Fort Yaxier Airfield

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Alert.png Some gates have been assigned, please have your flight active by January 9, 2017. See below information regarding check-ins and gate areas.
Check-ins: You may change the 7 quartz blocks of the desk, decorate the space from that to the wall, the glass in front of and parallel to the desk, carpet the area between the glass and the desk, and the wool and signs above the desk. Do not change the wall, or the quartz and glass perpendicular to the desk (the latter two allowed if you have an agreement).
Gate areas: You may change the seating area between the number and the wall, and the immediate area in front of the elevators. Note for your gate in relation to the elevators: your seating area is to the left of the elevator for gates 1-6 and H2; your seating is to the right for gates 7 and H1. For shared elevators (gates 6-7 and H1-2), do not change the dividing glass in front of the elevator (unless you have an agreement). The dividing area between gates H1 and H2 is a diagonal running from the corner: do not build on it unless you have an agreement.
Plane/Heli: For planes, the nose may be above the 5-block perpendicular yellow line but may not pass it. For helicopters, try to center it or fit as much of it inside or on the red circle as possible.
If you have any questions/confusion then ask Camelfantasy first.
Fort Yaxier Airfield
Airport type Civilian
Owner Camelfantasy
Operator Formosa Transit Authority
Serves Fort Yaxier
Location Southern Central New World
Built December 25, 2016 - December 27, 2016
In use December 31, 2016 -
Commander Camelfantasy
Occupants FAF
Elevation AMSL TBD m / TBD ft
Coordinates TBD
Direction Length Surface
ft m
9/27 TBD TBD Black Clay

Fort Yaxier Airfield is an operational airfield and will service Fort Yaxier. It is located on one of Fort Yaxier's taiga hills, with the tarmac and runway above ground and the terminal under it. Gate claiming is open in the wiki table below.


Gate Airline Destination(s)
1 Vermilion Airways Atlanta Fairfax
2 South Weast Charter Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
Segville International
3 Eastern Airways Epsilon International Airport
4 Caelus Airlines Charles de Gaulle International Airport
5 SkyTrans Pine Mountain Airfield
Wythern Airfield
West Mesa International Airport
Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
6 SkyTrans Espil Ecilidae Airport
Washingcube Airfield
Deadbush Edgecliff Airport
7 IntraAir Western Ocean International Airport
H1 SkyTrans UCWTIA
Central City Heliport
H2 IntraAir Heli Lines Arisa Heliport
X SkyTrans Fort Yaxier International Airport
  • All yellow rows are inactive flights


Each airline has one check-in space per gate, which are numbered starting from the left.

# Airline
1 Vermilion Airways
2 South Weast Charter
3 IntraAir
4 IntraAir Heli Lines
5 Eastern Airways
6 Caelus Airlines
7 SkyTrans
8 SkyTrans
9 SkyTrans


Access will be provided via a shuttle line to  I26 , which will be constructed soon.


Gates for planes are 15x21.

Airline Plane or Heli Username Destination(s)
Derpy Air Plane Derpy_Melon FDR (Maybe)
FlyArctic Plane PtldKnight VCA via EBI1

1The Flight will operate so Passengers boarding at Fort Yaxier will not be able to depart at Electna Bay and will stay onto Vegeta. Likewise Passengers at Electna Bay will not be able to board on a Fort Yaxier bound plane.