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Freedon | Freedon Quartzwood Regional Airfield | Freedon Dysnomia Transit Hub | Freedon Spleef Cups 2017

Alert.png It's been 1 year since Freedon was established and the mayor was member.
Feel free to visit the town!

Freedon is a town created at June 10th 2016, the day SoSo123 (mayor) got member. It is located at North-East of F21, or north of F22.

Town officials
Mayor camelfantasy
Deputy Mayor nicrats
Founder Soso123
MRT  F20  Freedon - Phos City District- C33  Freedon - Phos City District
 F21  Freedon - Central District
 F22  Freedon - Edo District
Nearest airport Freedon Quartzwood Regional Airfield
Rail RegionalConnect (In service) Four Seasons Railways, BluRail, Manukau Transport (all planned)
Other transit Flying
Facts and figures
Population 13
Founded 10th June 2016
Town rank [Governor]
World Gamma World
Post codes  FR3 
City Phone Code 301



Before AdanWongCL2 got Member, he was thinking of building his town in the mesa. His next town will be at the mesa. Then he thought of making a town in the plains, and made up the name Pedrey. Then he thought it was terrible, then he chose Birchway. It was still not okay, then he chose Freedon.

On 10th June 2016, AdanWongCL2 successfully got Member rank, and he founded the town of Freedon. In a lot of selections of plains biomes, soso123 decided to settle down in the plains biome where Freedon is right now.

He reached 10 buildings around late June to very very very early July, at Citizen rank. (rapid building)

Then he got Trustee and created this page you're reading that night.

He got Councillor at 18th July, making Freedon officially regonized as a town! Then on 24th July soso built a flag in the flag park, and the day before him building the flag Ricky was offically the Deputy Mayor of Freedon! :D (wait I forgot to tell him to furnish his office XD)

On 8th August 2016, the mayor and Freedon is now mayor rank! After we are Mayor rank, soso123 decided to build more buildings, do the Eastern Line, finish the swimming pool, build an archery center and a golf course. We are now planning a 2 story arcade that will later be turned into a franchise. Anyways, the mayor Soso123 asked a ton of people to review the city of Freedon if it is enough for Senator. Some people found it already looking like one, but some said that more improvements can make this a Senator town.

After a long wait, on the 24th August, Freedon claimed a station, which is C31! He will ask a staff to rename it after the area is developed, as now it's just a road connecting to Freedon which the length is 3 FREEDONS, so wait for a bit for soso123 to rename it and customize it, to fit into Birch Forest Square (this is not Birch Forest City).

Lucky enough, after Freedon applied to be the host of October's National Town Olympics, we were chosen! It will be held on October 8 2016. More info will be added soon.

It's 13th October 2016 and the mayor saw why did Freedon didn't get Senator. It is because the building quality. People agreed that Ricky's house and franchise is the main reason so they will get renovated. Then Freedon will ask for people if the building quality is okay with the rest of the buildings. If not, they will be redecorated. Good luck to Freedon for the next batch!

Then the next batch, Freedon failed to get Senator again. The mayor, soso123 has gone astray and began waiting for the comments. The mayor will continue renovate stupid looking buildings and improve the roads. He will also try to improve the metro system. And now the reasons are out. The mayor will work on changing buildings for a specific style, He will also furnish the builds.

After the February 2017 GSM soso123 has received Phos City. We will now entirely renovate everything in Phos City and the MRT Stations will be renamed. Some builds will be removed, and maybe some houses and franchises are included, sorry. Freedon's metro will also go to Phos City.

And after summer holidays the deputy mayor RickyLi became inactive. The mayor plans to choose another deputy mayor. And on the 25th of Febraury, the deputy mayor was changed to RLcrafters.

Then at the Febraury 2017 batches, Freedon sucessfully got [Senator]! The airfield is getting built, as well as the transit hub and various stadiums.

In the following batches, Freedon sucessfully got governor rank!

On the 10th of June, we reached our first anniversary!

On the 13th of may 2018 soso123 was permanently banned. Because of this camelfantasy became the Mayor. camelfantasy made nicrats the new deputy mayor as RLcrafters had been inactive for more than 3 months.


Rules to build

To build a thing/franchise/build, you MUST ask the mayor.

Purple plots are plots for embassies.

Orange plots are for franchises.

Lime plots are for residential uses.


