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Various people of the MRT server have said some funny quotes that we have found to be quite funny, interesting or plain ridiculous. Also, lots of weird typos here...

If you want to see quotes from guests, see Guest Quotes.


  • Use the forks!
  • no! bad yoshi!
  • follow da rulez
  • give me kissie!
  • damn - When someone joins and he was writing the same message as another user
  • Ok, time to do somethig! I'm going to dial the pizzaservice
  • (In Mumble) Let me guess, he (the guest) is stuck. [Guest] help! im stuck in a block
  • (While talking with Cortesi about a 3D animation of himself) I have a tv on my head so ya
  • "Dont mind my head" -0rocketscience0
  • DCampite is a girl btw (after DCampite said "Shirin_Maya is a girl btw")
(dragonbloon419 is stating w/e commands in chat)
0rocketscience0: Don't mind Dragon, he's gone mad. Only dreaming to get a w/e.


  • Ouchawalogen takaschin

[Me->0x10]Can we discuss the rail line through Kyoto
[0x10->Me] Burgers and Coffee

context: City(Cact0), conric, and 0x10 in lab
City *builds near something else*
Conric005 griefing
Conric005 bad
0x10 don'g grefefe
Citybuilder_ :(
0x10 *don't
Citybuilder_ grefefe
Citybuilder_ don'g
zefunman covfefe
Citybuilder_ don'g
  • it's not christmas without a little arson
  • the plural of rhombus is roomba


  • guests can fly now?
  • CAPTAIN CHOMPY has to compensate me


  • Cake
  • its not spam... its cake
  • not the cake!!
  • We're making.... cupcakes.
  • im cooking yoshi (during Thomasfyfe's BBQ)
  • (Hawks asks how many girlfriends Yoshi has) Adobo: Yoshi is a pimp!
  • My texture pack makes this cow look like Chewbacca.


Adrien_07: But soon
Adrien_07: This hotel will be a franchise
XtremeCoder: ...
XtremeCoder: that not how it works
Adrien_07: And I have Apple Store, but not really a franchise
XtremeCoder: u need a franchise for citizen
XtremeCoder: if i am correct
Adrien_07: A franchise is a shop, a restaurant, a hotel....
XtremeCoder: hotel != franchise
XtremeCoder: a empty shop != franchise


*when talking about GSM*
it's held once a mountain
month lol
*when AEhub does c then tab and does camelfantasy instead of CortesiRaccoon*
[AEhub -> me]: Hey may Valetta get evaluated for mayor please
[me -> AEhub]: ???
[AEhub -> me]: Lol wrong pm


  • was trying to use a boat... holy cow! this is like, goodness! i do not have my driver's license and i just saw why, not even capable to parallel park a boat on minecraft......


SirNatureWriter: Anyone selling franchises?
Airplane320: I do
SirNatureWriter: What franchises do you sell?
Airplane320 has left the game
SigmaTheEnigma: o o f


[Discord] Airplaneguy9: I was tricked into a furry roleplay with my bestie
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: f in chat
[Mayor+] Cookie46910: ummmmmm
[Admin+] MinecraftYoshi26: as long as you had fun
[Senator+] KittyCat11231: invite cort next time
[Trustee] Airplaneguy9: wait so you are allowed to be picky with w/es and be mad when your build is a block too far left
[Trustee] Airplaneguy9: nice
[Mayor] i____7d: . . .
[Trustee] Airplaneguy9: heaven wants my blood now
[Trustee] Airplaneguy9: nice
[Mod+] _HeavenAngel_: wait what
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: you said a funny in front of soa
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: Your fate has been sealed
[Discord] SoaPuffball: no u
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: Go to funny quotes, go straight to funny quotes, do not pass go, do not collect £200
[Discord] SoaPuffball: going straight to funny quotes brb
[Discord] SoaPuffball: ah yes, magical girl time
[Discord] London150: What
[Discord] London150: "Magical girl time"???
[Discord] SoaPuffball: yes
[Discord] SoaPuffball: because yes
[Councillor] Airplaneguy9: soa
[Discord] SoaPuffball: hm?
[Councillor] Airplaneguy9: you have forfeited your life priviledges
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: SOA!
[Senator+] SoaPuffball: hi
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: you didn't shout caps at me
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: smh no guests rights these days
[Senator+] SoaPuffball: hi
  • by the holy decree of airplane i declare you cancelled
21:36 (cur | prev) . . +312‎ . . Airplaneguy9 (talk|contribs) (→‎Moves done by each side: Edited on Nintendo 3DS) (Tags: Mobile web edit, Mobile edit)
frogggggg joined the game (Airplaneguy9 using supporter in discord chat)
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: no he didn't
frogggggg joined the game (the actual frogggggg)
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: SUMMONED
[Governor+] frogggggg: lol froge new sg dm!!!!!!!
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: Bad froge !!!
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: i was supposed to be the dm of new sg !!!
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: you will rot in hdb !!!
[Discord] Airplaneguy9: with crimson !!! and a miaqua !!!
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: frockwa is a ship between the two ruff ruffman lovers
[Mayor+] ruff_ruffmarine: :x:
[Governor+] toadddddd: :x:
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: oooooh
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: I ship Frockwa
[Governor+] toadddddd: :x:
  • girls are cute and wholesome


  • Just_robinho: oh that's nice, teleport into a girl :P | aldee110: I'm not quite sure how I should take that...


  • buttransport me


  [Senator+] FredTheTimeLord: What's a good name for a diner?
  [Mayor+] AlfiePops: Dave's Diner?
  [Mayor+] AlfiePops: Dom's Diner?
  [Councillor+] CondinYT: minecraft_diner
  [Member+] nicrats: FredTheDiner
  [Member+] nicrats: FredTheFoodLord
  [Mayor+] AlfiePops: Xx_Minecraft_Diner_xX
  [Senator+] FredTheTimeLord: What's a good name for a pizza restaraunt?
  [Member+] nicrats: FredThePizzaRestaurant
  [Senator+] FredTheTimeLord: seriously
  [Mayor+] AlfiePops: time2thinkofadinername
  [Premier+] Cortesi: FredThePizzaLord
  [Senator+] FredTheTimeLord: Mamma mia, thatsa terrible name
  [Mod+] unjinz: Mamma Mia Diner
  [Senator+] FredTheTimeLord: <insert hand gestures>


Alik: Atleast i might get an award
Alik: For being on more then 1 year, and not having a funny quote yet lol
Alik: the german sounding one?
Tar: I started a new one recently
Chimpy: I don't even know my own town xD
Tar: So this one has 0 builds xD
Alik: Merkelburg?
Tar: mecklenburg, yep
BVLegend: Oh it hasn't developed much
Tar: Merkelburg xD
Chimpy: "Merkel"burg
Alik: lol
Chimpy: xD xD
Kenta: merkelburg xD
Alik: ;)
Alik: muttiberg
Aliksong: ja
VernCow: ja?
SoaPuffball: ja.
*people start saying ja
(RickyLi is to be warned for redirecting the MRT to a tollway)
according to the rules he should be warned
but im not in the mood
im in a pretty good mood
time2makemymove: anyone want to see VCHS so far
AlikSong: yep
AlikSong left the game.
AlikSong: the left side is the right side
SnowPuffball: gg
AlikSong: ;)
SoaPuffball: * slow clap


  • [Mayor+]Im so sad i dont have funny quotes
[Mod+]Echohue: I’ll sell this tree to you for 1,022$ alpha
AlphaDS: Which tree
[Mod+]Echohue: The one im at
[Mayor+]AlphaDS: I’ll buy it for free
[Mod+]Echohue: The twee is sad now
[Mayor+]AlphaDS: ./deltree
[Mod+]Echohue: F
No one is listening to you
[Mayor+]AlphaDS: no one is listening to you ok boomer
  • [Mayor+]AlphaDS: subwoofer lullaby is as bad as disk 13 and cave sounds
AlphaDS: echo i'll buy a tree for $0.01
Echohue: ok
Echohue: take your pick
AlphaDS: ok
AlphaDS: which are for sale
Echohue: according to the 2019 tree census there's 9,422 trees for sale
AlphaDS: oooo
AlphaDS: can you pick a tree for me
Echohue: ok
Echohue: how about this one
AlphaDS: good
AlphaDS: ty
Echohue: yw


Amber_Pine: how come you're Mayor buddy?
SoaPuffball: three mayor towns
Amber_Pine: but i thought you were like governor or sth
SoaPuffball: ?
CaptainChimpy: Mademoiselle Pine :P
CaptainChimpy: Amber
CaptainChimpy: SoaPuffball =/= SoSo123
SoaPuffball: ^
Amber_Pine: OH
CaptainChimpy: LOL
SoaPuffball: =/= Soleurs
Amber_Pine: Really????
  • i wash my hands of my conversation (camel said slurp in the discord-server chat and the rest followed after)


  • Application for memer (meant to be member)


  • watch out for my body rolls
ByteMega: whats mmc
SoaPuffball: ByteMega: Mega Motion City
_AngelKevin_: mega motion city
_AngelKevin_: so the city can move?


  • Most online are Brits "It's the invasion of the Europeans!"
  • (In Mumble) I am not Scottish! I'm from LEEDS! L-E-E-D-S! In't north of England"
  • Thomasfyfe joined the game | "Hello Mr Scary Scottish Admin guy"
  • "Ah'm off te' meck an 'am sarnie!" (I am going to make a ham sandwich)
  • Kitty: That will be $0 | AP: I'll back later because I can't afford that! | AP_Red left the game.
  • Listening to radio| 27: Miley Cyrus. Excuse me if you hear a radio being smashed!
  • AP_Red was slain by [Insert player here] using [humorously named weapon]
  • Why do people keep trying to murder me with renamed weapons?
  • Chiefbozx shocked _majormagpie_ | Standing on powerlines while Chief is watching telly is a BAD idea magpie
  • Moral of the story: DO NOT ask me for dating advice
  • GMT = Great Mug of Tea
  • Chief Shocks, CG Bans, Thomas Transmutes people into lego guys
  • There's a g-g-g-ghost online! (Computerghost)
  • Is it weird that Sochi makes me want to see Inception?
  • Did Chief, ah, Chief?
  • With Great Power comes Great Electricity Bill!
AP: I turn off radio and lag turns to nowt! Interesting!
*A few seconds later*
AP: Or not... still as laggy as a tortoise with 3 legs and arthritis
*AP: Next stop haggis lag.
mine_man_: Haggis lag?
AP: IE, when Martii spawns loads off his dinner so that the server ends up being too slow
*Bad joke by DC*
autobus22: *tadum ping*
RLcrafters: Badum tss**
AP_Red: *Tadum ping* sounds like a gunfight is happening
[Senator] AP_Red: Oh, I know how to get chief or fyfe in
[Senator+] *bestmate66: bacon?
[Senator] AP_Red: Bacon!!! Free Bacon here!!! Bacon for ALL Admins joining NOW
[Senator] AP_Red: This offer is only available for 10 minutes
(Discussing Funeral songs: Anaconda is mentioned)
[Senator] AP_Red: "My Anaconda don't want none cos I'm dead hun"
x AP_Rednax fell from a high place
AP: There's supposed to be no gravity in SPACE
godzilltrain was burnt to a crisp while fighting Narnia17
AP: godzilltoast
Be careful, you can be banned easily, I once got banned for sending an email
That email did say "Please Ban Me" but still...
[Senator+] AP_Red: It'd be like being kicked for getting a cup of tea
[Senator+] AP_Red: Ooh, TEA!
* AP_Red is now AFK
Player jphgolf4321 kicked AP_Red for coffee is better

Player AP_Red temporarily banned Frumple for 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds: Banned!.

[Mayor] Starcubed: does any1 here know what a repeater lock is
[Mod] AP_Red: star, I'll show you
[Governor] camelfantasy: vanished mod confirmed
[Mod] AP_Red: FLIP
[Governor] camelfantasy: xD
AP_Red joined the game.
AP_Red: Also, don't be like Auto
AP_Red: Don't hug cacti
AP_Red was pricked to death
sheimoria: what a prick
TalonPlays: where the **** is the airport
TalonPlays left the game.
Player AP_Red kicked TalonPlays for No Aiports!.
SnowPuffball_: wut
SnowPlow123: HAHAHAHA
SoaPuffball: who operates mrt marina?
AP_Red: I'd presume mr Tommy Pairs
* AP_Red cues Ground Control to Admin Tom
SoaPuffball: ap?
AP_Red: aye?
SoaPuffball: jungle line?
AP_Red: I should really stop procrastinating that
SoaPuffball: same :P
SoaPuffball: time to get some exits ready
AP_Red: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object
AP_Red: ?
AP_Red: AKA: What happens when Chief empties his bacon aisle?
  • Pine, I'd ask you for a Pine-Colada, but it's literally a street away from an existing one
  • The mayor of Schillerton's alright, but the mayor of Whiteley is a terrible person who would never give me perms (AP_Red owns Whiteley)
  • "Ya know how many good men I lost to that god damn murder monkey?"
London_IceBoy: C roads, anyone?
AP_Red has muted player London_IceBoy.
AP_Red: No Croads
London_IceBoy: Noooooo!
AP_Red: Towns should be realistic
AP_Red: That means any british towns must have kettles in every house
SoaPuffball: lol
jamess__: Should I become a tiktoker?
AP_Red: James, that's just being called a clock.
lil_shadow59: YOSHI
autobus22: YOSHKADOSH
Cookie46910: yoshi
Frumple: notice me senpai
EliteNeon: Y O S H I !
AP_Red: yoshi is currently engagged, please hang up and try again later
KittyCat11231: engagged
AlfiePops: engagged lol
Frumple: yoshi is gagged? oh boy
[Mayor+] London150: I've had 5 kicks this week!
London150 left the game
Player AP_Red kicked player London150 for Make that six.
AP_Red: Rightio, I currently have about 3 brain cells floating about my head, occasionally colliding to make a thought
AP_Red: Which is a good sign I need sleep
AP_Red: cya
[HelpOp] SoaPuffball: ap are you free?
AP_Red: ey soa?
SoaPuffball: may i get a boat paste
AP_Red: Soa, there are two other staff ere
SoaPuffball: no?
AP_Red: you don't have to ask me specifically
AP_Red: Oh
Oshawott_12: lol


arbirchy left the game.

[Lottery] Congratulations to arbirchy for winning $185!

[Lottery] There was a total of 4 players buying 85 tickets


I hate the RAVENS
I havent died yet :PPPP
Architect_21 died
Architect: My computer is lag freeee
InDev: nic
*Architect_21 left the game*
*Architect_21 joined the game*
InDev: XD
Architect: aaah I lagged out
Architect: well luckily im sane
Architect: maybe
Architect: sorta
Architect: poosibly
Architect: Ok, not likely
Architect: yeah impossible
Architect: Im not sane
Architect: or maybe I am
Architect: idk
Architect: Yeah Im sane
Architect: I think....... :P

DAMN sheep I told you to get off my BRIDGE

_Kastle was shot by jphgolf4321 using [South Weast Airlines]
Vulpicula: "Weast"
Architect_21: that makes me think of yeast
Architect_21: which makes me think of bread
Architect_21: and then south
Architect_21: makes me think of bread from the south
soso123: Archi
soso123: add that to the quotes
Architect_21: so suddenly
Architect_21: South Weast becomes Floridian Bread
Architect_21: Floridian Bread Airlines
Architect_21: someone should start that.
(Architect goes AFK thinking he left and closed Minecraft)
(9 minutes later)
*Architect_21 is no longer AFK*
Architect_21: wait Im still online
Architect_21: oh
Architect_21: wow
*Architect_21 left the game*
[Senator] Architect_21: lol its an extreme hore 
[Senator] Architect_21: *horse 
[Mayor+] Sirots: LOL
[Senator] Architect_21: ripme
UnknownSilent: alrighty my fine feathered friends,  must bid you all farewell
Architect_21: I assure you I have no feathers


Aria_NL joined the game.
* Aria_NL inhales
Aria_NL: A
Aria_NL left the game.


(talking about chief's form)
ArizTrad: The answers don't matter as 'falcon' can be submitted as answers for every single question.
Vickiposa: ah yes falcon
Vickiposa: the best pokemon
SoaPuffball: how can frumple eat a falcon
ArizTrad: go to go
ArizTrad: go directly to go do not pass go
ArizTrad: hi kitty
ArizTrad: i am psychic
SoaPuffball: hi kitty
SoaPuffball: how much is an ad
KittyCat11231 joined the game.
ArizTrad: oh see im psychic
Mojang1014: the landscar's name is Jeremiah
ArizTrad: it's my parents
ArizTrad: the landscar, i mean
Melecie: ariz is a landscar confirmed
ArizTrad: hey just cause both my parents are a landscar doesnt mean i am too
Mojang1014: wow i am literally loading my mom in litmatiquea
ArizTrad: ur moM?
STthecat: lets fill ariz with grass block
ArizTrad: i can only hold 2304 grass block
Missa_Solemnis: This has got to be one of the weirder conversations I've witnessed.
Starcubed: hi guys tonster would like a worledit but hes too shy to ask for one
Starcubed: its a fill stone,andesite
[Discord] ArizTrad: starcubed wants a worldedit
[Discord] its a set 0 of skogheim
Tonster_: thx
hvt2011: ok
Foote_Chicken: :x:
Starcubed: noooooo!!


  • Let me know if you need a translation, living in the UK I am fluent in both English and American and Yorkshire.
best: Ah, licky.
Kitty: suggestive
Benie: Suggestive.
best: *LUCKY
best: Aah
(Talking about an under-construction rail line)
bestmate66: It really is congratulation-worthy. It's been in planning for 9 months.
bestmate66: Oh cr**
bestmate66: I just made a pregnancy referance.
tarheelscouse: XD XD XD XD
bestmate: DANGIT CHIEF
(The hilarious parts Minechat's Autocorrect going bonkers for Atlanta)
Atlanta: XD I forgot about rectum (meant to say "that")
Atlanta: ok I officially hate mine shat
Atlanta: ugh this is getting weed
Atlanta: look mine hat is drunk
Atlanta: ok hopefully no more farts
Atlanta: ok I gives ups
Atlanta: good nips to everyone
hntredtie: Best, please get off Minechat...

Note: Who keeps on adding all of these ... suggestive ... quotes? -best

[Citizen] erty10089: can i afk box frozen?
[Senator] Narnia17: no
[Senator+] bestmate66: at your own risk
$205 has been received from bestmate66
[Senator+] Bestmate66: NAO
[Senator+] *bestmate66: as my haters has finally rectum up the ghost
[Citizen] Leo_2807: Wat
[Senator+] *bestmate66: (autocorrect)
[Senator+] *bestmate66: as my CHARGER has finally GIVEN up the ghost. there.
Vulp: I know the Barnsley dialect is basicly its own language though
Best: Isn't that s Suburb of London?


  • Goed xD back on english. (if DasNexus talks his only dutch question that he knows)
  • Minecraft creature named YOSHI!
* Tgis id Gid Goude.
* Dangit grammar skrewup! 
* *srewuo 
* *screwupp 
* *scrwwup 
* "autobus22" has left the game
  • This sucks like potatos that are allergic for potatos!
  • Yoshi so you will that I dont do a tournament
autobus: hi
thomas: bye
thomas left the game
autobus: i needed him....
autobus left the game
(10 mins later)
autobus joined the game
thomas: bye
thomas left the game
autobus: DANGHIT
autobus: *DANGTI
autobus: *DANHGIT
autobus: *DNAG
autobus: you get me
Other person: no
autobus left the game
  • Ugh iam stupid to ask that....
autobus: echo don't remove that wile tunneling, i gna make a patio
Echominer: ok
10 minutes later
Echominer: I finsihed the patio
autobus: what ya mean?
Echominer: i finished the patio you asked for?
Echominer: call me
autobus does /call echo
autobus: i mean't i was gna make a patio....
Echominer: Ow....
autobus: It came out realy nice for a unneeded thing
Echominer: Thanks, i guess
autobus: I keep it
Echominer: JAY!!!
autobus: You work harder then you should :P
Lalaboy: I need someone that works hard come help me.
echominer: ok lala i come
autobus: when are you gna finsih the tunnel Echo?
Echominer: you can do that :P
  • Hope this airport likes fish, its packed like a sardine XD
[broadcast] Join plug dj for massive hugs
[broadcast] <plugDJ link>
autobus22: [broadcast] Yeah, massive hugs from a cactus!
[broadcast] nao, auto, naooooo
autobus22: 20303reenijne
enjineer: 20303reenigna
autobus22: is that a synonym to vagina?
  • On Mumble: Pleasure Plate
(after trying to tp to RednaxAP)
autobus22: wrong red sorry tie
autobus22: broadcast, want a hug from a cactus again? I don't accept these prices!
[Broadcast] Nao, auto, naooo
  • ÷)
*autobus asks lalaboy if he wants a burgerqueen in kessler*
lalaboy: naooo
autobus22: yeaaaoooo
lalaboy: naooo
lalaboy: nothing can make me say yes
autobus22: "nothing"
lalaboy: oh
lalaboy: wait what?
lalaboy: i'm confuse
lalaboy: oh wait
lalaboy: ohh
lalaboy: ohhhhhh...
lalaboy: you sneaking little devil
autobus22: :3
(The following happened, again:)
-[broadcast] Join plug dj for massive hugs
-[broadcast] <plugDJ link>
-autobus22: [broadcast] Yeah, massive hugs from a cactus!
-[broadcast] nao, auto, naooooo
autobus22: Do i have to quote that again?
autobus22: .kittery buy 1
autobus22: ki =/= lo, thats right next to it
ArdyArd: [kittery]: autobus22 just bought 9001 tickets
* Question by _Kastle *
Frumple: probably to late to test it now
Frumple: I'm pooped
autobus22: You are not brown coloured yet frumple.
Tonytajiri: Lettuce get to work then!
autobus22: Ill make salad of it then, up to work!
[Mayor+] _Ardy: MRT Quagmire Line bae
[Senator] autobus22: sounds likw quagsir
[Mayor+] _Ardy: sounds like quasar
[Senator] autobus22: sounds like zaquar
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: :o
[Mayor+] _Ardy: xdddddd
[Senator] autobus22: how did we get from quagmire to zaquar...
[Senator] autobus22: xD
[Councillor] tarheelscouse: #MRT
[Senator] autobus22: 0_(EXPLODE)
[Senator] RLcrafters: XD
[Mayor+] _Ardy: no explosions pls
[Senator] autobus22: 0_(IMPLODE)
[Mayor+] _Ardy: omg this bomb is coming towards me
[Senator] RLcrafters: XD
[Mayor+] _Ardy: naoooooo
_Ardy died
autobus22: so what is se * se * se /=?
autobus22: :P
sesese9: 27 :)
autobus22: true that could be
[Senator] autobus22: Just happy it didnt auto cumcumber ;P
[Senator] autobus22: the thing is, you could take that in not one, not 2, but three suggestive ways...
*in mumble*: Contrebutt (meant to say contribute)
autobus22 joined the game
Ardyan: hi bus
autobus22: HEY
autobus22: dare call me bus again and ill bus your face!
Ardyan: you'll place USB ports on my face?
Ardyan: type c preferred
autobus22: gome q\nQ\u
           Well then.
           *home wazamawazi
           got all keys to the left spelling out my cityname
_frozen: how can you fail that bad lol
_Redneck_Jesus_ joined the game
[Councillor] _Redneck_Jesus_: Lala why arent redstone labs allowed
[Senator] autobus22: Because theres a lab world for that
[Senator] autobus22: *facebus*
[Trustee+] keentlewi: 0.o facebus?
[Trustee+] keentlewi: O.o*
[Senator] autobus22: your smiley has broken "Window" i see....
[Senator] autobus22: Guess you was the bus
[Senator] autobus22: I am going to sue you, my head hurts
[Senator] autobus22: :P
[Councillor] _Redneck_Jesus_: Auto word of advice dont go slamming your face into busses
[Senator] autobus22: *facetram*
[Trustee+] keentlewi: xD
[Councillor] _Redneck_Jesus_: xD
R/msg camel tgabj
[autobus22 -> me]: *THanks
  • Hassan Moon, Your the funny one today are you. (Referring to Supykun)
Yay, tropic you
  • go completely invisible: aka leaving..
  • a kill hilled you
O a, tje ,ast pf tje cjatnpx
*I am the master of the chatbox
Not of chatting though appearently
hoyl quacamole 
this potato chip didn't even fit in my mouth
I shouldn't put my tea cup next to my scent candle
which is in a similar glass
VernCow: So quiet....
Autobus: MEEP
Autobus: MEEEP
Autobus: MEEEEP
Autobus: :3
VernCow : XD
Autobus: U cumming alik?
Alik: No :P
Alik: I'm not that excited xD
[Mayor] Sirots: Frumple promoted tarhellscouse from member to mod :P 
[Mayor] Sirots: woops I said tarhells instead of tarheels 
[Governor] autobus22: "oh no the tarscouses from hell are attacking"
autobus22: what a can can't a can a can can't can a tin can?
SoSo123: ???
*auto tries to confuse lithium*
Steve_Bobs: explain pls
autobus22: no
Steve_Bobs: :(
SoSo123: Well ur Steve Jobs' bro, you could explain it with the same knowledge of ur bro
autobus22: but what if he's sad, then he'll be Steve_Sobs
SoSo123 and CaptainChimpy: xD
Steve_Bobs: *facepalm*
(asking SoSo and SoaPuffball to help with the RailLinQ Paixton station)
SoSo123 or SoSo123 are either of you able to help me with some glass panes?
* SoSo123
* SoSo123
* SoaPuffball
autobus22: I hate slabvs
autobus22: I HATE SLABS
*autobus slabs slaps
*autobus meant slaps slabs
*APRedNoseRudolph stabs slabs
can I get a blockcheck godz
my trains coupler seems to have left without the train
* autobus22 beats sesese9 with a rubber tire
* autobus22 then another
* autobus22 then with two others
* autobus22 then with a bus frame
* autobus22 then... oh... it's just me hitting you now, 4 tires, and a bus frame, make an autobus
In Discord Voice:
Chief: Yeah, I'm working on a new roof for SWH.
auto: Wait. You're Chief?
Chief: Hi Auto, I'm Chief, I've been in this channel the entire time
James__: tpa
autobus22: no
James__: Whatever floats ur boat xD
autobus22: Probably Balloons
autobus22: Vulpicula you should put a store in Storalisburg
autobus22: called "Storalisburger, your place, rather ironically: for pancakes"
autobus22: wait a minute
autobus22: if there is a dragonbloon
autobus22: is there also a fionabloon
Vulpicula: aye, just
Vulpicula: give me a moent
autobus22: I shall give you two moents.
autobus22: whatever a moent is
Vickiposa: i sese you
autobus22: was that a flirt or a pun
megascatterbomb: why not both
sesese9: i've gotten so many flirts from this one intern...
autobus22: do you like them?
sesese9: lol idk
autobus22: HOLD ON
autobus22: Vicki is an intern
autobus22: Hmmmmmmmmmmm
KittyCat11231: admod building romance
* autobus22 ships vicki and sesese9
sesese9: wat
Vickiposa: uh
SoaPuffball: excuse me
SoaPuffball: :x:
hvt2011: :x:
SalmonSushi2020 joined the server
autobus22: (Salmon(roe)sushi is my favourite)
Vulpicula: Cannibalism is against the rules, auto. >:v
autobus22: Actually it isn't xD
TheThirdOdd: are u a girl or a boy no i'm strong
autobus22: Odd: are you a girl or boy
TheThirdOdd: No
autobus22: No, you are odd
autobus22: :3
TheThirdOdd: lmao
bensismith: what happened to the other two?
TheThirdOdd: oh, you know
TheThirdOdd: what happens to everyone?
autobus22: they waren't odd.
autobus22: and odd wasn't them.
*autobus22 was walking around some gardens in one of SilverBubbles' towns and Silver gone looking for him. autobus22 decided to hide in the cacti area.*
autobus22: you will never catch me alive. 
*autobus22 was pricked to death*
autobus22: Oml I just realised
autobus22: I mindlessly finished a whole box of pretzels
autobus22: got anything to say about that pretzel33 ;3
pretzel33: :0
pretzel33: CANNIBAL
autobus22: <3
OttersMeep: reading of legal document in court: You, autobus22, are charged with the cannabalism of a bag of pretzels. What do you have to say for yourslef?
autobus22: still delish though
EliteNeon: Point of order your honor
*autobus22 burps quietly in response to OttersMeep*
pretzel33: EWWWWWW
EliteNeon: the president of shadowpoint wishes to appear in court as an armed baliff
EliteNeon: the president of shadowpoint is also the chairman of smith & wesson firearms
autobus22: I misread that as "bayleaf" elite xD
LondonThameslink: bayleaf boi
pretzel33: the City of Prismarine plans to bring Charges upon autobus22.
autobus22: Good; I am an electric bus
autobus22 talking to Minecraft252: From Tennessee to Tennessea
autobus22:  well it certainly looks like a potato
* autobus22 rips songs from CD for use on phone
* autobus22 realises 10 minutes later the songs can just be downloaded on artist' website as well
Melecie: quick, landmark ideas
chiefbozx: giant potato
autobus22: giant po...
autobis22: wow chief
Tonster__: ^^^
autobus22: xF
autobus22: ok
autobus22: Well then
chiefbozx: it was the first thing that came to mind
chiefbozx: i promise i have had 0 alcohol tonight
Tonster__: I'll pay 50 if you builda giant potato
autobus22: no chief, it's more that we had the same idea xD
chiefbozx: wait what
Melecie: wha


Avaneesh2008: out of a 100, how much will u think will u get mayor LondonThameslink
LondonThameslink: mmmm
Avaneesh2008: ummm
LondonThameslink: im mayor atm
LondonThameslink: lol
  • admod language is nosense to us


Awsomekeldeo: wat
hvt2011: wat
SoaPuffball: wat
Cookie46910: wat


[Councillor] aviaracer: Love is an open...
[Mayor] SilverBubble: can
[Mod] Narnia17: lala isn't on
[Councillor] aviaracer: oh


(Note: RL is Governor)
_SkyBlaze: RL
_SkyBlaze: do you have access to world edit?

BangtanSky drowned whilst trying to escape BangtanSky.


  • DieNexus! When DasNexus says: "Bacon.. Eh Baron"
Baron: Hi Bestie [Bestmate66]
AP_Red: <- thinks of BBT   [Big Bang Theory]
Baron: I'm totes Amy!
  • Refering to Kitania's Roads 08/06/14: Ok, All this cake is making me hungry
Oh yh this is cal's town of Whitely
autobus22: BaronThamesBank
*tab fail*
BaronThamesBank: AP_Red
BaronThamksBank: autobus22
AP_Red: Dannit Baron!
AP_Red joined the game


  • For the last time, there's no I-03! It's I-3! (for people that forget all freeways with an 0 in them are related to I-0)
  • Annnddddddd... screenshotted.
  • I hate working with angles in Minecraft.
  • Oh dear...
  • Unlike Boss and the airport, I'll have this done in no time.
  • Oonks! (when zwxe comes on Mumble, it sounds like "oonks" in Text-to-Speech)
  • Tom, do you want me to facepalm? Because I will.
  • Oooookay...
  • Shasta, Natural Selection is great and all, but it doesn't mean you have to spam the chat with death logs...
  • Ahem!.. (after catching godzilltrain singing in Mumble)
  • *Benie shocked Soleurs* (the first time I ever got to use /shock as a Mod)
  • Nasty, dirty bird. :P (talking about _MajorMagpie_ and his bird poop)
  • Robin's Hill is in Upside Down Terrorist world. You have to drive on the left side of the road. Ick.
  • So.., yeah! (when I just can't think of anything else to say)
  • Why am I not surprised?
  • I'm shocked. *You have been shocked by chiefbozx.*
  • Boss: we need to fill cheif's office with Complete Terminus Connect Signs - Benie: Says Mr 7+ months doing an Airport. :)
  • You mean BossOfDelays, right? (new nickname for Boss)
  • *Soleurs sings a Marry Poppins song in Mumble* ENOUGH!! I'm going to chim-chimaree your face! D:
  • Random wool block on my road? What is this madness?!
suppoe: Me too. I love ruining other people's gaming experience. :D :P
Benie: Work for EA, then.
Suppoe: Has Frumple done any kind of hard world edits?
Benie: I don't think Frumple has done anything that hard before.
KittyCat*numbershere*: Suggestive.
Benie: *sighs* I didn't mean it like that, Kitty!
italadz57: Our horses are purebred.  That's why they're so quick.
Benie: You mean spawned, not purebred.
  • Oh snap! (mostly used in Mumble)
  • *catching someone singing in Mumble and a Mod is on* Move him! MOVE HIM!! (Relating to the Random Musical Interludes channel)
  • Don't be going AFKAWOL on me, boi! (trying to talk to Boss but keeps going AFK on him)
  • *sees hawks going AFK near him* Time to get the wrapping paper... (about to AFK Box hawks in a present during Christmas 2013)
  • Oh my god, it's a rare Boss!
  • *hearing Chief shocking* The National Weather Service in the MRT has issued a Severe ThunderChief Warning, effective until Chief logs off. Doppler Radar detected a Severe ThunderChief moving across the server at 9001 Miles Per Hour, shocking random people and laughing. Persons in these areas should be alert of being further shocked. Stay indoors until the threat has passed.
enjineer30302: call me paul
Benie: enjineer's name is now paul.
*enjineer freaks out at this point*
enjineer30302: WHAT
enjineer30302: WHY
  • Wait. No way. You seriously got the Orange Line done before the airport? (to Robin announcing the completion of the Orange Line)
  • "Wait, one more" is the fear of every Mod.
  • Benie drops a pin. It makes a sound
[Guest]: mike offices
[Guest]: thats the name
[Benie]: Wait. That's your real name?
[Guest]: ???
[KittyCat11231]: *faceknife*
[Guest]: no its the name of this building
[Benie]: Ah. Ok.
[KittyCat11231]: Oh...
[KittyCat11231]: Um just ignore me
[Benie]: k
[Benie]: *Benie puts Kitty on ignore
KittyCat11231 left the game.
*RLcrafters asks Benie how's the road going so far*
 Benie: It goes.. slowly. Curves. Curves everywhere.
 Benie: They're laughing at me, RL.
 RLcrafters: . . .. . .
 RLcrafters: nuuuuuuuuuu
 RLcrafters: wait
 RLcrafters: burn them alive, you are a dragon after all
 RLcrafters: :)
 Benie: Curves are immune to fire.
 RLcrafters: O.O
 *Benie goes insane shortly after*
 Benie: Curve uses Drive Benie Insane with its complicated math crap... it's super effective!
 Benie: *Benie has fainted!*
 RLcrafters: . . . .
 *suppoe is trying to AFK Box Benie when he's away doing some things off-server. Benie is hiding
 in one of the mountains near the A8*
 [suppoe -> me] *thinking he's talking to RedBear47* I'm looking for benie so I can afk box him :P
 [me -> suppoe] Oh hi. :)
 [suppoe -> me] OH..
 [suppoe -> me] WRONG *expletive* PERSON *expletive*
 [suppoe -> me] that was by far the biggest *expletive* fail yet
 [me -> suppoe] Always watching.... and listening.
*RPing is fun. :)*

[Broadcast] Pink fluffy Unicorns dancing on rainbows!
MeetMeInSpace: :D
* Benie sets the unicorns on fire
Architect_21: wait wha
Architect_21: Broadcast where did the unicorns come from
[Broadcast] Naooooooooooooooo arghhh graa baaa... ssssss
Architect_21: .....
Benie: That is so a quote.
[Citizen] Architect_21: It should go in the "did notmake any sense" quotes page
Benie: Also, since when do unicorns go "baaa" when on fire?
[Citizen] Architect_21: wait is Broadcast teh unicorn!!!
[Broadcast] Because I'm burning alive? What do you expect me to say?
Architect_21: Maybe aaahh im burning
Benie: More like... oh.. "AHHHHHH!!!"
[Broadcast] Maybe..
[Trustee] mjpwwf: "No-n-no! Wait-lemme-AHH-" - asdfmovie
[Broadcast] lalalalal I'm burning lalalalala
Architect_21: poor lala

..*Later that day*...
Architect_21: So um broadcast, did the Unicorns respawn
Benie: Yes... but I keep lighting them on fire.
Benie: Cute things bug me. :P
Architect_21: But your island is cute
[Broadcast] Well... I'm in heaven now sooo... I guess i haven't respawn yet.
mjpwwf: nice dragon...*pet pet* xD
* Benie eats the waffle
mjpwwf: owie


when autobus22 asked bensismith to be a tpa beacon:
bensismith: poof!
autobus22: poof!
Much later:
mikefishr: and poof!
mikefishr left the game.
bensismith: its contagious poofing!
bensismith: i really should play on the mrt more often
bensismith: and, you know, at times other then my exam period, but that's not important


Miner: kitty can i haave a house instead of a condom in kitiana
Miner: *CONDO
Tar: LOL
TheUltimate: Tradis?
TheUltimate: Time Relative And Dimensions In Space?
Amtrak: *TARDS
TheUltimate: XD
Gopher: Ooo
Amtrak: *TARDUS
TheUltimate: XDDD
Amtrak: *TARDIS
  • you sceam exterminate twice and everyone thinks your a dalek No ardy i am DAVROS
Kitty: lala did it :P
  • sex ed go to p4
Darth_Redneck: I find your lack of faith disturbing
Camelfantasy: *CreepyChimps choked to death*
CreepyChimps died
CreepyChimps: Dammit camel
camel do you still sell shits
do i need to ask someone to attack porn victoria
  • my fish tore is being attacked by very threatening villagers
  • kuukuna ratata
i saw a road sign today one of the electronic ones saying "changing lanes use ya blinkah"
#massive chest nuts
BernCow left the game.
  • shoot for moon and if you miss youll hit archduke franz ferdinand plunging the world into war eventually leading to the rise of the Nazis and all subsequent events
  • in life it's yeet or be yeeted
  • I want the genva convention to violate me


  • chiefbozx what can members do?
  • I'm on Creative and you want to charge me?
  • hey i see myself on dynmap!
  • chief, you're the owner, right?
  • i wuv dynmap
  • frumple will hear about this (after Benie tells him to use alternate means of transport instead of the MRT)


  • IT BURNZZZZZZZ (After Yoshi's Massive WorldEdit 9 Dec 2013)


  • (Was promoted to Councillor) My nametag just got bluer!
I mean gtg



*bobbygammer get mad >:(

(while talking about covid-19)

Worrski: 4,000 deaths in the US daily

LondonThameslink: seriously?

Worrski: yup

LondonThameslink: blimey

Worrski: 9/11 happens everyday here

bobbygammer: thats avas b-day

*A pig keeps on going on bobby's solar panels*

Bobby: SHoo Piggy

Avaneesh2008: Just kill it

Bobby : ok I will

*Bobby kills AVaneesh2008*

Missa_Solemnis: Out of curiosity, bobby, is your Discord profile pic your dog?

Bobby: no I wish I have a fog

Bobby: dog*

STthecat: f o g


  • I need all mods on deck!
  • Quick question...
  • This is going to be the biggest thing on the server.
  • CHIEF!!!! *after getting randomly shocked by Chief*
  • Actually...
  • Frumple, can we troll Chief's office?
  • Guys, let's all send Frumple spam mail.
  • I would like to dedicate this project to Benie, he can now take my delayed builds description off the staff board (during the MRT Convention Center opening ceremony)
  • I lurk in the shadows (After accidentally using chat while fake quit)
Autobus: can i expand the road form your town to autocity
boss: no iam gonna build a district there
Autobus: Oh? i claimed that land there -_-
boss: Nope i already did.
Autobus: Oh? Found no claim signs.....
* BossOfGames left the game *
  • I don't know what i'm doing right now.


*TonyTajiri is no longer afk*
TonyTajiri: wb
[Citizen]camelfantasy: Did you just wb yourself?
JohnNotTech: How old do you think I am, judging by my voice?
TonyTajiri: 15-16
JohnNotTech: I'm thirteen.
TonyTajiri: Wow, puberty hit you hard, dude!
Tonytajiri: Auto, i implemented your modern art!
ModernArt: :P
  • Miney May I please have a gate at your computer?


** in Mumble **
bryce_am: so you are going to bed but you sister is listening to Sharkesha
CortesiRaccoon: ITS SHAKIRA!
Just_robinho: ITS SHAKIRA!
MinecraftYoshi26: SHAKIRA!!!
bryce_am: red
bryce_am: wake up
RedBear47: ya
bryce_am: wrong red
x AP_Red wakes up
Discussing Leeds Station, 170 mile north of London
Bryce: Wait? Does the London Overground go to it?
bryce_am left the game.
[Lottery] Congratulations to bryce_am for winning $122!


  • ugh... so hard to play mc and eat a burrito at the same time...
  • *bspells is untangling his 15-foot long [insert complicated name here] wire
  • (On Mumble) YES I KNOW YOU CAN SMELL ME! (After MC_Protocol plays the "I can smell you" Morgan Freeman clip)


[Mayor] ByteMega: How long is the dynmap render?
[Mayor] ByteMega: All answers ranging from one second to one eon is accepted.
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: -1 second
[Mayor] ByteMega: i'm sorry that is invalid
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: :P
[Mayor] ByteMega: that does not fall into the stated category
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: 1.0000000000000001 eons
[Councillor] Steve_Bobs: "Ask Frumple" seconds
[Mayor] ByteMega: i'm sorry but it would be a hassle to stalk his address and book a flight to canada
why is there a husbandry section in advancements
include wifery at least
(me is SoaPuffball)
[me -> ByteMega] thanks
[ByteMega -> me] somewhere around this area
[ByteMega -> me] and dont screw up the lake plsthansk
[me -> ByteMega] * turns the lake into a screw
[ByteMega -> me] *annexes your town


  • (to Skele after he changed his skin) You got your red collared shit back (meant to say shirt)
JamesGaming: Cal?
Cal76: Hmm?
JamesGaming: Do you have an old world town?
Cal76: Yes, Riverend.
JamesGaming: Does it have an airport?
Cal76: No
JamesGaming: (thinking of planning plane routes) :( I really want to fly there.
Cal76: Double tap the spacebar.
SoaPuffball: when will you ever start doing businesses again
KittyCat11231: three years after the next time you ask
SoaPuffball: >:(
SoaPuffball: y
cal76: Kitty can I have a Slave boutique?
_Kastle: >:(


*TonyTajiri is now afk*
Camelfantasy: To afk box Tony or to not afk box Tony...
MeetMeInSpace: To
*TonyTajiri is no longer afk*
TonyTajiri: You frigging little troll
  • My subway station looks bad, but what do I expect from 10 min. :P
  • Sorry jdykhous, but the government is building over your great beachfront property :P
Member: what are you guys working on?
Camelfantasy: We're doing nothing, that's all you need to know, good day to you
SantaHnt: XD
*mine_man_ and creeperface_ AFK box AlikSong*
x AlikSong is no longer AFK
Camelfantasy: I predict two deaths...
mine_man_ died
creeperface_ died
Camelfantasy: RIP
Camelfantasy died
Camelfantasy: why did i die?
AlikSong: I had reason to believe that you were the one who suggested the afk box xD
Canadian_K9: what key do you press with F3 to reload your chunks again?
Camelfantasy: no, its F4, and you press it with alt
Canadian_K9: right
34lynx72 left the game.
Canadian_K9 left the game.
Camelfantasy: LOL
34lynx72 joined the game
Canadian_K9 joined the game
34lynx72: really camelfantasy xD
Camelfantasy: guess it worked didnt it
34lynx72 hahaha
Canadian_K9: ooohhh YOU!!!!!
Camelfantasy: LOL you fell for it
34lynx72: i forgot about that trick
Camelfantasy: LOLOLOLOL
Candadian_K9: lol i cant believe i falled for that
34lynx72: ^^^
MRTKeikoku: I'm sorry Tom...
Camelfantasy: just say you hate the ravens and he'll stop
MRTKeikoku: I hate the ravens
Thou hast been smitten!
MRTKeikoku: I'll kill you camel...

you rode your bike down a kill and it almost hilled you

Skelezomperman: so where is the milk chugging arena
Vulpicula: Wait, you actually thought that existed?
Camelfantasy: make one
Vulpicula: On it. I'll make it half the size of Whitechapel! :D
Camelfantasy: and then some mod goes "yeah lets not"
_frozen: yeah, lets not.
Camelfantasy: LOL
Camelfantasy: i predict well

mjpwwf: I was only kidding, Broadcast. :P
Camelfantasy: *mjpwwf died*
mjpwwf died
Camelfantasy: LOL predicted it!
Thou hast been smitten!
Camelfantasy: HA
Narnia17: *is running around in Waterville*
Camelfantasy: MISSED
Thou hast been smitten! *misses again*
camelfantasy died
Tom_Pairs: nope
camelfantasy: =.=
camelfantasy: well you missed both times xD
Tom_Pairs: hmm he died though
Camelfantasy: not by lightning
Tom_Pairs: don't mess with thor's twin
Tom_Pairs: mawahaha
Camelfantasy died
Narnia17: xDDDDD
*when talking about UCWTIA*
Camelfantasy: well fyfe said he would try to get it approved b4 gsm so :/
thomasfyfe joined the game.
Camelfantasy: wb
thomasfyfe: Hey
Sirots: wb
Camelfantasy: yLOLOLOL
Sirots: Speaking of...
Just_robinho: omg the timing
Camelfantasy: IKR
KittyCat11231: hey fyfe
TheRainbowNoob: we summoned fyfe
TheRainbowNoob: lets summon frumple
Camelfantasy: YAS i summoned him
CortesiRaccoon: the timing is real
thomasfyfe: Summoned again?
Camelfantasy: yes
TheRainbowNoob: you know frumple said hed make me a sandwich today
Camelfantasy: "well fyfe said he would try to get it approved b4 gsm so :/"
Camelfantasy: then you joined
thomasfyfe: And I failed you :P
Camelfantasy: I like trams
Camalfantasy was slain by auto's tram
*While Alik Was Bringing Down A Hill...
[Derpy_Melon]: //naturalize?
[AlikSong]: umm //smooth
[Derpy_Melon]: ah ok
Some Time Later
[camelfantasy]: i swear alik is just looking at the hill and then it changes
[camelfantasy]: the power of the eyes...
MishkaMan: WHY is this going on
Camelfantasy: try option+shift+comand+q
mjpwwf: Because the letter T doesn't want you to revoke its sponsorship.
MishkaMan left the game.
Camelfantasy: rip mishka
MishkaMan joined the game
Camelfantasy: wb
MishkaMan: camel you little....
Camelfantasy: ?
MishkaMan: what
Camelfantasy: did you actually,,,
MishkaMan: oh wow
Camelfantasy: GG
MishkaMan: i cant type now
MishkaMan: can!@
Camelfantasy: LOLOLOL
MishkaMan: it worked
MishkaMan: thanks camel!
Camelfantasy: so yes, that command does work xd
MishkaMan: lolsies
MishkaMan: i thought you were trying to troll me
Camelfantasy: xD
Camelfantasy: well what did it do?
MishkaMan: LOG me off
Camelfantasy: xD
Camelfantasy: so it worked two ways
EliteNeon: F*CK MY LIFE!
EliteNeon left the game.
Frozen: Sigh
Camel: Most people who rage quit joins back 5 minutes later..
*Diemundz starts timer
( few minutes later)
EliteNeon joined the game
(in Discord)
i have a tranquil forest
i have a train
trainquil forest
  • yes i need CC shifted 1 block south and frumple's house wiped off the face of the world (referring to a possible w/e)
SoSo123: should i summon heaven
Frosty_Creeper10: yas
Frosty_Creeper10: deport soso
Frosty_Creeper10: deport soso
Frosty_Creeper10: deport soso
Frosty_Creeper10: deport soso
Frosty_Creeper10: deport soso
SoSo123: naw
camelfantasy: mute frosty
camelfantasy: mute frosty
camelfantasy: mute frosty
camelfantasy: it's so fluffy i'm gonna die!
camelfantasy was pricked to death
[Discord] Rocketscience: Working in daylight is for the weak
camelfantasy: being weak is for the weak
  • we must report you to frumple by pinging him in staff emergency 3 times
camelfantasy: i am the senate
MistleSoa: no
MistleSoa: i am the senate
camelfantasy: it's treason then
To whoever posted without adding a signature, please be sure to add ~~~~ (four tildes) to the end of your post so it signs for you. Just my grammar-and-formatting-nazi comment. Soleurs (talk) 13:10, 4 November 2016 (EDT)
  Sure thing.


