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Fred Brand

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Fred Brand
Founder FredTheTimeLord
CEO FredTheTimeLord
Fred Brand Tower, New Bakersville City
Date Founded November, 28, 2016

Fred Brand is a corporation focused mainly on transportation and other smaller businesses.

Major Subsidiaries

Fred Rail


Fred Rail is a railroad company focused on long distance rail lines.

Fred Air

Fred Air is an airline company with multi-stop flights on the New World


NBTA Logo.png

The New Bakersville City Metropolitan Transportation Authority is a subsidiary of Fred Rail which provides an extensive transportation system in the city of New Bakersville.


Bta logo 2017.png

The Bakersville Transportation Authority is a subway company operating the Bakersville IRT and manages the city's infrastructure.

Central Electric

Central Electric is a server wide electricity provider which operates various power plants.

Fred Brand Manufacturing

Fred Brand Manufacturing is a locomotive, automobile, and aircraft manufacturing company which sells and leases products server wide.

Fred TV

Fred TV is a television service throughout the MRT, provided mostly on Fred Rail trains. It has several TV stations from various companies.

Minor Subsidiaries

Fred Brand Fred Store

Fred Brand Fred Store is a shop providing multiple goods, from food to costumes.

Fred Brand Construction

Fred Brand Construction is a small construction company located in the surrounding area of Whiteley