Italiaso HQ

Izumo Embassy (in progress still)

Town Hall

Centrott Library

Centrott Road Multi-Level Carpark

Birchway Apartments Building

RickyLi's house (looks like a skyscraper)

RickyLi's Nether Block Showcase Franchise (skyscraper lol)

Shore's Eye

Forest Café

Freedon Central District Police Station

Freedon Mail Centre (only ground floor is used because not much citizens)

Skydream Hotel

Mytum Mores Food Court (not furnished, now asking for food franchises, if interested, please tell AdanWongCL2)

Espil Embassy

Rayside Beach Lifesaving Office

The Freedon Sprator Shopping Mall

Bianca Apartments

Savanna Tower (franchises pls)

Freedon Embassy (SAMPLE)

Freedon Greenery Offices

Bilbec Valley Station

Spa Me Babe

SoSalon Town Hall Road/Bilbec Road

Freedon Councillor Offices

Valla Cotta House 1

Valla Cotta House 2

Valla Cotta House 3

Valla Cotta House 4

Valla Cotta House 5

Valla Cotta House 6

Valla Cotta House 7

Valla Cotta House 8

Valla Cotta House 9

Valla Cotta House 10

Freedon Performing Arts Centre

Susanna Tower

Hurdlestone Primary School @Freedon

Sandstone Dragon Chalou @Freedon

Diemundz's Gas Station

lfpp003's Gas Station

Sonamu Freedon (in construction)

soso123's house

Farrell Hotel Freedon

Tarzan Jungle (LANDMARK)

SoCompany HQ

Hegemone Archery Center

Triton Swimming Pool

Freedon Europa Hospital

Goldilocks Airway Mall

Goldilocks Red House

Goldilocks Orange House

Goldilocks Yellow Houee

Goldilocks Green House

Freedon Varuna Spleef Stadium

Varuna Station (Metro)

Farrell Hotel Freedon (U/C)

Freedon - Thrymr Stadium (U/C)

godzilltrain's house

Freedon Quartzwood Regional Airfield

Espilian Residence

Freedon Metro HQ

Cytus Cafe


Central Park

Town Hall Park

Rayside Beach

Ravine Edge

Susanna Square (LANDMARK)

Barfing Rainbow Fields

Tarzan Jungle (LANDMARK)

Oberon Square

Mini-Hills/Minor Parks

Warspell Hill/Waspingwelve Hill

Hill Of Scuti


Italiaso (3)


Creeperface's Cafe


Forest Café


RickyLi's Nether Block Showcase Shop (I'll tell him to rename it)

CreeperCola (2)

Eat and Bowl

Cake Cake Bakery


Gregg Fyfe's Fish And Chips

Golden Fish


New Age Technology Corporation



Benion TV

Benion Mail

Royal Cars


Crossfern Original Furniture


lfpp003's gas station franchise

Hurdlestone Primary School

Sandstone Dragon Chalou

Cytus Cafe




The red marked area is the Northern District. The transit hub is also there.
The cyan marked area is the planned area for the airport.
The pink marked area is the Edo District. It was originaly created by Kevin, but the name was then changed and the town was given to soso123.
The dark green marked area is the Hills District.
The lime marked area is the Birch Forest District.
The light blue marked area is the Bilbec District.
The orange marked area is the Phos Ciy District. It was originally by Stringle55, but was part of Freedon since the Febraury GSM.
The blue marked area is the Central District.
The brown marked area is the Savannah District.
 The yellow marked area is the Wetlands District. 

Intra-City Transport

Bus System

== Line 1 (Central Park to Royal Cars)

Number Station Name District Connections
1 Central Park Central Central Park Station
2 Centrott Library Central None
3 Town Hall Central Town Hall Station
4 Freedon Embassy Standard Bilbec None
5 Bilbec Valley Station Bilbec Bilbec Valley Station
6 Susanna Square Bilbec None
7 Royal Cars Bilbec None


Metro System

Freedon also has a metro system!


Map by AP_Red! Thanks! :D


New map is here! It is made by soso123 using [ Pizap].

 Townway Line 

Status Station Name Station Code Info
Dynmap Green Flag.png Varuna  T1  Next to Freedon Varuna Spleef Arena.
Dynmap Green Flag.png Central Park  T2  The first station the mayor ever built in this server.
Dynmap Green Flag.png Town Hall  T3 - RLR1  The station to get into some weird problems with water and ground height, which was fixed later. The town hall is at the other side of the road.
Dynmap Green Flag.png Bilbec Valley  T4 - E1  The first station that is not on ground (not including light rail) the mayor ever built in this server.
Dynmap Green Flag.png Goldilocks  T5 - E4  Built with _AngelKevin_. The station design is the best so far...Eastern Line platforms are not opened yet due to not being linked.

 Rayside Light Rail 

Status Station Name Station Code Info
Dynmap Green Flag.png Town Hall  T1 - T2  The station to get into some weird problems with water and ground height, which was fixed later. the town is at the other side of the road.
Dynmap Green Flag.png Rayside Beach  RLR2  Name changes: Rayside Walk > Rayside Beach
Dynmap Green Flag.png Ravine Edge  RLR3  Name changes: Rayside Beach > Ravine Edge
Dynmap Pin.png Rivera  T7 - RLR4  -----------------------
Dynmap Pin.png] Ariel  RLR5  Lalala?
Dynmap Green Flag.png Bilbec Valley  T3 - E1 - RLR6  Only Eastern Line and Townway Lines are opened because RLR is not linked yet.
File:Dynmap Pin] Callina  T7  --------

 Eastern Line 

Status Station Name Station Code Info
Dynmap Green Flag.png Bus Depot  E2  Right next to the bus depot.
Template:STATUS Law Court  E3  Connected to Northberg's rail thing. Isolated. Goes to nowhere.
Status: Service Unknown.png Status unknown Goldilocks  E4  Has a platform but not connected.