SoaPuffball: camel2?
Camelicano: There is only one camel
SoaPuffball: because the other one is a fantasy?
Camelicano: and there is only one Camel 
One with a capital C and one without xD


  • do i count as a girl, cause i sure act like one
  • jax, stop rubbing agaist frumple
  • i feel like I have just been shused by a hobo (after being shused by 0rocketscience0)
x Frumple is now AFK
Canadian_K9: AFK BOX HIM!!
x Frumple is no longer AFK
(diff | hist) . . Minor Ranked PVP‎; 13:27 . . (+1,287)‎ . . ‎Keentlewi (Talk | contribs)‎
*when talking about cars*
Vulpicula: Yes, but what makes an SUV an Suv?
Canadian_K9 left the game.


[Mayor] Sirots: darmok//can the spam man!
[Citizen] dope_cheese: gopher gg
[Citizen] dope_cheese: yeah screw u darmok
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: darmok is like an old granny sometimes
[Mayor] Sirots: lol
[Citizen] dope_cheese: lol
* _MajorMagpie_ joined the game *
Everyone: Hello
Valach: Hi, Maggers
Major: Maggers? That's new.
Valach: Guys RUN
Just_robinho: I am a united fan
Valach: Yay :D
Robin: :D
Valach: jk I am a Chelsea FC fan :PPPP
*ValachSarkhor died*
*jphgolf4321 joined the game*
Valach: Dammit JR
Jph: ?
Valach: Jr killed me :(
Jph: bad robin
Robin: He shouldn't have said he was a Chelsea fan :P
(A few minutes later)
Valach: I ended up in my town hall xP
Robin: Damn son
Valach: please may I have a W/E?
*lalaboy left the game*
*Omricon left the game*
Valach: ...
Chimpy: Space let it go.
Kottle: LET IT GO
Kottle: LET IT GO
Chimpy: Oh Christ no.
Kottle: OH MY GOD
Kottle: *poos*
AlikSong: Oh noo
mustang_guy: Let it go!
mustang_guy: Let it go!
mustang_guy: Turn away and slam the door!
Space: o
Space: oops
  • i have a summer idea to build an idea
Chimpy: Catpain Chimpy: The failed  emoticon
Chimpy: *Captain
Chimpy: sorry Kitty
PresidentQwerty: Catpain?
Chimpy: I was a pain to you Kitty, I'm so sorry
Kitty: That sounds like a Justin & Justin product
_Redneck_Jesus_: Do you plan for Armada to be the highest ranked city?
Chimpy: No
Ardy: Well what do you think :
Chimpy: It'll be the quackest city.
  • ooh ooh ahh ahh (translation: Ardy approves). I mean Chimpy approves.
Chimpy: Request to change the official server mascot from Tom the Taco to Martii the Melon
Chimpy: *marty
Chimpy: All no? OK den
Martii: [Owner] Frumple: Granted.
Chimpy: when were you promoted to trustee
_SkyBlaze: just now
TrainPro: just now
mjpwwf: just now
  • (While Starcubed and Chimpy are contesting city hall floors) This is starting to sound like some bloody kids' counting game.
(When lala's anime is downloading)
Chimpy: Oh I know, 1982 KB.
Chimpy: OMG I made a reference
Chimpy: I just made a Falklands reference (referring to Falklands War in 1982)
(Ardy jails Smae because of doing sword tests in Armada during a mourning)
[Senator+] Ardyan: welcome to Armada Jail
(Smae then escapes the jail)
[Senator+] Ardyan: oh damn son
[Member] QueenSmae: #LikeABoss
[Senator+] Ardyan: smae is a runway
[Senator+] Ardyan: *runaway
[Mayor] CreepyChimps: fail
[Mayor] CreepyChimps: This is Armada Skydome. We are landing on the Smae runway.
[Senator+] Ardyan: LOL SO TRUE
[Member] QueenSmae: I love it when planes land on me
CreepyChimps: note: NEVA USE IRON BRAS
CreepyChimps: *BARS
CaptainChimpy: as in, rel life cames
CaptainChimpy: *camles
CaptainChimpy: *camels
CaptainChimpy: *rel
CaptainChimpy: *real
CaptainChimpy: *real life camels
Camelfantasy: quadruple fayul
CaptainChimpy: Hey, yoshi, can I have a BJ?
MinecraftYoshi26: um
Camelfantasy: wut?
CaptainChimpy is no longer AFK.
CaptainChimpy: I'll tell you why later
CaptainChimpy: Yoshi is a dinosaur
mine_man_: whaaatttt?
MinecraftYoshi26: um
MinecraftYoshi26: well
CaptainChimpy: Dinosaurs link back to Barney
Camelfantasy: you do not want to know how i took that
CaptainChimpy: Barney the dinosaur's best friend is called BJ
mine_man_: same
Camelfantasy: gg
MinecraftYoshi26: um well chimpy 2 things
MinecraftYoshi26: 1 I don't know who you are and what you look like
CaptainChimpy: wait did I say something a bit wrong?
MinecraftYoshi26: 2 no
MinecraftYoshi26: :P
MIKE24DUDE: yoshi is not a prostittute
Camelfantasy: YES CaptainChimpy
Camelfantasy: VERY wrong
CaptainChimpy: Uhm
CaptainChimpy: so for since the day I was wrong I thought that *that* was the name of Barney's best friend
Camelfantasy: lol
CaptainChimpy: I love to watch Barney
CaptainChimpy: obviously before I found this
MishkaMan left the game (afk kick)
CaptainChimpy: Hey mishka
CaptainChimpy: I see you were kicked out of Italy, Mussolini style.
  • Hey Canal, wanna help me with the camel?
    This was when Camelfantasy was helping CaptainChimpy build his camel canal but got the two words mixed up, like CaptainChimpy just did.
my friend dropped his bass today
and the teacher got really steamy
*steamed up
ops dat reference do
*when chimpy is failing at spelling every single sentence*
.msg camel please funy quote that before it gets too much for my bairn


  CaptainObi: fun fact, all tube lines intersect all other tube lines except the metro & district
  _fwis: The W&C doesn't intersect Piccadilly, Met, HC and Victoria gg
  CaptainObi: fuck the waterloo and city
  CaptainObi: all other normal lines
  CaptainObi: that are reasonable
  Capt: Halp
  0roc: do /spawn if you are stuck guest
  Capt: I can't
  0roc: O, you're Obi...
  Need: XD
  CaptainObi So today
  CaptainObi my water leaked
  Frosty_Creeper10 I can speak 2 languages in the same language family as bahasa
  Starcubed kamu makan buang air besar
  Frosty_Creeper10 Does that count
  London150 what obi?
  Starcubed wow
  Skele visit Carnoustie for XIV TacoBurritoAThon
  Starcubed congrats
  Frosty_Creeper10 Omg obi are you pregnant??
  Starcubed omg
  Frosty_Creeper10 Congrats!!
  CaptainObi and spilled water over my phone
  Starcubed congratulations!
  Frosty_Creeper10 I cant believe we’re gonna be fathers
  London150 Omg frosty xD
  Skele Ok that just grossed me out
  Starcubed oh
  Echohue omg congrats!!
  Skele I’m gonna leave now
  _HeavenAngel_ why are you holding your phone down there
  CaptainObi oh fuck
  Echohue when’s the baby?
  Starcubed congrats!!! your water is leaking
  CaptainObi i ment my water bottle leaked
  CaptainObi xD
[Bunker] CaptainObi: mistle tpa
[Bunker] MistleSoa: later busy
[Bunker] AlphaDS: missle
[Bunker] MistleSoa: missile toe
[Bunker] AlphaDS: oof
[Bunker] CaptainObi: wait youre soa/
[Bunker] MistleSoa: cutest pvz2 plant
[Bunker] AlphaDS: no he is missle toe
[Bunker] SoaPuffball: no i'm a misletoe dressed up as a diancie with a girl's mask


What are you doing here?
Trying to hit on my sister?
CaptLincoln: Sorry, my sister is triggered that lost her city.
UnknownSilent: i am not triggered!
CaptLincoln: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present... CaptLincoln .5!
SoaPuffball: wut
megascatterbomb: wat
Minecrafter_11: wha
hvt2011: aat
CaptLincoln: Better known as UnknownSilent.
  • I'm so fly, I never land.
SoaPuffball: how do you speak about fight club
CaptLincoln: Sssshhh
CaptLincoln: First rule about fight club.
CaptLincoln: You don't talk about fight club.
SoaPuffball: you just talked about fight club
CaptLincoln: *gasp*
CaptLincoln died
Player CaptLincoln took their own life.
SoaPuffball: that means you are not in fight club anymore
CaptLincoln left the game.
CaptLincoln: Stacks can only go vertical.
SoaPuffball: they can also go horizontal
CaptLincoln: WHAT?!
SoaPuffball: gg
CaptLincoln: No way.
camelfantasy: you didn't know that?
CaptLincoln: This is bull****.
camelfantasy: they can also go diagonal with fast async w/e
CaptLincoln: I don't believe it/
CaptLincoln: I honestly think you're s**tting me.
SoaPuffball: stacks can go horizontal
CaptLincoln: Mega
megascatterbomb: ye
CaptLincoln: Can you confirm that stack go horizontal?
megascatterbomb: ye
CaptLincoln: Cause these g-
CaptLincoln: WT*
  • What if I don't want to meet you in space? (MeetMeInSpace joined the game)
  • It's the man, the myth, the waffle (mjpwwf joined the game)


  • Wait this even where it supposed to go :P | Holy crap I can't even think today! (In a private message to bspells)


[Councillor+] Casey_Jones3: I mean Ass as in asshold
[Councillor+] Casey_Jones3: ASSHOLe


  • Well. too. BAD!
  • Don't ever trust me with a sign.
  • That's another clear sign I need to go to bed.
  • This is where Frumple rigs the votes.
  • Don't worry, I know exactly what I'm doing with WorldEdit...
  • ...Right. I was not paying attention, as usual.
  • I'm not a troll, I'm a prankster. There's a big difference.
  • Elpmurf!
  • ... make sure everyone's hair is on fire.
  • Staircase? NOPE! COMPASS!
  • What have I done? (Creating the wiki and noticing the funny quote page was the first one created)
  • [Random Canadian Taco Monster] (A title for Frumple)
  • Good morning audience..
  • And the nominations for 'best reaction from a Thor Hammer' are...
  • I am listening to a BRSTM. Come back later.
  • [Taco Thief] chiefbozx: All your tacos are belong to us! Mwahahaha!
  • You might want to move. Your face is about to get pasted in. (before pasting 100,000 blocks as WorldEdit)
  • Random Mumble Advertisement | End Random Mumble Advertisement (as Broadcast)
  • chiefbozx is busy. Leave a message at the sound of the beep. *beep*
  • Hi steve
  • I expect a new skin. GET A BUNNY SKIN
  • I'm sorry. Can we be friends? :D
  • (In mumble) Your face is why
  • Ping!
  • I just got an idea for an evil prank...
  • Ok folks, I'm off to ed. (meant to say bed)
  • Hooboy...
  • Get off my desk! (to Just_robinho standing on Chief's desk at Studio Chief)
  • More bacon!! WOOO!! (Snapshot w32)
  • I logged onto MCMyAdmin and saw SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK DEATH DEATH DEATH (after April Fools 2013/ShockFest)
  • oh wait... frumple has taco weapons.
  • Lightning is fun
_frozen: I made a perfect  MC circle!
  • (to random member) No, I will not go on a date with you
  • (random member)! I just updated the (random wiki page) page on the wiki! Now it has pretty infoboxes and icons all over it!
  • Achievement Get: Blended!
  • * chiefbozx has morphed into an undecagon
  • grep! It greps things!
 [Snowman] SonicTornado:and if you ever saw him you would even say it glows
 [Rudolph] chiefbozx:and if you ever saw him he would shock you in your face
 *chiefbozx shocked SonicTornado*
  • WAT (when hawks said he was in a serious relationship with chief)
  • (On front page of MRT)
  • Have a good day! As they say in my hometown, don’t forget to be awesome. (P.S. Yes, nerdfighters, you heard that right. :) )
jphgolf4321: chief used thunderbolt! It's super effective!
Skelezomperman: Frumple used Owner Powers! It's super effective!
Skelezomperman: chief fainted!
*chiefbozx died*

  • chiefbozx shocked jphgolf4321* [In reference to Chief's Bozx-ers] | [Broadcast by chiefbozx] You've been spanked!
  • And of course my mouse is on the other side of the room. One moment.
  • For the record: I am Chief and you are a potato.
  • The Hammer has done justice once again!
We're having a "Staff Meeting"
OR ARE WE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • I'm going to head off now and pretend to do homework.
* Chief says something in Mumble, but there are sparrows outside chirping *
Frumple: Chief, are you outside?
Chief: No, there's a sparrow's nest right outside my window.
Everyone: *laughs*
Major: Punch it!
Chief: Okay! ...For SCIENCE! * punches wall * OW!
  • Guys there's a grass block in central park
  • I have a cable (leaves channel)
  • One moment, I appear to be on fire.
  • *Chiefbozx has kicked MeetMeInSpace for Go check your emails*
hntredtie: Chief, wtf is this sponge ball?
Chiefbozx: It's a sponge ball.
Hntredtie: Who the heck AFK boxed me.
Camelfantasy: Not me
[Server] I did hnt
Hntredtie: Prism says Camelfantasy not Chiefbozx
Camelfantasy: He framed me :P
Just_Robinho: Go to bed Chief :P
Chief: So I've been thinking about...
Fish: Chief's been thinking!
Chief: Chief's been thinking! Run!
* Tom_Pairs left the channel *
This isn't a Trumple server
This is a Frumple server
  • You are in violation of ordinance VR-1820598751827491857: No Littering of Road Bits
[Guest] help im stuck
[Chief] You on a PC or Mac?
[Guest] mac
[Chief] Ok, press Shift-Option-Command-Q and you'll be teleported out
[Guest] ok
* Guest has left the game *
(Shift-Option-Command-Q forcibly logs the user out on mac, slightly worse than the alt-f4 troll)
  • Chief is guilty of not paying attention.
KittyCat11231: chief mumble?
chiefbozx: sure i'll hop on discord
  • BOOM! I'm gonna hit this thing bang in the face.
chiefbozx joined the game.
SoaPuffball: :O
SoaPuffball: a wild chief appeared
hvt2011: hai chief
chiefbozx: oh no
chiefbozx: i've been spotted
chiefbozx: run
chiefbozx left the game.
SoaPuffball: xD
AyyLion: rip
chiefbozx joined the game.
chiefbozx: lol hi
stand by for restart
hold on to your butts
(talking about homes)
chiefbozx: Homes: a, aa, aaa, aaaa, airport, asdf, a3, e, fishlab, sch, testificate, ver
chiefbozx: what have i done
MinecraftYoshi26: aaaaaaaaaaaaa
SoSo123: lol
SoaPuffball: /kick chiefbozx stop fixing signage and go to bed
chiefbozx: Error: chiefbozx doesn't like being kicked.
SoaPuffball: lol
chiefbozx: Error: No soccer balls named chiefbozx were found.
godzilltrain: knowmads
knowmads7: yes godz?
godzilltrain: why do you have a warp to frumple's house on the front of pearl coast's mall?
chiefbozx joined the game.
camelfantasy: great timing
camelfantasy: blame chief
chiefbozx: HAHAHAHAHA
chiefbozx: wait what'd i do this time
knowmads7: lol cause Chief put that there over 2 years ago. and speaking of hiii :p
camelfantasy: the warp to frumple's house
chiefbozx: lmaooooo
KittyCat11231: well im trying to enjoy a tropical vacation (is in Halua Island adventure map pre-completion area)
KittyCat11231: but its ****ing snowing
SnowPuffball_: xD
chiefbozx: kitty, i told you, you won't get a tropical vacation in minnesota
  • press button > Ding dong. dong. dong. dong. dong. dong. dong. dong. DINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDINGDING
  • sure, my road obeys gravity now
  • This city drives on the left. DENIED
  • Don't you own Amtrak?
chiefbozx: hey can someone do /d @everyone
LDShadowLord -> Discord: @everyone
megascatterbomb: Dammit.
chiefbozx: dear chief, please explain yourself
chiefbozx: why is this sign precisely 3 blocks off
SoaPuffball: gg
camelfantasy: blame chief
chiefbozx: duh blame chief
SoaPuffball: blame cheif not chief
*Tom_Pairs watches chief talking to himself
camelfantasy: blame chefbox
chiefbozx: brb changing name to cheifbozx
SoaPuffball: honk if you like pineapple pizza
SoaPuffball: HONK
chiefbozx: no
(soa gets smitten)
VAReaper: HONK
SoaPuffball: y
chiefbozx: pineapples have better things to do than be on pizza
* Kel5 is no longer AFK.
* Kel5 is now AFK.
chiefbozx: Kel5 comes back from afk just to yell "WRONG"
chiefbozx: where do i put my face
time2makemymove: enter the park
time2makemymove: only one ple
time2makemymove: where do you want your one face
chiefbozx: there
sesese9: instant popularity when chief puts his face on that wall
chiefbozx: roses are red, violets are blue, your hair is on fire
MetroNorth: chief, it's Roses are red, a poem I have written, in just a few seconds,  Thou hast been smitten

[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Chef box is new uber beats
chiefbozx: brb changing name to chefbox_uberbeats
  • >cat frumplessecretplans.txt | grep taco
chiefbozx: question: what is the plural of goose
SoaPuffball: geese
chiefbozx: what is the plural of moose
SoaPuffball: moose
_Slushi_: Meese
chiefbozx: slushi wins
(soapuffball in the middle of a game freeze while using shaders)
[Discord] SoaPuffball: chief, may i request a kick
chiefbozx: for yourself?
[Discord] SoaPuffball: yes
chiefbozx: fuuuusss.....
SoaPuffball left the game
Player chiefbozx kicked SoaPuffball for RO DAH!
SoaPuffball: hi chief, nice helmet :)
chiefbozx: it's not a helmet
chiefbozx: it's a semi-automatic skull-based thwacking device
[Discord] chiefbozx: hey soa guess what
SoaPuffball: hi
*soa gets smitten*
SoaPuffbll: chief, i know you're here :P
camelfantasy: b o n c c
camelfantasy: chief can just shock you through console
(pvp lobby)
EliteNeon: can someone please kick sans
[16 New Lancaster City] SansNotLuigi has left the fight!
SansNotLuigi left the game.
Player chiefbozx kicked SansNotLuigi for load faster.
EliteNeon: i assume hes loading terrain
TheSubway: does calling you chefbox not correspond to a smite anymore?
chiefbozx: depends on what happens when you roll 2d20
_Lego_: do i have to roll 2 nat 20s for it
chiefbozx: no
chiefbozx: prime = smite
chiefbozx: composite = no smite
chiefbozx: double crit miss = demoted to guest
chiefbozx: i have given dalt his "one free crash-the-server" coupon
chiefbozx: er, his "one free crash-the-server-with-worldedit" coupon
autobus22: deadline for mod nominations is in 22 minutes right?
chiefbozx: Hour and 22, auto
chiefbozx: 9pm Stroopwafel Time
(everyone gets smitten)
__7d: whot
Melecie: ow
Oshawott_12: what
CodyHM: Wait, why did I get smitten?
HarborRandom852: everyone got smitten
chiefbozx: Because
CodyHM: ah
Melecie: :(
chiefbozx: It's your 1AM smite
__7d: hes chief what do you expect
chiefbozx: So I ordered food earlier and there was an issue, and I start a chat with customer support and the rep immediately says “oh no”
SilverBubble: bruh
Melecie: f
Avaneesh2008:  ?????
hvt2011: LMAO
chiefbozx: this is the IFFD building
time2makemymove: IFFD being?
chiefbozx: I haFe no F***ing iDea
Melecie: quick, landmark ideas
chiefbozx: giant potato
autobus22: giant po...
autobis22: wow chief
Tonster__: ^^^
autobus22: xF
autobus22: ok
autobus22: Well then
chiefbozx: it was the first thing that came to mind
chiefbozx: i promise i have had 0 alcohol tonight
Tonster__: I'll pay 50 if you builda giant potato
autobus22: no chief, it's more that we had the same idea xD
chiefbozx: wait what
Melecie: wha
  • Soon™ is the default speed of projects on the mrt lol
chiefbozx: ooga booga
Starcubed: doogers
Starcubed: are you a dooger
HarborRandom852: are you?
Starcubed: idk are you?
HarborRandom852: im asking the questions here buckaroo
Starcubed: i was first
HarborRandom852: :x:
HarborRandom852: vetoes
chiefbozx: captain's log: chaos has been suffessfully instigated with a single strategic "ooga booga"
Starcubed: lol
HarborRandom852: chaotic neutral
[Discord] chiefbozx: oh no
[Discord] chiefbozx: chat has reverted to one (1) brain cell
[Discord] Pretzel: :x:
[Councillor] MrMinecraft1423: :x:
[Discord] Pretzel: we have 1.5 braincells!
[Discord] Pretzel: "sorreh"
[Discord] lalaboy: the server's gone smooth brain (replying to chiefbozx)


[Discord] chimata: a soa?
[Discord] chimata: i almost typed soda
Melecie: yesyes
[Discord] chimata: melsoda when
Melecie: drink me
Melecie: then we had the meltoaster
Melecie: now we have the melsoda
Spegit007: what's everyone doing?
Starcubed: building the b9
Melecie: looking at the b9
chimata: trying to build the 9
chimata: well i mean
chimata: 9city
chimata: wait no
chimata: (9)city
ModernArt: building the future T9 metro line
chimata: it's (9) pm
[LOTTERY] chimata just bought 25 tickets! Draw in 2s
[LOTTERY] Congratulations to chimata for winning $177!
chimata: rigged


_Lego_: does anyone want to see lego city
frogggggg: sorry busy rn
SoaPuffball: busy rn sry
CirclesPointless: rn sry busy
_Lego_: busy sry rn


Kitty: ooh nippia rendered on dynmap :D
cmrs: 12 year olds be like nippia haha
Kitty: cmrs how old are you?
cmrs: 11


  • cody___73951 thinks everyone is AWESOME

KittyCat11231: *thinks cody didn't take his meds

  • cody___73951 thinks everyone is overusing me (meant to say /me)


  • I'm a heteromantic bisextual graysextual so probably won't get some d from me thanks
  • so you just love dick and have a high libido? (two mins later...) ok glad we've come to that understanding
  • that sounds like a redneck sex scene
  • that's cuz your not a councilor
  • and no, I am not a hungarian stripper
CodyHM: p1
CodyHM: p2
CodyHM: p1
CodyHM: oh, set smooth sandstone
Vickiposa: cody
CodyHM: yes
Echohue: go to worldedit school
SoaPuffball: gg
CodyHM: I have
Echohue: go again
Frosty_Creeper10: p1 > p2 > p1
Frosty_Creeper10: returh
Vickiposa: i would appreciate if you set out specific points beforehand with distinct blocks
SoaPuffball: return
CodyHM: ok
*_sans05 is no longer AFK.
CodyHM: All I am is Weier's road slave
_sans05: I come back to that
  • Weier, why did you build a wall on the floor?


  • right quick
  • I'm not really a funny guy.
  • Let me check my math...
  • brb, getting ice for my computer.
  • I will ponder this.
  • Just pick up your toys when you're done. :P
  • * computerghost builds one of his flying machines with pistons. *
  • First song not to get voted out! I new Melanie wouldn't fail me! :-)
  • *talking about horse business* You can have them in any color you want, as long as you want white.
  • It's not much of a disguise. I literally became a guest and lose my admin powers. Oh, darn... how to get back... :/ Well I guess I'll just have to re-fill an app and work my way back up
  • (In Mumble) I was trying to impress a girl once so I grabbed an electric fence.
*computerghost hugs angel*
computerghost was slain by angelzer0


ConnConn2005: has anyone seen SoaPuffball? (SnowPuffball_ or SoaPuffball is present)
SnowPuffball_: hai
camelfantasy: *facepalm*


  • (after joining) I'm bacc
  • (when confused) how in the hecc...
Conric005: city
Citybuilder_ yes? 
Conric005: i'm at the point in my company
Conric005: that my workers are basically toads
Conric005: expendable
(solving The Metro Station Challenge 7)
Conric005: I think have the metro station challenge thingy
Conric005: Unless city was joking
SkyjumperTalon: DM me your thoughts
Citybuilder_: I thought you gave up
Citybuilder_: xD
Citybuilder_: I was joking
Citybuilder_: there was already one in vermillion
Citybuilder_: xD
Citybuilder_: I wouldn't tell you if i knew lol
Conric005: then im standing in a flight to vermillion from airchester for nothing?
Citybuilder_: yes
Conric005 left the game
SkyjumperTalon: What's your town?
Conric005: Bichwood
(gets ranked up to mayor whilst typing)
Conric005: city, i'm almost mayor
Conric005: OH WAIT
FooteChicken has joined the server
Conric005: Welcome bawk
(Conric005 comes on minechat after finishing a math test)
Conric005: Just finished a meth test
Conric005: *math
Conric005: *math
Conric005: I sure do hope I dont slip off this building...
Conric005 fell from a high place
  • Slap some flex tape over his mouth for good measure, we can't have him telling anyone about this
  • Conric005: I'll just drown my sorrow in thicc juice
  • im really good at drowning a carton of goldfish in 15 minutes
[Discord] Conric005: city you should start a franchise and go big with it
[Discord] Conric005: or take communist mcdonalds and take over the MRT
Conric005: i have acquired my 7th cough drop
Conric005: that's mama luigi to you mario
hvt2011: Y
Conric005: wait frick wrong chat
chiefbozx: wat
hvt2011: CONRIC
hvt2011: WHY
Conric005: don't question ut
Echohue: how could that possibly have context
Conric005: -\ (o.o) /-
Conric005: it is i
Conric005: the frenchest fry
  • beep beep lettuce
  • [Media] Conric005: the next astroslurp will be blue
Conric005: free money
SoaPuffball: me
Conric005: over
Conric005: d***
first the new airfield is myles only then mylesheli gets a spot at the airport owned by the guy who hates helicopters
this is an official declaration of war


(chief, vicki, Yoshi and cookie are on)
woorich999 joined the game.
woorich999: hi
Cookie46910: chief get out this is a secret admod meeting
Cookie46910: woorich*
Cookie46910: im dumb
woorich999: aww
woorich999 left the game.
[Discord] SoaPuffball: chief is a secret admod
chiefbozx: lmaooooooooo
Cookie46910: yes yes
MinecraftYoshi26 joined the game.
Cookie46910: ushi
hvt2011: ushi
SoaPuffball: u s h i
(around 5 minutes before restart)
Cookie46910: last
SoaPuffball: too early
Vickiposa: it hasnt even hit 1 minute yet
Cookie46910: last
Echohue: cookie you're abnormally broken today
Cookie46910: im always broken


  • Now is there an art world? (Old World is being rendered)


[Discord] frog and osha is like a tragic romance drama
Oshawott_12: cosmon
Oshawott_12: are you ok
frogggggg: uh
Oshawott_12: frog
frogggggg: ye
SoaPuffball: wat
Oshawott_12: this is bad
frogggggg: what is
Oshawott_12: cosmon why
  • i decline, i am not working in a company called femboy hooters


  • YOZI!
  • Dammit Yoshi!!!
  • Life is like a box of chocolates. If you are fat it will not last much
Cortesi: Can i have some tunneling please?
"MinecraftYoshi26 Left The Game"
"Tom_Pairs Left The Game"
"Just_robinho Left The Game"
Cortesi: Dammit -_-
Cortesi: Can i come in?
chiefbozx teleported Cortesi to spawn
Cortesi: Take that as a No
  • JANET!!
  • If you loose an iphone, technology allows us to find wherever that may be.
If you loose a plane with 239 passengers, nobody knows anything.
 *Cortesi is playing with a cat peluche, it makes meow, yay.
 *Cortesi goes ping
 Cortest: I believe I can fly
 Cortesi fell from a high place
 Chief please KOCK me
Cortesi: England has no Kidney Bank, but it does have a Liverpool - Cortesi
Tarheelscouse: And now my entire family hates you
BaronThamesBank: Being a mod is nice because i work with people
Cortesi: how do you know we are people <.< >.>
Cortesi: best they found us
bestmate66: OMG!!!
Cortesi: RUN!!!
bestmate66: to the mothership!!
im single after my last gf threw a muffin at me...
*After Soleurs is having spassy movements in Minecraft*
It's like watching 50th Shads of grades with no sound
I want to change my prefix to  [Premier+] 

* CortesiRaccoon bought 1000000 tickets crashing the lottery forever

  • Player CortesiRaccoon kicked [Guest] for Banned.
[Mod] CortesiRaccoon: I have been watching this conversation for 10 min and still didnt understand what the main topic is
[Councillor] swirm32: can i get a w/e please
[Mod] CortesiRaccoon: yes you cant
Cortesi: (mail [meant to run /mail]
Cortesi: dammit gave up my position
Narnia17: ohai cort
allifarki: fail
Cortest: abort mission!
Cortesi: ABORT
Hightech_TR: lol
CortesiRaccoon joined the game.
Cortesi: I gotta go paste in the memorial thingy thangy thoongy thung
fish, chief: wtf?
CortesiRaccoon joined the game. 
kekkomatic: hi
BangtanSky: Cort :D
Cortesi: oh no im the only mod...
Cortesi: nvm
CortesiRaccoon left the game.
  • Who's your pusher
  • CortesiRaccoon temporarily banned [Guest] for 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds: You are the second weakest link. Goodbue..
(talking about an essay)
RacCort: Tell them everybody is stupid and media takes advantage of that
RacCort: if that doesnt work just copy/paste stupid 1000 times


  • pandg3 was shot by CrazyRocketGuy using [[Insert Funny Bow Name Here]]


Yellowchamallow left the game
[Senator] creeperface_: hi yellow
[Senator+] Ardyle: are all singaporeans prodigious like you?
[Councillor] TrainPro: lol
[Councillor] TrainPro: good question
[Councillor] TrainPro: ask crepper
[Senator+] Ardyle: crapper you there?
[Governor] _crepper_: yep
[Senator+] Ardyle: your stance on the question above?
[Governor] _crepper_: ask train
CSnooster: ok


Foxwolf11: is it 0k if the lamp dies
DaEdwards: yes
mi_aquamarine: rest in peace lamp
DaEdwards: rip lamp 2019-2019
Foxwolf11: RIP lamp
DaEdwards: i actually placed it this morning
mi_aquamarine: oof
DaEdwards: so it didnt last a day
DaEdwards: rip
Foxwolf11: haha
Worrski: nah f0x didn't you hear
DintyB:  can we keep out of here pls
Worrski: ppl will only vote for you if you have a catchy pun
crimsonf0x: Oh?
DintyB:  like no-one who isnt in the fs cares
crimsonf0x: Kay I got puns.
DintyB:  rip my brain does not be working
Worrski: and no furry puns
Worrski: don't.
crimsonf0x: I'm paw-sitive that we need a public national rail.
Worrski: STAHP
DintyB:  yes pls
Foxwolf11: ]
Citybuilder_: B R A C K E T


ModernArt: if you want I can give it in embassies
CSnooster: what are embassies
ModernArt: oh god no
CSnooster: modern what are embassies
ModernArt: search it up
Csnooster: no like in this contextt
ModernArt: search it up
AlphaDS: google translate if English is not your first language
CSnooster: I know what an embassy is
LithiumMirnuriX: what is your national language, csnooster?
CSnooster: English
LithiumMirnuriX: you know diplomatic mission?
CSnooster: no
PeacemakerX5: CS is not versed in politics
ModernArt: embassy is just an embassy for a said country
CSnooster: an embassy is like a mini part of a country in another country
CSnooster: I think
PeacemakerX5: no
CSnooster: kk'
ModernArt: CSnooster can you search it up please


  • I may be gone for months, but that doesn't mean you can exploit me, woorich
  • Don't listen to him, he wants to turn you into a sandwich
Tonster__ joined the game.
Melecie: i toaster
[Discord] Amethyst: in response to melecie's "i toaster" thing... Introducing the MelToaster, on sale in the Nymphic Union


  • *member joins Mumble sound plays* OH GOD!! (as seen here:
  • Le sigh.
  • Micheal: FlowsHD texture pack + Rudoplays shaders mod + epic modern mansion = OMG I JUST SH*T MYSELF :P | mfish: You just shot yourself? you should call the proper authorities
mfish: yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye
Supykun joined the game
Supykun: I am back
Mikefishr: Hi, back
Mikefishr Joined The Game
Mikefishr: Hell

V _hnt: Hell to you too, mike.

Macftrax: Hell!?!?
(When Chimpy is trying to troll Cort by pushing him off the library roof)
CaptainChimpy died
Cort: I have 3 monitors, I can see what's going on.
Chimpy: oh yeah...
CortesiRaccoon died
Mikefishr:You think I can't?
SoaPuffball: how many other people are in the may batch
CynraSilver: uh
CynraSilver: a number
* Cynra_ afks! It's super effective!
* Cynra_ is now AFK.
Avaneesh2008: Can u kick notshort cyrna
[Discord] SoaPuffball: hey cynra can you pls kick me from the game
Cynra_: no
frogggggg: for stealing enwrail spotlight
SoaPuffball left the game.
Player Cynra_ kicked SoaPuffball for sure.
ModernArt: if jesus died for my thanksgiving dinner was he the turkey?
autobus22: I MEAN Modern
autobus22: the bible technically never says jesus was human
ModernArt: true true
VickiTori_: Jesus was a duck fun fact
Cynra_: holy quack


[Councillor] DaEdwards: Thicc Juice
Conric005 joined the game.


I hate when a kill tries to hill me

dope_cheese: s ?
camelfantasy: s ?
camelfantasy: s .
dope_cheese: s .
AyyLion: perhaps s shall be our always (reference to TFIOS)

pools are just colorful public bathrooms

when discussing the proper amount of o's to put in the word "home" when sung by a celebrity in the American national anthem:

*takes deep breath*
*exhales bc I heard the ice cream man brb*
SilverBubble: if i coudl vote, i'd rather elect a dead honest man than a liar or idiot
AyyLion: so you're voting for abraham lincoln?
Skelezomperman: LOL
SilverBubble: yeah!!!
Narnia17: ayylion is about to type a bunch or r's just a warning
AyyLion: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • im sorry the governor city of arcadia does not have enough builds for me to endorse for councillor


im poor can i get free supporter?


  • sorry im busty (meant to say busy)


  • DCampite joined the game| any funny death messages lately? (when he was a guest)
  • my mom is surprised im permaguest (after his application got denied)
DCampite thinks about robin irl one day. When he starts, this happens:
*Just_robinho joined the game*
*autobus22 joined the game*
DCampite: hi bus (people usually call him auto)
Ardyan: hi bus
*allifarki joined the game*
DCampite: hi ally
allifarki: hi campy
DCampite: semi back
Diemundz: Picture of the back of a semi truck
*DCampite joined the game*
colaja953: ever sentence was gold but xD
*Shirin_Maya joined the game*
Skelezomperman: well he had so many guest quotes 
DCampite: who
Shirin_Maya: hi
DCampite: hi dcampite and shirin
(He said hi to himself)
godzilltrain joined the game
[Mayor+] godzilltrain: hey all
DCampite: recongrats godz
Godz:re-thanks DCampite:)
  • I'm sure the staff call each other by irl names in Mumble


  • LOL (when literally smiling)
  • Oh god...
  • Wut...
  • ...
  • I can fix that... (referring to an Elevator)
  • #IKEAFood
  • I'm literally L.O.Ling right now...
  *When coming online on the server*
  *decorminecraft joined the game.*
[Mod] hntredtie: DECORRRRR :D
[Mayor] cgc747: ees decor!
[Senator] decorminecraft: Heyy! :D
*About establishing a rail connection*
[Senator] RLcrafters: youre not the correct rank
[Trustee+] TonyTajiri: Oh
[Governor] decorminecraft: You need [MAypr]
[Governor] decorminecraft: ... *[Mayor] :P
*When about to continue planning Thunderbird International Airport*

[Senator] kiwirainbow: Decor, TBI? :D
[Governor] decorminecraft: Certainly! :D
[Governor] decorminecraft: But one sec, I'm trying to tame some ami=nals
[Governor] decorminecraft: ...
[Admin] chiefbozx: Fail, decor. :P 
[Governor] decorminecraft: :P
  • Sure, I'll get those up and ready in a few eeks.
*After doing parents a favour*
[Governor] decorminecraft: Sorry, had to light some candles.
[Broadcast] boi, don't play with firee
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: lol
[Councillor+] Casey_Jones3: Oh, shut up! That's all I do!
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: same
[Governor] decorminecraft: Broadcast, I'm lighting some candles to suck out the smell of cooking :P
*Context: LondonThamesLink predicted that an unusually long server save would complete at 10 minutes, as it had said it was at 9 mins 30 secs. NOTE: some other chat messages were removed to reduce clutter*
[Server] Save complete: 9m 57s
[Senator+] LondonThamesLink: OH
[Senator+] LondonThamesLink: YES
[Mayor+] TheThirdOdd: london is officially the Lord of the Saves
[Senator+] LondonThamesLink: Mwhahahahaha
[Senator+] LondonThamesLink: lol
[Governor+] decorminecraft: he's the "save"ior
[Mayor+] TheThirdOdd: :x:
[Mayor+] TheThirdOdd: bad
[Senator+] LondonThamesLink: decor
Skelezomperman left the game.
[Senator+] LondonThamesLink: Out
[Governor+] decorminecraft: wat
*later, when discussing a succeeding server save potentially interrupts a current 15 minute server save*
[Governor+] decorminecraft: ./kick save out, my turn
[Senator+] LondonThamesLink: lol
[Mayor+] TheThirdOdd: lmao


  • This is the time of day when I don't understand what half the server is saying
  • (After Tom_Pairs shocked him) I have some shocking news... I was shocked!
  • I nominate Frumple for the new [Banned] rank.
  • 'Murica... land of the moles.
*Soleurs joined the game*
Baseball02a: Hello, Moleurs!
Soleurs: Damn it, Baseball!
  • Public portion will start when Half-Life 3 is released
Baseball02a: First person voted out of Survivor: Taco-Bacon Forest...
Baseball02a: Frumple.
Skelezomperman: lol.
Baseball02a: The tribe has spoken. Time for you to go.
Baseball: Iam giving plots, any size but don't say anythign rediculous like 100x100
autobbus22: okay give me a 99x99 for my megastore
lalaboy:6999x1 :P
baseball: EHHHHH
Baseball02a: Guests are accidentally breaking everything today :S
Baseball02a: Next thing you know, they'll say "whoops, I accidentally broke this entire city" :P
  • I almost hit the push to talk button on Mumble to talk to my mom XD
(on Discord, #media, when Baseball02 wonders why Four Seasons railways is not going to Wythern)
Baseball02: No Wythern?
CyAmethyst: Baseball pls, all roads don't have to lead to Wythern
CyAmethyst: This isn't Italy, m9
Baseball02: brb renaming city to Rome
TrainPro: LOL
CyAmethyst: Baseball, the Rome Emperor incarnate
Baseball02: Ahem, that is Caesar to you. :P
TrainPro: imitating Rome :thinking:
CyAmethyst: Yep, this deserves to be on Funny Quotes, tbh
TrainPro: Why not
  • This is a tacoist server, no swearing


MaxStewartS: Everybody:
DevranTheBoyxD: Omnomnom
SoaPuffball: too modern lol (refering to DeuxBleux's house in Nymphalia which was transformed)
SoaPuffball: but you can keep it
DeuxBleux: but
DeuxBleux: but
DevranTheBoyxD: Butt
DeuxBleux: I like it
Starcubed: youre 16?
Starcubed: i thought you were 18
DevyySky: Maybe xD
Metromap_svg: but generally speaking dating has no age limits
Metromap_svg: only marriage
jamess__: as long as they're not in a positon of care such as a teacher then ye
Starcubed: i mean
Starcubed: unless youre emmanuel macron
Starcubed: then in that case marry your teacher
DevyySky O ye sure imma let me fuck by my teacher xD
Metromap_svg: or any position which may threaten your integrity
Metromap_svg: devvy that quote, out of context is epic
DevyySky: XD
Metromap_svg brb gonna put on funny quotes
camelfantasy joined the server
Metromap_svg: sus
camelfantasy: hi
mi_aquamarine: hello
Metromap_svg: welcome back
DevyySky: Anal is back yay
camelfantasy: wat
Metromap_svg: wat
_Mossie: O_O
rocko6alex: oh my
DevyySky: :3
DevyySky: Get yo ass over here real quick luv 
Mossie: :/ 
ansNotLuigi: what 

mi_aquamarine: :x: 

mi_aquamarine: banned 

camelfantasy: banned 

SansNotLuigi: band 

MatauPlays0: banned 

mi_aquamarine: unacceptable! 

