Sonder Ring Port Sonder Circuit.png Clockwise Port Sonder, Meridia Port Sonder Grand Prix 3
Calgary Street Circuit Calgary Circuit.png Clockwise Calgary, Kanata Calgary Grand Prix 3 The second run of the grand prix ran a short version of the circuit.
Turns 3 through 15 were skipped due to space constraints from the failed first run.
Auburn Street Circuit Auburn Circuit.png Clockwise Auburn Auburn Grand Prix 3
Road Dewford Dewford Circuit.png Clockwise Dewford Dewford Grand Prix 3
GSM Ring GSM Town Circuit.png Clockwise GSM Town Secret Grand Prix 3 Secret location revealed only right before the grand prix.
Also contained a chunk which lagged clients when passed through.
Seolho Kim-un Circuit
설호 키무운 서킷
Seolho Circuit.png Clockwise Seolho, Ophelia Confederation Seolho Grand Prix 4 Named after Kim-un-Kamuy (キムンカムイ), the Ainu god of mountains and bears.
Winterside Nordschleife Winterside Circuit.png Clockwise Winterside, Kalorean Union Winterside Penguins Grand Prix 4 Ran in a slightly different configuration to the original circuit map shown on broadcast.
Yamatani Raceway
New Bark Town Circuit.png Clockwise New Bark Town New Bark Grand Prix 4 It's name, Yamatani (山谷やまたに), means "Mountain Valley", owing to the mountainous terrain the street circuit traverses.
Has a banked corner - Turn 8 is banked at 18°.
Cirno Bay 9-Ball Circuit Cirno Bay Circuit.png Clockwise Cirno Bay, Konten Cirno Bay Grand Prix 4 It’s name is derived from the Cirno (9) (pronounced “Nineball”) meme, originating from the manual of the ninth Touhou Project game, Phantasmagoria of Flower View. The town which the circuit is located, Cirno Bay, is also nicknamed (9)city.
Weston Autodrome Weston Circuit.png Clockwise Weston, Ionian Conurbation Weston Grand Prix 4
Nibel Street Circuit Nibel Circuit.png Clockwise Nibel Nibel Grand Prix 5
Cattington Street Circuit Cattington Circuit.png Clockwise Cattington, Kingdom of Cattington Cattington Grand Prix 5
Las Playas Speedway Las Playas Circuit.png Clockwise Las Playas, New Caledonia Las Playas Grand Prix 5 Due to corner-cutting rules, racers had managed to find a way to skip Turn 11 of the circuit and straightline from Turn 10 to 12, the largest of several shortcuts found in this circuit. Such oversights were remedied in later races with more barriers.
San Francisco Street Circuit San Francisco Circuit.png Clockwise San Francisco, Kanata San Francisco Grand Prix 5 With 39 corners, this circuit has the second most corners in Formula MRT, behind the Titsensaki Ring.
Shizuike Racing Course
Stillwater Circuit.png Clockwise Stillwater, Meridia Stillwater Shizuike Grand Prix 5 Its name "Shizuike" was the former name of the town of Stillwater. The name is still retained by the company Shizuike Heavy Industries.
Boston Street Raceway Boston Circuit.png Clockwise Boston, New England Secret Grand Prix 5 Secret location revealed right before the grand prix.
Kwai Tin Ring Kwai Tin Circuit.png Clockwise Kwai Tin, Republic of Miu Wan Kwai Tin Grand Prix 6
Keriyowna Circuit Keriyowna Circuit.png Clockwise Keriyowna, Aurora Keriyowna Grand Prix 6 The circuit map shown in the broadcast is different from the actual circuit layout run for the race. This map shows the actual layout used during the grand prix.
Lifebush Raceway Lifebush Circuit.png Clockwise Lifebush Lifebush Grand Prix 6
Parkland City Circuit Parkland Circuit.png Clockwise Parkland, Sequoia Parkland Grand Prix 6
New Chandigarh City Circuit Chandigarh Circuit.png Clockwise New Chandigarh New Chandigarh Grand Prix 6 One of a few circuits to only consist of right-angled corners.

Linear Tracks

While most tracks that run Formula MRT races are complete circuits, some are linear and have distinct start and end points. The list below shows non-circular tracks that have run Formula MRT and derivative races.

Track Map Start Point End Point Grand Prix/Event Season Remarks
Great Northwestern Race Route Great Northwestern Race Track.png Norwest Miu Wan, Republic of Miu Wan The Great Northwestern Race - A spin-off race not in an official Formula MRT championship season.
Cross-Bahia Touring Course Bahia Track.png Torres River, Bahia Pretoria, Bahia Secret Grand Prix 4 The first linear track to host a Formula MRT championship race.
Cape Cambridge Racing Course Cape Cambridge Track.png Soundview, Meridia Oceanside, Meridia Secret Grand Prix 6 Despite the track bearing the Cape Cambridge name, it actually starts and ends in neighbouring Meridian towns, passing through the Cape Cambridge Metropolitan Area.