Have fun!

Inter-City Transport

Road Connections

Izumo planned to have a highway connecting to Freedon, which will be put on the GSM.


None until Krokipollo comes online and puts books in the embassy sample.

Railway Connections

Town Officials

Mayor - [User:Soso123]

Deputy Mayor - RLcrafters

Head Councillor - ???

Central District Councillor - ???

Police Chief - ???

Driving Info

Roads IN Freedon

Town Hall Road

Centrott Road

Bilbec Road

Rayside Road

Callina Road

Ariel Road

Rifonna Street

Carpark Link

Driving in Freedon

Everyone can drive in Freedon, as long as you break you car after you finish driving.

There will be a driving centre soon, and it is planned to be located at Callina Road.

Drive on your right hand side as always.

Biome Road

Biome Road is a road that connects Freedon to C31. A lot of people have helped soso123 build the road.

Players that built this road:










Freedon Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Centre is located at Bilbec Valley, Ariel Road. (The road is not named after the princess, it's named by satellites. Ariel is one of the satellites of Uranus.) It has 6 halls.

The halls are:

12th floor: Mesa Hall

10th floor: Desert Hall

8th floor: Arctic Hall

6th floor: Taiga Hall

4th floor: Extreme Hills Hall

2nd floor: Plains Hall

The ticket offices of the halls are under 1 floor of the actual hall.


Freedon is located in a small Plains biome, but is surrounded by an extreme Hills biome, a roofed forest biome and a savanna biome. The mayor, soso123 decided to make Freedom's theme biome.


Susanna is in thought during the mayor was in guest period. He just learnt playing the song of Oh, Susanna. Then when he was taking a shower later the thought came up. In mind was a Steve with a cowboy head, which turned out to be a statue on a fountain. Then he thought of a desert themed Italiaso. Then he decided to set up a rule of franchises in Susanna needs to be Wild West themed or Desert themed. After that he thinks that a tower should be built at the back of Susanna. It is now a tower for both a planning office and an observation tower.

Susanna takes up the role of a mini Desert biome, which is Desert themed and wild west themed.


Franchises need to be Desert or wild west themed in Susanna.

Your wall can overlap the fence, but don't go to the block outside of the original fence.

Tarzan Jungle

Tarzan Jungle's idea is here before the mayor even knows this server. This is back when he was small, creating metro maps that are used for throwing to the rubbish bin. Yep, it's useless. It is here along with the Flower Garden. The Tarzan's Tree was it's previous name, and was a part of Flower Garden before, as shown in the mayor's pocket edition abandoned theme park map. It was then planned to be independent. It takes up the mini jungle biome. It is basically podiums using trees as a pole and attaches to it. Shops will be at the podiums if possible. There is also be a ride. It has a cafe in there called "Jungle Cafe" too. soso123 aimlessly put MinecraftYoshi26 as a worker.



Flower Garden

Flower Garden's thought is a bit earlier than Tarzan's Jungle. It is a flower museum. It will take up the mini Flower Forest biome.


Same franchise rules as Tarzan's Jungle's.

Freedon Varuna Spleef Arena

This small spleef arena has 2 floors and is located between Varuna station and Central Park station.

Freedon - Thrymr Stadium

This American Football stadium is currently under construction and will be completed soon.

Fun Facts

  • The town was founded on the same day as Lochminehead.
  • Celebrations were planned to be held on the 6 month anniversary of Freedon, but was later cancelled due to the mayor forgetting the date.
  • Tulsi once spawned tons of chickens in his house.
  • The flag in Central Park is smaller than normal scale.

Phos City

Phos City was a town by Stringle55. It is located in  F20 - C33  and  F21  but is now part of Freedon since the Febraury 2017 GSM.

Renovation Updates

The road to Phos City is finished. Several roads in Phos City has started renovation.  F21 's exits have also started renovation. AlikSong, CaptainChimpy, RLcrafters, and a few more people has helped. - 17th Febraury 2017

How to get here

There are 5 ways to get to Freedon.

Way 1

Take the Circle Line East warp to  C33 - F20  Freedon - Phos City District.

Way 2

Take the RegionalConnect and get off at Freedon.

Way 3

Ride along Circle Line.

Way 4

Ride along Forest Line.

Way 5

Get to  F22  New Convenant and take a boat or swim there.


Freedon's Central Park, going to be expanded soon. (maybe)
Back when Bilbec Valley is not developed.
Bilbec Valley Station's platforms of Townway Line. The Eastern Line platforms are going to be abandoned until the northern expansion's progress is quite good.
The Town Hall of the city of Freedon
The platforms of Town Hall Station.
The Town Hall Station's interior, nothing interesting, and there is also a wall corner of the RealJacks branch in the station.
The Town Hall Park, and you can also see the bridge that goes to nowhere and the two boarding things that I couldn't describe.
Goldilocks Station's opening! feat _AngelKevin_.