Metromap_svg: ban 

MatauPlays0: ban ban ban


DintyB: petition for frog to change his ign to frogeeeeee
frogggggg: :x:
DintyB: :white_check_mark:
SoaPuffball: :why_check_mark:
powerminer01: :chech_mark:
ArizTrad: chezh_mark:
DintyB: :flag_ch:
_fwis: bruh i have 6 mosquito bites on my legs and 4 on my left arm now
DintyB: you've been atacked by the mossiesmozzies
[Discord] Dinty: Ok killed it
[Discord] Dinty: It could well be auth servers
[Discord] Dinty: I'll investigate when on pc later
[Senator] wheresmyspegit: killed your bot right not a person /j
[Mod+] AP_Red: You're gonna hate me for this: It had just started to work
[Senator+] LondonThameslink: WHAT
LDShadowLord left the game.
Player Console kicked LDShadowLord for You have been kicked for idling more than 15 minutes..
[Senator+] LondonThameslink: XD
[Discord] Dinty: Oh fuck off
[Senator+] LondonThameslink: LOL
[Senator+] LondonThameslink: fantastic drama from the MRT staff XD


  • kitty please un afk.
  • dc no more afk.
Van: what nj turnpike.
Dexter: nj turnpike nyc.
  • Hawks are you a boner.
  • dexter249 connected with a taco using bugs and cheese.
  • I don't have permission from my mom to get mumble.
Dexter: i buy feline holdings
Kitty: feline holdings is not for sale
Dexter: fack
Dexter: whos companies are for sale
  • music 30 joined the game
  • Mrt Deadlier than a 747 with a 4 engine failure over the pacific
  • Dexter249 was plundered by davy jones
  • Captain_Swearword (referring to Captain_Arsewipe)
  • cowabunga
  • cowadeerba
  • Dexter249 was slain by pickaxe guru using Derpy pickaxe (golden)
  • Fights back with stabby knives
  • GARY! C TM
  • server derp
  • my power blipped (This may not be funny but blip is a funny word)
  • i lose my internetz
  • airport rp
  • music keep's losing hsi rank
  • (after broadcast announces the east line for eastconnect will be open)

Dexter : Broadcast may i have your taco stash

[Broadcast] : no

Dexter : lol

James: classic broadcast

  • i'm the mayeur [mayor] of undergroundville


  • Well that's just N@$Ty.
  • Well, it appears that the 49-0ers are losing.
  • I pity the fool who don't ride MRT.
  • I just finished reading a book called "The Mariana Trench". Very deep.
[Insert Name Here] fell out of the world
Diemundz: Prank /call!
  • Well, my entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for "Fastest Van Finding" didn't last long.
Diemundz: Ahschnappoh
Tom_1277: wut
DCampite: semi back
Diemundz: Picture of the back of a semi truck
(when people are asking about getting heads)
i can give anyone head
oh wait
that sounded bad
  • Diemundz kills Livemundz
TrainPro: rip
TrainPro: me
* Diemundz rips TrainPro in half
AdanWongCL2: lol
_HeavenAngel_: NICE
Diemundz: You're welcome
TrainPro: why on minechat?
Diemundz: because reasons
* Diemundz is now AFK.
* Diemundz is no longer AFK.
Diemundz: LIES
  • no buts no coconuts
soso123: ATTN = Achwalogen Takaschin TacoNight
Diemundz: oh so that's how you spell achdogsjin thumbtackistan
(Talking about the NORImark Motors Mk2 ECO 2)
Modern: Your bus looks fat
Diemundz: Stop body shaming my buses
Diemundz: It lowers their self esteem
(Talking about CarbonM14)
Member: Whatever happened to carbon?
Diemundz: He turned into diemundz
Diemundz: Just a reminder that I HATE being boxed, even MORE than _frozen
Diemundz: So whatever you do, DO NOT box me when i go AFK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
* Diemundz is now AFK.
SevenBridges: I think Diemundz is watching us
SevenBridges: I know it
Canadian_K9: .......
* Diemundz is no longer AFK.
Diemundz: I'm not
* Diemundz is now AFK.
AyyLion: LOL
SevenBridges: LOL
Architect_21: LOL
[Senator] Derpy_Melon: I have AZNT222
[Senator] Derpy_Melon: (A2, ZN2, T2)
[Senator] Diemundz: AZNT222 sounds like some strange perscription drug
[Senator] Diemundz:  ask your doctor if AZNT222 is right for you
[Senator] Diemundz: AZNT222 may cause heart failure kidney explosions and an erection lasting longer than 4 hours


2/28/22 @4:05P EST

DNAmaster10: ooh tropical vibes with this song

DNAmaster10: sorry meant to type than on whatsapp

RadiantRanger26: lmao


dope: I've missed camel every day i've come on here gg
MIKE24DUDE: haven't seen him recently
dope: he was just on 30 mins ago...
 MIKE24DUDE: oh lol
VernCow: right...
camelfantasy joined the game
CaptainChimpy: LOL
  • washingcube, how many lines does nktrain have?
  • ptime @boob
  • i didnt break those holes
  • while building the friendzone box*

dope: i see the future

dope: so close yet...

dope: so far

Ardyan: you see me?

dope: AH

Ardyan: well too bad

dope: dope_ardydick


Ardy: LOL

dope: ******duck


[Trustee] TheFlash966: i won a lottery right
[Trustee] TheFlash966: i have LOTS of $$$
[LOTTERY] DoTehKeno_ just bought 3 tickets!
[Citizen] DoTehKeno_: #Poo
[Trustee] TheFlash966: for some reason I have $436
[Citizen] DoTehKeno_: r


[Discord] DoubR: Ima tell you the story where i brought clothes from the soup store
[Discord] DoubR: When i was a little boy
[Discord] DoubR: I went to the shopping mall-
[Discord] DoubR: Well
[Discord] DoubR: Its a long story
[Discord] DoubR: So you need to listen
[Head Admin+] chiefbozx:
[Discord] DoubR: Since there was a cashier selling clothes


  • In a PM
For the WhaleLinQ to Welsbury... (I forget the rest)
  • In dcse you couldn;t trell I'm not great at tyyping
  • why ask for a w/e when you can ask for a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
*when playing spleef*
first time I lost since I played against armor stands
and yes
I lost to armor stands
by brealing the block under yourself
[Mayor] time2makemymove: who owns chime rail
[Mayor] dragonbloon419: Kenta1651
[Mayor] dragonbloon419: I think
[Mayor] dragonbloon419: numbers may be rwong
[Mayor] dragonbloon419: *wrongg
[Mayor] dragonbloon419: *wtong
[Mayor] dragonbloon419: *wtont
[Mayor] dragonbloon419: *wron
[Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: WRONG
When talking about boats
Dragonbloon419: Though it wasn't connected to a dick in Risima until recently.
Dragonbloon419: *DOCK
After making some odd typos
Dragonbloon419: I was typing with one hyand there
Dragonbloon419: Was trying to have a drung
Dragonbloon419: *drug
Dragonbloon419: *DRINK
dragonbloon419: the Frosty's Ice Cream Shop? (named before frosty_creeper :P)
SoaPuffball: and my town double :P
Frosty_Creeper10 joined the game.
dragonbloon419: wait a moment soso
SoaPuffball: wb creeper
SoSo123: Dragon! >:(
* SoSo123 proceeds to roast dragonbloon419 for cooking Archi
dragonbloon419: soa didn't seem to, so I expained it
dragonbloon419: *ecplained
dragonbloon419: *exmpalem
dragonbloon419: *explained
SoaPuffball: gg
autobus22: eczema
dragonbloon419 joined the game.
dragonbloon419: gu't*ghiut
dragonbloon419: *Ujt
dragonbloon419: *hi
U ibly justklooged on
*I only just logged on
*dragonbloon419 is no longer AFK.
[Pudding]Halfy_Crafty: wb
[Eggnog]johngi: hang on
[Mayor]Halfy_Crafty:i'm fire
[Senator]dragonbloon419:who set my chair on fire?
MrPyromaniac_ joined the game
[Senator+]Hightech_TR:totally not me\
[Senator]dragonbloon419:that timing though

auto makes weird sounds in discord voice
auto is a propeller horse confirmed

dragonbloon419: ooh this gold course is looking nive
Frosty_Creeper10: gold course
Frosty_Creeper10: nive
dragonbloon419: (godfl
mi_aquamarine: gOlD!?!?!?!?!?
dragonbloon419: *gold
dragonbloon419: *Gold
mi_aquamarine: wHeRe
dragonbloon419: *(Gol
dragonbloon419: *gold
dragonbloon419: d-it
dragonbloon419: *golff
Frosty_Creeper10: spam :P
dragonbloon419: *gold
dragonbloon419: *GOLF
[Discord] SoaPuffball:
  • as I have sometimes said before, my typing skills are about on par with those of a flower pot
dragonbloon419: f is my sprint key
Johngi: but why
dragonbloon419: ,pre cpmrfprtam;e
mi_aquamarine: 国语
dragonbloon419: *more fcomgrafate
dragonbloon419: *conrtable
Johngi: here we go
camelfantasy: e.e
dragonbloon419: *comfrabkl
time2makemymove: anyone else wish to purchase an advertisement package that i spoke of on #media?
dragonbloon419: *comftrable
camelfantasy: we need a wiki page dedicated to dragonitis
dragonbloon419: *comfortabwe
Johngi: elevator music
dragonbloon419: *comfortanle
dragonbloon419: *comfortable
Johngi: getting there
camelfantasy: :clap:
Johngi: YAY
Johngi: :clap
Johngi: :
dragonbloon419: come for table
mi_aquamarine: there you go
mi_aquamarine: :P
time2makemymove: you missed this one john
Johngi: :clap
Johngi: *:clap:
ahhhh my loads aren't chunking
*chunks aren't loading
my mind tuenred noff :P
dragonbloon419: anyways what did you say about reviewing the monkey?
dragonbloon419: *BUNKER
Vulpicula: monkey?
dragonbloon419: how did I say monkey
* dragonbloon419 is no longer AFK.
SoaPuffball: hi typo
dragonbloon419: ,.,,
dragonbloon419: (...
dragonbloon419: **
Echohue: lmao
dragonbloon419: wffffffffffff wfWeW
dragonbloon419: pops
dragonbloon419: (oops
dragonbloon419: **
[Discord] Echo: wat
MaxStewartS: Dragonitus
dragonbloon419: that is, as mjp calls it, the "dragon keyboard sneeze"
accidentaly hitting the keyboarding


Duechayapol: If you stares at me one more time. (talking to kittycat11231)
Kittycat11231: *stares at Due*
Duechayapol: I will ruin Kitania!!!!
Kittycat11231: NOOO!


(in mumble)
Duechayapol: who is chief?
chiefbozx shocked Duechayapol


Tom_Pairs: Give me a minute
Duechayapol: minute starts now.
Tom_Pairs shocked Duechayapol


Duechayapol: Don't you dare teleport to me on y:90000
(lalaboy67 teleports Duechayapol to 0 90000 0)
Duechayapol: oh f____ 
Duechayapol: Pineapples!


(when Due struggles to find his new transit name)
Heaven: pie
Due: Thanks for suggesting my transit name, heaven.
Heaven: yayyy
Due: Pielumpus
  • hai
  • My name is not Duech.

Note: The dash is use to seperate the passages.


  • woorich accept tpa or you spontaniously combust
  • THIS IS SPARTA PIXL!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gates at SSI will always cost 2.3 cents less than the purchaser's balance, guarenteed.
Vulpicula: Is anyone online decent at buildings vans
Vickiposa: in terms of dress rehearsal results
Cact0: oh vicki is on
Cact0: my god
Vulpicula: Need a delivery van for SAIL
Cact0: I thought you were vulpi
Cact0: god f*****g d****t
Cact0: i did it ahain
SoaPuffball: if i do wotd it will be a word you probably ahve never heard of before
Cact0: "E"
MojangChan: dinklesh*t
[Discord] Cact0: I was attempting to get to West Calbar but I'll have to try t get there myself
[Discord] Cact0: one crash at a time
[Project1] Cact0: M
[Project2] Cact0: O
[Project3] Cact0: O
[Project4] Cact0: !
[P4] SoaPuffball: O
[Project1] Cact0: C
[Project2] Cact0: O
[P3] SoaPuffball: denided
[Project3] Cact0: f**k
[Project4] Cact0: W
SoaPuffball: why does everyone hate pineapple on pizza
[Discord] Cact0: Because it's a f*****g abomination
SoaPuffball: why is it
[Discord] Cact0: BecUse Kr is
[Discord] Cact0: F**k
[Discord] Cact0: Because it is
SoaPuffball: rip
[Discord] PineappleMaster2: 10/10
Conric005: does anyone know of a head i can use for an airport security guard other than the head of tom
Cact0: uhh
Cact0: the head of tom
SoaPuffball: Tom_Pairs's head
Conric005: boi
AyyLion: cAn I hAvE a WoRlD eDiT
Cact0: sUrE aYyLiOn
AyyLion: ok tp it's very complicated
Cact0: ok
Ayyion: the white wool is p1 and p2
Cact0: ok
AyyLion: stack 1 million in all directions
Cact0: points set
Cact0: ok
Cact0: there you go
AyyLion: it didn't work :(
Cact0: :(
Cact0: block limit
Cact0: obviously
AyyLion: cact0 is a fraud
SoaPuffball: why am i suffocating
Cact0: because i stacked white wool 1000000
  • remember the rules say: the staff are required to act as a taxi service, please ask them for tping you to coordinates.
Cookie46910: hvt me want purnt
[Discord] Echo: PURNT
[Discord] Echo: the mrt staff's only actual responsibility is to moderate her
[Discord] Echo: hvt
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: >her
[Discord] Echo: m o d e r a t e h e r
Starcubed: do you mind if i reclaim land
[Discord] Echo: uhh
[Discord] As long as it still has a beach and isn't landscarry
[Discord] If it's a landscar I'll eat your dog
Starcubed: dont worry
Starcubed: its already eaten
[Discord] Echo: oof
Echohue: running contest starts now, it's Echohue vs Echohue
Echohue: echohue wins!
Echohue: funding was cut short for the rest of the olympia games, so this will be our only contest folks
Echohue: echohue has been awarded first place, echohue has been awarded second place, and finally echohue is in third.
Echohue: there will be no prizes given out tonight because we're bankrupt
Echohue: fin.
Echohue: soa
Echohue: put your flags
Echohue: on these poles
SoaPuffball: busy
Echohue: or I eat you
Echohue: no
Echohue: you're not busy now
SoaPuffball: are you sure about that
Echohue: do it
Echohue: yes
SoaPuffball: actually i'm doing something for sesese9
Echohue: big rich
Echohue: you do it
Echohue: dun be lazy
woorich999: im busy
Echohue: or I force kang into slavery
Echohue: do you want that
[Discord] Echo: thicc juice comes from thicc trees
Conric005: fake news
Vickiposa: thicc trees come from thicc seeds
SoaPuffball: thicc seeds come from thicc fruits
SoaPuffball: lies Conric005
[Discord] Echo: thicc fruits come from thicc trees
[Discord] the cycle repeats.
  • my cat is mooing
  • "City of the Port of the City of Deadbush"
I'm a big fan too
  • why am I watching an hour special about ropes and chains
MistleSoa: hello citybuilder_
Echohue: hello snowpuffball_
MistleSoa: do you know who Echohue is
Echohue: no
MistleSoa: oh

Echohue: who wants a supermarket
Cookie46910: me!
Echohue: yay
Cookie46910: no money tho
Echohue: :(
Cookie46910: I pay you .001
Echohue: you can have one block of the supermarket
Cookie46910: ok
Echohue: where do you want it
Cookie46910: right here
Cookie46910: :( can I have a better block
Echohue: ok
Cookie46910: can I pay $1 for a sign labeling it?
Echohue: sure
Cookie46910: :)))
Echohue: :D
i____7d: what shd i build next in kiynraer
Echohue: elephent
i____7d: no
_Lego_: elephenty
Echohue: :(
SansNotLuigi: i agree with echo
  • if you smash your keyboard hard enought you become a certified hacker


  • okay i teleport you but dont grief please illbringyou here i get you banned when you grief and what the F* is Bluetech and why is it here kthxbye! "EchoMiner99" left the game


[Member] EliteNeon: ./kill Everyone (except me) who says #NO
[Mayor] Derpy_Melon: #no
EliteNeon Died (By A Mod)
*Nukes Hendon*
[P3] EliteNeon: camelfantasy?
[P3] Derpy_Melon: its Canalfentasy
[P3] EliteNeon: Analfantasy?
EliteNeon: i sell my rights to froggg
Echohue: you're selling yourself to slavary elite?
EliteNeon: how long have you two been married?
SoaPuffball: who?
JM_Ijsselwroomen: wat
[Discord] Skele: lolwut
Valkorion314: I'm sorry wat
EliteNeon: its a joke
[Discord] Skele: no u
EliteNeon: a line i say when i see two people getting all handsy
EliteNeon: or in this case whenever i feel like it

That dias is kinda my baby

EliteNeon: w/e time
EliteNeon: -2330
EliteNeon: -16042
EliteNeon: 68
EliteNeon: 69
EliteNeon: order 1 marked yellow
EliteNeon: murder grass, clay to air

hang on hitting on pretty bi girl


ellinas_george: im exploring lala lolol
lalaboy: that spunded rather wrong wothout the comma


  • Hey ben, are you at thingymajiggy land?
 Plays Nyan Cat
 Am I annoying anyone?
 (All): YES!
(enjineer and KittyCat come back from a private channel, in Mumble)
engineer: Tom?
Tom_Pairs: Yes?
enjineer: Have you boned anyone?
*everyone busts out laughing*
Tom_Pairs: What..?
enjineer: Can you bone me?

(After enjineer died)

  • Who likked me? (Meant to say killed but accidentally switched the letters)


  • Welcome to Pixl! We're a pixel on DynMap!" (On Discord with Seshpenguin)
  • Citizens jump in the hoooole!" (On Discord)


*when talking about afc - away from computer*
Achowalogen Fatakchsin Covina?
[Derpy_Melon]: /◦\
[ezzocraft]: if you cant beat em
[ezzocraft]: join em
  • fartwater, rank Smellnator
  • so cheap it also serves the addition of emptying your wallet (referring to _Kastle's station)
AP_Red: Question: I've got a large space in a station, what should I do with it?
_ezzo: close it
SoSo123: LOL
ByteMega: LOL
tomtomy8: big shop
_ezzo: remove it
ByteMega: give it to me
SoaPuffball: add shops
SoaPuffball: mall
SoSo123: put a statue of nicki minaj in it
SoaPuffball: build an airport
ByteMega: demolish it and build a reeducation camp on the site
_ezzo: build an a-road
AP_Red: Probably a gountain
  • the bridge now holds 35 grams of traffic compared to the old bridge's 2000kg
_ezzo: sorry we don't accept war
_ezzo: only cash


  • Yes frosting i am thrusting in you guys
  • I am editing this funny quote NOW
  • LDShadowLord prepare yourself to have a FUNNY QUOTE
LegendOfYukari: also i can get to gemstride now
LegendOfYukari: my fav deadbush sattelite
Vickiposa: SoaPuffball joined the game.
Fiork18: yaaaaaay
Fiork18: Soapuff i wanna see CIA planes
hvt2011: boi
hvt2011: hes not online


FooteChicken: I think I put too many pickles
FooteChicken: *sea pickles
DaEdwards: time2putafunnyquote
willowars: lol i want a funny quote too
FooteChicken: time2addafunnyquote
FooteChicken: jk
FooteChicken: time2addmorepickles
[Discord] FooteChicken: ok google, shut down my chromebook
[Discord] FooteChicken: wait
[Discord] SoaPuffball: The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.
EliteNeon: Soa
EliteNeon: Bad.
Foote_Chicken: no its a test to see if something should be replaced by a bus for no reason.
[Discord] London150: nuke terminals don't exist
Foote_Chicken: this nuke terminates here. all change please
everywhere you go close to the water the fastbois can be heard killing themselves
that is supposed to be a poem
a bad one
Foote_Chicken: what's blue, red, and rhymes with dead whale
[Discord] _fwis: what
* Narnia17 doesn't get the joke
Foote_Chicken: hint: it has movies
[Discord] _fwis: no idea
Foote_Chicken: hint 2: fred
[Discord] _fwis: no idea
Melecie: fred rail
[Discord] _fwis: ...
Narnia17: oh lmao
Foote_Chicken: that took too long you fred fail
Foote_Chicken: /s
Melecie: :(
Foote_Chicken: ok you didn't fail you just lost the game
Melecie: yes we did
Narnia: :(
Foote_Chicken: excuse me im not the gingerbread man
* Foote_Chicken moos
 Melecie: and now the cities of the world
[Discord] i____7d: United States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti Jamaica Peru
[Discord] Foote_Chicken: oparia oparia oparia  i forgot the rest huff huff huff


  • Really thoiugh the island where huntington is should be called yoshi's island if anyone gets the joke.
frankbros429: dangit camel wish you could of seen my fk box it was funny
DullesTdt: fk box?
Woah Gemmy!
It's Erebor on steroids!
  • Luckily it isn't Kentucky fried Kalmar.


_Kastle: also mishka could you have fred move his rail thing underground
MishkaMan: yeah no problem
MishkaMan: fred move your thing underground
FredTheTimeLord: Narnia, could you help me move this?
camelfantasy: i like how you're just passing the job down the line :P
[Trustee] Sweetboy13735: Fred, go and **** your Jazz.
[Governor] RLcrafters: .
[Mayor+] ModernArt: i just noticed
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: Oh, a fill in the blank!
[Mayor+] ModernArt: wheres my chocolate bread
[Trustee] Sweetboy13735: GG Modern
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: You want me to... PLAY my jazz!
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: *summons a saxophone*
[Trustee] Sweetboy13735: * F***
[Governor] camelfantasy: kill?
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: You want me to FRED my jazz?
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: I can do that
[Trustee] Sweetboy13735: FU**
[Mayor+] ModernArt: YAy its HERE
[[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: FUNK my jazz? Okay
[Governor] camelfantasy: GG
[Mayor+] ModernArt: LOL
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: *Makes jazz funky*
[Trustee] Sweetboy13735: **C*
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: A C?
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: LICK!
[Governor] camelfantasy: bad
[Trustee] Sweetboy13735: o_o
[Trustee] Sweetboy13735: o_o
[Trustee] Sweetboy13735: o_O
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: You want me to LICK my jazz
[Governor] camelfantasy: bad fred
[Mayor+] ModernArt: IMDONE
[Trustee] Sweetboy13735: Yh sure, why not?
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: Hey canal 
[Governor] camelfantasy: wat
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: Ya like jazz?
[Governor] camelfantasy: *nukes Bakersville*
  • I have been reborn into a Fred Rail pepper shacker
FredTheTimeLord: I don't like to bet my money
SoaPuffball: ^
[LOTTERY] FredTheTimeLord just bought 20 tickets!
SoaPuffball: xD
camelfantasy: xD
[Discord] FredTheTimeLord: Hey hvt want to merge BluRail with Fred Rail but I get 51% of control?
[Discord] hvt2011: no
[Discord] FredTheTimeLord: Go go gadget communist crusher
MF_moj: go go gadget crotch extender
  • 18 mrt guests in the showers at Fred Ranch, big hard egos wanting to play spleed, give them member and they'll probably grief
[Mayor] powerminer01: Imma stab a lag spike through ur heart
[Mayor] powerminer01: Is this how you kill frumple?
[Discord] Pretzel: err
[Discord] Pretzel: you kill Frumple with raw ground beef
[Discord] Missa_Solemnis: Take away Frumple's tacos
[Senator+] FredTheTimeLord: more like give him food poisoning
[Mayor] powerminer01: his onLY sOos of PoWEr
[Senator+] FredTheTimeLord: remember to make sure your meat is safe to eat
[Mayor] powerminer01: I locked my meat in a safe and forgot my combination
[Mayor] powerminer01: what did I just say?
[Mayor] powerminer01: i just reread that sentance jeezus crist
FredTheTimeLord joined the game.
[Conductor+] FredTheTimeLord: hello
[Conductor+] FredTheTimeLord: please excuse my nudity
FredTheTimeLord left the game.


Freskooo: god is dead and star killed him
  • i think i've only sent one request to staff in a gsm/ism and i sent it in comic sans


[Mayor] frogggggg: Soon, you may NEED SOME MILLLK
[Mod] hnt: no frog no
[Mayor] dragonbloon419: no
[Mayor] frankbros: no
OrangeMcBer left the game
[Mod] hnt: bad frog
[Governor] camelfantasy: *frog dies*
[Senator] frogggggg: om nslllllllllllll
[Senator] frogggggg: fail
[Senator] frogggggg: *I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
[Senator] frogggggg: dangit my chicken ran away
[Mayor] HammerDrinksTea: he tried to get to the other side xD
*unjinz sings 'when you try so hard but never succeed'*
[Senator] frogggggg: Naoooo
frogggggg left the game
_InDev_ left the game
2 mintutes later...
No one is listening to you.
[Mayor] frogggggg: guess what, indev?
No one is listening to you.
[Mayor] frogggggg: dangit...
what color is pink?
*****the code
[Mayor] SubwayGamerMC: booksop
[Mayor] SubwayGamerMC: shop*
[Senator] frogggggg: BookSoa
  • [Senator+] frogggggg: [Senator+] lagggggg: lag
* frogggggg MM2, coming soon on the 24th of June!! Be there! :D
frogggggg: fail
SoSo123: [Google Forms link] Please join MM2 on 24th June 2017 1PM UTC!
[Media] frogggggg: MM2, coming soon on the 24th of June!! Be there! :D
(in 1.12 update pre-60m afk kick but post-10m afk kick)
* frogggggg is no longer AFK.
* frogggggg has been kicked for being afk for more than 10 minutes
frogggggg left the game.
frogggggg: oi modern
frogggggg: modern pls respong :P
SoaPuffball: "respong"
frogggggg: gg
SoaPuffball: ping!
frogggggg: respong*
frogggggg: RESPOND
* Bryan123BG is now AFK.
* Bryan123BG is no longer AFK.
* Bryan123BG is now AFK.
megascatterbomb: my god
* ModernArt is now AFK.
* SnowPuffball_ is no longer AFK.
SnowPuffball_: < is no longer AFK
* frogggggg is probably AFK.
* chiefbozx is confused.
  • InstantRibbits, the home of the blahblahblah
  • the man, the myth, the nonexistant router (referring to Frosty)
  • haven't been to dishwashingcube in a while
frogggggg: I will eat you
SoaPuffball: nom
MatauPlays0: nom
notshort925: nom
frogggggg: mon
Starcubed: p1
Starcubed: p2
frogggggg: I will eat your w/e points
notshort925: nom
MatauPlays0: *yoshi eat sound
frogggggg: nom
Beeskee: I meant to get trustee ages ago but RL interfered.
frogggggg: oof what did rl do
Beeskee: RL s**** hehe
frogggggg: are you talking about rlcrafters
Beeskee: no Real Life
xTexqlayz: hes talking abt real life
frogggggg: OH XD
SoaPuffball: gg
frogggggg: ATTN EVERYONE: We will have a very secret trustee meeting dont tell the staff
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Unlike the trustees we managed to keep the ASM secret :P
[Discord] SoaPuffball: i like how "shan't" only gives out a single page of search results in discord unlike other words which usually give out at least a hundred pages
[Discord] SoaPuffball: almost nobody uses shan't
frogggggg: I haven't shan't my pants
Needn_NL: bad frog
frogggggg: uwu a baby chicken
Oshawott_12: where
frogggggg: uwu owo
frogggggg: I made them
Oshawott_12: where
frogggggg: I gave birth
Oshawott_12: what
frogggggg: here
  • I need a hero, a hero on this sunday morning. They gotta be fast, they gotta be 5G, and most importantly not have frostyitisssss
  • Soa doesn't swear because he drops soap in people's mouths if they do
  • lets make a huge 500 gate airport in an unranked town but put a flower in it so its a decoration
[Discord] SoaPuffball: i unfortunately am unable to sleep rn
frogggggg: rip soa, have you tried Calm videos
frogggggg: like the brand
[Discord] SoaPuffball: speaing of, frog, do you have an excuse to yhy you're here? :p
frogggggg: uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
frogggggg: ribbit
frogggggg left the game.
LondonThameslink: one thing that this airport will be unique for
[Discord] frogggggg: its onion rings?
LondonThameslink: you can see your luggage go through the sorting area
LondonThameslink: no frog
LondonThameslink: bad
[Discord] frogggggg: ):
SansNotLuigi: froge right!!!!
LondonThameslink: froge wrong
[Discord] frogggggg: ikr!!!!
[Discord] frogggggg: The Township of Thegame owned by SoaPuffball has the building amount of ten, which is the amount requested by the Minecart Rapid Transit Moderators and Administrators. Due to the, The Township ot Thegame has got an endorsement by the administrator of chi
[Discord] frogggggg: f***
SoaPuffball: frog, cut on "administrator of chi"
[Discord] frogggggg: efbozx.
[Media] SoaPuffball: Comet Cafe @CC 2020 Election Boards is now open!
frogggggg: war
frogggggg: *wat
SoaPuffball: war?!?!
frogggggg: :(((
Freskooo: war against tits en saki
frogggggg: the frogs will lose to the soaps because mmm myes wash froge is :x:
[Media] EliteNeon: The Shadowpoint Republic and its crown corporation Dow Jones Company fully supports Comet Holdings in the war against Titsensaki Terror.
frogggggg: D:
frogggggg: but but but but but but but
frogggggg: comet cafe 100 is here
[Media] SoaPuffball: The Nymphic Union, as well as all companies based on Nymphic Union towns, declare neutrality against Titsensaki and Shadowpoint.
frogggggg: yay
frogggggg: the comet war: 2 minutes long
DispensedForXmas: yesterday I tried to turn frosty gay for some reason
DispensedForXmas: XD
DispensedForXmas: failed
DispensedForXmas: there was context dw
[Discord] BadTechnoDreamMg: pornography is banned in malaysia
DispensedForXmas: downloading it is banned here
DispensedForXmas: but watching it isn't
DispensedForXmas: dont ask how I know
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: frog is a p*rn adict
Winterecie: why do you know
DispensedForXmas: :x:
DispensedForXmas: :x:
DispensedForXmas: :x:
DispensedForXmas: no no no no no no java
DispensedForXmas: :x:
DispensedForXmas: ban
DispensedForXmas: ban
DispensedForXmas: no u
DispensedForXmas: bad bad bad
DispensedForXmas: get banned
Winterecie: :x: spam
DispensedForXmas: :x:
Winterecie: that's a big spam
DispensedForXmas: I almost got muted lol
[Discord] Needn_NL: :x: :x:s
Winterecie: enough to feed a couple
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: good thing the mods aren't on
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: ok good no hidden mods
  • Please do not the cat.
autobus22: he bacc
autobus22: he attacc
Frogggggg: but most importantly
Frogggggg: he place tracc
(Waiting for Frosty_Creeper10 to return during unban party, 5/30/2021 8:06am UTC-4)
[Governor+] frogggggg: Frosty_Creeper10 joined the game.
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: :x:
[Senator] HarborRandom852: DAMMIT
[Senator+] Needn_NL: FROG
[Senator+] AlphaDS: bruh
[Councillor] STthecat: bruh
[Senator] HarborRandom852: FROCK
[Senator+] Needn_NL: :x:
[Senator] HarborRandom852: BAD
[Governor+] frogggggg: wow mean
[Councillor] STthecat: Frock No !
[Senator] HarborRandom852: :x:
[Senator+] Needn_NL: i was so happy
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: why would you even fall for that
[Senator] HarborRandom852: meanie!
[Councillor] STthecat: What Have U Done ? !
[Governor+] frogggggg: XD

[Governor+] frogggggg: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[Senator+] AlphaDS: :x:
[Governor+] frogggggg: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 Frosty_Creeper10 joined the game.
[Governor+] frogggggg: jkkj
[Governor+] frogggggg: jkjk
[Senator] HarborRandom852: tyooo
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: :x:
[Governor+] frogggggg: jk
[Senator] HarborRandom852: yoooo
[Mayor+] DintyB: :x:
[Governor+] frogggggg: jk
[Councillor] STthecat: yeyy
[Governor+] frogggggg: jk
[Governor+] frogggggg: jk
[Councillor+] AirplaneNiner: HIIIIIIII
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: bad
[Mayor] Minecraft252: Hi Frosty.
[Discord] 7d: what
[Governor+] frogggggg: jk
[Mayor+] Freskooo: ooo
[Governor+] frogggggg: guys
[Governor+] frogggggg: stop
[Councillor+] AirplaneNiner: HIIIIIIII]
[Governor+] frogggggg: fake
[Governor+] frogggggg: fake
[Governor+] frogggggg: fake
[Senator] HarborRandom852: where is he
[Councillor] STthecat: frosty frosty frosty
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: frog bad
[Senator+] Needn_NL: FROSTY
[Senator] HarborRandom852: frog
[Senator+] AlphaDS: how would someone fall for that lol
[Councillor] STthecat: wait a sec
[Discord] 7d: congration
[Senator] HarborRandom852: not funny
[Councillor+] AirplaneNiner: THAT WAS FAKE
[Governor+] frogggggg: XD
[Senator+] Needn_NL: :x:
[Mayor+] Freskooo: lmao
[Discord] 7d: you j
[Councillor] STthecat: who typed that
[Mayor] Minecraft252: Wait, what?!? Oh my.
[Governor+] frogggggg: me
[Councillor+] AirplaneNiner: LOLOL
[Governor+] frogggggg: that was fake
[Councillor] STthecat: Bad Frock !
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: Bad !
[Mayor] Minecraft252: Oof for me.
[Discord] 7d: jusxt look on discor
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: frog did it
[Senator+] AlphaDS: froge
[Discord] 7d: discord is unfoolable
[Senator] HarborRandom852: my mom just scolded me
[Mayor+] Freskoo: banf rog
[Senator] HarborRandom852: for screaming
[Senator] HarborRandom852: frog that was uncool
[Councillor] STthecat: iron golem yeets off railinq train
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: muted in VC gang
[Governor+] frogggggg: XD
[Mayor+] DintyB: a/nb
[Councillor] STthecat: resulting in several fatalities
[Mayor+] DintyB oop
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: I knew instantly it was fake
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: there was a space before
[Discord] 7d: /kick frogggggg
[Councillor+] STthecat: yes
[Mayor+] DintyB: /ban frogggggg
[Governor+] frogggggg: you're welcome everyone
[Senator] kingsnake: is subway appealing [her ban]?
[Governor+] frogggggg: subway is very appealing <3
[Governor+] frogggggg: oh you didnt mean it like that
[Governor+] frogggggg: (jk)f
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: SIMP
[Governor+] frogggggg: ):
  • Dear fishe, your application was rejected because: - Your glubbing was insufficient.
HarborRandom852: where mod
Freskooo: asleep
frogggggg: you can download mods on and use them on forge
HarborRandom852: damn.
Melecie: listen to lofi
frogggggg: the battle between lofi, hifi, and wifi
Needn_NL: Frog
Needn_NL: You forgot scifi

[Guest] Grekopenio: where is the savage city metro?
[Governor+] frogggggg: in savage city
frogggggg: ive yet to fly american
Sese: Don't
Echo: dont
_fwis: dont
Sese: Please don't
[Governor+] frogggggg: BING CHILLING
[Governor+] froggggggg: BING CHILLING
[Discord] HarborRandom852: bad frog
  • breaking news > moj stuch in a lamppost, tries to combine with it
  • just make your entire airport a "carpark" and make the planes "buses" and they can just drive on the highway to the other "carpark"
[Governor+] frogggggg: what are funny quotes during the summer?
[Governor+] frogggggg: sunny quotes
[Discord] sans: sussy quotes


(talking about the rename of Sprucemount to Frosty Rivers
SoaPuffball: cos spruce- prefix is overrated
Frosty_Creeper10: i'm gonna change my town's name to spruceville
JustFarkie: spruce bay
Frosty_Creeper10: spruce swamps xD
SoaPuffball: pls dont
JustFarkie: spruce sea
Frosty_Creeper10: lol :P
JustFarkie: spruce mooshruum lands
JustFarkie: mooshroom*
  • I'm gonna name my next town Oatmeal
  • "Most of this mall is Sheimoria's Franchises" mall (put in a sign in Creeperville)
Frosty_Creeper10: we're gonna give creeperville's minimap a name
Frosty_Creeper10: Spaghetti Coaster
ModernArt: xD
SnowPuffball_: xD
ModernArt: we have to go to banana
Frosty_Creeper10: we have to route it via banana
SoSo123: should i summon heaven
Frosty_Creeper10: yas
Frosty_Creeper10: deport soso
Frosty_Creeper10: deport soso
Frosty_Creeper10: deport soso
Frosty_Creeper10: deport soso
Frosty_Creeper10: deport soso
SoSo123: naw
camelfantasy: mute frosty
camelfantasy: mute frosty
camelfantasy: mute frosty
Frosty_Creeper10: there's this disadvantage of having to merge
SoSo123: *cough cough*
SoSo123: newrail
SoaPuffball: ^
Frosty_Creeper10: shhhh
Frosty_Creeper10: no one needs to remember that
SoaPuffball: once in frosty rivers
Frosty_Creeper10: which is oddly not my town
[Discord] SoaPuffball: what’s the status of my application to sn
Frosty_Creeper10: i remember that
Frosty_Creeper10: oh s-t i forgot about that soa lemme check
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: I'm adding dildos bulbous domes to all of Kota's buildings
[Discord] Cact0: Kota will be entirely dicks
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: Soa you should start a heli subsidiary for mylesHeli
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: mylesHeliHeli
  • signs are required to be a B-road
LithiumMirnuriX: Frosty, have Caretaker of your telephony spce?
Frosty_Creeper10: lithium i'm not inactive why would i need a caretaker
LithiumMirnuriX: if you're banned or inactivated
Frosty_Creeper10: if you would check my will, you can see that i'm dumping it on heaven
_HeavenAngel_: wait what xD
SoaPuffball: xD
  • If FliHigh has "Find the Red Plane", I have "Find the 20 warp plane on the runway"
[Media] JM_IJsselwroomen: Expo 2019 is now accessible via a warp from Central Park!
[Media] SoaPuffball: lies
[Media] JM_IJsselwroomen: es verda, soa
[Media] SoaPuffball: no dutch in media
[Media] JM_IJsselwroomen: :(
JM_IJsselwroomen: beijing time is the only real time
SoaPuffball: dutch time?
JM_IJsselwroomen: dutch time?
JM_IJsselwroomen: OH
JM_IJsselwroomen: oh yeah i'm supposed to be dutch
JM_IJsselwroomen: ja ja
JM_IJsselwroomen: as a demigender transaromatic the correct way to express confusion is by using ¿ and ?
JM_IJsselwroomen: using only ? is a manifestation of your internal biases against people who walk upside down
(soa is holding water over a farm of wheat)
SoaPuffball: frosty may i right click
Frosty_Creeper10: wat
SoaPuffball: here
Frosty_Creeper10: where are you
Frosty_Creeper10: f*** you
Frosty_Creeper10: no
Frosty_Creeper10: f*** you
Frosty_Creeper10: stop
Frosty_Creeper10: no
Frosty_Creeper10: pls no
Frosty_Creeper10: have mercy plox
Frosty_Creeper10: nao
Frosty_Creeper10: how dare you give these crops an ample amount of water
SoaPuffball: what is a kirde bus
London150: North Coast's transit
London150: but a bus
Frosty_Creeper10: which we try to resurrect 20 times a week
Frosty_Creeper10: but we never get the initiative to
London150: and never get done
  • does Frosty_Creeper10 left the server count as a funny quote
  • we are all floating trees
rocko6alex: i cant believe it
Frosty_Creeper10: i can't believe its not butter
rocko6alex: oh my f****** god it isnt butter??
SoaPuffball: wait it isn't butter?
Frosty_Creeper10: it isn't!
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: kota is part of gemstride, but at the same time it's also not part of gemstride
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: schrodinger's town
SoaPuffball: yes frosty_creeper10
Frosty_Creeper10: booo uniqueness
Frosty_Creeper10: everyone should be the same
Frosty_Creeper10: how about we just change the definition of the Juhwa Islands
Frosty_Creeper10: to just be the interior of that station
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: offsite backup starts at the exact moment you start having the motivation to build something
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: and ends the second that motivation has fizzled
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: frog las playas can't be senator
frogggggg: why frosty
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: it has to be [Senador/Senadora]
(trying to guess where Soa lives)
SoaPuffball: yes i am +8
[Discord] meow10811: which means he could live... anywhere in east asia
Frosty_Creeper10: well a lot of east asia is in +9
Frosty_Creeper10: most notably north korea
[Discord] meow10811: true true
[Discord] meow10811: also japan but not as important
Frosty_Creeper10: lmao japan who
Frosty: ottia
Frosty: wait no
Frosty: your name isnt ottia
Frosty: its osha
frog: HAHAH
auto: LOL
london: GG
  • who needs street smarts, just throw your book at someone trying to mug you (in Discord)
  • go commit cafe
Frosty_Creeper10: wait omg i just realized aria is soa
a_r_i_a: no?
mi_aquamarine: what
Skelezomperman: no?
mi_aquamarine: no
Skelezomperman: soa is melecie
Frosty_Creeper10: wait
Frosty_Creeper10: f***
HarborRandom852: Lol
a_r_i_a: im aria
  • funny quotes is just an extension of melecie's userpage
Frosty_Creeper10: omg…
Frosty_Creeper10: i was confused
Frosty_Creeper10: why the audio from the video stopped playing into my earphones
Frosty_Creeper10: AND I REALISED
Starcubed: LOL
AirplaneNiner: OH
Frosty_Creeper10: HAHAHAHAHAHA
frogggggg: LOL FROSTY
Aqua: LMAO
_pie_: omg
DiscordSRVBOT — Yesterday at 22:53
CaptainObi: im fucking dying
Frosty_Creeper10: OMG
__7d: i hope your dad subscribes too
Frosty_Creeper10: lmaoooo
Frosty_Creeper10: i cant 😭😭
Starcubed: "short video"
Starcubed: 8:52
frogggggg: im tearing now 😭🤣
Aqua: how did that even happen
frogggggg: bluetooth akwa
how did that even happen
Frosty_Creeper10: my phone automatically connected to the car’s bluetooth 😭😭
__7d: step 1: discover bluetooth
AirplaneNiner: Ok I'm literally dying
__7d: step 2: play it to your neighbour's speakers
frogggggg: your dad is like "what da fuck is pbs kids"
Frosty_Creeper10: HAHAHAHAHA
frogggggg: did he walk in yet
Starcubed: hey... did you sub yet?
Aqua: the next time I go to a public place should I bluetooth fetch theme song to people's speakers
Frosty_Creeper10: lmaoo not yet
Frosty_Creeper10: i’ll ask him what he heard when he walks in
__7d: just straight up play it into your neighbour's house
AirplaneNiner: I wonder what he's gonna say
frogggggg: guys should we try to get akwa famous
AirplaneNiner: "Son what the utter fuck do you listen to"
frogggggg: 10000 subs by the end of the year
Frosty_Creeper10: “This YouTuber is a bad influence on you 😔”
Aqua: 🤔
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: wow melecie you have a staff member all to yourself !!!
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: hai missa
Missa_Solemnis: Hey Frosty
Melecie: too bad i have no w/e requests for now
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: just have missa delete a hill than undo it over and over again
Melecie: i'm flying around towns for :sparkles:inspiration:sparkles:
Melecie: no
Missa_Solemnis: Come online so I can kick you, Frosty
Frosty_Creeper10: :x:
* underscorepie is no longer AFK.
Melecie: hi
frogggggg: haiai
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: wbwb whoever staff member joined
_fwis: wb pie
frogggggg: pie secret mod?
underscorepie: yes
Melecie: pie is secret staff
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: pie stop using /v fj smh
  • time to slowly change the signs on one newrail station a day to frostyrail


  • uhh
  • >.>
  • _frozen wags my tongue as I shake my booty on the ball (Talking about Sam's Wrecking Ball reference with bspells)
so its narrow yet wide
that's what *she* said
  • im gonna continue the abusive relationship I have with my toilet
(talking about 1.8 snapshots)
frozen: if the derailments continue
frozen: im gonna try to retexture carts into metro north livery
Kitty: LOL
(as a joke)
frozen: were gonna abolish all bus warps at the next gsm
Kitty: WHAT
Tom_1227:Oh _Frozen. Angles' 162 game season starts tomorrow.
_Frozen wets in anticipation
*2dany2many5 plays dubstep*  
_frozen: So I went fishing yesterday
Tarheelscouse: Oooh nice
Tarheelscouse: Wait
_frozen: I got a nice fish
_frozen: then I dropped that bass :C

*_frozen makes tar a logo on illustrator*
tarheelscouse: I'm expecting great things, based on your other illustrator works :)
*_frozen posts link*
tarheelscouse: :DDDDDDDDDDDD
tarheelscouse: Does that convey my happiness?
frozen: No, but it does cause me concern for your obesity

