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The slowest growing "town" on the MRT! Maybe.
Currently Unavailable
Town officials
Mayor bensismith
Deputy Mayor sesese9
MRT  A16  Freshney
Roadways B902-shield.png, Highway B91.png
Other transit Freshney Canal
RaiLinQ Stoptrain to West Calbar
RedLine Buses 011
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates -4178 -3482
Founded October 2014
Town rank Mayor
World New

Freshney is a [Mayor] rank town, located at  A16 . Its mayor is currently bensismith, and its deputy mayor is sesese9.


It started out as a standard slightly-hilly Plains area, with a standard Arctic Line station. It then expanded with a town hall, market, apartments, and so on. It is probably the slowest growing town on the server, and was for a long time one of the only day 1 towns (classifying towns as places that actually had some development here) that was still at Trustee right up until the end of February 2015! Not a proud achievement, in all honesty.

Freshney expanded steadily and reached the rank of Mayor on 30th October 2016. While the initial goal was to reach Senator, Epsilon came with new lands and a relaxation on the rules of having multiple towns. This combined with a lack of inspiration and desire to continue with much of Freshney lead to bensismith halting much development on the town. Periodic work continues, such as to the Port and the recent connection of the  B91 . Due to the abolition of the SMP rules, the Arctic Plains SMP was disbanded after April 9th 2017 (the April 2017 GSM). The deputy mayor position was changed to sesese9 on the 21st March 2018, after hnt made his decision to leave the MRT.


Ordered from North to South:

 North Town  -  FR9 1** 

The original town, scattered with one way streets and incoherent planning! Joy!

 Northside   FR9 1N* 

Containing the tarmac backbone, the B902, which divides the sectors

 Freshney Town Centre   FR9 1T* 

Very much the current heart of the Town, containing the MRT station and several high-rise buildings that tower over the town.

 Southside   FR9 1P* 

Between the centre and the canal lies Southside. It is the area in which the Port is.

 New Freshney   FR9 2** 

The new and exciting sector of town, that incorporates much more space, better building and an overall better experience as a town! Hopefully.

 Riverside   FR9 [1 or 2]R* 

Where some of the more modern builds are. Lands either side of the canal.


Not updated properly since 2 January 2017, although development has stopped since around then and so little has changed:

  • Town Hall
  • Tall Street Offices
  • Random Non-Quadrilateral Building Co.
  • A Green Office Inc.
  • Apartments
  • Greystone Apartments
  • Freshney Market
  • Freshney Mines
  • Residential Homes across the town
  • B902 Construction Offices
  • Canalview Café and Inn
  • FreshStart Gamma Base
  • Freshney Mail Centre
  • Freshney Interchange
  • Various Standalone Franchises, including:
  • Freshney Mall
    • Nk's franchises
    • Note that the Mall is subject to redevelopment and so will be demolished at some point.
  • The Port of Freshney - Now useful!


Freshney is now is linked by water, train and road to the rest of the MRT world.


Freshney is connected to the  B902 , built by the Mayor to link the Arctic Plains. This connects directly to the  A89 , (giving access to the A8 and Central City!) and also continues to Washingcube and West Calbar.

For local traffic, [F] roads have been created to aid in transiting the town:

  • [F0] is the loop that goes from the Northside and B902 down to the MRT station.
  • [F1] is the new road that goes from the  B91  (see below), over the Freshney Canal and acting as the main thoroughfare through New Freshney.
  • The Cross-Cardinal Tunnel [CCT] is the original tunnel to the East of the MRT that links the North and South sides of Freshney. Since being made one-way (northbound) the tunnel is much safer but now works in conjunction with the [F1], [F2] and the ● diversionary route.

As noted above, diversionary routes can be employed in times of construction.

  • ● goes southbound avoiding the [F1] North tunnels, and [F2]. It diverges from [F0] to Tall St and takes traffic down Trackside Ln (under the MRT tracks) to connect with [F1]
  • ◼ routes traffic northbound, going through the [CCT] and linking directly to the [F0]. Often unsigned because traffic just follows [F0]
  • [F2] is mostly a redundant route since the opening of [F1] to the B902. It also acts as a diversionary route quite directly.

The  B91  extension ends in Freshney, connecting the town further to Waterville and Orio. This has had some issues in terms of inactive towns and so for many months only a short stub from the B902 to south of  A19  existed. The whole road opened in February 2017.

Intercity Trains

 Port of Freshney  FR9 1PT

Freshney has a port linked to the oceans by the Freshney Canal to the East and the River Freshney to the West. While originally built to hold 6, it now has capacity for 3 ships:

Operator Line Destinations Status
FreshFerries Cyan Line West Calbar
FreshCruises Orange: South-West Heampstead
Magenta: North MRT Marina, Pilmont


Inside of Freshney, FreshMet operated several lines using its convenient single-track station technology. The metro was previously barely developed, but thanks to Schematica construction has sped up. There are now plans to actually scrap having two separate lines and just creating a single loop, however for now 2 lines operate:

Note that stations are numbered North to South

Cyan Line

The first line built since this is a transit server and every town needs a metro.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1 Freshney Interchange  Magenta Line , RaiLinQ Black (Freshney North)
Dynmap Green Flag.png 2 Gateway  A16 
Dynmap Green Flag.png 3 Marina Arctic Plains Metro, Marina
Dynmap Pin.png 4 New Freshney (planned) No connections

Magenta Line

The second line, built to serve the new expansions in the West, although these weren't to the scale anticipated.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1 Freshney Interchange  Cyan Line , RaiLinQ Black (Freshney North)
Dynmap Green Flag.png 2 Lakeside No connections
Dynmap Construction.png 3 Park and Ride (under construction) Marina

Park and Ride

A new park and ride is being built in the West of Freshney and acts as an interchange between intercity warp rail, local metro and (potentially) buses.

Park and Ride Services
Previous station Next station
Spruce Plains
towards Bakersville
Fred Rail

Spring Valley

towards Freshney Interchange
FreshMet Magenta
Park and Ride


RedLine Buses 011
towards Washingcube
RedLine Buses 011
towards nowhere

[F1] South
to New Freshney
There are 3 car parks - Roundabout, Marina and Short Stay
[F1] North
for  B902  and  B91 

Local Trains

Services previously only within the SMP are provided by two methods:

  • RailLinQ Black - With two stations in Freshney (Marinaside and Town), it links to 4 other stations in Washingcube and West Calbar via a Warp Train. For further connections, the train runs to Calbar Arena, where intercity trains can be found to other locations across the MRT! (see the SMP page for more info)
  • Arctic Plains Metro - Stretching more locally across the towns, it links the town and city centres of the Arctic Plains in a convenient loop.