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Fort Yaxier Central Station

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Alert.png Fort Yaxier Central has been pasted and is mostly operational.
Trains may be pasted in and warps set up. Trains may be centered or pasted closer to one end. If you own both tracks for a platform, you may customize it so long as the general shape and layout remains the same. You may also construct automatic platform gates if so desired. If there is a significant amount of space between the train and the end of the platform, glass platform barriers will be constructed by default.
Note: Services currently only operate out of the west end, which is connected to the Yaxier West - Zaquar main line.
Fort Yaxier Central Station
Owner Camelfantasy
Operated Under Formosa Transit Authority
Built February 2017
Tracks 23

Fort Yaxier Central Station is the main rail station of Fort Yaxier at  I27 . The building itself is based off of Tokyo Station. Elevated and ground level tracks are mostly warptrain and run east-west while underground lines accept any rail and run north-south, for the most part. The underground concourses will not be constructed until the need arises. E-W tracks are arranged with the longer/wider trains in the middle and shorter/narrower ones flanking. Trains serving the station are able to be multiple-working units with smaller connected trainsets serving different destinations.1 The station is on the HSRC Minamikaidō railway corridor, which will span the northern land areas of the world's Southern Oceans from Heampstead to Pearl Coast.

1Multiple-working units are multiple lines that serve the same or similar destinations towards one terminus, but have completely different destinations for the rest of the line. For efficiency, these trains will be coupled together and run as one unit during the overlapping line segment.


Note: Not all of the below services are operational.

Track 1 is in the north and track 19 in the south, all of which are ground-level and north of the station building. Track 20 is in the north and track 21 in the south, all of which are elevated.

1 Unknown Unknown services for Unknown.
2 Line 1 Siletz Transit Authority services for Siletz.
3 Yaxier Elecna Branch Great Central services for TBD.
4 Yaxier Elecna Branch Great Central services for Elecna Bay, Kelvinside (change for services to Heampstead and Astoria) and Whiteley Turing Square
5 Palmetto Line Manukau Transport services for Zaquar.
6 Palmetto Line Manukau Transport services for Fort Yaxier West, Astoria, SummerVille, Schusterlans, Wythern, Hathnes, Saint Roux, Izumo, Freedon.
7 Unknown Unknown services for Unknown.
8 Unknown Unknown services for Unknown.
9 Airport Express HSRC services for Fort Yaxier International Airport.
Airport Express HSRC services for Fort Yaxier International Airport.
9 1/2 MRT Island Line Minecart Rapid Transit services for Fort Yaxier, Elecna Bay, Matheson, Royal Ferry, Central City.
9 3/4 Spring Line Four Seasons Railways services for Elecna Bay, Sweet Sand Dunes, Inverness, Matheson.
10 Akita Shinkansen HSRC services for Zaquar, Whiteley, Segville, UCWTIA, Horizon National Airport
Hokkaidō Shinkansen HSRC services for Whiteley, Segville, UCWTIA
11 Main Line Fred Rail services for Elecna Bay International Airport, Astoria, Wythern, Segville International, UCWTIA, Formosa, Xilia, Mons Pratus, Bakersville
12 Unknown Unknown services for Unknown.
13 Doppelgänger IntraRail services for Zaquar.
14 Doppelgänger IntraRail services for Pearl Coast.
15 [4] Line BluRail services for Elecna Bay, Matheson, Segville International, Utopia, Danielston, UCWTIA
16 [4] Line BluRail services for Zaquar
17 Unknown Unknown services for Unknown.
18 Unknown Unknown services for Unknown.
19 Unknown Unknown services for Unknown.
20 Yamanote Line Local services.
21 Yamanote Line Local services.

Note: Tracks 17-19 are eastbound terminating services.


If you would like to serve this station, place your request below. By default, one level of warptrain tracks and platforms will be constructed for trains that are 5-wide, have 2 blocks between the door and the track, have 7 blocks between the track and catenary wire, and are relatively longer up to approximately 451 in length. The other level will have 3-wide train space, 1 block between the door and tracks, and approximately 100-200 blocks long, by default. Platform modifications will be made as necessary. For multiple-working trains, indicate such with the total length on each line (add a letter if more than one multiple-working unit has the same number).

If you currently serve another station in FY you can change service to this station.

Company Owner(s) Line Name Destinations Warp/Minecart ~Length (if minecart, of the tech) Width # of blocks between doors and tracks Multiple-working?
Example Rail Exam_ple Line 42 Space Warp 0 0 0 -
Four Seasons Railways Soso123 Winter Line Richville, TFC, Dulwich, Pearl Coast Warp 56 3 1 -
Four Seasons Railways Soso123 Spring Line Elecna Bay, SSD, Inverness, Venceslo, Whiteley, Heampstead etc. Warp 75 3 1 -