  • Sigh I was sort hard on him, but this wasn't the first time
it could be Kitty
the 6687 type
*_frozen: youre putting yourself in first class while the rest is in economy class?
Max4344: Yup
_frozen: evil bastard. I like you.
RLCrafters: *thanks the lord there is a sane person on here*
_frozen: who?
_frozen: lets kill him
[Mayor+] _Ardy: I wouldn't be a great mod
[Mod] _frozen: neither would I
[Mod] _frozen: oh wait
* bestmate66 facepalms
* _Ardy facebests
[Mod] _frozen: you have to remember
[Senator+] *bestmate66: Damn kitty still hasn't finished the armadillo line
[Mod] _frozen: im afraid to ask what that is
[Senator] autobus22: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch station
[Member] Supykun: Oh no don't type that out it's like 47 words
[Mod] _frozen: i m not going to type it out
[Senator] autobus22: How does me prunounce such thing?
[Mod] _frozen: what you do
[Mod] _frozen: is take a full grown sheep
[Mod] _frozen: try to swallow it
[Mod] _frozen: and the noise you make is that
0rocketscience0: Frozen? Could you please come back? ._.
_frozen: no, we broke up, and thats final
_frozen: you need to...
_frozen: let it go
  • no, Al Gore is ugly but not enough to make me faint
[Mod] _frozen: if spread out, AT-AT is the largest and spread out town
[Senator+] Ardyan: AT-AT?
[Senator+] Ardyan: where dat
[Senator+] AP_Red: Acholowagon Tachasin
[Mod] _frozen: ^
[Senator+] Ardyan: that's AT-TA
[Mod] _frozen: i cant spell that
[Mod] _frozen: so i say AT-AT
bryce_am: frozen r u there?
sesese9: hes' afk
_frozen left the game
I think I named my adopted retarded stepson right
I called him Sum Ting Wong
[Admin] _frozen: lol
_frozen joined the game
[Admin] _frozen: hi
[Member] Ben6331: what teh heck
*doing a world edit for Steve_Bobs*
_frozen: good luck
_frozen: i hope it fits
Diemundz: suggestive
Steve_Bobs: rip
TrainPro: 'i hope it fits'
*after discovering that there was enough room*
_frozen: lucky you
TrainPro: lol
Steve_Bobs: really fits XD
(after returning after three years}
MgWn: frozen?
_frozen: not present, try again in 3 years
SoaPuffball: this airport has only one gate
SoaPuffball: ahh the time  when the few of you never cared about gates
SoaPuffball: and when double terminals and underground terminals didn't exist yet
_HeavenAngel_: whats gates
_frozen: the bane of MRT


  • Don't listen to Broadcast. He lies.
  • Minecraft 1.5 please don't break anything kthxbye.
  • Guess what guys? It's time for a server restart!
  • Guys, I'm going to restart the server.
  • Iron everywhere!!!
  • All his base belong to taco. *To Chief*
  • I prefer the respectable term "transit enthusiast."
  • I have to count my tacos
  • That's why the server is a dictatorship, not a democracy.
  • It's like putting gold paint on a piggy.
  • Oh, hi there, backup!
  • saving server map to where? tacoland?
  • get out of my office :)
  • now it's my turn to facepalm
  • I'm preparing celebratory tacos
  • i got your yeamanator
  • Chief: Did you figure out who stole your tacos? - Frumple: Yea, it was Margaret Thatcher.
  • FIGHT!
  • Any singing will make the process of updating the server go slower.
  • Welcome to the guestpocalypse, Benie (Day 2 of updating to 1.5.2)
  • I love tacos | I mean the server | yum yum
  • Kablam, I don't control your dreams.
  • Keks: How do you get a bank account... By going to the bank perhaps? Frumple: No, you need to pray to the gods, sacrifice a cow, jump up and down 50 times, write an opera, take the bus down to Jones Beach, swim in the lake, and then a fish will bring you your bank card.
  • Just_robinho: Frumple quick question, when was the last time you were on green status? Frumple: a long time ago, in a faraway land, where dragons breathed fire and chief ate my tacos.
cola: frum paul
Benie: The whole "paul" thing, that you took several attempts to figure out his real name? I remember that.
Frumple: Oh, we're guessing my real name again now huh?
cola: yep back to that game
Frumple: well
*Frumple shocked colaja953*
  • Frumple's quote during meeting: "I'l show you where hump day is..."
  • Its not the best time to ask for a WE when the orange line just opened and a GSM is starting in less then a hour.....
  • Staff: 'Majority Rules' Frumple: 'Well, I rule.'
colaja953: Oh Canada, y u you make others lag?
Frumple: because you stole our maple syrup!
(talking about the secret mod,later revealed to be mfish)
Ardy: tell us who is he,frumpheil
frumple: nein
(In mumble after Jph got mod)
Kitty: Hey Jp can I have a dirt block world edited into a grass block?
Frumple: Yeah if it takes less than five minutes we don't grant world edits.
Jph: Did it Kitty.
Frumple: Dammit.
Frumple has banned eristheeagle - "You're the weakest link, goodbye."
[Broadcast]: Large W/E Incoming @ A12
Frumple is no longer AFK
[Broadcast]: W/E cancelled
Frumple: I'm a Sheriff by day...
Frumple: Shadowmaster by night...
Italadz57: And a taco at dawn and dusk.
tarheelscouse: Frumple's a weretaco o.O
(when Frumple is on the server console)
Kittycat11231: server what is the answer to life?
[Server] taco
Kittycat11231: server what is the answer to death?
[Server] not taco
  • Player Frumple banned Sexuality for "Spamming server with guest accounts".
*Frumple is no longer afk*
Erty: Frumple is on!
Frumple: OMG where?
Frumple: Where's Frumple?
*Frumple has joined the game*
Frumple: hi all just on to do a quick ban
*Frumple has banned [Guest]*
*Frumple has left the game*
[Mayor+] godzilltrain: back, and before y'all do it, no need to spam chat with 'wb' :P
[Owner] Frumple: WB
[Mayor+] godzilltrain: dang trolls
[Mayor] sesese9: may bacon shine forever
[Mod] hntredtie: sese, don't mention bacon around Frumple.. Only mention tacos
[Owner] Frumple: I like bacon also but i haven't had some in a while
[Mayor] TonyTajiri: xD
[Owner] Frumple: I want to try bacon on a taco though....
[Keks] He's beating me, HALP!
-Frumple Joins-
[Frumple] Beatings will continue until morale improves
x Frumple is now AFK
Member: shall we box Frumple again?
*after some digging*
Frumple fell out of the world
Frumple: s ?
Frumple: oops
*everyone goes "s ?"*
  • [Owner] Frumple: I AM NOT HERE
Frumple: You know, I'm surprised no one's tried holding a griefing competition on the server
Frumple: like make a fancy build, then see who can destroy it by hand the fastest
mine_man_: ok, what have you been taking frumple to suggest a griefing contest
[Senator+] Ardyan: frumple I have a small question
[Citizen] dope_cheese: lol small
[Senator+] Ardyan: s ?
[Owner] Frumple: ...
[Citizen] dope_cheese: s .
(Frumple shocks Ardy)
  • im lazy
  • not worth talking about it now
  • hell of it
  • its not very well designed
  • yelling at me for being away
  • what do you mean by demolished
  • robin's still working on the eastern linnnnnnnnnnnne
  • you're gonna start stalking me
  • you've all ruined my vacation
[Comet] Derpy_Melon: Frumple can I please have a list of the Christmas ranks?
[Snowflake] Frumple: hi
[Elf] Frumple: hi
[Dasher] Frumple: hi
[Dancer] Frumple: hi
[Prancer] Frumple: hi
[Vixen] Frumple: hi
[Comet] Frumple: hi
[Cupid] Frumple: hi
[Donner] Frumple: hi
[Blitzen] Frumple: hi
[Rudolph] Frumple: hi
[Santa] Frumple: hi
  • Frumple: if there is ever a rebellion on this server ill just shut it down.
  • Kastle: No, you should instead install a plugin that slowly erodes the side of the world
  • Frumple: Nah, too much work.
cardinalland: noooo Frumple left
Frumple: I know
tell Cliotey Hello Cliotey
FredTheTimeLord: I hope frumple doesn't ask where his pants went
Sweetboy13735: o_o
Frumple: I don't wear pants
Camelfantasy: He's been pretty inactive
Frumple joined the game
TheFlash966: what is "hief"
Frumple: invisible chief
Frumple: because you can't "c" him
on Discord
camelfantasy: well
camelfantasy: frumple confirmed that monsieurkeks was in fact the admin candidate that denied the position
Frumple: @camelfantasy since you like parroting juicy news bits of what I say in-game, you should start a tabloid on the server
Bromley: he also parroted a bunch of stuff that was supposed to be between me and him :V
Frumple: camel is a parrot, confirmed
camelfantasy: changes name to parrotfantasy
Frumple: sigh
Frumple: it's weird to approve a plane crash
Tom_Pairs: flight 193 your approve to crash
FredTheTimeLord: Look on the bright side, they don't have that in real life
MikeRoma: Maintain 10f until established on localizer. After, proceed to crash.
FredTheTimeLord: "Dang it, they didn't approve us water landing in the hudson. Now we have to crash somewhere else."
Frumple: Guest, do you understand how private messages work?
Frumple: You can do /tell <person> <message> to send a PM
megascatterbomb: and /r to reply to the last PM
Frumple: Guest?
Frumple: Ok, right now you're sending messages in main chat
Frumple: But I need to tell you something in private chat
Guest: how do i get to privat chat
Frumple: Do /tell Frumple <message>
Frumple: where <message> is what you want to say
Guest: am i on private chat now
Frumple: No
Frumple: You have to do the /tell command
megascatterbomb: no it only applies to the msg you do /tell on
Frumple: Guest, you're just doing /tell by itself
Frumple: that's not going to work
Frumple: You have to follow it with the player's name
A couple seconds pass
Frumple: Ok, you got hte player's name.
Guest: is this working
Frumple: now follow it with a message
A couple seconds more pass
Frumple: Guest, just do /r <message> instead
Frumple: I just send you a PM
Frumple: Ok, private message crisis resolved.
MikeRoma: Essential commands with Frumple
  • Thanks for the card, it probably won't fit in my wallet. (in his opening in-game gifts stream)
[Guest] Frumple can I have a free ban?
[Governor] Camelfantasy: wat
[Governor] time2makemymove: Social we're busy
[Owner] Frumple: Why do you want to be banned?
[Owner] Frumple: And yes I'm busy
[Guest] I just want banned tbh
[Owner] Frumple: How about you just leave?
[Owner] Frumple: and save us all the trouble
[Guest] Okay :D
[Mayor+] Conric005: dont do a soso
Guest leaves the server
[Councillor] Aldranster50: ok
[Owner] Frumple: what a twat
[Member] Lazy_Chaos: bye
[Owner] Frumple: anyway
[Governor] time2makemymove: lmao
[Governor] camelfantasy: oof
[Senator] _Mossie: lol
[Mayor+] Conric005: gg
[Mayor+] jamess__: lol
[Mayor] LondonReindeer: oof
[Senator+] MikeRoma: f
1 member banning later...
[Owner] Frumple: You know what
[Mayor] LondonReindeer: ?
[Owner] Frumple: I feel like doing this
[Mayor+] Conric005: ?
[Senator+] MikeRoma: ?
[Governor] camelfantasy: ban?
[Councillor] Aldranster50?
[Mayor+] Conric005: question mark?
[Senator+] MikeRoma: s ?
Play Frumple banned [Guest] for: Obnoxious behavior
[Govenor] camelfantasy: oof
[Senator+] MikeRoma: F
[Senator+] time2makemymove: F
[Mayor] CaptainObi: oof
[Mayor] Conric005: lol
[Mayor] Conric005: F
*Hightech and London discuss Frumple saying 'hi' on all ranks as written above*
[Cookie] LondonReindeer: best one is when Frumple said hi on all the christmas ranks
[Chestnut] Frumple: hi
[Frosting] Frumple: hi
[Eggnog] Frumple: hi
[Peppermint] Frumple: hi
[Pudding] Frumple: hola
[Cookie] Frumple: bonjour
[Gingerbread] Frumple: konnichiwa
[Fruitcake] Frumple: nihao
[Apple Cider] Frumple: hullo
[Pecan Pie] Frumple: hi
[Pumpkin Pie] Frumple: hi
[Candy Cane] Frumple: blame chief
[Mulled Wine] Frumple: phew
[Gingerbread+] Hightech_TR: oh no
  • please buy lotto tickets so I can win again
[Councillor] willowars: Fample
[Owner] Frumple: I'm not your fam dude
[Premier] LDShadowLord: I'm not your dude, buddy
[Owner] Frumple: I'm not your buddy, pal
[Premier] LDShadowLord: I'm not your pal, guy
[Owner] Frumple: I'm not your guy, girl
[Mayor] lfpp003: Im not your guy fam
[Senator+] GingerbreadPueff: im not your dude, fam.
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: I'm in a zoo, cuz that's where kiwis are kept
Vulpicula: you keep fruit in a zoo?
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: No we keep animals in a zoo
Vulpicula: Australia is strange.
Frumple: I buy kiwis from the grocery store and eat them
Frosty_Creeper10: :o
Frosty_Creeper10: cannibalism
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Frumple how could you
brombrombromley: can't believe you're just eating kiwirainbow with
Frumple: yum yum
Starcubed: kiwi rainbow
Starcubed: havent heard that name in yers
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Frumple gonna hunt down the kiwis
Frumple: they are an excellent source of vitamins
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: (link to the graph of time hvt spent on the server against number of issues)
Frumple: This graph lacks units
Frumple: 2/10
Echohue: It's in units of hvt
SoaPuffball: issues per day / hvt activity
Frumple: issues is fine
Frumple: however, hvt activity?
SoaPuffball: in seconds
Frumple: is that in hours, minutes, bbois?
harbster: frumple can you endorse speedy bois as the superior horse
Frumple: sorry no
Frumple: I endorse astroslurp as the official drink, and look what happened
Echohue: nah, conric is the official drink
[P4] dragonbloon419: The Frumpe Meditation Channel
[P4] Frumple: prepare for some meditative chanting...
  • You could say Protocol didn’t have a protocol.
  • I am left shark
  • who hast mentioned the "E" word?!
  • "I'm sorry, all admods are currently busy saving the world from facism/marching the world towards facism."
  • Can I vote "better server performance" as the next biome?
  • Mumble has lost their marbles, plz send halp
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Someone sneezed from across the road holy h*** they sneeze loudly
Yes this is a drug server
And you're all  addicted
And this is a prison server
And you're all trapped here forever
(server is down due to zeta migration)
mi_aquamarine: ✅ Server has started
Frumple: 😡 Server doesn't like being impersonated
[Discord] SoaPuffball: oh my people are getting supporter left and right
Frumple: you better watch out, that supporter flag will get you
Frumple: you better practice your dodging skills at this rate
[Discord] SoaPuffball: nah i'm not good at dodging
  • brb deleting the southern half of the new world
  • I'm a sea monster yarrr (during the July 2020 GSM when people built a boat and Frumple was hovering outside)
  • MRT: The only server where we scream welcome at new players
  • you box, you die
Frumple: oh you want funny quotes?
Frumple: ok
Needn_NL: oof here it comes
Frumple: "ooga booga pbbbttttt"
Pretzel33: lol
DintyB: lol
Airplaneguy9: goddem
Frumple: there, is that entertaining enough for you?
Worrski: Comedic suppository
  • NO >:(
  • I'm a grumpy cat >:(
  • MRT Server for dating... "Where connections are made" *runs away*
[Discord] Protocol: I decide to watch the entire Fred rail 3 film
[Discord] Protocol: Cause I'm bored out of my mind
Frumple: my condolences protocol
[Discord] Frumple: When someone tells you to go look in #random, do not heed their request
[Discord] Frumple: You are in for a bad time
Frumple:  welp if we get invaded I have sniper rifle ready
[Discord] Frumple: "AUTO NOTICE ME SENPAI" is not a phrase I would've expected from narns
[Discord] Frumple: or anyone really
lalaboy: the woner is on
lalaboy: owner*
Frumple: hewwo I'm the woner
Frumple: ...I'm going to regret saying that
LDShadowLord: Yep.
  • I'm already thicc

[Owner] Frumple: I like balls

  • Yes I uncancelled the cancellation of the unshutdown
Frumple: I will be writing the propaganda
RadiantCookies26: #frumpleganda
TheAllRounderMC: #fruwumpleganda
[Discord] Pretzel: :x:
[Discord] Pretzel: frumple does not uwu
sesese9: owo
Dianchill: ewe
Frumple: Oh look the weather is getting bad
Dianchill: oh no
(people get smitten)
Conric005: with mod noms quality should come before quantity
Frumple: ^
Frumple: and given lots of thought and time behind it
Frumple: Don't do what 7d a long time ago and just get the mod nom shotgun out and send 20 noms
[Discord] 7d: hehe
[LP] LOG > (Frumple) [U] (frumple)
[LP] LOG > parent set conductor-supporter
[Conductor+] Frumple: asdf
[Senator+] FredTheTimeLord: no way our first conductor
[Conductor+] Frumple: choo choo motherfuckers
[Discord] Avaneesh2008: we can now ride the trains
[Mayor+] Zuoj: frumple, could i have a w/e?
[Mayor+] Zuoj: x)
[Conductor+] Frumple: no I'm busy
[Owner] Frumple: butts


[Mod+] Vulpicula: righto, gotta go. ^^
[Mod+] Vulpicula: ciao!
[Councillor] _fwis: Aww he didn’t say :honk: or kick anyone a single time today
Vulpicula left the game.
_fwis left the game.
Player Missa_Solemnis kicked _fwis for Thanks for giving me the idea..
[Councillor] _fwis: today I have to do the daily chore of making my /bal a nice and even whole number (and to annoy vulpi :>)
* _fwis pays Vulpicula $0.54 to make the former's balance exactly $714.00 *
_fwis left the game.
Player Vulpicula kicked _fwis for Kicked from server..

*fwis joins the server*

Needn_NL: hai fwis, i'm busy but welcome!

Pretzel [Discord] Boop boop!

CaptainObi: Fuck

*DintyB leaves the server*

fwis: how did you know I would be interested in whether you were busy lmao

Pretzel: Haha, I'll be putting that in funny quotes

CaptainObi: yep gg

*CaptainObi leaves the server*

Pretzel: For two reasons, then

  • the boys locker room is a free-for-all masks-off-only MMA facility


GeneralJaybird: SWEAR!!!!
GeneralJaybird: OR.......
KittyCat11231: use caps
GeneralJaybird: USE cApS IN PUBLIK!!!


  • *Insert random song here* *godzilltrain was moved to Random Musical Interludes by *Insert staff member here**
  • Hey Cheif
  • *godzilltrain was shocked by chiefbozx*
  • Damn it Yoshi!
  • Yes, Mister Benie.
  • Robin, go move to Jamaica
  • Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing! (Going with the red alert system in Atlantis)
  • Yes, Kiss the bat inside you Magpie
  • Oh Mighty Thor smite this lag! Thanks :D
  • An earthquake is just the earth's backup system
  • Benie, can you please fix your road, there's a missing chunk. Ohh, server crash.
  • Well Benie must be dead, he would have moved me to random musical interludes by now
  • Can you do me a favor and not die until I get to London? (to Just_robinho)
  • Benie, I'm driving on the wrong side of the road!
  • Chief is... the wizard of boz! (x)
  • Cardinals are racist, why do you have to be catholic to become pope?
  • Damnit!
  • Queee.
  • On the dynmap, you look like a flying fish tank.
godzilltrain quit the game
godzilltrain joined the game
godzilltrain joined the game
[Mayor+] godzilltrain: hey all
DCampite: recongrats godz
Godz:re-thanks DCampite:)
godzilltrain: music, how much do you charge for a music's gems?
ArdyArd: a whopping 30$
Music3_0: soon to be $50 after Jan 1
godzilltrain: I asked music, for all you know he's gonna give me a mates rate :P
Music3_0: Mates are charged $80
godzilltrain: pre-xmas discount?
Music3_0: $79.99
  • get discon-rekt (when someone leaves)
godzilltrain: grass
godzilltrain: why the hell did I say that
godzilltrain: I meant to type it in inventory search
SoaPuffball: "i fish mods for a business" "i send people to spawn for a business"
SoaPuffball died
godzilltrain: I'm just an executioner
SoaPuffball: wut
godzilltrain: you fish mods, i execute
godzilltrain: the circle of life, isn't that beautiful

godzilltrain: everything is an elytra playground if you're good enough

godzilltrain joined the game.
IcedPuffball: hi godzy
IcedPuffball: godzpeed
godzilltrain: surprisingly I don't think I've heard that one befeore
godzilltrain: before*
godzilltrain: though I would like to deny all knowledge of urination
IcedPuffball: wat
IcedPuffball: i'd say "godspeed" = "godzpeed"
godzilltrain: I got that IcedPuffball
godzilltrain: but it also looks like godz-peed
  • like claiming a ceral is asbestos free
[Governor+] frogggggg: godz can I get an endorsement for guest
[Admin+] godzilltrain: I don't think you need an endorsement for that, I can just go ahead and give it to you
[LP] LOG > (godzilltrain) [U] (frogggggg)
[LP] LOG > parent set default
[Mayor+] DintyB: lmao
[Senator+] Frosty_Creeper10: lmao
* godzilltrain is now afk
[Guest] frogggggg: OMG
[Guest] frogggggg: XD
[Guest] frogggggg: HAHAHAHHA
[Admin+] godzilltrain: hey guys, have you heard the 3 unwritten rules of life?
[Admin+] godzilltrain: 1.
[Admin+] godzilltrain: 2.
[Admin+] godzilltrain: 3.
* autobus22 slaps godzilltrain
* godzilltrain slaps auto
autobus22 died
[Mod+] godzilltrain: oops, bit too hard?
a_r_i_a joined the game.
SimonScholar: hey aria
SimonScholar: Chrome was my active window, so I just accidentally typed "hi aria" in a random twitch stream instead of here first
SimonScholar: thankfully it's a quick moving chat or could have got weird


  • All hail the Glow Cloud
Someone: There's someone in my window...
Gogo: Is it the faceless old woman?
Gogo: All Hail The Glow Cloud
Tar: I worry about you sometimes...

  • gogojakeo: I have only been shocked once
    chiefbozx shocked gogojakeo
    gogojakeo: twice...
  • gogojakeo moved to "I'm waiting for a game with Nicki MINAAAAAAJJJJJJJJJ!" (in Mumble)
[Guest]: my horse!
gogojakeo: "My horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse" - Richard III (by William Shakespeare)
  • Did Hawks get his chicken bake?
Just_Robinho joined the game
gogojakeo: wb robin
kekkomatic: hey rob
Just_Robinho: meow
gogojakeo: surley, of all animals, a bird would NOT want to be a cat...
Just_Robinho: I do
megascatterbomb: meh
gogojakeo: Just_Robinho_In_A_Cat's_Stomach
Just_Robinho: O.O
kekkomatic: that got dark quickly
Just_Robinho: ^
megascatterbomb: ^
gogojakeo: :)
  • warp Derry (messing up a command)
_frozen: after this tunnel
_frozen: im gonna call it a night
gogojkeo: but its 10am!
_frozen: its 250!
gogojakeo: for you maybe...
(in mumble)
LDShadowLord: We're gonna be all Big Brother on them
gogojakeo: Can I get a 1984!
LDShadowLord: gogo, leave poor George Orwell alone
  • (When there is a lag spike) It's cola with his australian ping!
wily: Can anyone explain how momentum works on rail
gogo: sigh
gogo: it keeps its momentum
gogo: and keeps moving
gogo: in layman's terms: Push makes go
jak: lol
wily: ok...
jak: Gogo: call me maybe
gogo: but i didnt just meet you
gogo: I met you about 5 months ago
gogo: I have a pickup line
tar: yeah?
gogo: Are you from tennesee?
tar: so OLD
tar: NO
tar: WHY
tar: ive got a better one
gogo: Because you're just as slutty as Miley Cyrus
tar: O.o
gogo warps to thomasfyfe
gogo: we at bus station?
thomas: yeah
gogo: kthx
thomas: Refurbishments going on
gogo: ooooh, are you adding a beverage store?
thomas: refurbish, not refresh :P
gogo: :P
kittycat11231: i'm working on lammapolis, a territory of the city of Kitania
gogo: O.O
gogo: can i help?
gogo: llamas are my must
gogo: and my passion
(Several Weeks Later)
*Gogojakeo has been issued a warning: Pixel Art -colaja953
gogo: scince when did they ANNOUNCE it!
frozen: Since the new plugin
kitty: what was the pixel art?
gogo: YES
kitty *faceknife
gogo: I'm gonna do some tunneling
gogo: but first
gogo: let me take a SLFIE
gogo: *SELFIE*
someone says something about extrememe CCTV or something like that
gogojakeo: Can I get a 1984!
MinecraftYoshi26: Leave George Orwell alone!
Frumple: Can I have you're Attention
Gogo: Gives Frumple his full Atten- Ooh Squirrel
Gogojakeo was shocked by Chiefbozx
(Unfortunately, Frumple went on to announce Yoshi's demotion)
(Talking to tarheel about playing the recorder)
Gogo: I think you underestimated my blowing abilities
Gogo: *overestimated*
Gogo: ikr
  • In mumble: /me needs to watch more of TAR
jph and tell skip gogo's french song on the radio
gogo: You philistines!
LDShadowLord: I hate children
LDShadowLord: So much
Fiork18: I am a children


  • What's the MRT again?
  • Why is everyone acting so stupid?-*Shocked by Chiefbozx*
  • Kelp! *Kelp *Kelp FAIL X2
  • Does anyone want to help me drop a nuke in Spawn Station?
  • Can't wait till I'm trusted, one more step till /shock chiefbozx. But until then... */shock littlegopher1*
  • Sorry, was busy for a sex (meant to say sec)
MC_Protocol: The indians have claimed that area. (Tom_Paris is in the channel)
littlegopher1: You know that Tom_Paris is Native American? (Tom_Paris left the channel)
MC_Protocol: Oh sh**
*Tom_Pairs joins the channel*
MC_Protocol: Sorry about before, Tom.
Tom_Paris: What are you talking about?
MC_Protocol: The thing I said about Indians and since you are native american...
Tom_Paris: I'm not native american!
Everyone: *Laughs*
  • The Swirly Chair Incident:
Chief: Did you just fall over out of your swirly chair?
Gopher: Nope. This is me falling over.
  • I don't know what toast is...
*In Mumble:
 Enjineer: Gopher I bet you have like 17 chauffeurs to take care of you.
 Gopher: Well not like 17...
[Senator] MishkaMan: wait what is going on?
At same exact second
[Member] Derpy_Melon: nothing much mike
[Senator+] Gopher: nothing much mike


Halfy_Crafty: ok cya i furnished it the way i like
CyAmethyst: ty
SoaPuffball: bai halfy
Halfy_Crafty: lel


[Discord] Melecie: i feel like i'm burned out with nymphalia again
[Discord] HarborRandom852: nymphalia?
[Discord] Melecie: my main town
[Discord] HarborRandom852: is that some lung disease
[Discord] HarborRandom852: oh
Starcubed: LOL
Starcubed: "is that some lung disease i'm dying"
*autobus22 hears mooing
HarborRandom852: sorry that was me
so I am at the world \border
nw edge
what do i see
fucking weezer
goddammit sans
[Senator+] AlphaDS: you should come see the interchange im designing rn sometime
[Discord] HarborRandom852: me?
[Discord] HarborRandom852: one day
[Discord] HarborRandom852: or just send me ass
[Senator+] AlphaDS: cool
[Discord] HarborRandom852: pls dont ban me that was a mistype
[Discord] HarborRandom852: a mistype
[Senator+] AlphaDS: :thinking:
[Discord] HarborRandom852: that never happened
[Discord] HarborRandom852: do not put on funny quotes
[Senator+] AlphaDS: ah yes funny quotes
[Senator+] AlphaDS: ima head there now
[Discord] _fwis: i actually havent thought of that, now you’ve reminded me and ima do it
frogggggg: most of my "tows" are singular buildings but most things with more than 1 are ranked
HarborRandom852: those arent towns frog those are small railway platforms with a cgbc atm
[Governor+] HarborRandom852: i was about to sacrifice noah
[Mod+] Needn_NL: ooh nice
[Mayor+] SAYNOAHREBL_: :0
[Mayor+] SAYNOAHREBL_: stfu harb

[Governor+] HarborRandom852: so
[Governor+] HarborRandom852: i got sent to brazil
[Mod+] Missa_Solemnis: Ah yes. Wenyanga.
[Governor+] HarborRandom852: what do you call a philosophical platypus
[Discord] frogggggg: your mom.
[Discord] moj: platopus
[Governor+] HarborRandom852: get out
[Discord] moj: ha gottem
[Governor+] HarborRandom852: kick still works right
Player Needn_NL kicked HarborRandom852 for yes
[Member+] WackyWerny: hows that a god:?
[Discord] HarborRandom852: wern you rly rly dont want to know
[Member+] WackyWerny: oh sgsm
[Member+] WackyWerny: i joined in a coincidence 
[Discord] HarborRandom852: ah yes sgsm
[Discord] HarborRandom852: gsm for singaporeans /s
[Discord] HarborRandom852: singaporean general staff meeting
[Discord] HarborRandom852: where all the topics are by frog
[Discord] VickiTori: !mrt playerlist
* there are 0 out of maximum 60 players online.
[Discord] Ada Virus: no man's land
[Discord] aindrigo: ever since the accident, mrt has been silent
[Discord] Ada Virus: hi birb
[Discord] aindrigo: Hai
* RadiantRanger26 joined the game
[Mayor+] RadiantRanger26: ah yes
[Discord] aindrigo: exactly
[Discord] HarborRandom852: Yes when I accidentally set off that new Singapore nuke things went to shit
[Discord] HarborRandom852: Wait what am I talking about
[Discord] aindrigo: i left the oreland labs experiment room unlocked
[Mayor+] RadiantRanger26: oh
[Mayor+] RadiantRanger26: thats too bad
[Discord] aindrigo: no one should have to know what happened after that…
[Mayor+] RadiantRanger26: AAAAAA
* RadiantRanger26 went up in flames
frogggggg: c--- I should've asked dinty for a w/e
frogggggg: oh well at least harbor will be considered for conductor :)
HarborRandom852: and more funny jokes you can tell urself.


  • No!! .. NOO!!!!
  • [Mod name here], I swear to god...
  • Oh NO HE DIDN'T!! (during April Fools 2013/ShockFest)
  • Benie, your face is so creepy! (when Benie has his Enderdragon skin)
  • Hey, Benie. | Benie: What? | Sausages and Doughnuts! (the inside joke in Mumble)
  • Hey, Benie. We're having fun dying!
  • *pulls out whip*. Bad yoshi, bad yoshi, bad yoshi!!!
  • Don't you do it!!
  • Bad [Mod name here]!
  • Son of a crap!
  • Yoshi, your face is in a sign
  • *Katy Perry comes on in Pandora* *Dislike* | *Get Lucky comes on Pandora* *Like*
  • I'll speak, but you have to put a shirt on
  • Just finished my meth lab
  • i'm PREGNANT
Hawks: B-B-B-B-Bangerz!!!
Music3_0: my name is Plum!
Benie: No!!
Hawks: XD
  • im in a serious relationship with chief
  • (Said with mouth full) Cornbread, I love you!


  • "What rank is he?" "I think dark blue"
  • oppps caps
 Lolmanmanlol: My  elevator broke again
HeavenAngel: They have an expiry date shorter than a fish
Ardy: Why are you offending Mfish125?
  • nktrain: now my cat is sitting at the edge of my bed purring
  • _HeavenAngel_: kitty is in your house nk?
  • nktrain: lol.
 camelfantasy: *has secret passage*
camelfantasy: LOL i went right through the passage without narnia noticing
_HeavenAngel_: camel went into narnia without narnia
Narnia17: xD
camelfantasy: xD
_HeavenAngel_: So where are you from steppy?
Seastep: Sorry, I may be afk sometimes
Seastep: So nationality?
*lengthy discussion about the definition of 'nationality'*
Seastep: So my MRT home town is Aviation
Seastep: It is on the NE16 station in the northeastern part of the map
Seastep: It is two stops away from Titsensaki (NE18), the eastern terminus of the Northern Line.
_HeavenAngel_: gg
Seastep: Do I get a cookie for that?
_HeavenAngel_: only crumbs
_HeavenAngel_: 1/10
Seastep: xD
_HeavenAngel_: Anyone can help me with me canal?
godzilltrain volunteers Narnia
Narnia17 volunteers godz
_HeavenAngel_: I accept both your sacrifices
Narnia17 left the game
godzilltrain left the game
AP_Red died
 Nainzboy: how do i take a screenshot
 _HeavenAngel_: altf4
 tomtomy8: f2
 *Nainzboy left the game*
 _HeavenAngel_: gg
Hightech_TR: what should i call my spleef arena i might build
_HeavenAngel: call it deport soso
Hightech_TR: erm
Hightech_TR: no
SoaPuffball: [Member]: ... ; _HeavenAngel_: pls stop with deport soso
_HeavenAngel_: nao soso must be deported
SoSo123 joined the game.
_HeavenAngel_: speak of the soso
SoaPuffball: #DontDeportSoso
_HeavenAngel_: depooooooooort
SoaPuffball: is anyone here using mods?
_HeavenAngel_: ye im using narnia
Narnia17: ?
Narnia17: wat
SoaPuffball: *tpa's back to quiris
_HeavenAngel_: welcome to china
the srver restarted as i cut my selection
rip selection
SoaPuffball: heav: i already asked castle about this but may i build a gliderport in cc or does it require gsm approval?
_HeavenAngel_: ummm
_HeavenAngel_: im not sure about the cc part
_HeavenAngel_: and im not sure about the lgiderport part
SoaPuffball: lol
_HeavenAngel_: best mod 2k18
Tymek_T: _HeavanAngel_
Tymek_T: can I get a w/e
_HeavenAngel_: I will do one for you if you can quantify your w/e selection using only numbers and food.
Tymek_T: ...
Tymek_T: please
SilverBubble: i move to pipie it up in the UC
SilverBubble: and do lit kick dancing
_HeavenAngel_: does kick dancing involve a lot of /kicks
Ardlyn: ye
SoaPuffball: yes
SilverBubble: no
Ardlyn: i wish i could just restart armada
Ardlyn: how does that work
_HeavenAngel_: have you tried restarting your computer?
_HeavenAngel_: i hear it helps
Ardlyn left the game
_HeavenAngel: rip
Ardlyn joined the game
Ardlyn: nope
Ardlyn: still there
_HeavenAngel_: is armada restarted?
_HeavenAngel_: rip
Kel5: t_t
SoaPuffball: did you actually restart your computer
Ardlyn: what do you think
SoaPuffball: yes
Ardlyn: welp
SoaPuffball: if so then u nub
_HeavenAngel_: xD
SoaPuffball: xD
SoaPuffball: godz can you pls taxi me to spawn
SoaPuffball: or heaven
_HeavenAngel_: nani
_HeavenAngel_: don't you have /spawn
Ardlyn: but he's a snowflake
_HeavenAngel_: ah
*Soa is warped to spawn*
SoaPuffball: thanks
_HeavenAngel_: soapflake
SoaPuffball: how do i deport soso
_HeavenAngel_: good qn
_HeavenAngel_: first you take the soso and bring it to the deportation center
_HeavenAngel_: then you give the soso a big kick
_HeavenAngel_: and voila
SoaPuffball: nice
(MojangChan is randomly flipping a door on top of a monorail track)
_HeavenAngel_: moj.exe has stopped working
_HeavenAngel_: this derpy moj is trying to depreciate a door in 1 day
_HeavenAngel_ joined the game.
SoaPuffball: hi heav
_HeavenAngel_: hi
sesese9 joined the game.
sesese9: ohai all
SoaPuffball: hi see
_HeavenAngel_: mod train~ choo choo
sesese9: whoot woo
_HeavenAngel_: this is called the taco lottery
_HeavenAngel_: to fund frumples tacos
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: the expressway entrance is still 2.6km away
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: f***
SoaPuffball: are you in a car
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: yeah
SoaPuffball: please don't tell me you're driving
_HeavenAngel_: frosty is the car
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: thank god i'm not
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: yesyes
_cosmon: what's a trackbed
Needn_NL: the area underneath the tracks
Needn_NL: where the track rests on
_HeavenAngel_: where the track sleeps


*Hightech_TR is no longer AFK.
[Citizen] Hightech_TR: guys dont afk box me
*Hightech_TR is now AFK.
  • 1800-Cort-esi
  • thx for crashing my game with your un-knowledge
  • Wheres backup when you need it?!?
  • Is this some kind of sorcery?
  • i think darmok is the secret robotic second owner of the server
  • i cant drive a boat in the lagpocalypse
  • chief, if youre there, please say 123
  • Theres raw meat on the ground!
  • I'm sorry, MRT logo, I had to
  • Getting knocked in the head by an acacia tree
[Senator] KittyCat11231: Anyone want a hug for $5000?
[Citizen] Hightech_TR: um
[Citizen] Hightech_TR: not enough money, sorry
*KittyCat11231 runs /balance Hightech_TR*
[Senator] KittyCat11231: Anyone want a hug for $229.30?
[Citizen] Hightech_TR: you sneaky little thing
[Citizen] Hightech_TR: i heard a joke on the radio
[Citizen] Hightech_TR: what do you say when a man falls overboard?
[Governor] Aliksong: no idea
[Citizen] Hightech_TR: 'Man overboard!'
[Citizen] Hightech_TR: what do you say when a woman falls overboard?
[Citizen] Hightech_TR: 'Full speed ahead!'
[Governor] Aliksong: lol
((when Hightech_TR got promoted to [Trustee] and didn't notice))
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: I don't know when my Trustee endorsements are valid yet, nor do i want to ask
[Mayor+] CaptainChimpy: Hightech_TR loool!
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: wuuuuuut?
[Mayor+] CaptainChimpy: a little hightech told me his tag just got bluer
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: oh
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: wow
[Citizen] _SkyBlaze: F3+A is failing ;-;
[Senator] KittyCat11231: youre supposed to do alt+f4
*Hightech_TR tries it out and closes Minecraft*
Hightech_TR joined the game
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: kitty you devil...
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: wwwwhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee!!1
[Trustee] Hightech_TR fell from a high place
[Mayor+] TonyTajiri: derp
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: ooww..that hurt
[Senator+] Ardyan: derpy derpy derp
[Mayor+] TonyTajiri: rip in small
[Senator+] Ardyan: xD
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: where teh derps
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: i dont underst...OH GOD THE DERPS
[Mayor+] TonyTajiri: lol
Supykun joined the game
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: hey
Supykun left the game.
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: bye
CaNJaK_TR joined the game
* Hightech_TR is no longer AFK.
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: er
[Mayor] allifarki: wb
[Trustee] Hightech_TR: who just named a TR after his name
(In Turkish)
[Guest] CaNJaK_TR: sa (Hey)
[Guest] CaNJaK_TR: ben (I did)
[Guest] CaNJaK_TR: :D (:D)
*SoaPuffball renames a cow under the Freddy's Pizzeria of Eastwood "Don't help me! I'm stuck.". Weeks later, Hightech_TR and ModernArt, also with SoaPuffball find that cow.
[Mayor] Hightech_TR: oh god not again
[Mayor] Hightech_TR: mr cow youve been everythere
[Mayor] Hightech_TR: now youre stuck under the floor of the fnaf building
[Mayor+] ModernArt: lol
[Mayor] Hightech_TR: err
[Mayor+] ModernArt: soso renamed him
  • I hate it when /ark doesn't work...*/afk
  • hand on, let me sue the restroom first...use*
VerificationCode joined the game
*a while later*
[Senator] Hightech_TR: is that my verification code to the secret service
[Councillor] London150: lol
[Senator] Frosty_Creeper10: xD
[Guest] VerificationCode: yes it is
[Senator+] Frosty_Creeper10: oh my
[Guest] VerificationCode: access granted
[Senator] Hightech_TR: hooray
  • the dreaded water maze (not a quote in itself but it is a phrase he uses to refer to the Water Ways in the Halua Island 2017 Adventure Map)

(IN VC during Formula MRT Season 2)

Mojito1014: Do you know why Titsensaki isn't easy
Hightech_TR: We'llberightbackafterthesemessages


  • One sec, like literally 20 secs
 *Joking About a Rebellion*
hnt: I nominate Frumple to be banned!
 *hntredtie Hast Been Smitten!*
 *Frumple Joined the Game*
hnt: ohai Frumple...
Frumple: Hey...
  • Pardon my language, but this is...
*server lagging*
hnt: Probably because of my lag machine.
hnt (later): jk jk jk :P
*camelfantasy has joined the game*
hnt: Hell
hnt: *hello
kiwirainbow: Wow hnt xd
hnt: Hell(o)
hnt: So many Senators online... :P
hnt: Who to kick first >:D
hnt: jk jk jk
hnt: is that god, Chief? (meant good)
godzilltrain joined the game


hvt2011 joined the game.
* hvt2011 connected using a mobile device using minechat.
SoaPuffball: "connected using a mobile device..."
SoaPuffball: nuuuu
hvt2011: please hold
hvt2011 left the game.
hvt2011 joined the game.
*hvt2011 should be sleeping right now but isn`t and has connected using an Apple TV using minechat.
Frosty_Creeper10: what is this "thunder" you speak of?
hvt2011: a loud rumbling or crashing noise heard after a lightning flash due to the expansion of rapidly heating air.
SoaPuffball: xD
hvt2011: :P
SoaPuffball: may i see all of your warps?
SoaPuffball: homes*
hvt2011: check discord
hvt2011: i sent a screw
hvt2011: dm*
(randomly, HVT is /v'd)
hvt2011: oops
hvt2011 joined the game.
SoaPuffball: lemme try again
SoaPuffball: is paixton terrible?
SoaPuffball: a) no c) not
hvt2011: denided
SoaPuffball: gg
~Vulpicula: Fox Inbound
SoaPuffball: hi
~hvt2011: hvt2011 train now arriving, platform 2
hvt2011 joined the game.
time2makemymove: hvt?
hvt2011: wat
time2makemymove: v e n c e s l o B l u R a i l ?
hvt2011 left the game.
  • tBlueBijke
hvt2011: t//replace !169 86%155,1%251:1,1%251:2,1%251:3,1%251:4,1%251:5,1%251:6,1%251:7,1%251:8,1%251:9,1%251:10,1%251:11,1%251:12,1%251:13,1%251:14
hvt2011: t//replace !169 86%155,1%251:1,1%251:2,1%251:3,1%251:4,1%251:5,1%251:6,1%251:7,1%251:8,1%251:9,1%251:10,1%251:11,1%251:12,1%251:13,1%251:14
MIKE24DUDE: ummm
hvt2011L: omg
willowars: aaaahhahaha gg
nktrain: umm
megascatterbomb: you idiot
Conric005: spam
(Conric is making the 79th AstroSlurp)
Conric005: who wants to help me for 5$
hvt2011: who wants $5
megascatterbomb: me
KittyCat11231: me
CodyHM: me
hvt2011: ok
hvt2011: over
Conric005: -.-
hvt2011 joined the game.
hvt2011: hi
hvt2011: only on for a moment
woorich999 died
hvt2011: ok bye
hvt2011 left the game.
  • hi this is some hard to read text if you're in a dark place
[Discord] hvt2011: DDR has arrived on american soil
[Discord] hvt2011: >no premium play
>most features locked
>thanks konami f*** you too
  • i love fried kids from kfc
  • i live on intra fuel
hvt2011: YEILD
Conric005: ceast and desist
sesese9: delet
MistleSoa: this
Cookie46910: delt
Echohue; sees and desost
Cookie46910: caest and desit
Cookie46910: sese and deseseit
MistleSoa: seize and disease
ModernArt: sis and diocese
[Discord] hvt2011: tranquil forest for sale
[Discord] hvt2011: 100,000 for one block
  • planes don't jenga
  • airports are not a parking lot
  • BluRail. BluRail's playground.
hvt2011: ☻
Missa_Solemnis: Is that smiley cause for alarm?
hvt2011: nah
hvt2011: this one though: :relaxed: maybe
Missa_Solemnis: LOL
SilverBubble: Hvt is about to practice dark magic
hvt2011: when the arrows go
hvt2011: ←↓→↓←

[Governor+] frogggggg: almost clipped the blurail station :p
[Discord] HarborRandom852: oof
[Mod+] hvt2011: WATY
FindTheRedPlane: /summon minecraft:player[type=moderator]
hvt2011 joined the game.
HarborRandom852: oh what
FindTheRedPlane: OOP
Melecie: your summon worked
hvt2011 left the game.
FindTheRedPlane: bruh
PtldKnight: LO
HarborRandom852: bruh
bro1bro2: lmao
Melecie: never said they had to stay
[Media] hvt2011: BluAir has identified 7 flights scheduled for cancellation from MAX to the following airports: VFW, MPI, MAX, TSA, ATC, SSI, MCA
Melecie: ah yes
Melecie: why does MAX-MAX exist hvt
hvt2011: oh s***
[Media] hvt2011: TSA*
hvt2011: wait s***
[Media] hvt2011: SDZ**
Dianchill: when no one is listening to you
hvt2011 joined the game.
Dianchill: hi
Dianchill: when someone is listening to you
hvt2011: just summon someone lmao
LondonThameslink: hut is bottom!
LondonThameslink: HAHA!
hvt2011: :flushed:


(i____7d was giving Fiork777 a tour of Foresne)
i____7d: oofice
i____7d: office sry
Fiork777: O O F I C E
Guest joined the game
Welcome Guest to the Minecart Rapid Transit server!
i____7d: wb
i____7d: welcome*
[LOTTERY] i____7d just bought 1 ticket! Draw in 8s
[LOTTERY] i____7d just bought 1 ticket! Draw in 3s
[LOTTERY] Congratulations to i____7d for winning $394!
[LOTTERY] There was a total of 19 players buying 294 tickets
i____7d: ayyyy
Echohue: mood
Frumple: rigged
PeacemakerX5: >:(
Cookie46910: you just lost the game
Echohue: damnit
sesese9: damn it
PeacemakerX5: nooo
Frumple: How many tickets did you have 7d?
Cookie46910: :)))
i____7d: 2
Echohue: gg
Frumple: bs
Frumple: >:(
sesese9: mood
PeacemakerX5: bruh
Frumple: that's like 2/294 chance
Frumple: oh well
i____7d: hehe
ModernArt: i____7d what would you like to call the station after peakside valley?
ModernArt: *peakside hill
i____7d: sure
ModernArt: what
MistleSoa: sure station
i____7d: wait the station after springwood?
ModernArt: yes
i____7d: yea its fine
ModernArt: the station after the station after springwood
ModernArt: i____7d what would you like to call the station after peakside valley?
i____7d: hmm
MistleSoa: just call it sure
i____7d: Peakside West? :3
ModernArt: Peakside?
i____7d: hmm i prefer peakside west...
i____7d: or maybe Peakplains
ModernArt: peakside since i'll redirect it north instead of west
i____7d: yup
i____7d: anythings fine
ModernArt: ok
MistleSoa: name it "anything" then
i____7d: >;(
i____7d: what would you say if a janitor says somehting mean to you?
i____7d: "ok broomer"
KittyCat11231 left the game
[Mayor] i____7d: wb
(talking to a guest)
i____7d: Do /map for dynmap, /apply to apply for member and alt+f4 to claim a plot
  • flying trains are a specialty of secunda (in discord)
  • I put  pineapple on pixa
[Discord] SoaPuffball: hiall may i please have your attention for a quick while
i____7d: yes i know we lost the game
[Discord] SoaPuffball: how'd you read my mind?!
  • i____7d was slain by messing with the e
  • Have you every wanted to get banned from the MRT server? Try using NordVPN: the #1 VPN in the world! It enables you to get detected by VPNGuard for maximum safety!
  • the moon is made out of washing machine
  • Our studies have shown that our studies are incorrect.
vibely left the game.
i____7d: when you vibing to music and then someone interrupts you
  • tomatoes are a species of crustacean
  • among us was created when a graphic designer forgot to put the arms on the fall guy
(atop a tall player stack)
__7d: is this blurail on crack
Melecie: yes
[Discord] _fwis: how does one acquire newrail
[Discord] 7d: Sep 1. Get aquired by newrail
[Discord] _fwis: :x:
[Discord] 7d: Step 2. Haha you fell into my giant trap
[Discord] _fwis: correction: how does one acquire newrail without being acquired by newrail
SilverBubble: one forms oldrail fwis
SilverBubble: duh
[Discord] 7d: Step 1. Get acquired by FLR
[Discord] 7d: 2. FLR acquires Newrail
[Discord] _fwis: correction: how does one acquire newrail without getting acquired by newrail or any of its employees or subsidiaries
SilverBubble: you steal it illegally fwis
[Discord] 7d: Step 1. Acquire yourself
[Discord] 7d: Step 2. ???
[Discord] 7d: Step 2. You now have newrail
Melecie: step 1: get acquired by mylesmonorail
Melecie: step 2: mylesmonorail gets acquired by newrail again
Frosty_Creeper10: what you dont book holidays at tourism boards
7d: idk I book my holidays at kfc
do power generators in prisons have a lot of mitochondria
cos they're the powerhouse of the cell
[Discord] 7d: if you're circling a town might as well iat it
[Discord] 7d: similarly, I shall build near nymphalia and iat it
Melecie: too bad it's as long as a stick
Melecie: you'll have to work 3pi stations' worth of town to surround me
[Discord] Aqua: fishe go to sleep
[Mod+] __7d: me
[Mod+] __7d: * no
[Senator] Spegit007: "me"


  • You offended my pet gravel :(


  • imma pokegirl, inna poke wooorld, life is fantastic, when you're a trainer


imperial_block: who built this station?
_XtremeCoder: not sure
imperial_block: maybe Godz
_XtremeCoder: I think Godz
imperial_block: its god'z typical error, I think


missitaladz57: mary had a little...
italadz57 joined the game
italadz57: lamb!!


