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It's a new day.
Corporate logo
CEOs Soleurs, JohnNotTech
Facts and figures
Headquarters Frontier Tower
Founded October 27, 2012
Re-Founded June 29, 2016
Predecessors Laser Corp, STOP N' DROP, LSN Holdings, LP Inc, UL Industries, Pinnacle Corporation, Feline Holdings

Frontier Group, commonly known as Frontier, is a diversified multiserver corporation headquartered at the Frontier Tower in Central City. It is one of the server's largest corporations, alongside Feline Holdings. It was founded on 27 October 2012 by Soleurs and TechnologyPro (now JohnNotTech) as LSN Holdings and quickly established itself as a leader in food and retail franchises, among other things. The company took on its current name in 2014 following years of constant rebranding.


The following companies are part of Frontier Group:

STOP N' DROP Prubourne Steak ATLAS
CaelusLink (50% owned) Prubourne Steakhouse Sierra's Grill
Ikeda (50% Owned) Caelus (50% Owned) Manukau Transport (50% Owned)
Eastern Hotels InvertedHorizon Books Frontier Graphics


Longtime members of the MRT will easily remember LSN Holdings, started by TechnologyPro and Spencer407 (now Soleurs) in October 2012, at the merger of Laser Corporation and STOP N' DROP. Laser Corporation's headquarters in Inchmuir was retained as the headquarters for the new company, and to this day, it is our headquarters on the MRT's old world. It went on to create new franchises and refresh others, making Prubourne Steak among the most popular franchises on the server, among other divisions, including Eastern Hotels, STOP N' DROP, Inverted Horizon Bookstores, and Inverted Airlines (now Caelus Airlines). After the demise of LDT Holdings, LSN Holdings became the number one company on the MRT Network, managing many franchises, companies, and operations in and out of the MRT Network.

After several disagreements, LSN Holdings was divided into two parts: Pinnacle Corporation, owned by TechnologyPro, and Laser Corporation, owned by Soleurs. After TechnologyPro's departure in December 2012, Pinnacle Corporation was given to Soleurs and the franchises under it were once again under one company.

In July 2013, Laser Corporation merged with United Industries, a company owned by samyankeesfan20, to create UL Corporation. However, the companies were split up once again later that year.

In October 2013, another company was started on the MTA server by TechnologyPro. It was called Frontier Corporation, and like LSN Holdings that it was affiliated with on the MRT, it was head of many divisions from the MRT, including STOP N' DROP and Prubourne Steak, and was co-owned by TechnologyPro and Soleurs. Under this company, other divisions were created, most notably Frontier West, an extensive rail network, TITANIUM (later PinnacleGRID), a redstone power station with a focus on modularity and customizability, and TITANIUM Transit (later Arrivé, now Manukau Transport), which created highly advanced minecart stations.

In spring of 2014, a merger occurred once again on this server, when LSN Holdings/Frontier Corporation merged with Infindustries. The new company was originally codenamed Infrontier, but this was later renamed to Pinnacle Corporation, a throwback to a predecessor, created at the original division of LSN Holdings. When TechnologyPro returned once again to the Minecart Rapid Transit server in the summer of 2014, Frontier Group went into full swing, bringing franchises developed originally by Pinnacle MTA onto the MRT, including PinnacleMOVE (later Arrivé, now Manukau Transit) and the now-defunct PinnacleGRID. With the merger, Pinnacle's global HQ was moved to the other server as part of reorganizations in the founding of Pinnacle Corporation. Operations by Pinnacle MTA and Pinnacle MRT ran almost parallel to each other, with most franchises and divisions shared between the two servers, with a few server-exclusive franchises including MRT-exclusive ATLAS.

On November 29, 2014, CEOs TechnologyPro and Kablam10 approved an acquisition of Redtie Holdings. Former CEO hntredtie became the second COO of Pinnacle Corporation, and all assets were integrated into the Pinnacle product and service lineup.

The winter of 2014-2015 brought several changes for the better, when TechnologyPro and Soleurs stepped down as CEO, appointing _MajorMagpie as their replacement. The corporation was rebranded one last time to Frontier Group once again, to remove the Pinnacle(brand) connotation known throughout both servers.

Frontier, however, gradually separated from Under Score Corporation to become an independent company again.

On 26 July 2015, Frontier MTA was dissolved following the closure of the Minecraft Transit Authority server. Its legacy lives on in franchises originally created for it, such as Arrivé and Sierra's Grill.

On December 28th, 2015, following a heated debate, Soleurs and JohnNotTech decided to give Frontier to Feline Holdings. For a very short time, Frontier operated as a Feline Holdings subsidiary, before being completely assimilated into Feline Holdings. Soleurs and JohnNotTech were employees of Feline Holdings, and had licensing rights to their former companies within Feline Holdings.

On June 29th, 2016, Feline Holdings spun off Frontier's assets as an independent corporation again. The two companies remain close business partners.


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