  • Chiefbox
Im going to get yoshi to make a maze
JamesGaming: Achsomething takahowdoyoupronounceit
[Member]: lol when you don't know how to spell it


(soa and frosty are talking about eating creeperville)
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: Just eat eachover
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: And I will watch
Frosty_Creeper10: kinky java
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: Frosty no
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: But also yes
[Discord] James__: Guess who's off to london today
BillionPenny483: ... you?
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: Plot twist it's actually me
BillionPenny483: :O
[Project1] JavaIsBetter: Guest quotes?
[Project1] JavaIsBetter:Wait can they see this
[P1] SantaThameslink: Java, uh
[Project1] JavaIsBetter:o oh
[P1] SantaThameslink: we're not allowed to talk about guests in here I don't think
[Project1] JavaIsBetter: Wait what
[Project1] JavaIsBetter: Oops
[Project1] JavaIsBetter: Ok staff you never saw this I'm not Java I'm actually her twin who's on her account
[Project1] JavaIsBetter: Ban me instead, Java is a very good person
[Discord] Steve_Bobs: soa is first snow "yuri"?
Winterecie: think so
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: isn't yuri like lesbian pornography or something
DispensedForXmas: what
HarborRandom852: what
[Discord] Steve_Bobs: and are u interested in that genre  of games?
[Discord] Steve_Bobs: hey not necessarily porn
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: good
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: You better not be playing porn games
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: On my wholesome pg server
Winterecie: mmm katawa shoujo can technically count as one but literally everyone plays it for the story, and those who don't end up liking it for the story anyway
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: time to play katawa shoujo for the not story


wtew left the game
Johngi: I think he left

I am trying to edit a wiki (Funny quotes) page, but I can't, because of the lag caused by grammarly checking the entire page for what is now 529 errors.

If you were to attack america, you would have to do it at night, so they would have less the fence (defence)

FooteChicken: bacc
Johngi: welcome bacc
Johngi: AAAH! It's spreading! What do we do!

(About kev's plane)
[Eggnog]Johngi: other than the fact it will never fly, nice plane!

Johngi: ooh a ravine
Johngi: "speeeeed 1"


Spencer407 (Soleurs): I'm going to make this horrible.
TechnologyPro: That's the spirit! :D
  • I might be a little biased, but you should use [Insert Frontier Product Here].
  • HAWKSIE! I need to stop doing that.
  • Chil-DREN!
  • Guys, guys, stop.
  • It twerks!
  • *ding* Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the shut up sign. For our sanity, please return to your seat, and fasten your seatbelt over your mouth.
  • I've been called a lot of things before. Melon Lord has not been one of them...
  • Hey, who wants $20? (has tedious work in mind)
  • *to Technological99* Hello, other Tech.
  • *in response to the mentioning of an airport* CAELUS!
JohnNotTech is no longer afk
JohnNotTech: If you say so.
  • Kitty, get out of my body.
[lalaboy -> me] idk, get in mumble
*joins Mumble*
JohnNotTech: Did someone order an idiot with some fries?
When a ) doesn't express your emotions strong enough, a bigger D will do
Oh god, I just realized how wrong that sounds
*when talking about resource packs*
I use Faithful Vulpi


  • ok...
  • :P
  • Hey Chief, do people do The FLOP when you shock them? | Chief: Lets find out! | *Chiefbozx shocked Jtf22 (and everyone else on the server [including himself])* | Jtf22: *flops | Chief: So yes!
  • Everybody do the FLOP!


"The purpose of the MRT is to build realistic modern  cities" *Rides a dragon to kessler*
SoaPuffball: tom?
Tom_Pairs: ?
SoaPuffball: can you shock me?
Tom_Pairs: no
Jtrain77: Thou aren't worthy of thy smittenitude
Jtrain77: Welp, I gtg, cya later bai
Itz_Lego: cya
Itz_Lego: last words?
Jtrain77: Last words: Wubba lubba dub dub
Jtrain77 left the game.
JTrain77: I'll take two #9's
[LOTTERY] JTrain77 just bought 9 tickets!
[LOTTERY] JTrain77 just bought 9 tickets!
SoaPuffball: a #9 large
[LOTTERY] Kel5 just bought 9 tickets!
JTrain77: A #6 with extra pid
JTrain77: *dip
Vulpicula: PID
Vulpicula: PIIIIID
Cornus, The city of empty bus stops. (during TAR 9)


Supykun: Miniladies and Minigentlemen,
j_universe0: come see the damage at the rowhouse fires


[Server] Starting save...

[Mayor] allifarki : I didn't know there was a [Server] rank. :P

[Member] TheMiner_ : XD

[Mayor] allifarki: I didn't know there was a person called Starting Save... either.

[Mayor] Ezzocraft, [Mayor] _alli and [Member] Ben6331 are talking about the Batch 7 Senator Promos

[Mayor] Ezzocraft: Benator

[Member] Ben6331: LOL

[Mayor] _alli: lol

[Mayor] _alli: [Benator] Sen6331

[Member] Ben6331: XD


  • To the *insert place here* !
  • I get to hurt people... yay! :D
  • I'm a lovable person
  • BENIE! <3
  • I'm Benie's number 1 fan!
  • BOOM! I Have landed. :D
  • [Chiefbozx: /shock Just_robinho] .......... MISSED!
  • Robin's Hill is the best town Eva!
  • Quick question for the mods/Admins
  • I have allllooooottttt of questions.
  • >:(
  • :D
  • *Insert confusing question*......... nevermind
  • I'm always happy! :D
  • You miserable people
  • I've just lost my deputy mayor......... AGAIN! :'(
  • "Frumple has joined the game"........ *Stalks* >:)
  • I've got the passion :D
  • ...Creep Benie out *Check*
  • Benie... " [Benie] ? " ............. Hi! <3 :D
  • Me: yolo! Blue Team: SWAG!
  • Well thats a first, The server wanted to crash itself!
  • Meow
  • *mfish was breathing through his mic in mumble*
    Just_robinho: can you stop being Dark Vader for a second mfish?
  • To enjineer, in mumble: I will spank you.
*was doing we's for autobus22
*copied plane
*Goes afk for 40 minutes
(never pasted)
  • WOI should tecnically sink, it has no floaties D:
[broadcast] Join plug dj for massive hugs
[broadcast] <plugDJ link>
autobus22: [broadcast] Yeah, massive hugs from a cactus!
[broadcast] nao, auto, naooooo
[Mayor+] JamesGaming: Arrive and Vanadium are giving huge competition to Cyan, what is Cyan doing about that
[Mod] Just_robinho: F all.
[Councillor] tarheelscouse: ^
Camelfantasy: I should probably start studying for my essay test.
x Just_Robinho has kicked camelfantasy for Go study boi!
[Broadcast]: JR is going to make it night so please dont scream and pee your pants
*server is set to night*
(general chaos)
*camelfantasy boxes Just_robinho
x Just_robinho is no longer AFK.
Player Just_robinho kicked camelfantasy for bad camel.
SnowPuffball_: /unafk ModernArt
* ModernArt is no longer AFK. (Robun run said command)
ByteMega: OMG
ByteMega: xD
SnowPuffball: gg
Just_robinho: its a legit command ByteMega
* ModernArt is now AFK.
  • Im stuck
  • since Tom_Pairs is threatening me with demotion I will ask his question next
talon no longer plays
but jumps in the sky


FiorkG: You are saying i am a joke?
TheGreenKangaroo: yes
TheGreenKangaroo: [Discord] Cact0: :new_moon_with_face:
[Discord] Cact0: :new_moon_with_face:
TheGreenKangaroo joined the game.
SoaPuffball: hi
Frosty_Creeper10: wbwb
TheGreenKangaroo: hi
TheGreenKangaroo: k bye
TheGreenKangaroo left the game.
TheGreenKangaroo: next player that joins will not be staff
Cynra_ joined the game.
  • Please realize that this software cannot use British English. Using British English may result in a Montego veto.
chiefbozx: And there's no limit on decorative helicopters.
Kangaroo567: no rank limit? that means guests can paste helicopters over Central City as well


  • Sorry Common Sense wasn't in the budget..
JTrain77: kastle what's this place called
SoaPuffball: JTrain77: Aeolia
_Kastle: Gray Cloud
SoSo123: Kastle what is your view for my Chinese History paper :P
_Kastle: yes
SoSo123: ?
SoSo123: what yes
_Kastle: no
SoSo123: wot
SoaPuffball: maybee
_Kastle: so
SoSo123: nao

pyth0n: how much $ do you get for being online
_Kastle: lol they dont pay me a red cent
_Kastle: but you get 5 fake cents per minute
  • i always like to keep a stack of airports lying around


*Gets shown ace pride flag*
Is that the flag of horrible polo from the 80s?
  • "2d/11 - proposal to change official serrver mascot from taco to bagel" "all no? ok"
[Citizen] Supykun: LDS, I am high up there
[Citizen] Supykun: Baltop 3.
[Premier+] kekkomatic: LSD, I am high.
[Premier+] kekkomatic: i'm confused, did you meet tomp or not?
[Mayor] sesese9: i did
[Premier+] kekkomatic: cool
[Premier+] kekkomatic: did you ask him for a worldedit?

If Nicki Minaj walks on a beach, is it considered plastic pollution?

[Mayor+] Ardyan: i realize C923 becomes a normal street after passing armada central
[Premier+] kekkomatic: omg, can you imagine *station* C923?
[Premier+] kekkomatic: "day 3276, i'm starting to wonder if frumple is a madman or a total genius"
  • ezzo you can't tkae XW3.14159...thats irrational
  • did you guys have to invent letters just to make all of section 1 stay i one place?
[Citizen] EliteNeon: Welcome to [insert female genital here] land
[Premier+] kekkomatic: hi
[Councillor] MegaMC: elite
[Councillor] MegaMC: thats worse
(notice how kekko replied in such an innocent manner)

Most of the time buildings are just empty. Come on guys we're not in North Korea


Who wants 5 dollars?
Highest bidder wins
  • seems pine enough (in Amber_Pine's room in an apartment which is known by some due to the Frumpine shipping/meme by megascatterbomb)
SoaPuffball: honk if you like pineapple pizza
SoaPuffball: HONK
chiefbozx: no
(soa gets smitten)
VAReaper: HONK
SoaPuffball: y
chiefbozx: pineapples have better things to do than be on pizza
* Kel5 is no longer AFK.
* Kel5 is now AFK.
chiefbozx: Kel5 comes back from afk just to yell "WRONG"


  • Whomp


  • bean block, corn block, chili block (referring to raw ore blocks)
  • drive safe, know your beans


all the ads in the article i want to print out for school are porn ads
afk again
  • Mega: don't say it... | Kitty: it...
  • Kitty: anyone else notice yoshis survey asks ur height, age, and relationship status... | chiefbozx shocked MinecraftYoshi26.
  • Kitty: I like white horses | bspells: RACIST!!!
  • KittyCat11231 joined the server | Kitty: I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING CUBE!! | KittyCat11231 left the server.
  • (referring to mega) meggy weggy is his porn name
  • my nanna has a shit zu (that's not how its spelled idk how) and its so cute
  • gogojakeo has joined the game | Kitty: hi gogo what strange bizzare time zone do u live in (during 3:30 AM Kitty's time)
  • every time I say that it warns me I could be kicked for spam
  • [Insert Name Here] has joined the game | hi [Insert Name Here] we totally aren't talking about [Random Thing]
  • top username of 2013: xXxYOLO_SWAGGER_39xXx
  • word I cant spell! you take your aim! fire away! fire away! you shoot me down! but I get up! IM KICKED BY NOOOOOOOOOOCHEEEEEEEEEEAAATPLUUUUUUUUS! (parodying Titanium)
  • Echo: i play play station 4 | Kitty: you like to *play play*
  • godz: Kitty! :P | Kitty: what afk box?
  • btw frozen why is there a street in ravenswood called cockbyrne ave
  • bspells go find the wild one while flying on a titanium wrecking ball and roaring (referencing 4 songs)
  • Just_fruyeamajkeklajafyfeghostminerofgames26_Pairs = genetically combined FREAK!!!
  • DISCLAIMER: spamming/advertising/being a guest causes an immediate ban.
  • hola cola (when cola logs on)
  • #Gramerz4daWinz
Kitty: congrats lil
lil: I was always a trusted
chiefbozx shocked KittyCat11231
  • any mods wanna be "lucky" enough to do the "honor" of setting up my bus route? :P
Kitty: theres a kid at school whos obsessed with the number 69...
mega: -_-
kiwi: do you know WHY?...
Kitty: yes...
kiwi: Good...
A few minutes later
kittyghost has joined the game
mega: kitty what have you been doing with cg?!
Kitty: i was 69ing with him
Nicco: <----- needs to be mayor ADMINS COME!!
Kitty: patience is a virtue
Kitty: is what my nanna says every time shes stuck in traffic
Tony: I said Tar, I'm on Hyperchat, and it gives me a notification when it's my name surrounded by spaces.
JohnNotTech: So disable that?
Kitty: TonyTajiri TonyTajiri TonyTajiri TonyTajiri TonyTajiri
Soleurs: TonyTajiri
kekkomatic joined the game
JohnNotTech: TonyTajiri
Soleurs: TonyTajiri
Halstom: TonyTajiri
Kitty: kekkomatic quick say TonyTajiri
  • every page in the category OMAH GAWD DAT RANDOMNESS is a food item..
Kitty: (skele came in like a wrecking ball)
frozen: :D
Kitty: (skele came into frozen like a wrecking ball)
frozen: :C
Kitty: ooh cody is afk >:)
cody: back
Kitty: dammit
Kitty: its just an afk box :P
Kitty: #AngerIssues
cody: "It's just an afk box." (Said IN Sassy Tone)
  • There better be a snow day bill de blasio DONT FAIL ME NOW
  • bill de blasio failed us all (after not getting a snow day in NYC)
DCampite joined the game
DCamp: whos a girl?
Kitty: anyone who has.. you know
Kitty: will the ZBT warps ever be set :P
Music: idk when Yoshi is ready :P tomorrow
Kitty: will the ZBT warps ever be SET :P
Music: lol
the llamas are coming...
KittyCat11231 left the game
DCampite was killed trying to hurt suppoe
Kitty: wow 1.5 really got detailed with the death messages
  • You should put ziggy85s condom back up for sale (meant to say condo)
tarheelscouse: It's the hot dog song!
Kitty: He likes singing about his "hot dog" in his "clubhouse"
Kitty: "We had a fun day bringing color back to the clubhouse!"
bestmate66: Jeez. Kitty.
tarheelscouse: lol :D

colaja953 joined the game
Kitty: Hola Cola
Kitty: that awkward moment when you wonder what google chromes "incognito mode" is used for
Kitty: that awkward moment when you wonder what google chromes "incognito mode" is used for
Kitty: fail
Kitty: afk
Kitty: ._.
Kitty: ._.
Kitty: triple fail...
Kitty: but first, LEMME TAKE A SELFIE
Yoshi: NO,.
  • apple would love me, i sent an email asking for an iphone, i sent it from my ipod touch
(On June 8th in Mumble)
Kitty: Siri is so perfect, listen to this
Kitty: What day is my birthday?
Siri: Your birthday is June 15th
Kitty: How many days until my birthday?
Siri: Your birthday is in three months and eight days
Kitty: How many days until my birthday!?
Siri: Your birthday is in three months and eight days
Hawks: It's so perfect.
Skele: Kitty used a flashlight in my office
Kitty: thats an untrue accusation
Kitty: i used a fleshlight
*Console* shocked KittyCat11231

(While speculating if lalaboy67 was the last mod promoted at the June GSM)

_frozen: the point is he is not the mod
Kitty: are you suuuure youre suuuuure?
_frozen: let it go
Hawks: let it go
Kitty: i am one with the wind and snow
Hawks: ... can't hold it back any more ...
Bensi: I better not to butt into the game
0rocketscience0: Butt
Kitty: Anus
Hi Washington (Talking to DCampite in mumble)
  • That awkward moment when you wake up from a 12-hour flight and you're still on the tarmac.


godzilltrain blows into mic on mumble
Kittycat11231: WE DON'T BREATH INTO YOU!
ArdyArd: what if they replaced member applications to a full circle line ride?
KittyCat11231: then we would have a lot of desperate 9 year olds crowding the circle line
KittyCat11231: this automatic minechat message is sponsored by the committee to reelect sadam hussein
mine_man_: i think you may have gone too far with those minechat messages XD
KittyCat11231: this automatic minechat message is sponsored by the committee to reelect the taliban regim
mine_man_: DAMNIT! XD
[Broadcast]: It's Coming it's coming!!!
Kitty: hi lala
Tom_Pairs joined the game
Tom: ello
Kitty: aw
mine_man_: Raise your hand if godz is dull
Kitty: /me raises both arms and legs
Kitty: /me is an upside down table
[Mayor+] _Ardy: cyan is died
[Senator] KittysEvilTwin: cyan isnt dead, they're in a persistent vegitative state

In Mumble...

[Kitty]: Siri, what is 0 divided by 0
[Siri] Imagine you have 0 cookies and share them between 0 friends. 
How many cookies does each person get. See. It doesnt make sense does it.
Now cookie monster is sad because there are no cookies, and you are sad because you have no friends.
[Insert Loud Laughing here]
  • Godz: What's Sour Kids? Kitty: Imagine if you have a fetish for eating small children.
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: Drop Dead GSMs wooooo
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: 5
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: 4
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: 3
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: 2
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: 1
TonyTajiri died
Player TonyTajiri took their own life.
KittyCat11231 died
Player KittyCat11231 took their own life.
Technological99 died
Player Technological99 took their own life.
helkama died
Player helkama took their own life.
sesese9 died
Player sesese9 took their own life.
Seshpenguin died
Player Seshpenguin took their own life.
KuchenKenta died
Player KuchenKenta took their own life.
frankbros429 died
Player frankbros429 took their own life. ArdyDuck died
Player ArdyDuck took their own life.
nktrain died
Player nktrain took their own life.
callumjk died
Player callumjk took their own life.
Formal_Globe died
Player Formal_Globe took their own life.
Seshpenguin died
Player Seshpenguin took their own life.
helkama died
Player helkama took their own life.
Awesome3491 died
Player Awesome3491 took their own life.
[Senator] KittyCat11231: someone just left one direction it seems
Camelfantasy: how do you name a road?
ImNotKitty: with a birth certificate
chiefbozx has joined the game
KittyCat111231: was about to ask for a w/e then realized
KittyCat11231: lala you should tempban me for three seconds
Player lalaboy temporarily banned KittyCat11231 for 2 seconds: you asked for it.
snowdude01: narnia mumble?
Narnia17 joined the game

[nktrain -> KittyCat11231] your army was chasing me yesterday

[KittyCat11231 -> nktrain] the KIA Armed Forces declines all involvement

[nktrain -> KittyCat11231] xD

KittyCat11231 left the game.

[Media] Kittycat11231: Vote to re-elect _Kastle as president of the United Cities
SoaPuffball: you cant
CyAmethyst: Kastle isn't running
[Media] Kittycat11231: Vote to re-elect _Kastle as president of the United Cities anyway
_Kastle: no... Kastle can't run
CyAmethyst: .-.
CyAmethyst: Kitty pls
Kittycat11231: note:mineman is still afk
*mine_man_ is no longer afk.
KittyCat11231 joined the game
[Councillor] Talonplays: wb
[Councillor+] Mercury203: wb
[Trial Mod+] Hvt2011: hi kitty
[Councillor+] Mercury203: Trojan Valley?
Guest: what is the color of the eastern line?
SnowPuffball_: lime
_Kastle: lime
KittyCat11231: brown
SnowPuffball: xD
_Kastle: &a
  • (After being asked to be a judge in a made up court case by MaxStewartS) MaxStewartS is sentenced to death for indirectly interrupting my schoolwork
SoaPuffball: hey mojang
MojangChan: yes
SoaPuffball: can you please give me mojangitis
MojangChan: sure
[Discord] TheGreenKangaroo: same
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: hey mojang
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: can you please give me hepatitis
MojangChan: by the power of Jesus Christ, Muhammad, and every other religeous power in the universe, I hereby strike the godly power of Mojangitis upon thee, mey god's grace be with you
SoaPuffball: thank you
SoaPuffball: frosty also requested hepatitis btw
MojangChan: i don't contract hepatitis
KittyCat11231: jesus christ is under arrest for biological warfare
MojangChan: only mojangitis
Frosty_Creeper10: :frowning:
EspiDev: lol
[Bunker] Starcubed: what's PRM?
[Bunker] KittyCat11231: pam cooking spray but misspelled
[Bunker] Starcubed: ah
  • You should plug your laptop into a wind turbine
  • I gave you the inside scoop (after confirming he said the above in Mumble)
Kitty: Conric, pick up this fish!
Conric: ok
Kitty: This fish committed suicide.
KittyCat11231: jphgolf4321 is a psycho murderer terrorist!
KittyCat11231 left the game.
Player jphgolf4321 kicked KittyCat11231 for no u.
[Media] SoaPuffball: Which of my franchises do you want to see return in the Creeperville Expo?
KittyCat11231: soa's chippy choppy head fall-offy capital punishment contracting service
SoaPuffball: sorry, but i don't own that franchise
SoaPuffball: KittyCat11231 owns that
  • the national weather service has issued a severe Tom_Pairs warning, effective for the duration Tom_Pairs is in the vicinity. take shelter now. move to the lowest floor of a sturdy building away from any windows.
  • The National Weather Service has issued a severe spotaneous terrain generation warning.
  • BNN! Breaking News >> Wisdom teeth release psychedelic drugs, new study reports.
  • and then god created the universe, realized he accidentally rotated the wrong direction, ran an //undo, and started over the fifth time
KittyCat11231: lottery is a tax on stupid people
KittyCat11231: like me
KittyCat11231: if anyone else buys tickets i will murder you
[LOTTERY] ocksten just bought 1 ticket!
ocksten: please make it quick
ocksten died
KittyCat11231: ok i murdered you, a sheep in shadowpoint
KittyCat11231: his name was you
hvt2011: reminder
hvt2011: cars banned in tranquil forest
KittyCat11231: reminder: hvt banned in nippia
  • i only listen to the melodic symphony of a jackhammer dismembering a hamster
KittyCat11231: was afk for a sex
KittyCat11231: *sex
KittyCat11231: *sec
KittyCat11231: dumb fingers
  • windows update is microsoft's way of punishing you for going afk with unsaved work open


[Trusted] Kiwirainbow: Remember when I had that dream that Music3_0 was promoted to [Admin] a few months back? That was weird...
[Trusted] Music3_0: I know kiwi, weird :P
[Member] Kittycat11231: Kiwi, you dream about minecraft? XD
[Admin] Music3_0: Heyyyy
kiwi: I just find Atlanta so... attractive :p
Kitty: kiwi and bestmate #LegendaryLovers
kiwi: ???
Kitty: think about what you just said
sam: LOL
kiwi: I was talking about my town!
kiwi: *slaps Kitty
kiwi: ATTENTION: I am leaving the server.
bspells: WHAT
kiwi: for a one minute break to go get water :p
kiwi: brb :p
sam: ???
kiwirainbow left the game
kiwirainbow left the game.
kiwirainbow joined the game
kiwirainbow: forget to say g2g
kiwirainbow: baiiiii
kiwirainbow left the game.


  • I dont think Notch envisioned kids making entire militarys on MC :P
thomasfyfe: A little busy, I'll be good in 10 minutes or so
knowmads7: for now, you must sit in the bad boy chair tomas
knowmads7: cause you said youll be good in 10 mins lol
(talking about the rename of Sprucemount to Frosty Rivers
SoaPuffball: cos spruce- prefix is overrated
Frosty_Creeper10: i'm gonna change my town's name to spruceville
JustFarkie: spruce bay
Frosty_Creeper10: spruce swamps xD
SoaPuffball: pls dont
JustFarkie: spruce sea
Frosty_Creeper10: lol :P
JustFarkie: spruce mooshruum lands
JustFarkie: mooshroom*
knowmads7: oh congratz camel :D
camelfantasy: eh?
knowmads7: I could have sworn you were senator?
time2makemymove: LOL
camelfantasy: 2 years ago yes
knowmads7: WAIT NVM IM DUMB
time2makemymove: lmaoooooooo
knowmads7: SHUT UP :P
camelfantasy: technically i still am, for kanto :P
knowmads7: lol


[Bunker] AlphaDS: i dont watch star wars or marvel
[Bunker] MistleSoa: wat
CaptainObi: wat
[Bunker] MistleSoa: is that a reply
[Bunker] AlphaDS: oof
KnuffelBunny: is that a threat?


RadiantRanger26: anyone wanna help me build this warehouse
Krakabraka: aren't you supposed to shop in thw warehouse
RadiantRanger26: what no
Krakabraka: you are the [Busty Shopper] (when there were Christmas ranks)
Krakabraka: *busy
Minecraft252: lol
RadiantRanger26: what lmao
RadiantRanger26: no its the hq for my enterprise
Krakabraka: do not quote me on that


I can't believe
The first I did
After returning to this server
was to instinctively build a wall
It ain't much yet
But this is going bigger
Getting taller
it's going to make my city great again :*)
(even though it was never great)
  • Some guy named Donald wanted to build a steel wall on the southern border. The wall cost $5000 to build. How many mexicans crossed it?


ktkren777: oof i afk boxed a statue of i7 thinking it was him
Sirots: LOL
i____7d: HAHAHA
AlphaDS: oof
i____7d: you mean an npc?
PeaceXmas: lolmao
ktkren777: lmao
Sirots That's actually really funny XD
ktkren777: yes wtv that is
ktkren777; lmao
i____7d: im putting that on funyn quotes
ktkren777: i looked at dynmap and it wasnt him


KyleFrb: i date you to do a whip nae nae before saying which place you got in the restart
frogggggg: date?
SoaPuffball: no you may not date me
MinecraftYoshi26: oh god i forgot you were on kyle and oh god what message did i just read
ArizTrad: what is coronavirus
KyleFrb: well corona means crown, so its basically the best virus


SantaCylian:  i wish harbor was here :(
HarborRandom852:  i am here
FindTheRedPlane: but lab though, I will be so mad if you run a flight from max to lar
[Media] DoctorHytown: Flight 002- MAX-LAR
FindTheRedPlane: ...
STthecat: bru
STthecat: bruh
* RadiantRanger26 joined the game
Cylian: Hello randonat
Cylian: Rajsnt
Cylian: Raidta
RadiantRanger26: uh hi lol
Cylian: Radjant
Cylian: fayul
RadiantRanger26: was that staged
Cylian: No
Cylian: Not staged
Cylian: My keyboard is very small
RadiantRanger26: oh lmao

aint there like
300 staff online
oh wait im blined


lalaboy67 is waiting the 10 mins after cola joined to get a w/e, 6 mins have passed
lalaboy67: cola?
autobus22 reminds lala, that only 6 out of ten minutes have passed
colaja953: yes?
lalaboy67: I guess I'll take that as a no then.
Duechayapol: cats
lalaboy67: Meow
Duechayapol: lol
  • lalalalala
lalaboy left the games
JamesGaming: Love is an open...
  • ajaja
 *autobus asks lalaboy if he wants a burgerqueen in kessler*
lalaboy: naooo
autobus22: yeaaaoooo
lalaboy: naooo
lalaboy: nothing can make me say yes
autobus22: "nothing"
lalaboy: oh
lalaboy: wait what?
lalaboy: i'm confuse
lalaboy: oh wait
lalaboy: ohh
lalaboy: ohhhhhh...
lalaboy: you sneaking little devil
autobus22: :3
lalaboy added Casey_Jones3 to member
[Mod] lalaboy: ops
  • Lala - The lick song Ft. lalagirl69
(In radio chat when people asked for w/e while he was vanished)
tell me why
  • I wonder if Viagra flavored ice-cream exists?
(Lala is vanished, and dropping random potions on people)
Member: Who's dropping potions on us?
Lala: home kessler
Lala: hmmm
TonyTajiri: derp
creeperface_: HI LALA
  • ahh puSSY CANNON!\
  • I wan!!! T_T
[Mod] lalaboy: let's play a game
[Mod] lalaboy: Which town am I in right now? Clue, one of you guy's town.
[Mayor+] unjinz: Cornus
[Senator] mine_man_: elecna bay
[Mayor+] ArdyDuck: armada
  • godzilltrain was slain by lalaboy using [My Sharp Dildo]
 _redneck_jesus_: How many admods does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
lalaboy67: remove the word IN and read it again
_redneck_jesus_: lala no one is going to screw a lightbulb
lalaboy67: Well...
lalaboy67: It'll break before even entering
_Kastle: that would be painful lala
SoaPuffball: ./summon sheimoria
lalaboy: ./kill Sheimoria
one second
i eating banana
* lalaboy is now AFK.


* lalaboy is no longer AFK.
it was a long banana
Nah, i went to shower
lalaboy: So.. there is not time between the sanator, gov and premeir ranks
lalaboy: technically
camelfantasy: sanator
camelfantasy: premeir
SoaPuffball: s a n i c t o r
mjpwwf: Sanator, the sanest rank(R)
camelfantasy: i guess lala has enrolled in tom's school of speeling and gramer
I overdose
not sure why I wrote that
[Discord] VickiTori: i just came on to check in
[Discord] VickiTori: and i see anime girl memes
[Discord] lalaboy: Didn't you know, anime girl memes are the main attraction
Guest: should i be concerned of the dying horse?
lalaboy: you'll be fine
lalaboy: it's the sound of the MRT
Melecie: ah yes
[Discord] lalaboy: The only closest monster you can see on this server are my dragons
[Discord] lalaboy: Though crumple, the owner, is quite into DND
[Discord] lalaboy: Frumple
[Discord] lalaboy: The C key is near the F key
chimata: ah yes, crumple
Guest: crumple; a picture of frumple that's been all scrunched up
lalaboy: don't tell mon there is a pork underneath the table cloth
Melecie: there is a pork underneath the table cloth


  • lol i like to call birch wood "cow block"
lawrence_zo: its funny because its not even like chicken nuggets its just how stupid it is
lawrence_zo: oh wait
lawrence_zo: fr*k
lawrence_zo: i thought i was typing in discord


(in mumble)
LDShadowLord: We're gonna be all Big Brother on them
gogojakeo: Can I get a 1984!
LDShadowLord: gogo, leave poor George Orwell alone
(in mumble)
LDShadowLord: And if I don't like anything i'm going to smash my hand through it
gogojakeo: Can I get another 1984!
LDShadowLord: gogo! I have already told you. Leave poor George Orwell alone!
LD: I'm so British I piss tea.
LD: Any Mods online?
Yoshi: No
Robin: nope
LD: I have questionable morals, but even I think that's wrong!
Who Would make a steak medium rare? Monsters, that's who.
TechnologyPro: Me Ld.
LD: I stand by my point.
LD: I'm suing myself for sexual harassment
If a bad vet couldn't save my steak then it is overdone.
Rednax: Will this Exchange be carbon-neutral?
LD: Hell no, we dug up half the MRT for these bricks
Frozen: wrong answers. we WILL be carbon neutral
LD In 2094
Frozen: In 2184
Ld: Oh, did we add more bricks
Frozen: No, I added abestos
LD: Oh yep, that'll do it
(After a server crash)
Kitty: Wut happened?
LD: "It Took a shit"
LD: "My brother's anti-heterosexual: He doesn't like straights
MulledPine: Who does?
Amber_pine: Come LD
LD: I'm sorry, I can't do it on command.
Unjinz: ...
Amber_Pine: To me
LD: Oh.
DevyySky: xD
LD: Be more specific.

EliteNeon: Can somebody run /seen MC_Dunc for me?
Johngi: 1 month 25 days
LDShadowLord: No
FredTheTimeLord: Probably around 12 tracks
(Please note: Johngi first made the joke in his section, and is slightly annoyed at this. Since, however, LD annoys everyone, I'm not too suprised.)


* Krakabraka joined the game

Krakabraka: I am bored, stressed and tired all at the same time

Purrcat2010: That's a terrible combination

LDShadowLord: Hi bored, stressed and tired all the time. How do you fit all that on your passport?

RadiantRanger26: lmao

[Conductor+] LDShadowLord: I have vacuumed my sausages
[Mayor+] Kr4ka: what
[Conductor+] LDShadowLord: Did I stutter
[Conductor+] Kr4ka: no but- ok whatever yo do you ld
[Conductor+] 0x10: vacuumed sausage??


  • I can't wait to get the rank [Enator+]
  • PSA: This is a PSA, we thank you for listening to this PSA and we hope you liked this PSA, as this PSA is a spy


In the end it doesn't matter what you believe is right or wrong.
Cos I'm gonna kill you anyway


Seastep is raging at Soa for afkboxing him
Seastep: NO SOA
lfpp003: no soap
lfpp003: I should buy some in the supermarket
SoaPuffball: *burns lfpp003 for: no lfpp.
SubwayGamerMC: buy it in the minemarket of desertvew
*singing about Soa for no apparent reason*
lfpp003: what is soap
lfpp003: baby don't clean me
lfpp003: don't clean me
lfpp003: no more (Haddaway - What Is Love)
Seastep: xD
Seastep: ROFL
Seastep: I'm so adding that to Funny Quotes OMG..
lfpp003: the past of sleep is sloop
lfpp003: the singular of sheep is shoop
lfpp003: the plural of moose is meese


look w/eed


wbhob: what goes in a park
lil_shadow59: nuclear power plants
(AlikSong was talking to EliteNeon)
lil_shadow59: how do you lick songs
AlikSong: yes
Echohue: mm
EliteNeon: sounds like a sex act
godzilltrain joined the game.
lil_shadow59: fake godz
godzilltrain: says the fake godz
lil_shadow59: whoever wins is dumb
i____7d: nao me
PeacemakerX5: Dew it
[LOTTERY] Congratulations to lil_shadow59 for winning $375!
[LOTTERY] There was a total of 16 players buying 275 tickets


Lithium: City Promotion Is Test A English Skill?
SoSo: xD
Auto: xD
*SoaPuffball is haggling over the price of Lithium's Circo Porto.
[Trustee] LithiumMirnuriX: $25 for arcade and $25 for verification most games
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: ^-^
[Mayor+] ModernArt: $40 for just an arcade?
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: but for a 11x8 arcade, that's kinda expensive
[Trustee] LithiumMirnuriX: no, $25 for arcade and $15 for basic internet fee
[Mayor+] ModernArt: it's really expensive
[Mayor+] ModernArt: "Basic Internet Fee"
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: ^
* SoSo123 is no longer AFK.
LithiumMirnuriX: soso is afk?
SoSo123: ?
SoSo123: lol
SoSo123: add that to the quotes
LithiumMirnuriX: do you know hankwa, hwachae?
InfamousColumbia: actually no
LithiumMinuriXL hold on
LithiumMirnuriX: both Korean traditional desert
LithiumMirnuriX: Hwachae (??;??) is a general term for traditional Korean punches, made with various fruits or edible flower petals. The fruits and flowers are soaked in honied water or honied magnolia berry juice. In modern South Korea, carbonated juice and/or
LithiumMirnuriX: fruit juices are also commonly added to hwachae. Hwachae is often garnished with pine nuts before it is served.
InfamousColumbia left the game.
  • if lost janghwa, I must get food itself from hunt wild Animals and forage berries unless build greenhouse due cold biome.
[Discord] LithiumMirnuriX: Has Planned your Clock tower?
Needn_NL: nope
[Discord] LithiumMirnuriX: no u.
Needn_NL: XD
SoaPuffball: that is an improper use of no u


London150: People of the MRT: Do NOT send bills to me!
(SoaPuffball fills his mailbbox with empty maps named "Bill")
London150: WHO SENT BILLS TO ME!!!! *caps*
London150: I'm not paying THEBILLS!
(people start to fill his mailbox with potatos/carrots named "Memes" or papers named "Bills4Lyfe" and maps named "Bill")

[Governor] RLcrafters: dunno so much bout Torquay other then you should go visit Basil and Sybil Fawlty
[Governor] RLcrafters: if you dont get tht im deporting u from the UK
*mossie proceeds to "get it"*
*London completely misses the point*
[Governor] RLcrafters: r/whoooosh for london then
[Senator+] _Mossie: xD
[Mayor] London150: huh?
[Governor] RLcrafters: double whoooooooosh
[Mayor] TheSubway: lol
[Mayor] London150: i'm not going by plane..
[Mayor] TheSubway: triple woooosh
[Governor] RLcrafters: *nuclear facedesk*

London150: Soa's eyeing up free ports
SoaPuffball: ^
_Kastle: ^
_Kastle joined the game.
_Kastle: hi to whatever i am agreeing
  • I think one of the problems of me being on the MRT.. is i'm too smart
* MinecraftYoshi26 is no longer AFK.
MinecraftYoshi26: hai here for a sec
MinecraftYoshi26: hi
[Discord] London150: That's 1 second Yoshi xD
[Discord] London150: I counted a second
megascatterbomb: he's here for a second
megascatterbomb: and now he's here for more seconds
* MinecraftYoshi26 is now AFK.
  • funny quotes is good for your health
[23:21] London150: Arcadia..?
[23:21] London150: Is that the theme or something
[23:21] Cookie46910: wut
[23:21] Johngi: XD
[23:21] Yoshi: huh
[23:21] Johngi: no arcadia is hosting it again
[23:21] daltdisneyland: is anyone surprised
[23:21] London150: OOF
[23:21] Yoshi: is arcadia the theme lmaooooo
[23:21] London150: Pls no funny quotes
[23:21] Johngi: funny quotes time
[23:21] camelfantasy: funny quotes
frogggggg: what exactly is this: ¤
LondonThameslink: idk
LondonThameslink: centipede?
frogggggg: bruh
* LondonThameslink knows old Atari games *
  • Chief, when will the marina shittle be extended?
frogggggg: expansion Omega
[Discord] London150: No, it'll be Delta Alba Delta Yankee Sierra November India Papa
[Discord] London150: Commonly known as DADYSNIP

London150: WOW

London150: my spelling

London150 died

London150 took their own life.

[Mod+] VickiTori_: fuck my internet
[Mayor+] LondonThameslink: mmmm not sure if the internet can get pregnant from that

SoaPuffball: hey ap are you free rn for a quick //set 1
SoaPuffball: //set 0*
London150: set 1 does stone XD
London150: let's stone your town
  • It's footbowl (meant to say football, which is Soccer in North America)
[Discord] LondonThameslink: Oh yeah pie
[Discord] LondonThameslink: Aria called. She said you're breaching copyright of 'your mom'
underscorepie: her mom
MrMinecraft143: c did you get your tacos yet
chiefbozx: me?
MrMinecraft143: yeah
chiefbozx: yes i ate them already
[Discord] LondonThameslink: He couldn't c his tacos
[Discord] LondonThameslink: :P
chiefbozx: :zap:
[Discord] LondonThameslink: :x:
[Discord] LondonThameslink: No zap
[Discord] LondonThameslink: Bad Chief
chiefbozx: yes zap
[Discord] LondonThameslink: Mr shoccy pants
chiefbozx: :sigh:
Melecie: chief you should make a plugin that autosmites a player the next time they join
[Discord] LondonThameslink: NO
Melecie: along with a custom message
[Discord] LondonThameslink: Soa
Melecie: yes
[Discord] LondonThameslink: OMG SOA
0x10: queue smite
[Discord] LondonThameslink: That's not a good idea
chiefbozx: EXCELLENT idea
Melecie: why not?
[Discord] LondonThameslink: 
[Discord] LondonThameslink: That means I get shocked every time I join
[Discord] LondonThameslink: Bboii


Macftrax: Appleton? Sounds tasty!
Macftrax: *eats Appleton*
CaptainChimpy: I'm going to add that to funny quotes
Macftrax: Ugh... It tasted like concrete and asphalt...
Captainchimpy: nvm
Macftrax: It didn't taste like apples....
Macftrax: Hnt, you need to change your city's name. It's misleading.
Macftrax: Congrats suppoe.
Suppoe: Congrats for what?
Mactfrax: Trustee.
Suppoe: I've been a trustee for about two years now.
Macftrax: Did I congratulate you before?
TonyTajiri: FAYUL


  • *shocked by Chief* Chief, you made me wet my pants...
  • Dear Mojang, stop breaking minecraft please. Kthxbai.
  • *talking with Kekkomatic about Benie* *Benie joins mumble* Oh...hey there Benie...
  • Thomas mumble! i'll explain my bird poop! :D
  • Benie, please W/E my face :P
  • That's Birdist!
  • Rule Britannia!
  • Mi pene es muy grande
Just_robinho: yay I aint the holdest on atm
_MajorMagpie_: ^^That's how Robin smoothly says 'I'm of age and available'
Hightech_TR: What is this rapidcoffee thing? who owns it?
Rednax: Maggie?
Magpie: That would be me
Kottle: Dum Dum Dum!


  • mastermann13: connected with an iPhone using MineChat
    mastermann13: hey kelli
    kekkomatic: I like kelli
    mastermann13: kekko, autocorrect lol
    kekkomatic: From now on i'm kelli


Matthieu_Dinh joined the game
Me:Fi Fi Fo Fum I'm the giant!


Why do I fall in lava each time i'm on a Cyan Systems train!!!


Finally done babyshitting I can play :D
(A few minutes later...)
Kitty you misspelled my name on the funny quotes page
(In mumble)
Max: Siri, what does the fox say?
Siri: There is no need for profanity (Thought he said f*ck)


MaxStewartS: Puff
MaxStewartS: Puff
SoaPuffball: yes maxy?
MaxStewartS: It's just a puffy ball.
Hello Infamous Airlines attendant.
I get free flights.
MaxStewartS: hi kitty
SoaPuffball: kitty?
KittyCat11231: ?
MaxStewartS: can I throw a nuke on Free State of Kitania's HQ
SoaPuffball: do you have franchise spaces?
KittyCat11231: yes
KittyCat11231: to soa
MaxStewartS: aww
MaxStewartS: Who owns Larkspur?
SoaPuffball: vicki
dragonbloon419: Vicki
AppleGamer123: vicki
MaxStewartS: bicki vicki
dragonbloon419: ...
MaxStewartS: Bikini 
MaxStewartS: Deadbush is really nice
MaxStewartS: But the stewpid grass has to ruin it
MaxStewartS: stupid < Stewpid
MaxStewartS: @everyone my vocab is new and improved :)
MF_moj: i might have to vibe check you, by order of the Deadbush police
MaxStewartS: no no no
MaxStewartS: Totally not high on deadbush


  • Even my mouth moved from my mouth
  • Waffle Taco Hut!
  • Mr.Protocol: I Like Tacos / Music3_0: Why not Burritos / Mr.Protocol: They're too big.
  • Welcome to The Rice Fields!
  • 'While playing Wheel of Fortune', Yoshi: Give me a consonant / MC: A / Everyone: xD / Yoshi: A CONSONANT MC! / MC: 1 / Yoshi: WHAT. TRY AGAIN A CONSONANT / MC: Monkeys! / Yoshi: *facepalm*
  • *in Mumble* "I AM A COW"
  • I can smell you
  • In Mumble
MC: Let's change ban hammer to spartan kick
Chief: *Chiefbozx shocked MC_Protocol
Yoshi: *Randomly Talking about Bad idea with the Change
Chief: *Chiefbozx shocked MinecraftYoshi26
MC: Han Solo Dies!
_frozen has muted player MC_Protocol.
Derpy_Turtle_MRT was slain by MC_Protocol using [Muscular Men]
[Senator] MishkaMan: eww
MC_Protocol: *Chief has no arms*
chiefbozx: what
  • landscars are temporary, terraforming is forever
MC_Protocol: time to chill out
MC_Protocol: quite literally
MC_Protocol froze to death


  • mike your staff right


  • why cant i be in funny quotes when i say funny stuff all the time
  • alik is black and white your life
fiction overbook
im swimping my keyboard
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: ardy ur buildings are so empty :9
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: :((((((((
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: *cries*
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: can i furnish them
[Mayor+] _Ardy: if you are willing to furnish all of them
[Mayor+] _Ardy: then sure
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: o
[Mayor+] _Ardy: you'll be saving me from years of work
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: months**
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: wait
[Mayor+] _Ardy: nope years
[Mayor+] _Ardy: actually
[Councillor] MeetMeInSpace: o
[Mayor+] _Ardy: centuries
[Senator] RLcrafters: millenia
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: it looks like she has sprinkles on her face
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: omg can i add that to funny qoutes??/
[Citizen] Supykun: Gao ahead
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: my shit looks so cute on me
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: shirt8
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: omg
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: metmmmmmmmm
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: this poor sheep is trapped by lava
[Mayor] knowmads7: xD
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: OMG I JUST PUSHED IT
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: !!!!
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: i didnt mean to omg
[Mayor] knowmads7: u kno what will cheer you up?
[Mayor] knowmads7: trains :P
MeetMeInSpace: sry i was changing my texture pack!!!!!!!!!!1
SoaPuffball: shouting?
MeetMeInSpace: yeah!!!!!!
  • gn everyone hope all of your wigs are SNATCHED<3 (talking about someone's snatched wig)


  • Think of our guest policy as immigration policy
  • :/
  • Do it for science (When asking CG to create a lag machine for testing empty cart detectors)
  • This is the most idiotic things i have ever seen (When looking at large lag machine.)
  • -_- I am surprised at your stupidity.
  • Cola, my brother thinks you need to improve your copy/pasting (When cola failed continuously at pasting mega's station)
  • mega: "Robin, can i plz have a w/e?"
Robin: "bbl"
Just_Robinho left the game
5 minutes later
Just_Robinho joined the game
Robin: "so who wanted that w/e?"
  • My jetpack is failing, landing on frumples office!
Frumple looks up
Megascatterbomb: hi
Frumple: oh hai there
  • Yoshi plays parkour map and slips.
mega: :O I nearly killed yoshi!
yoshi survives
mega: nuuuuuu
  • (In Mumble) SOMEONE's Gonna get Bonned :P
  • (In Mumble) mega: Yeah, in Portal 2 Co-op Chief needs someone to play with. | jph: Chief needs someone to play with...
  • Frumple <redacted> <redacted> and also <redacted> the <redacted>
SoaPuffball: how do i send a flying taco to the next gsm
godzilltrain: with difficulty
megascatterbomb: the energy required to break the space taco continuum is a lot
(LD is offline, the [Superconductor] part somehow ended up in another line so it makes it seem like LD is actually talking)
[Trial Mod] megascatterbomb: the premier tag is
[Superconductor] LDShadowLord: hi
  • what do you want to ask my w/e wand?
megascatterbomb: pfft schematica
megascatterbomb: you can't crash the server with schematica :P
[Discord] Yoshi: so ya pls tell your friends to vote rnx
megascatterbomb: what friends lmao
[Discord] Yoshi: :P
megascatterbomb: there's this girl who i like in software class, can't ruin my chance with minecraft screenshots
 megascatterbomb: i dont feel so good
megascatterbomb left the game
Player sesese9 kicked megascatterbomb for *snap*
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Framopelp was the misspelling at today's GSM
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Have fun with this knowledge
JTrain77: *que fake joke spoilers*
brombrombromley: batman dies
SoaPuffball: diancie dies in endgame
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: tony stack stacks a city into thanos ship
chiefbozx: tony stack stacks central city 7 times too many
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Ultron in age of ultron did a //move 100 d
brombrombromley: tony stack makes the secret highway to central city
(talking about commands like /rig and /daddy)
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Another fun command is //stack
(people are having near-racy discussions about other languages)
Megascatterbomb: I have "Mrs Vickiposa get down!" on my clipboard just in case lmao
Vickiposa: im married apparently
SoaPuffball: mega is that for racist jokes
SoaPuffball: mega?
megascatterbomb: w a t
SoaPuffball: in rank resort why are you and hvt in two places at the same time
megascatterbomb: unfortunately we lost our license to apply the laws of physics
SoaPuffball: but you still have the liscence to apply the laws of spacetime
SoaPuffball: why can i never spell that correctly
megascatterbomb: space-time is a DLC

Starcubed: what about /ac
chiefbozx: there's no /ac
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: /ac is air conditioned but it's broken so we disabled it
[LP] LOG > (megascatterbomb) [U] (sesese9)
[LP] LOG > meta addtempprefix 100 [Mod-Councillor] 1575255222
[Mod-Councillor] sesese9: yay
  • Get ready for a drought, because I'm about to take a shower.


a floating block is realistic
i shot it with my unrealistic invisible starship
Guest joined the game.
Welcome Guest to the Minecart Rapid Transit server!
SoaPuffball: wb
*Guest has been relogging a lot
[Guest] left the game.
SoaPuffball: Guest joined the game.
SoaPuffball: nope
[Guest] joined the game.
SoaPuffball: lel
SoSo123: add that to your quotes
ModernArt: know can you do some cars for me in Norwest pls?
knowmads7: and yea sure
SoaPuffball: pay him a nuke first then
ModernArt: oh wow
knowmads7: *** lol
SoaPuffball: lol
SoaPuffball: aaaand i can't reach shadow anymore
SoaPuffball: :(
* LDShadowLord is now AFK.
SoaPuffball: (as in Shadow_Lord1234)
SoSo123: LOL
SoaPuffball: wow
SoaPuffball: when i said that the other shadowlord went afk :P
frogggggg: the firework system is finished :D
SnowPuffball_: :D
SnowPuffball_: Does the fire work?
frogggggg: yeep
SnowPuffball_: xD
London150: Ohhhh
_Kastle: ?
London150: The puns are incredible
SnowPuffball_: fire work = firework
(talking about 1.13 features)
SoaPuffball: actually usable 38:8
LithiumMirnuriX: what code is 38:8?
SoaPuffball: smooth stone
AP_Red: No, that's 43:8
SoaPuffball: oyerite
AP_Red: 38:8's the oxeye daisy
LithiumMirnuriX: lol
SoaPuffball: :P
SoaPuffball: i got an omae mou
SoaPuffball: i got a wa shindeiru
SoaPuffball: uh
Kel5: n a n i s o a
SoaPuffball: omae wa mou shindeiru
lalaboy: NANI
(_Kastle was recently demoted)
SoaPuffball: kastle!
SoaPuffball: congrats for trial mod!
SoaPuffball: :3
Kel5: ^
_Kastle: lol
Starcubed: does anyone want a quick buck
SoaPuffball: me
Starcubed: tpa :P
*Soa tpa's to Star*
SoaPuffball: now give me mah moneh
Starcubed: could you fill in
Starcubed: oh
SoaPuffball: with
Starcubed: OH
Starcubed: LOl
*Star gives $0.001 to Soa*
Frosty_Creeper10: soa, do not say where we are
SoaPuffball: where we are
SoaPuffball: :^
Frosty_Creeper10: da**it
(1 hour before restart, AyyLion and Cookie are teammates in TAR)
cookie46910 died in a wall (npc)
AyyLion: cookie dies in infinity war
woorich999: restart was 23 hours ago
woorich999: it takes that npc 23 hours to die
SoaPuffball: gg
SoaPuffball: 23 Hours to Die: The Movie
AyyLion: lol that should be out TAR name
[Media] ModernArt: Do you not have any money on demand? Do you desperately need it? well /msg ModernArt for loans! 50% payback! if you don't pay, you will be-
[Media] SoaPuffball: killed and banned forever!
SoaPuffball: xD
[Media] frogggggg: Splattered all over the wall and be ditched by your insurance! :D

(in Frumple’s YouTube video of The Mole 9 Episode 5)
SoaPuffball: [Mod] CynraSilver: hello / Cynra got demoted?
Frumple: Read the date at the beginning and the video description: “This episode was held on May 5, 2018” / This was a day before the May GSM where Cynra got promoted.
SoaPuffball: Frumple lol
[Media] SoaPuffball: Tacurger Shack @ Evella Airport
[Media] SoaPuffball: Now Open1
nicrats: Open1
SoaPuffball: Open2
nicrats: Open3
Skelezomperman: hey Narnia, are you willing to partner with me for A1 work?
SoaPuffball: that translates to "can you please be my w/e slave"
sesese9: xD
hvt2011: my f key wouldn't activate for some reason
IcedPuffball: press f to pay respects
hvt2011: g
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: F
Cact0: d
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: 6
Cact0: k brb
Cact0: dinner
IcedPuffball: bon appetiet
IcedPuffball: that's a wrong spelling I think :/
IcedPuffball: and wrong grammar :/ :/
(me is SoaPuffball)
[me -> ByteMega] thanks
[ByteMega -> me] somewhere around this area
[ByteMega -> me] and dont screw up the lake plsthansk
[me -> ByteMega] * turns the lake into a screw
[ByteMega -> me] *annexes your town
Cact0: my wall just vanished
Cact0: f*****g internet
SoaPuffball: wall is an admod confirmed
Cact0: xD
SoaPuffball: cacto's wall
SoaPuffball joined the game.
SoaPuffball: you are the ocean's mistake
SoaPuffball: destined for memes and dreams
SoaPuffball: and maids you f-g weeb
SoaPuffball: (hia)
Conric005: does anyone know of a head i can use for an airport security guard other than the head of tom
Cact0: uhh
Cact0: the head of tom
SoaPuffball: Tom_Pairs's head
Conric005: boi
SoaPuffball: always n steps ahead*
SoaPuffball: (n may be zero or negative)
camelfantasy: yoshi's name is 16 characters so it's atleast 16
SoaPuffball: isnt yoshi just 5
MinecraftYoshi26: mood
time2makemymove: helicopters are dumb
SoaPuffball: waht you're sying is
SoaPuffball: "the only means of transport to many isolated towns are dumb"
time2makemymove left the game.
SoaPuffball: aaaaaaaaand he left
Narnia17: whats after pinkconc1-10
(frosty pasting schematics)
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: next is purple
SoaPuffball: grayconc
Narnia17: DA**IT
SoaPuffball: ?
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: wat
Narnia17: i tried grayconc
SoaPuffball: LOL
Narnia17: this is why we can't have nice things
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: xD
SoaPuffball died
Frosty_Creeper10: gj soa
[Media] SoaPuffball: Comet Cafe @ Larkspur
[Media] SoaPuffball: not yet open.
[Media] woorich999: Freshee Tea @ LAR Airport is finished but not open
[Media] SoaPuffball: but it's ready to open when Larkspur Lilyflower opens!
[Discord] Echo: all hail echohue
SoaPuffball: hi echo
SoaPuffball: sorry, but i don't send hailstorms
(referencing time's infamous quote)
SoaPuffball: then, everyone and their mom had a gate at atc
SoaPuffball: next, everyone and their mom had a gate at fyi
SoaPuffball: soon, everyone and their mom had a gate at lar :P
[Server] New World Dynmap Render in progress...
[Server] No WorldEdits or other dynmap renders allowed.
[HelpOp] SoaPuffball: hi may i pls have a heli pasted in because schematica doesn't exist as far as i know
MinecraftYoshi26: soa read the blue message :P
SoaPuffball: oyarite ty
[HelpOp] SoaPuffball: may i pls still have it kappa
MinecraftYoshi26: um soa
MinecraftYoshi26: you may not have it because of the blue message :P
SoaPuffball: read the last word :P
MinecraftYoshi26: that is a greek letter yes
chiefbozx: i'm going to be on a long-a** flight tomorrow, ama except where i'm going :P
SoaPuffball: where are you going
* soa gets smitten
SoaPuffball: cookie?
Cookie46910: hi
SoaPuffball: why am i calling cookie lol
Cookie46910: ?
SoaPuffball: moramoa is mega's right
Cookie46910: yea
SoaPuffball: then why was i asking you :P
SoaPuffball: *facepalm*
Cookie46910: ?????
hvt2011: ?????????????????????????
Needn_NL: bonjour
SoaPuffball: cya
Needn_NL: bonjour as in hai
SoaPuffball: .-. me
SoaPuffball: and my knowledge of french
SoaPuffball: many users are known for not liking something.
SoaPuffball: for instance, kitty is known for not liking alliance lease gates, time helicopters, and soa glass panes.
lil_shadow59: What am i known for not liking
Echohue: I love everybody <3
Echohue: except for soa
SoaPuffball: lil_shadow59 anything that is not a power plant
lil_shadow59: d**n you got me
SoaPuffball: soa is also known for not liking Echohue.
Echohue: D:
SoaPuffball: checkmate
TheGreenKangaroo: kangaroo is known for hating the bed
TheGreenKangaroo left the game.
SoaPuffball: mumble is just a compilation of people saying hello
Cookie46910: mood
SoaPuffball: idk why but i feel like vicki was destined to be a mod from the very start
Vickiposa: it's my d e s t i n y
SoaPuffball: she rigged her very first lottery ticket :P
KittyCat11231: "i am inevitable" -vicki
[Discord] LithiumMirnuriX: Hey, your country is annexed and country code merged?
[Discord] SoaPuffball:
SoaPuffball: how much am i gonna be going deeper to that image
JM_IJsselwroomen: ^there's something wrong when an image answering your question goes 4 screenshots deep
SoaPuffball: we shouldn't go deeper
* woorich999 is no longer AFK.
SoaPuffball: hi woorich
SoaPuffball: hey woorich
woorich999: hi
woorich999: hey
Cookie46910: hi soa
Coolie46910: heya soa
chiefbozx: i'm wearing pants
Vulpicula: pfft, wearing pants
SoaPuffball: Vulpicula wears a skirt
Vulpicula: ahem, it's called a kilt and it's MANLY. :>
[Media] SoaPuffball: vulpicula wears a skirt confirmed
Vulpicula: plus there's a nice cool breeze in the summer
<Chief shocks Vulpicula.>
[Discord] SoaPuffball: julius seesaw x jk bowling
[Discord] London150: :O
[Discord] London150: Bad soa
[Discord] SoaPuffball: i’m sorry i should’ve not said that
[Discord] London150: Ban
(using @everyone still pings everyone in discord)
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: btw you missed the chaos of the everyone pings
SoaPuffball: @everyone
[Discord] _11: bad
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Soa no
jphgolf4321: soa
[Discord] woorich999: omg why
time2makemymove: lol nice
[Discord] Cookie46910: no
[Discord] Yoshi: Do not do that
woorich999: yaboi
[Discord] Vulpicula: Soa, you're boned
[Discord] Rocketscience: Could you not
[Discord] Vulpicula: So boned
[Discord] EspiDev: oh noes
[Discord] Cookie46910: bad soa
[Discord] Vulpicula: So very, very, boned.
time2makemymove: why is that enabled
SoaPuffball: sry
woorich999: just why soa
[Discord] Rocketscience: Kick kick kick
[Discord] Megascatterbomb: Next person who tries to at everyone gets warned
[Discord] Vulpicula: HANG HIM
[Discord] woorich999: look at that backlash
time2makemymove: [Everyone]: "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
ModernArt: alpha I just established a colony for the RoE btw :P
MistleSoa: may i eat it
ModernArt: sure
MistleSoa: and make it a colony for the nu
MistleSoa: thanks
ModernArt: no
[Media] MistleSoa: as of today the colony of mesa bay is independent from the republic of epsilon and has joined the nymphic union

lil_shadow59: where is my lap
MistleSoa: you're not a mall santa you don't have one /s
Vulpicula: I'd like to see Faelia.
Vulpicula: ...I uhh, got the name right, aye?
SoaPuffball: no
SoaPuffball: town is named "vulpicula-spell-it-right-or-else"
Vulpicula: :c
SoaPuffball: :P
(talking about the arctic and antartic)
MistleSoa: also why is it just called the arctic
MistleSoa: when the antartic can also be called antartica
MistleSoa: so shouldnt arctic also be called arctica
MistleSoa: :thinking:
anyway can yall please lose the game for me
thanks <3
SoaPuffball left the game (lag disconnect)
SailorMoodChan: may i have a stack pls
SailorMoodChan: it's for a railway
SoaPuffball: cant you just grab a stack of rails from the creative inventory moj
SailorMoodChan: no
Airplaneguy9: btw soa, did you see Subway's gay plane at airport world
TheSubway: it's not gay
SoaPuffball: do you support trans rights
TheSubway: yes ofc
SoaPuffball: is it a gay plane
TheSubway: no it just has a lot of colours
SoaPuffball: why is your plane sad\
TheSubway: lol
SoaPuffball: also you lost the game
SoaPuffball died
SoaPuffball: boi
Vulpicula: it was uh...
SoaPuffball: what was that for
Vulpicula: echohue
Airplaneguy9: learning abour funky stuff in biology
SoaPuffball: Airplaneguy9 what is the powerhouse of the cell
SoaPuffball: hard question
SoaPuffball: :P
Airplaneguy9: m i t o c h o n d r i a
[Discord] hut3122: atp synthase
MistleSoa: btw thanks echo
MistleSoa: thanks for making me lose the game ;)
Echohue: godda****
MistleSoa: you did that to yourself
Echohue: I did
MistleSoa: ;)
Echohue: :P
SoaPuffball: hi angle
SoaPuffball: wha kind of angle are you
_HeavenAngle_: obtuse
hut3122: obtuse
[Discord] SoaPuffball: vsauce!
james__: heyyy
james__: vsauce
frogggggg: here
SoaPuffball: kevin here :P
james__: michael here
[Discord] SoaPuffball: The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.
EliteNeon: Soa
EliteNeon: Bad.
Foote_Chicken: no its a test to see if something should be replaced by a bus for no reason.
[Discord] _Conductor: Whats a sigma
_Katla_: nobody
SoaPuffball: an enigma
frogggggg: now it better go to space, as its a comet cafe
SoaPuffball: i hit a rocket under it :P
frogggggg: wat
frogggggg: *breaks the floor
SoaPuffball: it's  very fragile
frogggggg: op
SoaPuffball: and looks like dirt to an unsuspecting person
frogggggg: ah ic
SoaPuffball: /helpop can you please shock ondist thank you
(soa gets smitten)
SoaPuffball: i don't try to get last anymore
🛑 Server has stopped
[Discord] time2makemymove: unintentionally gets last
[Discord] SoaPuffball: speak of the devil
CirclesPointless: it's only a matter of time before someone here actually gets simped or something lol
[Discord] SoaPuffball: playerlust
pretzel33: lol
CirclesPointless: relevant typo
pretzel33: good typo
[Discord] SoaPuffball: WOW
[Discord] SoaPuffball: i just wanted to check if frumple is still online
SoaPuffball: who wants $1
sesese9: me
Conric005: me
SansNotLuigi: me
SoaPuffball: wait 20 minutes in game to get 41
hvt2011: me
hvt2011: oop
SoaPuffball: $1
SoaPuffball: the grand quartet of diseases
SoaPuffball: mojangitis, increased building speed
SoaPuffball: dragonitis, frequent typos in chat
SoaPuffball: frostyitis, terrible internet connection
SoaPuffball: and soaitis, random game freezes
MIKE24DUDE: at least it is updated without tpom
Starcubed: oh no jeremy
SoaPuffball: tom and jeremy
[Discord] SoaPuffball: this is a plot server, but the plots are not visibly markd and they can be not rectangular
[Discord] SoaPuffball: and also others can build on your plot with permission
[Discord] SoaPuffball: any mods on because i want to ask for a w/e :b
[Discord] SoaPuffball: p1 is the northest top corner of the world p2 is the southeast bottom corner of the world
[Discord] SoaPuffball: the command is //replace vines air
[Discord] SoaPuffball: admin is just a red moderator
[Discord] hvt2011: ok soa
[Discord] hvt2011: senator is just a green guest
[Discord] SoaPuffball: yes
daltdisneyland: premiere is just a yellow councillor
[Discord] SoaPuffball: is nate the past tense of neat
Frosty_Creeper10: no it's neatted
[Discord] SoaPuffball: hey unjinz how many endorsements do i have for guest
unjinz: Lemme see..... You have:
unjinz: undefined
[Discord] SoaPuffball: ty!
LondonThameslink: Sophia's here
LondonThameslink: the new Hendon Town Hall employee
[Discord] SoaPuffball: 20/10 soa
[Discord] SoaPuffball: split second thought "sophia" was a nickname for me
(evening in soa's time)
[Discord] SoaPuffball: hey meow we're both awake at the same time go to sleep
[Discord] meow10811: no u
[Discord] SoaPuffball: ok meow
[Discord] SoaPuffball: hmm how should i mess the quadratic function up this time
[Discord] SoaPuffball: xb² xa c
[Discord] frogggggg: is that The Game cheat code
[Discord] SoaPufball: gg frog
[Discord] i____7d: (a²-b-c/x)*x
[Discord] SoaPuffball: according to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a mylesheli helicopter can fly. its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground.
[Discord] SoaPuffball: the mylesheli helicopter flies anyway, because mylesheli helicopters don't care what humans think.
Freskooo: why can francesca see me through a wall
[Discord] SoaPuffball: francesca is very smart
[Discord] SoaPuffball: did you know that in the distant past, francescas used tot be guards against ninjas
JavaIsBetter: that's what she said
frogggggg: yes
SoaPuffball: because they know where soemone is, even if they are behind a wall
Freskoo: now i wonder what would happen if i wear a francesca head and francesca sees me
kingsnake: express vpn
SoaPuffball: chief, by chnce is that tom scott's video titled something like "this video is sponsored by [---] vpn"
chiefbozx: Yes. Yes it is.
chiefbozx: taxes are hard
Winterecie: split second, i read it as "texas are hard"
Winterecie joined the game.
* Winterecie covers your eyes
Winterecie: guess who?
vibely: soa
Winterecie: soa is a friend of mine
Winterecie: SoaPuffball, to be precise
vibely: i used ./seen
Winterecie: do you also know them?
vibely: i know it's soa
[Discord] JavaIsBetter: This ain't soa wdym
Winterecie: Wahahaha!~
vibely: yeah only soa uses ~
Winterecie: yeah no
Winterecie: misha also uses tildes and i am referencing them with that
Winterecie: i can't say "wahahaha!~" without the tilde
Winterecie: gemstride is big tiny
Winterecie: wait
[Discord] SoaPuffball: say goodbye to SoaPuffball yall
MPolo455: why
Foote_Chicken: ok melecie
[Discord] Melecie: say hello to SoaPuffball 2
[Discord] Melecie: because soa was so good there had to be a second soa
AlphaDS: soamelecie
[Discord] meow10811: yo if soa was so good how come he didn't make a soa 2
[Discord] Melecie: get to x but it's getting from biwabik to uacam beach without using warps
Frosty_Creeper10: that's not get to x soa
Frosty_Creeper10: that's just torture
[Discord] Melecie: guess who, what, where, when, and why!
Melecie joined the game.
Melecie: it's me, joining the server, in nymphalia, on the seventh of august 2021 because i'm bored! :D
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: hey melecie you like indie games right
[Senator+] Melecie: yes
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: i know a good one you should play
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: lemme find the name of it...
[Senator+] Melecie: random guess, is it omori?
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: ummmm
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: "five nights at freddy's"
[Senator+] Melecie: NO
Missa_Solemnis: Anyone else?
Melecie: missa may i have a w/e, p1 and p2 is auburn
Melecie: and set 1
LabCylian: Stone Auburn
Melecie left the game.
Player Missa_Solemnis kicked Melecie for bad.
Krakabraka: lolll
HarborRandom852: lmao
Melecie joined the game.
Melecie: D:
Missa_Solemnis: :D
_fwis: D:
LabCylian: :))
chiefbozx: ok i'm going to bed, last call if anyone needs me
Melecie: chief?
chiefbozx: yes?
Melecie: gn
(soa gets smitten)
Melecie: [Shock]
(soa gets smitten)
sesese9: granted
Melecie: thanks for the shock
Melecie: YUU!
HarborRandom852: MELECIE NO
Melecie: soulja boy tell'em
Krakabraka: YUU!
HarborRandom852: another one has fallenw
HarborRandom852: another one has fallenw
HarborRandom852: the infection is spreading
Melecie: i'm sorry i just had to make the soulja boy joke
Melecie: D:
i have made the mistake of playing minecraft without a mouse
Melecie left the game.
aesthetic air
where's the vaporwave
get to :x:
be the first to say something cursed that warrants an :x:
"ooh amestris has a free bus slot"
"wait why is there a SoaTech here, that thing's ancient"
[Broadcast] now is the time to request w/e
Dianchill: hut may i request w/e to fill in 1000 buses of different kinds in tranquil forest
hvt2011: no
(mel doing w/e stack for a road)
Melecie: ight you may not stop
Melecie: ty <3
Melecie: now*
Missa_Solemnis: I was like eXcUsE mE?
Melecie: what may i change?
MC_Protocol: interior go nuts
(mel spams peanuts in the interior)
Melecie: went nuts
MC_Protocol: ha got em
Melecie joined the game.
Missa_Solemnis joined the game.
VickiTori_ joined the game.
Melecie: mod train
Melecie: i happen to be a secret mod
chimata: SoA SeCreT MoD?
chimata: soa secret conductor?
chiefbozx: soa did not apply for conductor
Melecie: but i am a secret mod
Melecie: that's why i didn't apply for conductor
chiefbozx: :gasp:
FredTheTimeLord: the real secret mod was the friends we made along the way
[Media] Melecie: comet cafe @ Silverville is now open! :D
Melecie: wait
Minecraft252: Nice.
CyAmethyst: lol.
LondonThameslink: GG
Melecie: silverville is next in the queue
TheThirdOdd: this is cute!
[Media] Melecie: comet cafe @ Port Sonder is now open! :D
Melecie: and now i'm going to actually build silverville
TheThirdOdd: gg Melecie

[Media] Melecie: comet cafe @ Silverville is now (actually) open! :D
Skelezomperman: do any of you guys need mod tasks
[Discord] Melecie: i do skele
[Discord] Melecie: can i have a mod, ideally fabric, to not have my game lag at all
Skelezomperman: unfortunately I do not have those opwers
Skelezomperman: * power
[Discord] Melecie: aw
  • its impolite to lag while playing xD
  • According to all known laws of swimming, there is no way a squid should be able to go through walls. / Its tentacles are too small to get it's fat little body onto the walls. / The squid, of course, goes through walls anyway because squids don't care what humans think are impossible.
  • lottery update: you can now waste $25 in the lottery to get $0!
  • brb fingerdash
  • buy fred scam! $999.99 for 1 month of scam!
  • [HelpOp] SoaPuffball: it's your cue to unafk (MIKE24DUDE left after realizing that all mods are afk when asking a w/e)
  • /summon minecraft:player[rank="mod,admin"]
  • kota lembah's name is now lifebush
  • i don't like acacia wood but i like acacia blocks
  • i'm kinda good at avoiding landscars except when i'm not
  • time to sit and watch while the others duel for gates
  • the plural of staff is staves
  • [Media] SoaPuffball: IntraRail - we don't know where in The Map(tm) our stations are
  • my mind: "country roads take me home to the place i belong west arcadia"
  • ap, head of ppap
  • julius seesaw
  • no i'm a misletoe dressed up as a diancie with a girl's mask
  • jojo's bizzare adventium
  • the best thing about being a mod is that your tag is orange
  • paintry is actually a contraction of paint drying
  • there's a discount on viscounts
  • i apparently have caramelldansen blasting in my head since i woke up
  • automated breathing is a myth
  • october is the 8th month of the year
  • deadbush gives lifebush to towns
  • did you know that if you watch too many heartwarming content, you'll burn?
  • may i serve some teaoffee too (soa forgetting about color codes)
  • You are riding MRT Northern Line. This station is Nymphalia - Cetisy. The next station is train crash.
  • * SoaPuffball is probably overusing supporter benefits, just like many supporters when they first get the benefits
  • * SoaPuffball alternates between as many forceful iterations of "no" he can think of.
  • Did you know? an admin is a chef who is boxing the letter Z?
  • "i see a road, is this java's by chance?"
  • "i forgot how this canal works" melecie 30/8
  • game seems like it wants to fall apart, cya


deputy mayor role for sale
Price starts at 0


[Citizen]Metromap_svg: what are the commands lol
[Guest]forshmage: yaii !!
[Governor]_crepper_: u have to set it yourself
[Citizen]JPlayzX01: well you can build it, altough it'll be much
easier to create an image, convert it to a map, then ask the
mods to let you upload it
[Governor]_crepper_: go to settings, controls
[Mayor]TheSubway: alt + f4
Metromap_svg left the game.
  • "inb4 all guests are refugees"
  • biscuit is just flavourless cookie


Metro: What's Frumple's Youtube Channel?
Ardy: Frumple1
Ezzo: Frumple1
Kekko: Frumple1
Kuchen: Frumple1
James: Frumple1
Shadow: Frumple1
Yellow: Frumple1
Planner: Frumple1


  • roses are red, begone thot / begone thot, begone thot
  • Roses are red, a pronoun is she / e
  • Finna yeet (in rainbow)


  • im gonna kermit suicide
  • MUSCULAR flexisimo!!!!????
  • popEYE spInch!!!????
  • dog eat dog
  • bboi my favorite, 1 b a r p i n g
time2makemymove: 100 isnt a hard minimum tho right?
MojangChan: will 100 dirt huts make a premier city?
chiefbozx: Correct
  • banana ketchup is good with fried chicken
MojangChan: on the first day of christmas my true love sent to me
MojangChan: a ucar in a birch tree
MojangChan: conric
MojangChan: oh he not here
Conric005: yes i am
Conric005: :P
MojangChan: oh
MojangChan: im blind
MojangChan: hi
Cact0: oof
Conric005: hi
MojangChan: do u live in the great state of Polygon???
Citybuilder_: POLYGON!!!
daltdisneyland: sorry i live in circle
[Discord] MojangChan: catdog
[Discord] MojangChan: caaaaatdog
SoaPuffball: hi moj
SoaPuffball: caaaaatdooooog
MojangChan joined the game.
autofire372: alone in the world was a single catdog
Vickiposa: meow
SoaPuffball: hey mojang
MojangChan: yes
SoaPuffball: can you please give me mojangitis
MojangChan: sure
[Discord] TheGreenKangaroo: same
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: hey mojang
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: can you please give me hepatitis
MojangChan: by the power of Jesus Christ, Muhammad, and every other religeous power in the universe, I hereby strike the godly power of Mojangitis upon thee, mey god's grace be with you
SoaPuffball: thank you
SoaPuffball: frosty also requested hepatitis btw
MojangChan: i don't contract hepatitis
KittyCat11231: jesus christ is under arrest for biological warfare
MojangChan: only mojangitis
Frosty_Creeper10: :frowning:
EspiDev: lol
  • Sir "peepee2727", you will be further interrogated by the Mojang Union Bureau of Homeland Security for your citizenship admission into the MU
  • Air is secretly Cheese Whiz
[Discord] MojangChan: vroom vroom
[Discord] MojangChan: brrrrrrrrrrrr
SoaPuffball: hi moj
[Discord] MojangChan: *intense car noises*
SoaPuffball: are you in an iceberg MojangChan
[Discord] MojangChan: m a y b e
  • pax mojangea: if u want peace, then let there be mojangitis
  • I want to go to Djibouti so I can touch my booty.
  • V is for VPeople Winning the Lotto
SoaPuffball: moj town name quick
MojangChan: cu**sberg
hvt2011: ________ has airline code __.
MojangChan: pee pee poo poo has airline code 69
MF_moj: hvt may i has stack
MistleSoa: are you going to stack a skyscraper
MF_moj: yes
MistleSoa: how many more skyscrapers are you going to stacj
MistleSoa: stack
ModernArt: 100
MF_moj: woorich eats fetus
MistleSoa: woorich eats hvts
MF_moj: yes
[Mayor] MatauPlays0: Hi favorite premier
[Premier+] SailorMoodChan: hello person who calls me "favorite premier" for no apparent reason :P
[Mayor] MatauPlays0: He noticed me 
[Premier+] SailorMoodChan: yes
SailorMoodChan joined the game.
SailorMoodChan: IT IS I
SailorMoodChan: RAPHTALIA
SailorMoodChan: i am here to look for Naofumi
SailorMoodChan: oh no
SailorMoodChan: OH NO
SailorMoodChan died
Player SailorMoodChan took their own life.
SailorMoodChan left the game.
  • who needs electricity when u can have clowns
  • the moj dynasty: Mojang Chan (MojangChan), Marcos Feliz Chan Moj (MF_Moj), Manufero Chan Moj (ManuF_moj)
  • I am a bucket of lung water
  • barney is a dinosaur from conric's imagination
  • conric is a race car-driving, unicycling, stunt performer
ManuF_moj: imagine eating sesese
sesese9: wat
0x10: no mod vore
ManuF_moj left the game.
Player sesese9 kicked ManuF_moj for pls no
  • Do not worry, just rhombus
[Media] ArizTrad: #KeepClipperMyClipper
[Media] KittyCat11231: #KeepClipperMyClipper
[Media] Conric005: #KeepClipperMyClipper
[Media] SansNotLuigi: keep clipper my clipper
Mojito1014: keep your nail clippers because your nails are h**** icky
  • squidgame: see how much of a mediocre musician Squidward is
  • ah fred! you have forgotten your gabagool
[Discord] 7d: the ruffman thing started in February and it started to get annoying in like may or june
[Discord] 7d: that's why most of the time it's p3 content now
[Discord] 7d: time for fishe started in September around here
[Discord] 7d: so now it's 3mo old
Dianchill: i'm sorry 7d but i have to do this
Dianchill: time for ruffman
Dianchill: ok done
[Discord] 7d: no
[Discord] moj: Pls no more ruff ruffman
[Discord] moj: I will literally turn into potato corner sour cream powder
[Discord] Foote_Chicken: no offense but twhy does that unironically sound like something i might eat


SoaPuffballl: hi meow
[Discord] meow10811: hi sis
[Discord] meow10811: *hi soa
SoaPuffball: ?
[Discord] meow10811: love autocorrect
frogggggg: wait so soa ISNT ur sister?!
[Discord] meow10811: i bet soa lives in the southeastern united states
[Discord] meow10811: and he just lies about being in a different time zome to throw us off
meow10811: i bet soa lives in germany
SoaPuffball: m a y b e
Frosty_Creeper10: yes
meow10811: famously the utc +8 nation of germany


  • If SSSC to murviole rail is made, which company is best for buses
  • If PBS Kids was donald trumps favourite food, then would grizzly bears take over Waypoint and then merge it with Aitalia or would hippos take over the Lion Kingdom while My Littly Pony's record it to MBS
  • I like SkuNation Alliance. It is the besr alliance in the worls. I has Mihifn, dLUcREEPEE, sKUrEna, DliHifh, KNFeoo IE, ns ANSU ie, NS sA. Ot's too fool@
  [Mayor] mi_aquamarine: I'm making a new but route
  [Mayor] mi_aquamarine: *but
  [Senator+] Gran_Cacto: but route
  [Mayor] mi_aquamarine: *bus
  [Mayor+] Conric005: Kev's making a new butt route
  [Mayor] TheSubway: Try building a plane from IRL pictures, and maybe a mess like this can be avoided
  [Senator+] MikeRoma: Roasted
  [Mayor+] Conric005: kev, i have an idea
  [Mayor] mi_aquamarine: And maybe a mess like your critisism can be avoided <3
  [Senator+] MikeRoma: Ooo
  [Senator+] MikeRoma: Big mood
  [Mayor] mi_aquamarine: do not question the ways of the mystical w u b w a y
  [Cookie] mi_aquamarine: んんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんんん (me spamming n on my keyboard)
   A few seconds later...
  [Candy Cane] Tom_Pairs: oh me shocking mi_aquamarine on my keyboard
   *shocks mi_aquamarine*
  [Media] mi_aquamarine: welcome to another edition of “flying around cities aimlessly for no purpose!” today’s episode - central city
  [Mayor+] james__: You know what I fancy
  [Mayor] mi_aquamarine: you fancy a good spanking, @james
  [Discord] London150: My google maps isn't loading
  [Discord] London150: On my iPhone
  [Mayor] mi_aquamarine: bash your iphone with a rock and get an android
  [Discord] London150: No
  [Discord] London150: That's not the way to do things Kev xD
  [Media] mi_aquamarine: mail send cynra_ Sorry that I lost track, but how much does a Shady Grove house in Ilirea cost?
  [Mayor] Skelezomperman: you failed aquamarine
  • needn has a AK plane that's a combination of subway's body with an intrarail/blurail front
[Media] FiorkG: fTv Breaking News: Fiorkistan Government is now putting Lazy Ton on fTv Kids
[Media] mi_aquamarine: TV Osaka Breaking News >>> i think kbs kids also has it
[Media] mi_aquamarine: KBS Breaking News >>> yes
[Media] FiorkG: fTv News: ok
[Media] SoaPuffball: /nymphic union news/ >>> okay then
[Media] mi_aquamarine: KBS23 Breaking News >>> TV Osaka Breaking News >>> KBS Breaking News >>> Kaktus Republic and Gryffin wrote a treaty i think
setting up Michigana flights
[Mayor] mi_aquamarine: f you whoever took MI019-KTI
[Senator+] Frosty_Creeper10: ?
[Governor] camelfantasy: that would be yourself
[Mayor] mi_aquamarine: oof that was my own warp
[Mayor] mi_aquamarine: xD
[Governor] camelfantasy: :clap:
[Senator+] Frosty_Creeper10: :face_palm:
  • the republic of kevtropolis does not beleive that the republic of kevtropolis does not beleive that the republic of kevtropolis does not beleive
  • Remember kids, be careful clothes sandwich. (in discord)


  • In shenghua, all humans and curries are treated equally
  • The People's Republic of China is not a canton of Switzerland.


  • Nine times out of ten, the answer to "What happened?" is "Check #announcements".
[Mod+] Missa_Solemnis: Mind moving out of my body real quick, Aqua?
Missa_Solemnis: Anything before I go?
HarborRandom852: yes i have 1 request
HarborRandom852: go to sleep
Missa_Solemnis: Fair enough
Missa_Solemnis left the game.
_fwis: cya
_fwis left the game.
Player Missa_Solemnis kicked Missa_Solemnis for go to sleep.
HarborRandom852: wat
[Discord] Missa_Solemnis: Magique
HarborRandom852: sure
Missa_Solemnis: Okay, anything before I hit the hay?
Frosty_Creeper10: dont abuse the hay :(
[Discord] 7d: 324 track pastes of course
* Missa_Solemnis hits it harder
* Frosty_Creeper10 calls 911 to report abuse
* Missa_Solemnis tempbans 911
* Frosty_Creeper10 calls 119 <3
* Missa_Solemnis tempbans 911 too
* Frosty_Creeper10 tempbans Missa_Solemnis
Frosty_Creeper10 left the game.
Player Missa_Solemnis kicked Frosty_Creeper10 for oh really.
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: O:
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: HAY AND PLAYER ABUSE!!
Missa_Solemnis left the game.
Player Missa_Solemnis kicked Missa_Solemnis for hay abuse time.
Frosty_Creeper10: D:

frogggggg: I have a lot of funny quotes for some reason
Missa_Solemnis:  Because you're a joke /j
frogggggg: :(((((
Megafro: what is considered a completed town hall building?
hvt2011: uh
Missa_Solemnis: Not a dirt hut
hvt2011: yeah
frogggggg: wait then how did benion get mayor
[Discord] Melecie: makes a town full of dirt huts
hvt2011: old rules
Missa_Solemnis: Standards have changed
[Discord] Melecie: where the town hall is a coarse dirt hut
frogggggg: in 1.18 we can use rooted dirt too :)
Missa_Solemnis: Welcome to Banion, the town that got Melecie banned /j
[Discord] Melecie: >:(
frogggggg: b a n i o n
frogggggg: bunion
  • If SW52 ends up as a Ruff shrine, I am * not * responsible
[Discord] Missa_Solemnis: missa
Melecie: missa
[Discord] Missa_Solemnis: whoops
[Discord] Missa_Solemnis: I thought I was typing in my browser
__7d joined the game.
Missa_Solemnis: Hello 7d
Dianchill: quick missa, run!
Missa_Solemnis: Ah yes, I should flee before 10 minutes are up
Missa_Solemnis: I have bad memories from pasting the same section of track 100+ times


InfamousColumbia: im building roads
InfamousColumbia left the game.
Conric005: The Free State of Kitania almost killed jphgolf
InfamousColumbia: i can finish him off
MgWn: Wow, no mods active
Vickiposa: rip me then
SoaPuffball: rip Vickiposa killed by MgWn
  • time for rickroll! never gonna give u up, never gonna let u down
  • well, when there's a puffball, theres no running away from being in funny quotes
(joined after an hour of imactivity)
MgWn joined the game.
MgWn: oh wow, MgWn's here. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay
MgWn: havent seen you all since 20 or so days
[Discord] SoaPuffball: :thinking:
MgWn: da**it
MgWn: i promised to return in 20 days
MgWn: and i broke it
[Discord] SoaPuffball: you lied.
[Media] MgWn never gets into funny quotes XD
BadTechnoDreamMg: hmm cybra;s
DispensedForXmas: cybra;s
BadTechnoDreamMg: cynra + zebra --> zybra
DispensedForXmas: :x:
DispensedForXmas: would a cynra zebra be pink blue and white striped
Cynra_: :x:
Winterecie joined the game.
Winterecie: what's this about a cynra zebra?
Cynra_: I don't know and I'm concerned
DispensedForXmas: cynra is a blue white and pink zebra
Cynra: :x:
MgWn left the game
Player MgWn was kicked by Skelezomperman for: this is what a kick from minechat looks like


*when talking about pi*
not 2.14 seats
or 3.14 i forget
[Senator] MishkaMan: wait what is going on?
At same exact second
[Member] Derpy_Melon: nothing much mike
[Senator+] Gopher: nothing much mike
[Member] VernCow: did derpy tell you about my famous udders?
Derpy_Melon joined game
[Member] Derpy_Melon: what udders?
[Mayor] Supykun: Derpy did you demote..?
[Senator] camelfantasy: now you notice
[Mayor] Supykun: Im a little confused
[Senator] nkF40PH: one time at a roller rink i met a girl who i think liked me
[Senator] nkF40PH: xD
[Senator] camelfantasy: lol
[Mayor] MeloNaeNae: i read that as "licked me" xD
[Senator] camelfantasy: LOL
[Senator] nkF40PH: LOL
[Senator] camelfantasy: that'd be...awkward
[Mayor] MeloNaeNae: Booby
[Mayor] MeloNaeNae: Bobby*
[Mayor] MeloNaeNae: thats not a tranchise co.
[Mayor] MeloNaeNae: franchise
[Mayor] MeloNaeNae: wtf did i type
[Senator] camelfantasy: tranchise
[Senator] camelfantasy: train+franchise
[Senator] Derpy_Melon: Analfantasy, ty for teh gate
[Senator+] MikeRoma: guys remember cocks MUST have an on/off switch
[Senator+] MikeRoma: CLOCKS**
[Senator+] MikeRoma: NOT COCKS
I only just read the GSM resluts xD (On Discord, he meant Results)


  • guys we got a problem: 2 yoshis AND 2 kittys .-.
  • Micheal: *whips kitty11232 GET BACK TO WORK! :P | KittyCat11231: yeah kittycat11232!


minebuilder1223: creeperville isn't a proper island
minebuilder1223: it's a fake island
Frosty_Creeper10: how so
minebuilder1223: cus i dont want it to be a proper island
minebuilder1223: my sea
minebuilder1223: my rules


sonicbyte: What is the code for teh bunker?
minecrafter0505: it actually is /kill, a command block tp's you then instead of killing you
sonicbyte died
minecrafter0505: :DDDDD
KittyCat11231: *Something with "Potato" in it*
minecrafter0505: Wow, I wrote "City Hall Potato" instead of "City Hall Station" on this sign -.-
Want to be to a place far far away? Just go AFK on the BMTA!
MRT - Deadlier than a DC-3 with a dual engine failure over the atlantic.


  • Oh man for going afk. I was going to moo.
  • get your quotes before I slide into homeplate
  • I don't make the funny quotes because others make the funny quotes for me.


  • I really should stop crashing the MRT
  • /give thomasfyfe double_decker 1
  • We're on a train server talking about grammar & bacon!
  • Damn it, you beat my record of counting to 3.
  • We need a bigger one. (about the size of the AdMod Quote Board)
  • Put your hands in the ari \o/
  • ./ban chief for chiefing
  • ./kick *player name* No. (seen during Team PvP matches)
  • (._.) Really?
  • For the record: I'm griefing Thomas' building for a reason
  • This fountain isn't made by Yoshi!! *sadface*
  • p *start of player name* (supposed to be /tp <name>)
  • Oh, a stick!
  • CHIEF! <3
  • "qwolf: I officially hate you, Yoshi. | Yoshi: And that makes me happy."
  • Time to grief the mega value! *jk*
  • Sam: Throw your hands in the aiya if you's a true playa \o/ Yoshi: Sam, I think you have your push-to-type down again...
  • 8 out of 5 people don't understand statistics
  • Apparently, I am playing dress-up with CG.
  • Look, CG is a pretty princess now!
  • * MinecraftYoshi26 is dressing up as a boy at home procrastinating about homework and will end up doing it in the morning (after asking what people will dress up as for Halloween)
  • FAIL (when he messes up issuing a command)
  • Woo! (Used normally in Mumble)
  • I need a few people to test (death game here). (Used normally in Mumble)
  • I'm scared. (Used normally in Mumble)
  • Oh god! (Used normally in Mumble)
  • (player name here), Mumble?
  • tp ha
  • MINNNNNNAAAAJJJJJJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (in Mumble)
  • (Member): YOSHI!!! - (Yoshi): Too OVACOMPACATED!!!
  • Well...tough tacos
  • tp epic | FAILK | DOUBLE FAIL
Yoshi: tp gogo
Yoshi: tp AP
gogo: FAIL
  • gogo! (in mumble, after gogojakeo does something that annoys him e.g. Gets into a bed right before yoshi tps him)
  • Let's change the topic...BABY BUNNIES (or BABY KOALAS)
  • You have to apple to do that (meant to say apply)
  • estahp et
(Guest with name starting in chuck joins)
Kitty: hi chucky bear elmos here to play with you
Yoshi: Kitty, what happens in mumble, stays in mumble, please.
[Broadcast by MinecraftYoshi26] GREAT NEWS EVERYONE
[Broadcast by MinecraftYoshi26] JUSTIN BIEBER GOT ARRESTED
  • /me connected with a banana using an orange (when someone logs on with MineChat)
  • /me connected via banana for orange! (when someone logs on with MC Chat)

KittyCat11231: but first, LEMME TAKE A SELFIE
Yoshi: NO,.
Max4344: Finally done babyshitting I can play :D
Max4344: *sitting 
Yoshi: No I think you spelled it right
Cortesi: guys I have an important news.
MinecraftYoshi26: you're pregnant. CONGRATZ!!!
Cortesi: -_-
Yoshi: Haikus are easy
Yoshi: Sometimes Haikus don't make sense
Yoshi: Refrigerator
jphgolf4321: LOL
  • Okay guys calm down kekko isn't almost naked anymore
  • Reasons for Americans not wanting a state: 1% Politics and stuff, 99% WHERE WILL THE 1 STAR GO?!?!
cal76 added MinecraftYoshi26 to member
Yoshi: :(
Cal: whoops
Yoshi: tank u 4 aceptin my app
Cal: Congrats to yoshi for member
Yoshi: were can i biuld
MinecraftYoshi26: The bunnies are so cute!
JohnNotTech: They're just lines of code.
MinecraftYoshi26: But they're so cute!
JohnNotTech: Calm down!
MinecraftYoshi26: They're cute lines of code.
chiefbozx: wait, is it chiefboxing if chief makes the box or if chief is surrounded by the box?
MinecraftYoshi26: yes
*MC_Dunc asks who the leader of LoC is*
Vulpicula: Camel is the leader of the entire thing, I think
MC_Dunc: Yeah, but he's AFK
Vulpicula: He's always AFK
*Camelfantasy left the game*
Player MinecraftYoshi26 kicked camelfantasy for stop being afk damn it
(Long series of xDs, LOLs, and HAs)
[Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: congrats mineman
[Governor] mine_man_: :D
[Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: you are team #1
[Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: your team member is that horse
*Phone rings*
Phone call, brb
*comes back for 2 seconds*
I'm ba...
*Phone rings*
  • These trees look like leaf lollipops
(SoaPuffball is trying to get MinecraftYoshi26 to help him make a skyscraper with a snow floor)
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: snow
[Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: yes that is snow
SilverBubble: i will make frump towers next (referring to the Imperial Tower in canon Coruscant in Star Wars)
MinecraftYoshi226 joined the game.
MCYoshi26: no
MinecraftYoshi26 left the game.
[Server] New World Dynmap Render in progress...
[Server] No WorldEdits or other dynmap renders allowed.
[HelpOp] SoaPuffball: hi may i pls have a heli pasted in because schematica doesn't exist as far as i know
MinecraftYoshi26: soa read the blue message :P
SoaPuffball: oyarite ty
[HelpOp] SoaPuffball: may i pls still have it kappa
MinecraftYoshi26: um soa
MinecraftYoshi26: you may not have it because of the blue message :P
SoaPuffball: read the last word :P
MinecraftYoshi26: that is a greek letter yes
(lil's skin is the same as yoshi's)
lil_shadow59 died
Player MinecraftYoshi26 kicked lil_shadow59 for go fix your skin.
lil_shadow59 joined the game.
Player MinecraftYoshi26 kicked lil_shadow59 for no.
MistleSoa: ???
MinecraftYoshi26: his skin dumb
PeacemakerX5: whats his skinn??
lil_shadow59 joined the game.
MistleSoa: ohhhhh
PeacemakerX5: its yshi
PeacemakerX5: yoshi
MistleSoa: lil_yoshi26
[Media] McYoshi26: if you are free pls vote in the FINAL of mrtvision special !! (form link)
[Media] McYoshi26: thx <3
[Senator+] Melecie: i am not free you have to pay me McYoshi26
Melecie left the game.


When talking about the overuse of caps...

  • [Mod] jphgolf4321: and let's stop the caps before i mute the lot of you!
  • [Mod] Just_robinho: I will start muting all of yall

* [Governor] mine_man_: *bashes ban hammer on the table like a 1 year old with a fork

When talking about allowed builds

*[RednaxAP] But it does need to be at least partially realistic
*[mine_man_] eg, rapture might not be allowed
*[Planner_12] What's a Rapture
*[mine_man_] -_-
  • thats one way to kick ardy out your city
  • i was accepted on the day colafest happened, great 1st impressions
  • fast cars, ladies in skimpy costumes, sun, swaering, INSTAWOOT! (when tar played "work b****" on radio)
  • vanadium, the comapny that says it will take over the world but doesnt know why
  • DukeyTheDogTown ( Trying to say the towns name at P6
  • Yoshi dont Hit me with your stick!
AlikSong: What's everyone's plans for valentines day
mine_man_: stay in bed and die
SoSo123: Add that to the quotes
_HeavenAngel_: date my computer
AlikSong: sad
mine_man_: in 1.13 you loose the ability to make logs that dont have a direction (aka, have bark on all faces)
SoaPuffball: no you dont
mine_man_: you do
SoaPuffball: there's a new block for that
mine_man_: they removed the id value for it
mine_man: oh wait there is?
SoaPuffball: ye
mine_man_: welp ignoreme
mine_man_: am I your first or second endorsement firstly
SoaPuffball: first
mine_man_: YES
mine_man_: I WILL
  • I may ave copied 31 million blocks

mine_man_'s Premier Review for Larkspur:

The scale of the city is


*CaptLincoln shows guest my burger joint in his town.
[Citizen]CaptLincoln: This is Mishka's joint.
(Detroit_Kitteh -> me: Do you smoke weed?)
(me -> Detroit_Kitteh: Of course not!)
(Detroit_Kitteh -> me: but you own a joint in Lincolns town)
(me -> Detroit_Kitteh: Its a burger joint you dummy!)
goin to go to weep right now
if any admods are busy, may i please get a W/E?
aren't lol
camelfantasy: install schematica 1.8.9
MishkaMan: wat
MishkaMan: i have to install that too
camelfantasy: NO DUH
camelfantasy: that is the mod
MishkaMan: oh god Forge is just an installer
MishkaMan: STUPID
chiefbozx: welcome to the world of minecraft mods my friend
camelfantasy: GG
MishkaMan: i cant even spell stupid right
MishkaMan: what are dubs?
camelfantasy: dubs_17
camelfantasy: :P
MishkaMan: no lol on the radio
frogggggg: gg
dubs_17 joined the game.
MishkaMan: almost put a window in a dining room displaying the bathroom
LDShadowLord: This isn't Thailand, you don't need that.
MishkaMan: whats daddy doin
  • i didnt forget baout eh groceries btw Soa (when SoaPuffball requested a Kolpino's Groceries from MishkaMan)


  • On the 4th day of MRT Frumple gave to me: 2 mods a modding, two turtles touching


[Governor+] Modernart: brfuh
[Lottery] ModernArt just bought 1 ticket! Draw in 1s
[Lottery] Congratulations to ModernArt for winning $206!
[Lottery] There was a total of 20 players buying 93 tickets!

[Mayor+] ModernArt: oh dear my baby brother is eating his foot again
[Mayor+] ModernArt: Lanark tp to me (meant to say Earack)

[Guest]: It's not a fight, it's a friendly discussion.
[Mayor+] ModernArt: yes and NO. It turned from a friendly discussion to a friendly discussion.
[Guest]: Can you not bold?
[Mayor+] ModernArt: sure
I'm riding the MRT by boat :D
help im stuck
_HeavenAngel_ is now AFK.
_HeavenAngel_ is no longer AFK.
[Governor] _HeavenAngel_: lies
[Mayor+] ModernArt: why you always lying
[Mayor+] ModernArt: soa why you always trying
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: modern why you always trying
if the soccerball hits the butterburger shop
*fine fine fine*
cash cash cash
knowmads7: moar nukes
ModernArt: Eco-friendly nukes
SoaPuffball: xD
knowmads7: ha
"What is a present"
"how do I open it"
ModernArt: we have to go to banana
Frosty_Creeper10: we have to route it via banana
_Lego_: do you know what's worse than death?
ModernArt: minecraft.
ModernArt: LOL wrong timing
SnowPuffball_: that chain tho
Patrioticjet194: Someone walking into your room when your playing minecraft
[Media] ModernArt: the number 15 Burger King Foot Lettuce meme has been added to Izumo's city anthem
SoaPuffball: wut
Frosty_Creeper_10: ^
  • cabal rides the cabal car
ModernArt: Anyone want land in Pasadena
SoaPuffball: i want sea
ModernArt: sea?
ModernArt: ok
ModernArt: anyone want lake property in pasadeba
SoaPuffball: not sea
ModernArt: or else the lake has the same laws as a person
  • eraser banning
SoaPuffball joined the game.
ModernArt: soa franchise throw at my face pls
ModernArt: if i drain this lake it would be a disaster
MistleSoa: then drain it
ModernArt: noye
MistleSoa: noye
ModernArt: noyes
[Discord] mi_aquamarine: Any advice if I wanted to make an Australia ripoff in Minecraft?
ModernArt: do
ModernArt: first of all
ModernArt: turn the world upside down
ModernArt: second of all try to build america and britain at the same time
ModernArt: there you go australia


  • Tom, there's a road stuck in your face.
  • Let me just get my screwdriver out..
  • I'm not drinking wine... or should I?
  • No, I just eat cookies.
  • *As a joke* Hi, This is a terrible server, bye!
  • Spoon?
  • man, i Can't keyboard
  • Seriously, sopt
  • Thanks for greeting me in this... Electrifying way! (april fools day 2015)
  • I accidentally /msg'd cort a german message, hope he doesn't understand it :D
hnt: would anyone require a left-hand slot at RPBT?
keks: Really Powerfull Bus Terminal?

I also probably have procrastination disease

  • oh god, kan't tpye.
Hnt: TfA is pleased to announce new Redloch Hanging Monorail Services
Keks: Wait HNT... Is the hanging included?
Keks: Or do I have to provide my own piece of rope?
[Premier+] CortesiRaccoon: wait, we have admins?
[Mod] MonsieurKeks: Yeah, you didn'T know that?
[Premier+] CortesiRaccoon: isk, never saw them
[Premier+] CortesiRaccoon: XD
[Mod] MonsieurKeks: Let'S see, how were their names already... sometjing tom, a five, a ghost and... eh... oh, a box.


JustFarkie is now AFK.
ModernArt is now AFK.
sheimoria: wb 2x
SoaPuffball: lel
sheimoria: wait they're afk lmaoooo
SoaPuffball: ^
CyAmethyst: Two people go AFK, and he wb's them both to AFK Land
Frosty_Creeper10 joined the game.
SoaPuffball: wb f r o s t y
sheimoria: eww a prosty
nicbrats: sexist sheim
sheimoria: wait what?
sheimoria: oh right hes a gurl
Needn_NL: No she isn't ready
camelfantasy: "hes a gurl"
time2makemymove: i saw it shei :D its great
nicbrats: "hes a gurl"
CaptainChimpy: "he's a gurl"
camelfantasy: *quotes*
sheimoria: thanks!
Needn_NL: "he's a gurl"
sheimoria: wait no shes a boy
camelfantasy: wat
time2makemymove: xD
Needn_NL: XD
camelfantasy: *brain explodes*
hvt2011: wat
time2makemymove: lmao
nicbrats: really makes you think
sheimoria: its 2017 guys
[Trustee] moriaofmines: camel then whats your face
[Governor] camelfantasy: my wat
[Senator+] MikeRoma: im the only one in my family that was born here (not counting cousins etc)
[Trial Mod] _HeavenAngel_: did u kill john wicks dog
[Trustee] moriaofmines: your face
[Governor] camelfantasy: i think im the first one in my entire family born here
[Server] Save complete: 0m 57s
[Senator+] MikeRoma: even my brother was born in Russia
[Trustee] moriaofmines: oh sorry, your race
[Governor] camelfantasy: *facepalm*
[Governor] camelfantasy: someone quote that
[Senator+] MikeRoma: nah
[Trustee] moriaofmines: *racepalm*
[Senator+] MikeRoma: XD
[Governor] camelfantasy: ...
[Senator+] MikeRoma: GG
[Governor] camelfantasy: now you should really quote it


Mossie: one sex i can tp you there
Mossie: oops
SoSo: one sex xD
Mossie: *sec
crepper: o.O
Mossie: xD
SoSo: my dad's back
Mossie: wb dad
SoSo: xD
London150: i hate pasta
London150 left the game.
Player _Mossie kicked London150 for pasta hates you.
_Mossie: mountains be like /\
_Mossie: mossie be like /\ -> __


  • please don't use all caps it makes the tacos sad


*When MPolo455, Avaneesh2008, and bobbygammer were playing spleef

MPolo455 dies by bobbygammer with a shovel

bobbygammer: oof

Avaneesh2008: hello?

MPolo455: by the way the game is spleef, not killing the other with my shovel

Mpolo J.png
(in Discord #notifications)


(In discord after the server crashed)

Ohno... Now minecraft has become completely useless again.


  • What does herro mean?
  • Nope, I'm on a Gatorade high :)
  • Logs on
    Music: My P***y Hurts!
    Hawks: XD
  • It Always rains squids and anvils in Zicronia
  • Chiefy likey the spanky's :P
  • (While singing to Yoshi and Thriller and thinking of Mega :P) Cause this is Bon*r. :0 , OMG. Mumble Epic Fail
  • (After Kittycat11231 said, "All Americans say I!") All Canadians say sorry!
  • (diff | hist) . . Minor Music's Gems‎; 22:59 . . (+552)‎ . . ‎Music3 0 (Talk | contribs)
  • I need a litter box
  • *Music3_0 riased my nad
  • im getting aroused by a blanket


  • troll me! (when on his phone)
  • Hi Tim
mustang_guy: Thomas, can you give me a tp to the mail centre to die? 
Thomasfyfe: I'm sorry, the mail centre doesn't kill people, yet.
  • Carbon, ask her out! (Mumble inside joke)
  • Correction: there are some randon things... did you see shasta's giant d**k that is underground? *Duck XD
[Councillor] mustang_guy: Destroying MRT lines is kinda fun
[Councillor] mustang_guy: In fact, destroying things in general is fun... I wish the beta server was still up...
[Guest] Supykun: Grief?
[Councillor] mustang_guy: No
[Councillor] mustang_guy: Large bridge renovation
[Guest]: Where does this airport fly to?
[Councillor] mustang_guy: Airports don't fly
[Councillor] mustang_guy: but airplanes do


 Micheal:u can halp meh :p
 Narnia17:sorry to spoil the dream, but i'm on minechat
*Member1 left the game*
Narnia17: wb
Member2: ?
*Member3 left the game*
Narnia17: wb
Member2: are you just saying wb when you see the yellow text?
Narnia17: sorry about that
*Member4 left the game*
Narnia17: wb
Member2: ...
  • Narnia17: Hey look, I'm a spider ::::D
[Mod] Narnia17: I got it Omri.
[Mod] Ortem: I AM NOT OMRI!
(giving a W/E to SilverBubble)
silver three things
A)you haven't filled in the space I gave you
B)this world edit is over 500K blocks
C)I'm bad at counting reasons
FredTheTimeLord: Hey narnia, you should work on the TFM
FredTheTimeLord died
Narnia17: how about no
hvt2011: *mentions TFM
hvt2011 died.
SoaPuffball: yao cNT kell me
SoaPuffball: TFM
SoaPuffball died
SoaPuffball: lelel
CyAmethyst: Narnia is a murder machine
hvt2011: oh look its tfm
hvt2011 died
Narnia17: nao.
Narnia17: you didn't give me a reason before soa, but then you did so I capitalized
FredTheTimeLord: Narnia, give me a tour of the TFM please
Narnia17: nao
SoaPuffball: fred dies
FredTheTimeLord: tfm
Narnia17: complicated metros trigger me
FredTheTimeLord: Ride TFM
Narnia17 left the game.
(hooking Narnia with a fishing rod)
SoaPuffball: i fish mods
SoaPuffball: for a business
Narnia17 teleported SoaPuffball to spawn
Narnia17: i send people to spawn
Narnia17: for a business
(tping to Soleurs)
SoSo123: why did narnia tp to me
SoSo123: Soleurs SoaPuffball SoSo123
Narnia17: I saw [Governor] So and I just assumed soso
(Fred "summoned" Narnia)
FredTheTimeLord: I said "Like Narnia would say, "Y'all need to relax""
Narnia17: y'all need to relax
SoaPuffball: do any of you play 1.10 mods?
Narnia17: no but i am a 1.12 mod
SoaPuffball: lol
sesese9: xD
Narnia17: huehue
SoaPuffball: i heard a certain _HeavenAngel_ was playing Narnia17 xD
Narnia17: :(
Narnia17: why does nobody understand copy points
SnowPuffball: xD
frogggggg: Nah I dont understand stacks
knowmads7: I do Narn
frogggggg: sorta
ModernArt: what know said
frogggggg: I do a bit
Narnia17: so copy from where frog?
knowmads7: *facefloor
* more attempts on W/E and copypoints *
knowmads7: facewoodchipper
SnowPuffball: xD
Narnia17: ayylion is about to type a bunch or r's just a warning
AyyLion: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[Premier+] Narnia17: AUTO NOTICE ME SENPAI


  Needn: Hey a message
  Needn: mail read
  Needn then did /mail read like he should do
  ShovelVillager: You need a /
  Needn: thx XD
  • [Media] Needn_NL: im abused by media halp (people are using Media to troll SoSo123)
(about the yet to be opened Gemstride Melodia Airfield)
London150: gAtEs?!?!?!?!??!
[Discord] Needn_NL: Nao, you don't have an airline you brit
SoaPuffball: mesa > badlands
Needn_NL: badlands?
SoaPuffball: the new name for mesa
Needn_NL: eew sweatglands

7d: biden is la baguette

Needn NL: Or do you need to spill the M R Tea

[Discord] LondonThameslink: What about mOd nOms mOd nOms mOd mOd mOd nOms nOms
Melecie: do mod noms mean you're eating a mod
Krakabraka: yes
[Discord] LondonThameslink: Yes
[Discord] Needn_NL: Londy wants a level 8 warning for eating the mods
Krakabraka: hmmmm
Krakabraka: is that a rermaban no appeal?
DoctorHytown: whats l8
Freskooo: needn can i have a w/e when you're available?
Needn_NL: do you have like half an hour?
Freskooo: lol
RadiantRanger26: lol
worship_g: lol


Neon: I suck a dumb girf
Kitty: LOL
ive rode a bike down a kill at like 40 km/h with no brakes and when i crashed into the tree it almost hilled me
Killed smh*


Snowdude01: this minechat message is sponsored by aquafina - water, monetized by pepsi Ninjasaac: i like cock Ninjasaac: *coke


[nicrats]: 7seen soso123
[frogggggg]: gg
[nicrats]: fail
[frogggggg]: he was on yesterday i think
[nicrats]: 7seen soso123
[nicrats]: double fail
[frogggggg]: lol
[TalonPlays]: Oh cynra
[CynraSilver]: Yeah?
[TalonPlays]: did you vote for CBRP yet?
[CynraSilver]: CBRP?
[TalonPlays]: CRPB*
[CynraSilver]: ?
[nicrats]: City Bank Romotion Patch
  • hey cort7ptime night


tarheelscouse: naturally they would have a high speed line between them
nktrain: I don't have a hunger bar.....
tarheelscouse: creative, maybe?
nktrain: oh

(was in a minecart in survival mode)

nktrain: aaaaaaaahhhhh
nktrain: i like trains
nktrain died
tarheelscouse: loool
  • would anyone like to build on this server

Player Console kicked Davidass for You have been kicked for idling more than 10 minutes..

nktrain: #asskick

nktrain: I love swimming in Whitechapel
nktrain drowned


  • I need a suitable house for my five kids and two wives.
  • I can c*m
    • AP_Red: ....
Noah: who has a bigger dick: obama or romney?
Hawks: ...
Cal: noah dont
Kitty: probably romney tbh
  • (after joining SkyTransit Alliance) robin, chief kinda hooked me up
  • (In Mumble) What color is green?


  • please keep the game securely tied to you, many people have already lost it
[Councillor] JavaIsBetter: .
[Councillor] JavaIsBetter: That was me typing with my breasts as I have none :(
[Citizen] dawurebl: Guys can you stop typing with random body parts that aren't your fingers!
[Councillor] noahrebl_: njfkhfuehoiejuideudeiohdyhdiuqwhysdgquidehuidhuihf2u4fhuiwgfygyehi
[Councillor] noahrebl_: oops
[Councillor] noahrebl_: i thought f1 muted my chat
[Discord] powerminer01: I always thought waterboarding was surfing related until I was interrogated by the FBI
SAYNOAHREBL_: power what have we told you about commiting mass cybercrimes


[Guest] NotDrScientist: I have a question. Can a guest participate to the purge?
Frumple: Sorry no guests
Frumple however, for you it doesn't matter b/c
[Broadcast] Incoming new member


  • Tired of any airline? Fly there yourself with a revolutionary new technology - the W key


  • My design is so barebones its almost cyanworthy. (in regards to Cyan Systems)
  • alright ima get some


  • What is the Orange line?
  • No seriously, what is the Orange line?
  • So where's my penthouse?? :P
CaptainChimpy: Cort!
Omricon: Cort now you can do your own damn w/e's :p
CaptainChimpy: Your tag just got more orange!
CortesiRaccoon: basically XD
* mine_man_ is now AFK.
[Governor] mine_man_: im afk
[Mayor] WashingtonTdt: whoa
[Governor] mine_man_: teeheehee
* mine_man_ is no longer AFK.
[Member] dope_cheese: how?
[Governor] mine_man_: hax jk
[Senator+] Ardyan: 102% legit magic hax
[Mod] Omricon: I can quit and still talk!
[Mod] Omricon: Super hax
[Governor] mine_man_: err, no
Omricon left the game.
[Governor] mine_man_: your still online :P
[Mod] Omricon: Problem?
  • [Mod] Omricon: damn it yoshi
  • Omricon joined the game.
  • [Mayor] Sirots: wb
  • [Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: wat
  • [Trustee] frankbros429: no its the spring version of flood in houston day today
  • [Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: I wasn'te ven doing a world edit xD
  • [Mod] Omricon: damn it hnt!
[Mod] lalaboy: I should go back playing overwatch
[Mayor] powerminer01: good luck
[Mod] lalaboy: Omri do you play overwatch
[Mod] lalaboy: I suspect you don't
[Mod] lalaboy: anyway...
lalaboy left the game.
[Mod] Omricon: oh
[Mod] Omricon: didn't notice chat lol
[Mod] Omricon: anyway...
Omricon left the game.
[Mayor] powerminer01: I really like the fact that both left with the same message
[Mod] AlikSong: lol
[Governor+] autobus22: xD
[Mayor] powerminer01: that's new
[Mayor] powerminer01: anyway...
powerminer01 left the game.


(posted at same time using discordsrv, MaceWindu7 is not an actual player)
[Discord] ondist: Fly with Union Heli today.
[Jedi Master] MaceWindu7: Oh yes, wonderful idea.
AirplaneNiner: dude harb is losing his shit in vc cos i keep pinging him
ondist: good!


Melecie joined the game.
OriginRailway: YAY
OriginRailway: mod finally here
[Discord] _fwis: melecie not mod
bro1bro2: lol
OriginRailway: :(
Melecie: [Mod] Melecie
bro1bro2: :D
Melecie: yes i am mod
OriginRailway: lmao
Melecie: how can i take your order


[Lord] Osbuso: Can a [French Hen] or above please evaluate Bearbury for [Lady].
[Calling Bird] _HeavenAngel_: ok doesnt include me then :D
[Maid] SnowPuffball_: xD
Osbuso joined the game.
Osbuso: Hello@
Osbuso: Hello!
frogggggg: @ is the new ! xD


(soa is making a heliport in ottia islands and is asking for a w/e from chief)
Oshawott_12: im not ready for this yet
SoaPuffball: ok cancel w/e
*soa gets smitten*
frogggggg: abort abort!
SoaPuffball: thanks for the smite
SoaPuffball: blame osha
*osha gets smitten*
frogggggg: smat
chiefbozx: you have been s m a t
[Discord] Oshawott_12: Was the Glowlight Awards prerecorded?
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: yes
 [Member+]  Airplaneguy9: yes osha
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: osha
 [Member+]  Airplaneguy9: yes osha sandwich


  • I'm near the fly anal bill bored
  • anyone near moms apparatus

Someone - its mons pratus Me - oh


  • CHEIF!
  • Benie, can i have a world edit?
  • GU Announcement* I love spam!
  • Benie what do you mean by 'Natural Selection'!?
  • No Urinating on Gravcorn's roads.
  • sorry, my can wanted attention! (meant to say "cat")


Crafterboi500 joined the game
PaintedBlue: en
frogggggg: haiai x2
PaintedBlue: we
SansNotLuigi: o/o/
PaintedBlue: wb
frogggggg: we
Crafterboi500: hai bacc
PaintedBlue: he cc’ing autocorrect
PaintedBlue: frick
frogggggg: XD
PaintedBlue: Lol
PaintedBlue:  because when i get this to councillor
PaintedBlue:  s e a p l a n e g a t e
jamess__ joined the server
Metromap_svg:  welcome back
jamess__:  ello
Worrski:  PaintedBlue's Icelandic Town?
pretzel33:  ooh
PaintedBlue:  PaintedBlue's [RECACTED] Town
pretzel33:  recacted
PaintedBlue:  lol
Worrski:  recacted
i____7d:  iceland but without land
Metromap_svg:  recacted
fork_07 joined the server
pretzel33:  hi fork
Metromap_svg:  welcome back
PaintedBlue:  YES
Metromap_svg:  also
Metromap_svg:  just to plug
PaintedBlue:  perfect
PaintedBlue: only 2 people on?
Foote_Chicken: e
FishyCrispy: e
PaintedBlue: Now this looks like a job for me (text in a image sent on Discord)
PaintedBlue joined the game
  • m


SoaPuffball: what's the town name?
PamelaJacosqui: i havent named it yet oops
PamelaJacosqui: i am a mess of a human
Hightech_TR: TR Tip #563: Name your town before you start it


  • poloticts is wired


Papyrus: chief can i have a poulet et croissants?
chief: sure
chief: stand back
[ chief activates schematica's printer ]
Papyrus: WAIT WHAT
Papyrus: WTF IS THIS!!!
chief: magic


[Mayor+] _Ardy: mind to call me?
[Member] PieTwins: ?
[Member] PieTwins: i don't think i can my mom won't want me to (thought phone call)


hvt trying to stay on the computer
hvt2011: "But Megaman is on!" 
PlebBurnt: "I don't care, let me use it!!!!"


The piston lag machine in question
powerminer01 and autobus22 find a piston lag machine in Watchfield
Powerminer01: how the frick did it end up here
Powerminer01: and why??
Powerminer01: what a wierd way to say hello
Powerminer01: i don't speak piston
[Discord] SoaPuffball: The heat death of the universe, also known as the Big Chill or Big Freeze, is a conjecture on the ultimate fate of the universe, which suggests the universe would...
[Discord] SoaPuffball: evolve to a state of no thermodynamic free energy and would therefore be unable to sustain processes that increase entrophy.
[Discord] SoaPuffball: (wikipedia)
Freskooo: big chill is a nice name for eternal death
powerminer01: soundce chill tbh
powerminer01: just chill into oblivion
  • Remember kids: ethanol is not a good fuel for your social life, that works better in your car
  • egg is apparently one of the most popular forms of child to eat
[Mayor] powerminer01: Imma stab a lag spike through ur heart
[Mayor] powerminer01: Is this how you kill frumple?
[Discord] Pretzel: err
[Discord] Pretzel: you kill Frumple with raw ground beef
[Discord] Missa_Solemnis: Take away Frumple's tacos
[Senator+] FredTheTimeLord: more like give him food poisoning
[Mayor] powerminer01: his onLY sOos of PoWEr
[Senator+] FredTheTimeLord: remember to make sure your meat is safe to eat
[Mayor] powerminer01: I locked my meat in a safe and forgot my combination
[Mayor] powerminer01: what did I just say?
[Mayor] powerminer01: i just reread that sentance jeezus crist


Tulsi: if you had to choose someone on this server that was online rn for president, who would you pick
PTLD: Yoshi
PTLD: no
MinecraftYoshi26 joined the game
Gonna try out the 69th Catronics Store's elevator
*_Ptld fell from a high place*
[ATTN] _Ptld is suing Feline Holdings for negligence

-=Player was Kicked=- Ptld: GgGgGgGgGgGgGgG

Frumple: Ptld please stop Spamming

Random Players: Hi Frumple

Ptld: wut

Frumple: I AM NOT HERE


godz wants to tp


cal76: caps


  • Ptld was kicked for "CAPS IS NOT ALLOWED"
  • quick the mods are asleep, lets extend the marina shuttle


Xx_DaKing_xX joined the game
Welcome Xx_DaKing_xX to the Minecraft Rapid Transit server!
[Citizen] mjpwwf: Welcome, DaKing, to the most wafflicious server on Minecraft!
Xx_DaKing_xX left the game
autobus22: *facebus*
Mjpwwf: *Gives autobus22 some asperin after he headbussed*
  • Breaking news: Countless injuries reported and many others surprised to see it raining men outside. Story at 11.
[Councillor] tdtspeedy: I'm getting java errors on my Windoes computer...
[Trustee] mjpwwf: I guess Windoes wants to Windoesn't.
[Mayor+] ModernArt: donate to me for randomness
[Citizen] SoaPuffball: ModernArt imma donate $-1
[Senator+] mjpwwf: You have recieved $-1 from SoaPuffball.
[Mayor+] ModernArt: fake news
[Citizen] mervynang: Connected with MineChat
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: Connected with a snow block (said while he was holding a snow block)
[Senator+] mjpwwf: Introducing SnowBlock(R). The newest app for Minecraft server chat on mobile platforms.TM
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: ^-^'
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: you took my app chat joke far :)
[Senator+] mjpwwf: Download on the Crapp Store today for free.
godziltrain was killed by lalaboy using [Blaster]
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: lalalalalalalalala *miuscnoet*
[Senator+] mjpwwf: Using the new Miuscnoet(TM) feature of SnowBlock, you can share audiowith your Minecraft friends.
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: *sigh*

[Citizen] time2makemymove: "L" get it??? lol
[Senator+] mjpwwf: l ?
[Senator+] mjpwwf: l .
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: m ?
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: j.
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: p ?
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: w.
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: w ?
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: f.
(some time later)
[Senator+] Ardyle: u.
[Mayor+] FredTheTimeLord: naughty
[Mayor+] ModernArt: gg
[Senator+] mjpwwf: l.
[Senator+] mjpwwf: *averted* 
[Ardyle -> mjpwwf] fulk you
[Ardyle -> mjpwwf] xD
(time2makemymove is present)
mjpwwf: time2sayhaider2all
SoaPuffball: time2stopthetime2puns
mjpwwf: hmm...the sign says Do Not Go Here.
* mjpwwf goes here.
Oshawott_12 joined the game
SkyjumperTalon: wb
Oshawott_12: hi
mjpwwf: Occupational Health and Safety Administration wott_12 joined the game
(a guest with the name cheeto is on)
Pueffie: mmm cheetos
[Media] Pueffie: eats
Pueffie: totally meant that to be /me rather than /m
Vulpicula: pueff pls do not vore the guests
Pueffie: aww
Vulpicula: thankyou


  • i found my wood
  • oh no, i licked myself out *meant to say "locked"*
puff: can i nominate frumple
music: if u feel he's worthy for trusted rank


London_IceBoy: Tonight: Heavy snowfall brings distruption and power failures to the UK
pyth0n: WOOOT
London_IceBoy: :DD
SoaPuffball: lol


  • Footy? Is that slang for a slipper?
  • It's weed smoking rasta magic!
  • *is looking at kitty's new SkyTransit livery* I like the dick on the tail! (it was a cloud)
  • (In Mumble) Come back Kitty I'm Jewish. *I miss you. That was my phone's autocorrect.
  • (In Mumble) Squeaks loudly
  • imtaRAIL Bitch Line?
  • i just read that as kinky orgasm..
[Member] cgc747: ./me sacrifices a goat to satan to regain my eternal youth
[Mayor] mine_man_: wouldnt that just turn you into a goat
[Councillor+] ArdyArd: ^^^
[Mayor+] Technological99: ^

  • hnt says elecna bay "elenca bay" and i'm just like no honey
  • guys i can speak welsh, want to see? "Llanfairasdfghjklposharkeishanogogogoch"
  • kenalfenthursty
  • OMG I LOVE THE D... Train in Nippia

(while chasing NKtrain) ALL HANDS ON DICK



  • MCYoshi, please get out of my screenshot...
  • What have you been smoking???
  • Hey chief, when is the snaps*it coming out? (Meant Snapshot)
  • I'm doing meth too! (Meant math)


I hoe so at least lol.

  • hope so


[2/19/22 @9:26P EST] RadiantRanger26: well im 100 dollars richer and about 5 times dumber than I was 20 minutes ago

[2/19/22 @9:29P EST] RadiantRanger26: I think if I had to magane a thing liek intrarail I would die


4/15/22 @7:10A EST

Mojang1014:  it is i, the emissary of hell, Mojang1014

The All Rounder: if you are the emissary of hell do you support pineapple on pizza

RadiantRanger26: or bacon on ice cream

Kuukman: what

Kuukman: people do that?

Purrcat2010: Ugh, bacon ice cream

RadiantRanger26: yeah lol

RadiantRanger26: its terrible

frogggggg: yes especially people in the middle east and south east asia

RadiantRanger26: i mean its bad in america they might have a point over in se asia

RadiantRanger26: like

frogggggg: radiant muslims dont eat pork

RadiantRanger26: the food in se asia is next level

frogggggg: that was the joke

RadiantRanger26: what

RadiantRanger26: oh lmao

Kuukman: im speechless

RadiantRanger26: intraraaaaaaaaail

RadiantRanger26: AAAAAAA


[Discord] VickiTori: !mrt playerlist
* there are 0 out of maximum 60 players online.
[Discord] Ada Virus: no man's land
[Discord] aindrigo: ever since the accident, mrt has been silent
[Discord] Ada Virus: hi birb
[Discord] aindrigo: Hai
* RadiantRanger26 joined the game
[Mayor+] RadiantRanger26: ah yes
[Discord] aindrigo: exactly
[Discord] HarborRandom852: Yes when I accidentally set off that new Singapore nuke things went to shit
[Discord] HarborRandom852: Wait what am I talking about
[Discord] aindrigo: i left the oreland labs experiment room unlocked
[Mayor+] RadiantRanger26: oh
[Mayor+] RadiantRanger26: thats too bad
[Discord] aindrigo: no one should have to know what happened after that…
[Mayor+] RadiantRanger26: AAAAAA
* RadiantRanger26 went up in flames


hvt2011 left the game.
Ramona: aw man the slave lavor left


  • "everything in this room is edible even I am edible. but that is highly frowned upon in most societys."


  • YAY! A person!
  • I no Fk
  • Because their nuggetery levels are over 9000?
[P1] tarheelscouse: lala, you're oddly quiet
[P1] lalaboy67: That's becasue I'm doing something in the back ground
[P1] bestmate66: ._.
[P1] tarheelscouse: like what? :P
[P1] bestmate66: :P
[P1] RLcrafters: o.o RUN!!!
[P1] creeperface7990: xD
[P1] tarheelscouse: XDXDXD 
[P1] bestmate66: XD
  • in other news COOKIIEEESSs!!!!
  • :D greeeeeeeeeeen!
  • the horse gave physics the middle finger
  • i almost world edited the taiga line into oblivion
[P1] Benie: Great job. Now you just nuked 1/4 of the MRT.
[P1] RLcrafters: YAY
  • what in the name of jebadiah kerman is this?!
  • u are forever immortalised
(Ardy and Meet was building the Siletz ARM)
Ardy: what's the name of the station in the south
Meet: it can be like
Meet: you can name it<3
RL: welcome to <3 station please change here
(Allifarki asked RL to build a franchise in his city one day)
[Trustee] allifarki: RL your plot is ready
[Senator] RLcrafters: thts WAAAAAAAAAAY to shit
allifarki left the game.
[Senator] RLcrafters: small!*
[Senator] RLcrafters: crap
[Mayor+] _Ardy: ew
[Mayor+] _Ardy: ewww
[Senator] RLcrafters: someone said tht in mumble and i typed it
[Mayor+] _Ardy: ewwwwwwwww
[Senator] RLcrafters: crap ._.
[Senator] Narnia17: who?
allifarki joined the game
[Senator] RLcrafters: thts WAAAAAAAAAAY to shit
[Senator] RLcrafters: crap ._.
[Mayor+] _Ardy: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[Senator] RLcrafters: small
allifarki left the game.
[Mod] jphgolf4321: what the...?
[Senator] RLcrafters: is what i meant to say
[Mayor+] _Ardy: twice...
[Senator] Narnia17: lol
RLcrafters died
Player RLcrafters took their own life.
[Mayor+] _Ardy: you keep ragequiting him
[Senator] Narnia17: RIP
[Mod] jphgolf4321: rip in shit
[Mod] jphgolf4321: *small
[Senator] Narnia17: LOL
[Senator] RLcrafters: ......
[Mayor+] _Ardy: armada is so shit
[Mayor+] _Ardy: *small
[Mod] jphgolf4321: huehuehuehuehuehuehue
[Senator] RLcrafters: D: *dies*
[Mayor+] _Ardy: but really armada is shit
RLcrafters died
Player RLcrafters took their own life.
RLcrafters died
Player RLcrafters took their own life.
RLcrafters died
Player RLcrafters took their own life.
RLcrafters died
Player RLcrafters took their own life.
[Mayor+] _Ardy: yep we just created a new inside joke
  • This station is a bit borkt
  • Bay 1 is the Just-a-bit-too-big-for-a-small-bus-bay-but-not-quite-large-enough-for-a-coach-bay-bay
  • how the f do you build before i can say supercalifragillisticexpialladocious
  • This is actually a highway, the B-Whatiwannacallitwhenitsdone to segville.
  • Im apparently pregnant with a baby chief called tarheel jr
  • llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch-ium, element number: Wales!
  • Transferium, element 119, like to gain WarpTrains and be angry at everything.
  • robin... I LOVE YOU...... KISS ME
RLcrafters: ATTN: The AFS HAS NOT shot down santa,
Santabus22 died
  • What we have there is A: a nerd, and 2: ... (much mumble lol'ing ensues)
  • "joins" *a huge explosion is heard, in the distance a mushroom cloud forms* Everything thinks: RL........ :/
i play like , 5 instruments
not at teh same time though


  • spawn (trying to type /spawn)
  • Shiok Shiok Satay! Shiok Shiok Satay! Beef or chicken patty, lets makan and party!


  • matau moment
  • the only thing keeping me from making pearl coast a chunk error is the huge lenin statue outside my house
  • yall just going like f! gous! diughsou;t4y7845
Frosty_Creeper10: go apply for senator with nymphalia you meanie
SoaPuffball: on july
rocko6alex: yo get off julu
rocko6alex: *july
SoaPuffball: is july a friend of yours :P
[rocko6alex -> me] ok yo now sherif ::::::::)))))))))))))))))
[me -> rocko6alex] you only need one colon and closing parenthesis
[rocko6alex -> me] you do, i do not ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Kang my nuts

my city isnt on the rapidroute

do it in russian pie

my mom is my land

imagine using world edit

getting member is like going to north korea

thats a lot of rules

i cant apply for staff


*SoaPuffball is planning a 16 floor tall skyscraper, and Seastep is AFK. Both players are [Trustee]s.
[Guest]: where is 16 floor skyscraper
(at the same time)
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: in my new town
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: in my new town
[Mayor+] ryanfriel: he is afk
[Mayor+] ryanfriel: shoot got you guys mixed up


  • Hi Cheif!|Hi!| *chiefbozx shocked samyankeesfan20*
  • Don't mind me, I'm just griefing.
  • AFK, stealing Thomas's bacon. *thomasfyfe shocked samyankeesfan20*
  • Benie you'll pay for this! (after Benie pranked him during April Fools 2013/ShockFest)
  • I have a new favourite food, an Ish Muffin
  • Bindo.
  • Hawks, on Minechat your face looks like an Iron Man that is taking a mega crap.
  • Throw your hands in the aiya, if you's a true playa. \o/
  • Sam: I'm off to grief >:D Robin: You do that and I'll burn your town.
  • Rap is poetry. Dirty poetry.
  • Handy Manny. I break it, you fix it.
Sam: I AFK boxed Chief. :D
*lighting bolts are heard everywhere*
Sam: hi chief...
Benie: You angered the gods...
jphgolf4321: i think sam's dead...
Sam: erm...
*chiefbozx shocked samyankeesfan20*
Sam: damnit
  • Go home, you're drunk.
  • wop wop wop
  • Yeet
  • The old map is more overcrowded than the Bronx
  • bruh
  • shoutout to all the pear


[Media] _sans05: Good Morning Montego! Larkspur officers have hacked the DNC, Trump sworn in as dictator for all life
Vickiposa: f***
[Media] _sans05: Update: Vickiposa has been arrested by the MRT staff and Frumple
[Media] KittyCat11231: BNN! Breaking News >> Investigators find literal smoking gun inside Vickiposa's admod office.
Vickiposa: f*** x2
SoaPuffball: oi no swearing
SoaPuffball: this is a christian server
_sans05: h***
Vickiposa: f*** x3
camelfantasy: magic unicorn dust
SansNotLuigi: magic megalovania dust
SoaPuffball: so you mean to say it runs on bloodlust
SansNotLuigi: yes
Vulpicula joined the game.
SansNotLuigi: vulpickle
Vulpicula: sans I will shove a Ouija board down your throat if you ever call me that again. >:v
SansNotLuigi: for me that's the great composition by king missile known as "detachable penis"
SansNotLuigi: the hvt2011 visit sansvikk ikea fund thanks you for your time
  • i will not be made into a component of an italian sandwich
  • click this link for a free ikea
  • It's going to be an epic prank when he comes back and sees that his helis have magically become rodbla's
  • what would you do if 6 life sized among us characters came into your room at 3 am, started playing 3 on 3 basketball with your trash bin, and voted out the imposter


Worrski: sasha if you want to get smitten just ask for a one block world edit like this
chiefbozx: why does everyone want to be smited today
sasha9076: pos 1 and pos 2 set string... lol
sasha9076 left the game.
Player chiefbozx kicked sasha9076 for no.

chiefbozx: ok, yeah i'd suggest adding a beach off to the west/east if you need to expand rather than flattening more stuff

frogggggg: wdym adding

Sasha9076: Adding means making an addition

frogggggg: ik what adding means sasha lol


who can make me WORLD TRACE CENTER for $55


_HeavenAngel_: So where are you from steppy?
Seastep: Sorry, I may be afk sometimes
Seastep: So nationality?
*lengthy discussion about the definition of 'nationality'*
Seastep: So my MRT home town is Aviation
Seastep: It is on the NE16 station in the northeastern part of the map
Seastep: It is two stops away from Titsensaki (NE18), the eastern terminus of the Northern Line.
_HeavenAngel_: gg
Seastep: Do I get a cookie for that?
_HeavenAngel_: only crumbs
_HeavenAngel_: 1/10
Seastep: xD
Seastep: Wait, I can't edit
_HeavenAngel_: ?
Seastep: I'm an auto-confirmed user and I'm a Trustee, so I should be able to edit a semi-protected page like Funny Quotes...
_HeavenAngel_: really?
*Seastep checks wiki page again, notices something*
Seastep: nvm
Seastep: I didn't log in
Seastep: XDD
_HeavenAngel_: llel
Seastep: I should add that to Funny Quotes too
Seastep: well it's the fire
SoSo123: no fire here :P
Seastep: lol good
SoSo123: no fire department here too :P
Seastep: lol bad
Seastep: AP?
AP_Red: aye?
Seastep: Could I call you PPAP?
Seastep died
*Soa puts on a dragon head on Seastep while he is editing Funny Quotes. Much later, he tells Sea to do F5.
Seastep: Wait how did you get that onto me?!
SoaPuffball: dispensers
lfpp003: ?
lfpp003: lol
Seastep: ...
[Mayor] SubwayGamerMC: i have so much unused space
[Mayor] SubwayGamerMC: dunno what to build here
[Trustee] Seastep: 15 Ice Tea Vendors xD
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: xD
[Mayor] SubwayGamerMC: lel
*Seastep is raging at Soa for AFK boxing him
  • cancelling riot because no longer controlled by Gordon Ramsay
time2makemymove: anyone want to help me out with my glasswork? will pay 10 dollars
camelfantasy: nah, too much of a pane
Seastep: ba dum ass
*talking rather quickly*
Slow down your chat! You're halfway to being muted to spam!
Seastep: I'm apparently half-way to being muted to spam
TheSubway: lel
TheSubway: gg
TheSubway: get muted for spam


sesese9: On the third day, God said let there be rest..
_frozen: On the third day, God said 'What the heck happened here?!'
sesese9: World-Edit happened...
Narnia17: lol
sesese9: (in Mumble): I'm not going to win the lottery...
[Server]: Congrats to sesese9 for winning....
Music3_0: what?
KittyCat11231: wow
sesese9: lol
sesese9: hey alex, could I borrow your opinion for a sec?
vexpix: lol sesese, as long as you give his opinion back
alex: LOL
autobus22: so what is se * se * se /=?
autobus22: :P
sesese9: 27 :)
autobus22: true that could be
_frozen: in fact: West Calbar will have two/three lines through it
sesese9: 0_0
_frozen: just a benefit of being a neighbour with me
sesese9: yay :D
sesese9: *goes to a corner*
KittyCat111231: *slaps sesese9*
sesese9: kitty, you are abusive
MinecraftYoshi26: lol
megascatterbomb: i dont feel so good
megascatterbomb left the game
Player sesese9 kicked megascatterbomb for *snap*
In the
Protocol: ah yes, rewind time. with Cacto, kastle, hvt and protocol.
sesese9: boi
In the server:
MC_Protocol left the game.
Player sesese9 kicked MC_Protocol for never forget sese.
Conric005: is hvt going to yeet me again
Conric005: no? ok
Player sesese9 kicked Conric005 for you have been yeeted.
[Discord] Conric005: welp
[Discord] Conric005: guess i got yeeted
  • I graduated. I don't need the alphabet anymore
* crimsonf0x believes anime is trash.
* sesese9 shrugs
[Discord] mightywern: Sese, have u gave a smite yet
sesese9: everyone has an opinion
crimsonf0x: d***it
crimsonf0x: Was trying to get a smite there.
sesese9: have to do a lot worse
sesese9: gotta hit a certain anime to get a smite :)
MIKE24DUDE: Onepunch man?
crimsonf0x: Jojo's bizzare adventure is evil and corrupts the minds of the youth.
sesese9: it's a common one that people trash on
MIKE24DUDE: Fairtale, DBZ, Attack on titan?
crimsonf0x: did i hit the spot Sese?
sesese9: hmm how else to describe
sesese9: VR
SoaPuffball: sao is terrible
*soa gets smitten*
SoaPuffball: I WIN
(Context: Harbor was boxing Sese)
HarborRandom852:  nevermind
sesese9:  you thought
sesese9: WRONG
_fwis: lol
Melecie: may i have these two cores saved as Melecie-EN23new
Melecie: tp
Missa_Solemnis: Oh, I was going to paste a fresh core on top of the old EN23
Missa_Solemnis: So that the y-spacing is what it'll actually be
Melecie: also acceptable
Weier: fresh core
Weier: it sounds like mrt stations are fruit
HarborRandom852: lel
[Discord] Sese: Freshly grown from the admod gardens
sesese9: aight good chunk of tunnel done so we can align tracks both ways
Canadian_K9: cool cool
[Discord] Missa_Solemnis: :eyes:
Melecie: hi missa :D
sesese9: yes yes we have work again, missa
[Discord] Missa_Solemnis: Yayyy employment!
Melecie: yay


  • don't worry SirNatureWriter, im not in it either


ShiniStudios: admods, pls kick me. I'm too addicted rn in i need some sleep
[HelpOp] SoaPuffball: can you pls kick shini
megascatterbomb: if you can type you can click disconnect


*In PM with Tar**
Tarheelscouse: I know it's personal info, but if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
Shirin_Maya: Approximately?
Shirin_Maya: Around 0-100
Tarheelscouse: XD
  • Dig dig dig dig (while ardy was making a road and shirin was guest)
Ardy: I remember the times shirin was a guest
Shirin: God: I remember the times frumple being a guest


  • wait afk boxing means actually boxing them?
  • (before leaving to take a shower) I kinda smell like shit, bbl.
ModernArt: silver i build a new town in the epsilonian east called Freshwater :D
SilverBubble: is it liek farwater
SilverBubble: but better?
SilverBubble: you know hwat iwl ltlak in p1
[P1] SilverBubble: you know hwat iwl ltlak in p1
SilverBubble: who owned seastep again?
SoaPuffball: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
SoaPuffball: *facepalm*
SoaPuffball: seastep is a player
SoaPuffball: aviation is a town
SilverBubble: ah
~SilverBubble: ()
Cookie46910: no
SilverBubble: OOPS
megascatterbomb: no
Cookie46910: no
hvt2011: NO
Cookie46910: bad
SoaPuffball: noooooooo
  • why eat lunch just photosynthesize
when i dont win lottery
it is a sure sign it is rigged


  • Hello and welcome back to another episode of placing iron bars on iron bars with sirnaturewriter


**Sirots asks someone to help him raise a roof a few blocks** 
*15 minutes later*
[Mayor+] Sirots: Thanks to you lazy bums I actually had to do something xD 
[Senator+] camelfantasy: xD 
[Mayor] Sirots: I consider my franchise a lot like Dominos. We were awful at first but then we got really good :P 
FlareGFX died 
Player FlareGFX took their own life. 
[Mayor] Sirots: He was so young...
[Mayor] Moleurs: Advert: Come to Frontier Graphics! We're great at our job and we're free! 
[Mayor] Sirots: Advert: Come to MRT Logo Services! We're BETTER than Frontier Graphics and we charge you money! :P 
[Governor] autobus22: *ignore that spam 
[Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: saying "ignore it" doesn't change that it happened :P 
[Mayor] Sirots: ./ignore MinecraftYoshi26 :P 
[Governor] mine_man_: xd
[Mayor] Sirots: Hey bert stop spamming with falls, we're having a serious debate here, kthxbyeee :P 
[Mayor] Sirots: Frumple promoted tarhellscouse from member to mod :P 
[Mayor] Sirots: woops I said tarhells instead of tarheels 
[Governor] autobus22: "oh no the tarscouses from hell are attacking" 
[Mayor] Sirots: I am a royaM, the 6th rank in the TRM
[Mayor] Sirots: Wait mineman was Nicki_Minaynay?!?! 
[Mayor] Sirots: For once I'm the only Mayor on right now...
[Mayor] Sirots: This is an important moment in history for Mayorism 

[Trustee] EliteNeon: Is Dabecco in YA 
[Mayor] Sirots: YA? 
[Trustee] EliteNeon: Yaxier Aliance 
[Mayor] Sirots: No. 
[Trustee] EliteNeon: AWPP? 
[Mayor] Sirots: AP_Red Watches People Play? 

[Mayor] Sirots: Baron has a tendency now not to respond to anything I say... :P 
Ortem left the game. 
[Admin] BaronThamesBank: Hey sirots :) 
[Senator] camelfantasy: xD 

When mjpwwf was talking about something he has to do in college: Thanks for the heads up mj. I'll remember that in 4 years!

[Mayor] Sirots: ATTENTION: Dabecco Town Hall will be closed all of today until tomorrow morning at 8AM EST. 
[Mayor] ChimpehrianDance: why? 
[Mayor] Sirots: Because I said so. 

[Mayor] Sirots: This message is brought to you by Donald Frump 
[Guest] SevenBridges: xD 
[Mayor] Sirots: "Dump Trump, choose Frump" 
[Mod] _hnt: frumple's canadian 
[Mayor] Sirots: ...of the MRT 
[Mod] Omricon: damn it hnt! 
[Mayor] Sirots: Damnit Omricon! Why are you damnit-ing other mods? 
[Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: :P 
[Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: Blame hnt 
[Citizen+] ModernArt: lol


  • sixhundredcats: gotta fit in that teen pregnancy while you still can londy!


  • mcyoshi can u do the spleef its at 12 plz tell me the last one standing kthxbye | Skelezomperman has left the game
  • can i box chief frumple?
Skele: how many people do you think eastside stadium could fit?
Kitty: probably over half the amount the server can
(While Skele was setting up the I TacoBurritoAThon)
  • Silence is golden, duct tape is silver, don't make me get it out
nopro, do you wanna see the junk? (Referring to the old stuff under Crystal City)
 Skelezomperman: *Kraftler1 joined the game*
 Half_Crafteur: lol
 Skelezomperman: watch
 *Kraftler1 joined the game*
  • WARNING: Do NOT edit flags. Violators (including staff) will be prosedcuted.
Skele: I'm experimenting with ice in my bedroom
Kitty: that sounded so wrong
Skele: ...
  • who wants a free advertisment on the MRT NewsChannel stream for only $10
Cabal: I love rule 34
~Skele: ^^^^^^^^^^^
SoaPuffball: watch that pointer
(Cabal's post was not sent to the Discord channel)
Skele: anyone else before I leave?
Frog: can I get some orange juice please
(Skele teleports to Frog and literally gives him a potion named "Orange Juice")
Frog: thanks :D


  • May I potentally ask to be an employed lady? An upgrade to mayor? (Christmas 17 ranks, [Mayor] is [Maid])
  • Turns out my school was supposed to be cancelled today but the superintendent overslept
SkyjumperTalon: I'm an idiot and decided to put a metro pilar in the middle of the Eagleshort mini golf course
SkyjumperTalon: I'm keeping it that way btw


SoSo123: PSY? Oh no...
_HeavenAngel_: :o
SMB76Spotter: _HeavenAngel_ IS BAE
_HeavenAngel_: :o
_HeavenAngel_: LOL
SoSo123: wat
SoSo123: wtf
SMB76Spotter: SoSo123 IS TRIGGERED
SoSo123: wat
SoSo123: ...
SMB76Spotter: * dies *
SMB76Spotter died
Player SMB76Spotter took their own life.
SoSo123: we should add that to the quotes
SMB76Spotter: yep
_HeavenAngel_: You shouldn't have eaten those pills
SoSo123: That MV sucks
SoSo123: The song is terrible too


  • Uh oh, I must've hired another advertiser in my sleep again.
  • I wasn't singing........ *Soleurs was moved to Random Musical Interludes by Benie*
  • I need "person here" on.
  • For crying out loud...
  • Yay for shameless advertising!
  • .....Or we could do that (To many scenarios that McYoshi presents to me that are simpler than mine)
  • Owie! *after being shocked*
  • LP *insert division here* is here to help!
  • It's a small world after all!........ *Soleurs was moved to Random Musical Interludes by Benie*
  • Yoooooo Hallloooooooooo!
  • WB *insert username here*
  • You touched my redstone! *Soleurs was moved to Redstone and Fireworks by Benie*
  • Nice work, I crashed! (To McYoshi)
  • I believe I just flooded my stairwell.
  • Thou shalt not throw snowballs into my summer home!
  • I'm singing! ... Just to annoy—! *Soleurs was muted by Benie before sentence could be finished*
  • I think you will need something stronger than a Pokèball to catch a Frumple
  • You'll be Soleurs' sunspot as well as Benie's Ender Minion (to qwolf1999)
  • Donkey Dorf!
  • Oklahoma: The Land of Unpredictable Weather.
  • The itty-bitty widdle ADF recruitees
  • Buh buh buh bird bird bird, bird is online. Buh buh bird, bird, bird is online.
Soleurs joined the game
Soleurs: ./bitchslap JohnNotTech
  • We're working on John's artificial butt.
  • Presenting SOLEURS BELL! Tinker Bell is off tonight.
  • I'll ride FredRail, don't abuse me. To Fred while being abused


  • *Funeral Music*
  • plugins=LAG!!
  • GRIEF(after yoshi broke a block in checkers/mumble chat)
  • and then there was two
  • Srry, my brain is dead right now
  • Keks is 99.99% Cookies
  • (In Mumble) Tom_Pairs: These Helicopters look like Lego Duplo Blocks | SonicTornado: Try placing a big one in a 8x8x1 cuboid
  • SonicTornado: Hows Lide | Frumple: I like lide, lides good | SonicTornado: Life*!!
  • I need a lawyer, NOW!
  • SonicTornado: Why you got to be so mean, chiefie! | chiefbozx: ? | Minecrfatyoshi26: Hey Sonic thats my thing, why you got to be so mean?


[Mayor] ByteMega: *bites Adan*

[Citizen] AdanWongCL2: *summons Diemundz aka Superman*

a while later...

Diemundz joined the game.

  • Why aren't black ppl named Black Widows?
  • I hope he won't freeze my account lol

Elsa couldn't control herself

[Citizen] AdanWongCL2: DrainPro

(I forgot who): DrainPro your town should have a lot of drains

(then a lot of people like Toaro and HeavenAngel called TrainPro into a lot of different rhymed    names)

[Citizen] FinnehPleh: Adan

(exactly same second)

[Citizen] AdanWongCL2: ???

[Citizen] FinnehPleh: ?
  • Edited Ricky (meant to be edited wiki)

[Mayor] Toaro: It's not as poor at Ethopia

[Trustee] AdanWongCL2: Not as poor as Utopia

[Mayor] soso123: : Two Stringles.

[Mayor] soso123: One called Stringle55, one called Stringle55. So confusing...

[Councilor] TrainPro: define "confusing".

[Councilor] VernCow: probably brothers or something

[Guest] StringleSS: I don't have a brother

[Mayor] Stringle55: i don't have a brother


  • If you kiss die you'll die

Starcubed joined the game.

[Mayor] soso123: wb the star cubed into a kottle then grew wings and became a bottle then flew away

[Mayor] Starcubed: lol

[Mayor] soso123: I'm having fever

[Mayor] soso123: Still feeling a bit dizzy...

[Senator] _HeavenAngel_: aww gws

[Mayor] soso123: aww thanks :3

[Mayor] soso123: *admod joins the game*

[Mayor] soso123: Player <insert admod here> kicked soso123 for Go to sleep if your sick.

[Mayor] soso123: *soso123 joins the game*

[Mayor] soso123: no <insert admod here> I got perms from my mommy :(

[Senator] _HeavenAngel_: lol

[Mayor] soso123: welp

[Mayor] soso123: I'ma add that to the quotes

[Senator] _HeavenAngel_: lol
soso123 joined the game.

[Mayor+] Toaro: heya

[Senator] _HeavenAngel_: heya


[Senator] _HeavenAngel_: lol


[Senator] _HeavenAngel_: the guest went out like a wrecking ball

[Mayor+] Toaro: of course

[Mayor+] Toaro: BOOM BOOM BOOM
[Mayor] SoSo123: the tv is saying: we explode the zombies to make them fresher (directly translated from Chinese)

[Citizen] tomtomy8: ...

[Senator] BuildPilot: lol soso

[Mayor] SoSo123: jk it's shredded ginger which sounds 100% like zombies in Chinese
[Mayor] SoSo123: Am I acting immature lel

[Trustee] SMB76Spotter: ur acting mature lel

[Mayor] SoSo123: lel guess my age

[Senator]] _HeavenAngel_: 69

[Trustee] SMB76Spotter: ageless

[Mayor] SoSo123: you're both out

[Senator] _HeavenAngel_: I win

[Mayor] SoSo123: goodbye

[Trustee] SMB76Spotter: I win too

[Trustee] SMB76Spotter: yay angels and SMB wins

[Mayor] SoSo123: You're both out of the quiz

[Senator] _HeavenAngel_: xD

[Trustee] SMB76Spotter: xD
SoSo: yay emperor's new clothes
SoSo: A full set of monkey costume
SoSo: That suits my classmate
Chimpy: brb changing skin
CaptainChimpy left the game.

SoSo: Unjinz wanna help with metros?
unjinz: uhhhh
SoSo: what does the fox say?
SoSo: unjinz: uhhhh
unjinz: uhhhh
SoSo: I guess Ylvis got it wrong then xD
unjinz: Ylvis didn't know what they started xD
miney: oh god
DJMC: Foxes bark.
unjinz: not really it's weird
(When _InDev_ is randomly PVP-ing his bro)
SoSo: InDev stop torturing ur bro :(
InDev: shh I'm fighting with a diamond hoe
(When bulba is trying to sleep but he couldn't)
bulba: apparently the moon is fighting against going up
SoSo: Apparently the sun is bullying the moon.
bulba: ...
DoTheKeno_ fell out of the world
SoSo: InDev >:(
InDev: I swear I'm not doing anything
SoSo: stop torturing ur bro xD
Sesh: lol
Chimpy: How pure is New York snow?
SoSo: it's purer than your love to your mama :P
Chimpy: XD
Froggy: LOL soso
*SoaPuffball trolls SoSo by spawning rabbits named "Rebettka" and "Ribbitka"
This classroom is not for rabbits
  • to build in my property you need to fly to america and wake up camel
Ardy: drop the bass
SoSo: the bass dropped so hard that all the MRT members fell down from the space world to the games world
Skele: lol
Mossie: Personally I find it better doing last minute revision
SoSo: same but my parents force me to do first minute revision
SoSo: *middle minute revision
Mossie: lol
SoSo: *mid-last minute revision
SoSo123 joined the game.
Heaven: hey sauce
SoSo: hey I'm jam not sauce
Heaven: xD
(trying to define OSC aka Object Show Community)
Octopus Swimming Contest/.'
Octopus Swimming Contest?
SoSo123: raining steak
jphgolf4321: stop raining steak pls
SoaPuffball: wow
Yellowitcher is now afk.
SoSo123: nao yello jello
SoSo123: don't be afk
Yellowitcher left the game.
dragonbloon419: frosty's production is temporarialy put on hold while I find the locations
SoSo123: lol
SoSo123: there's 1 in stoneedge
SoSo123: do i get money
SoaPuffball: there's one in savacaci
* Lag Spike happens
godziltrain: still max blocks
SoaPuffball: wat
SoSo123: rly?
godziltrain: yup, hende the lag rn
SoaPuffball: lol
SoSo123: that came out so late
godziltrain: bit late for that
SoaPuffball: ^
* later
godziltrain: undoing it now, I've got the area so I can clear the land first
SoSo123: ok
* Lag Spike happens
[Media] godziltrain: lag over
[Media] SoSo123: Another lag warning
SoaPuffball: late lol
[Media] SoSo123: SoSo123 is not responsible for sending out late lag messages
godziltrain: yes you are
SoSo123: :(
SoaPuffball: you are lol
* later
godziltrain: just a wee bit
* Lag Spike happens
[Media] SoSo123: I hope this lag warning doesn't come out late
[Media] SoSo123: Damn
SoaPuffball: it does
[Media] SoSo123: SoSo123 is sad right now due to his lag warning keep sending out late
* People are talking about Ben6331
[Governor] SoSo123: Ban6331
[Mod] AlikSong: LOL soso

  • SoSo123 joined the game
  • ConnConn2005 : hi
  • ModernArt: wb
  • SoSo123: Hii
  • SoSo123: No admods...
  • Ap_Red joined the game
SnowPlow123: *uses tape to cover moria's mouth
SnowPuffball_: xD
SnowPuffball_: i knew you knew it
SnowPlow123: I knew you knew it
SoSo123: camelfantasy is now AFK.
* camelfantasy is now afk.
SoSo123: lel
SoSo123: and it's for real


PDPlays07: E

LondonThamesLink left the game

PDPlays07: We just killed an entire city

[Discord] Pretzel: where is my spegit
[Discord] Pretzel: i cant find it
[Senator] wheresmyspegit: idk
[Discord] chimata: did you hide it in your stomach


  • A mod told me to draw a d**k.
  • Lala my machine is ready
  • installing windows will be a pane
  • lol what if we told people from HTC to join the MRT (talking to SoaPuffball, HTC is a very different discord server)
  • were gonna get vaccinated at the strip club. then get brunch
Tsarcubed: do you have prostibots? (talking to Know)
knowmads7: no xD
knowmads7: thats perverted
Tsarcubed: SHHHH
Tsarcubed: SH*T
Tsarcubed: SH*T
Tsarcubed: F***
Tsarcubed left the ggame.
Narnia17: you see
Narnia17: i saved a copy
SoaPuffball: :P
ModernArt: why is bird **** going on newrail trains
Tsarcubed: so america can claim it
ModernArt: xd
SoaPuffball: gg
[Discord] Starcubed: dab
IcedPuffball: no
lil_shadow59: bad
Starcubed: is vicki icki
Vickiposa: i like to think i'm not icki
* Vickiposa is no longer AFK.
SoaPuffball: hia ward girl
Vickiposa: hai hai
Starcubed: whats ward girl
Vickiposa: me
Starcubed: is vicki the queen of ward 7
SoaPuffball: maybe :3
SoaPuffball: Starcubed at this point i could as well be nicking lil_shadow as "lily"
lil_shadow59: yea
Starcubed: its his stripper name
SoaPuffball: :x:
lil_shadow59: he's not wrong
Starcubed: im not the one that made it
Starcubed: i jsut err
Starcubed: adopted it
  • anyone here remember when MRT's de facto currency was tacos
Vickiposa joined the game.
SoaPuffball: hi ward girl
[Discord] Starcubed: Ward girl
[Discord] Starcubed: What about ward woman
SoaPuffball: ward lady
Vickiposa: (for what it's worth, i like ward girl the most)
[Discord] Starcubed: Ward the other binary gender that is made using two X chromosomes
  • I love the fresh smell of tear gas
  • kitty in my eyes youre a beautiful p****
  • You know decathlon is like ikea but for sports
* CaptainObi is no longer AFK
[Senator+] Farkie1: wb
[Senator+] Starcubed: He's still afk
[Senator+] Starcubed: I'm just fishing him
SilverBubble: who made the waamawai model railway
Starcubed: Waamawai
autobus22: Wazamawazi*
Starcubed: Hawaiian version of wazamawazi
Starcubed: the typhoon literally spawned outside of hong kong wt*
Starcubed: wheres our meat shield
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: stop outsourcing your typhoons to third world countries star
[Discord] Starcubed: We had bedwars parties
[Discord] Melecie: isn't that just an overnght party
Needn_NL: is that the modern equivalent of a pillow fight
Needn_NL: lolll
Needn_NL: same joke
[Discord] Starcubed: do you want to hear something about eaton centre
[Owner] Frumple: sure
[Discord] Starcubed: eaton deez nuts
[Discord] Starcubed: har har har
[Owner] Frumple: ...
[Discord] Freskooo: :OOOO
[Owner] Frumple: Remind me to shock you next time you're on star
[Guest] (guest): にほんごがわかりますか
[Senator+] Starcubed: engrish only prease
[Member] maemotheshark: sorry i don't speak nihon


Ardy: Instead he said we can get a mod to issue a warning
String: food idea
Ardy: nom
String: *good
*stringle55 is stuck
*DasNexus tells him to /spawn


HarbourRandom852: wheres the azalea arctic going
STthecat: for now it goes from wenyanga to dogwood to wenyanga
STthecat: azalea arctic will skip ccb until painted builds a new cock
STthecat: * dock
AirplaneNiner: until painted builds a new w h a t
STthecat: time2 is literally cringe 
MrMinecraft1423: wat      
MrMinecraft1423: wdym 
Pretzel: oi 
Pretzel: no insulting the premier 
STthecat: :(
PaintedBlue: the flihigh gods are displeased
(chat talking about bobbygammer’s inactivity)
Skelezomperman: he's probably busy with school 
Minecraft252: understandable 
STthecat: have a nice day 
Minecraft252: lol 
Oshawott_12: i think he knows im gay now 
Minecraft252: awesome 
Oshawott_12: AHAHAH
STthecat: minecraft is only about a decade older than my mom
frogggggg:  bruh
STthecat:  sry a decade younger
frogggggg:  your mom is 26?
frogggggg:  ah same :P
STthecat: accident
SToptrainthecat: console ur bad today
SToptrainthecat: /ban Console
Player Missa_Solemnis kicked SToptrainthecat for illegal.
STthecat: gtg for the night
STthecat: gn no one
STthecat left the game.
(literally a week later)
STthecat: gtg for the night
STthecat: gn no one 2: electric boogaloo
STthecat left the game.
STthecat: gtg for the night
STthecat: gn no one 7: ive run out of things to make me sound like a genius
STthecat left the game.
SnowflakeCylian: SERIOUSLY?
STtheelf: my last word is
STtheelf: yuu
Thou hast been smitten!
SnowflakeCylian: brb changing to CyborgCat
STtheelf: CatCylian
STtheelf: CatgirlCylian
SnowflakeCylian: OI
_Lego_: how do i make an npc armor stand again
AlphaDS: /ats
_Lego_: it didn't work
STthecat joined the server
chimata: ast*
_Lego_: ast
STthecat: did someone call me


suppoe: Its 1:42 over here
DasNexus: Then go to bed :P
Benie: You're not our mom.
DasNexus: ikr :D
suppoe: Silly Gas :P
DasNexus: Ehem
suppoe: Oh Das*
  • Your teach is a beach
suppoe: My town is kind of far from civilization so probably noby even noticed it lol
KittyCat11231: what's its name?
suppoe: I forgot lol


KittyCat11231: whenever a guest joins we complain that they came here illegally
KittyCat11231: :P
supykun: You Immigrants! Go back to Mineplex!
Narnia17: :O
PieTwins: no
kekkomatic: lol!
Just_Robinho: LOL
PieTwins: lol
just_robinho: Ahahahahaha XD
PieTwins: :D
supykun: I made a real good roast joke
tarheelscouse: please dont ever say the word "roast" ever again
tarheelscouse: "roast" eww
supykun: "You are so unattractive, even waifus repel from you!"
tarheelscouse: xDDDD
AP_Red: xD
tarheelscouse: that is so amazing
tarheelscouse: i am so using that
supykun: So LSD, are you gonna send us a mail or..?
mine_man_: LSD is a drug supy
mine_man_: LDS is a player :P
supykun: We shall be smokin our leader, Mine.
mine_man_: XD
TrainPro: .-.
supykun: We smoke him up like a British chimney worker
CortesiRaccoon: somebodyadd that to the funny quotes page
TrainPro: LOL!
supykun: Its okay to cuss a bit when its not offensive, Mega
MegaMC: language, supy
MegaMC: oh
supykun: For a fucking example... like this. It's okay to do so, believe it or not xD
_HeavenAngel_: supy im offended
MegaMC: Me too
supykun: Heaven, Im sorry I called you the E-word
supykun: Example
MegaMC: All of us are offended
_HeavenAngel_: :(
supykun: I shouldnt have said the E-Word
MegaMC: Example
supykun: I am also sorry for saying the T word
supykun: This.
MegaMC: I am also sorry for saying the S word
MegaMC: sorry
supykun: Next time I act like this, you can kill me to give an example.
supykun: Oh damn
_HeavenAngel_: xD
TrainPro: ...
MegaMC: Supy, you better add that to the funny quotes
supykun: Janghwa City used to look like... "a strip club" -Vulpicula
camelfantasy: GG
CaptainChimpy: LOL
dope_cheese: LOL
dope_cheese: xDDD
camelfantasy: xD
supykun: ...Noobtella
supykun: Dammit
supykun: Nutella
Patrick44_LFC : Be back in 5
Patrick44_LFC  is now AFK
supykun: Seconds. Ok
supykun: Are you back?
Patrick44_LFC  is no longer AFK
Patrick44_LFC : Minutes you muppet
Patrick44_LFC  is now AFK
supykun: Cal76 + Benie + Camelfantasy + Ortem + Narnia = CALIFORNIA
supykun: I'm kinda sad the MRT Eastern is passing through my island.
SoaPuffball: y
supykun: It's a defunct reason, though- I originally wanted isolation
supykun: "Now, the time has changed."
SoaPuffball: but last i checked you can decline the offer
supykun: I discussed with Frumple.
supykun: He said, "If you have the Eastern Line, you are a cool fox"
supykun: And I was like, "Oh shit"
SoaPuffball: that needs to go to funny quotes btw
Starcubed: "its not racist if im also asian" -RiceGum
supykun: You wanna hear a racy joke?
Frosty_Foobar10: ok it's not racist if i'm also chinese
Starcubed: would I get banned if I built a dog meat restaurant
supykun: Why can't Asians fly airplanes? Cause they always FRY them.
supykun: (runs)
MigInfi: ahhaahahhahahahahha
Aliksong: LOOOL
Cookie46910: tru
Frosty_Foobar10: LMAO supy
_HeavenAngel_: i didn't know i could feel pain on the internet
Supykun: I feel pain from reading your comment alone #RANDOMBURN
_HeavenAngel_: gg
_HeavenAngel_: lol
Supykun: (insert stockimage gif of an epic explosion)
_HeavenAngel_: bad supy that's enough wine for today
Supykun: Well you can't tell me what to do
mi_aquamarine: :O
_HeavenAngel_: o;
Supykun: Cause I make POUR decisions
mi_aquamarine: haha
_HeavenAngel_: *pikachu shocked face*
mi_aquamarine: someone add that to funny quotes
_HeavenAngel_: >_<
GrumpyGoomba9: Risky click of the day
_HeavenAngel_: gl
_HeavenAngel_: let me know if its safe
GrumpyGoomba9: AAHHHHH
_HeavenAngel_: gg
supykun: Don't click on it
supykun: You can get syphilis
_HeavenAngel_: O;
GrumpyGoomba9: Now I need to cleanse Chrome
supykun: One time, I had a friend.
supykun: She was very close to me.
supykun: And then, one night, we hung out at the playground.
GrumpyGoomba9: as you do...
_HeavenAngel_: hmmmmm
supykun: She was at the swings, and I was eating rocks on the ground.
supykun: But then
supykun: suddenly
supykun: a link appeared
supykun: and starting chasing us demanding that we click on it with our tiny hands
GrumpyGoomba9: Did he have the master sword?
supykun: I hid underneath the giant rock
supykun: but she
supykun: she- she... *sniffs*
_HeavenAngel_: oh no ;(
supykun: She clicked on it.... and I never saw her again!!
mi_aquamarine: ooo
mi_aquamarine: *oooof
_HeavenAngel_: ;o
mi_aquamarine: byebye supy's friend
GrumpyGoomba9: *coming to cinemas late 2019
supykun: She contracted gonorrhea from that link, and she gone-o-rhea'd from this universe.
supykun: Forever.
supykun: (runs)
_HeavenAngel_: oh you better run
_HeavenAngel_: all that buildup
supykun: Hey beautiful, handsome, pretty, masculine and feminine mods out there,
supykun: can we have a brief w-e please?
sesese9: huh definitely not one of those people described
Frumple: Your attempt at flattery has failed
SoaPuffball: honk if you like pineapple pizza
Starcubed: HONK
SoaPuffball: h o n k
supykun: only for barbeque pizzas, honk. Everything else, go crash on the pole.
  • "Dear Frumple, I am your neighbor. Unban me or I will steal your $2000 blender you hide behind your fridge."
  • "Kastle you misogynistic pig, I have the right to have #F5D3C7 as my skin color!"
  • Well time to build 200 helipads on top of a phone box.


(in Discord #general)
CyAmethyst: ...why do I have a feeling that when I go back to Chillington, there will be eggplants everywhere...
Sweetboy13735: 🍆 's CyAmethyst for: Thanks for the name of the town.
*camel reacts with an egg and a plant stem
CyAmethyst: Well... crabcakes
Sweetboy13735: 🍆 's camelfantasy for: egging and planting me.
a bit later...
Sweetboy13735: Do you want to be eggplanted?
CyAmethyst: Do you want a 🍓
Sweetboy13735: 🍆 's CyAmethyst for: I asked you first.


SqwidgyLegs: also what does luck potion do as a mechanaic
MinecraftYoshi26: fishing and whatnot
MinecraftYoshi26: mob loot
SoaPuffball: makes good stuff come on more
SoaPuffball: like that and loot chests
SqwidgyLegs: so it doesn't increase the chance of my crush accepting my love under a cherry tree at friday 6pm?
SoaPuffball: yes sadly
MinecraftYoshi26: heheh i wish the same sqwidgy


  • though probaly china has the best chinese food


tarheelscouse: <--- Doesn't have a funny quotes section ;-(

Oh DAMN, Son.

tarheelscouse: Dies inside
DC: i'm not a steve
Tar: yo mama's a steve
Tar is watching bryce_am playing a game
Tar: GO
Tar: no chests
Tar: btw
Tar: CHEST (meant to say cheat)
tarheelscouse: ardy has overriding control over all districts, though
Welcome99: mhm
tarheelscouse: you did it!
tarheelscouse: you agreed without saying i see!
tarheelscouse: :)
tarheelscouse: *claps*

Refering to Major Magpie: I shall call him Poopy and he shall be mine!

Jak:Referring to a subway station Where's he litter? Where's the graffiti? Where's the claustrophobic atmosphere?
Tar: This is Minecraft, not Birmingham
Benie Plays Cows and Cows on Radio
This looks like walking through Cumbria on lsd
[Councillor] tarheelscouse: I'm still undecided on my corporation name
[Senator+] Ardyan: i think we got these settled already
[Senator+] Ardyan: tarousel corp?
[Councillor] tarheelscouse: eww
tarheelscouse left the game.

[Tarheelscouse->nktrain] babe

[Tarheelscouse->nktrain] wrong person soz


  • "I wonder if cheif's on" "Nope, I wasn't shocked within 5 seconds of that last message"
  • How to get shocked: First, be sam * chiefbozx shocked samyankeesfan20 *


  • To the found City of Atlantis
*When DullesTdt and Camel were exploring a battle scene*
DullesTdt: This is how an ejector seat works out.
 DullesTdt fell from a high place
Camelfantasy: LOL I saw you fall
DullesTdt: KIA jets are tough planes
Camelfantasy: You cant even get in a KIA jet -.-
Camelfantasy: AHHHH
Camelfantasy: Damn it
DullesTdt: xD
Camelfantasy: miised it by a block
Camelfantasy: Oh well swimming is good
 Camelfantasy drowned


  • I love how one part of my city is small 2 wide roads and then there is a 67 wide road in front of the station

(This was when I built a sand castle in the middle of the One World Trade Center that Kiwish_thing was making. He was afk at the time)

* Kiwish_thing is no longer AFK.
[P1] Kiwish_thing: nice
[P1] Technological99: tnx
[P1] Technological99: It took me 5 minutes
[P1] Technological99: its got a draw bridge and everything
[P1] Kiwish_thing: i meant the floor... lol
[P1] Technological99: ohh. that was bnsf
[P1] Kiwish_thing: the castle is also nice
[P1] Technological99: tnx
[Guest] Chief, Can iclone you?
[Chief] Clone?
[Guest] Yes
[Guest] For KFC
[Chief] You can't. You're a guest :(
[Guest] Kalmar Fried Chiefs
Gopher: Calls Chief
Tar: Let me do that for you
Gopher: ok
[a few seconds later]
Tar: Chief Chief Chief boxers boxers boxers shock shock shock
Tarheelscouse died
[Mod] mikefishr: done
[Mayor+] Technological99: aha
[Mayor+] Technological99: Wonderfuk
[Mayor+] Technological99: Fonderful*
[Mayor+] Technological99: OMG
[Mod] Just _robino: XD
[Mayor+] Technological99: Wonderful*


TheAllRounderMC joined the game.
TheAllRounderMC: wait i was supposed to be in pickle
TheAllRounderMC left the game.
Starcubed: thats the funniest s--- ive ever seen
Melecie: tar turned themself into a pickle?


The_blockmaster: -/mail send _frozen it's getting late and I need to leave when will you be on? P.S I am in GMT+1
Camelfantasy: FAYUL
mjpwwf: Failm8
The_blockmaster: When you don't see the color red you know you have failed (/mail)
The_blockmaster: -/mail send _frozen it's getting late and I need to leave when will you be on? P.S I am in GMT+1
Camelfantasy: FAIlx2
(All): Fail
The_Blockmaster: ./me hates CTRL-V


 [Member]  AppleGamer123: There a pile of clothes next to me and it looks like Groot...Scaring me
[P4] AppleGamer123: OwO Owner rank color
[P4] AppleGamer123: I feel like Frumples rank
[P4] AppleGamer123: Im going to keep this
[P4] Frumple: *looks in project4*
[P4] Frumple: what is going on here?
[P4] AppleGamer123: Im one with Frumple
[P4] AppleGamer123: yes
[P4] SoaPuffball: no you're not
[P4] AppleGamer123: We all are
[P4] AppleGamer123: until he leaves
  • Make sure nobody touches my floating lalaboy tree. I will make it logical soon. (in Discord)
WaterSprite16 joined the game.
[Discord] TheConductor_: Oh I just love sneaking sprite into my water :D


Thesteakpie: *cal76 is hiding*
x cal76 is now AFK.
Derpy_Melon: Only 9,001 players have died in this shaft!
x Thesteakpie tps to Derpy_Melon
x Thesteakpie died
Thesteakpie : make that 9,002, Derp
Camelfantasy: xD
Derpy_Melon: gg
evil_q: XD


*in discussion about Guest Quotes and Funny Quotes with Soap and Sea*
SubwayGamerMC: Nobody ever quoted me :(
Seastep: I will quote that
Seastep: Got a Funny Quotes page?
TheSubway: I need a mod now
SoSo123: Everyone does
TheSubway: /summon entity: admod
Seastep: [Broadcast] nao
TheSubway: lel
SoSo123: gg
SoSo123: add that to your quotes
*After MikeRoma makes a typo of Wubway instead of Subway*
TheSubway left the game.
*2 minutes later*
TheWubway joined the game.
[Senator] Hightech_TR: someone rang my doorbell
[Senator] Hightech_TR: um
[Governor] SnowPlow123: ?
[Mayor] TheWubway: don't open
[Senator] Hightech_TR: pfft
[Senator] Hightech_TR: i think its my mom
[Mayor] TheWubway: then definitely don't open
[Governor] SnowPlow123: xD
[Senator] Hightech_TR: lol
[Governor] SnowPlow123: rip high's mom
[Senator] Hightech_TR: good job
[Senator] Hightech_TR: wubway you win #MakeTRLaugh


  • When Chief gets on, people get hurt.
  • As long as you don't microwave the toaster you should be fine.
  • I'll put a bus warp in your face.
  • It's like a seizure of Christmas.
  • I don't cheat, I just spam the right-click button.
  • BACON! <3
  • Don't mind us, we eat members on this server.
Member: I just broke my chest I filled with nametags! D:
Thomas: Put them back in then
  • sorry, I was having a sneezing fit.
Thomas: Have you tried turning them off and on again?
  • Oh look, 2 new staffers on my head...
gogo warps to thomasfyfe
gogo: we at bus station?
thomas: yeah
gogo: kthx
thomas: Refurbishments going on
gogo: ooooh, are you adding a beverage store?
thomas: refurbish, not refresh :P
gogo: :P

(Added some menu items from Autobus' picture I didn't know we sold.)

  • The size of Kitania!?!?!
Welcome99: eeh thomas
thomasfyfe: Yeah?
Welcome99: how to get out of here?
thomasfyfe: "You'll have to leave through the window, the elevator isn't working"
Thomasfyfe joined the game
Thought my internet had broke, turns out I just knocked the wireless button on my laptop


i charge 100 dollars per franchise
autobus22: Make me laugh.
time2makemymove: Achowalogen Tacos
(time just got senator)
time2makemymove joined the game.
[Trustee] Mercury203: Show me your new tag!
[Media] time2makemymove: no
[Mod] chiefbozx: lol
[Trustee] Mercury203: LOL
woorich999: if you're missing a building, you can quickly get a RichPlus Fuel Station in your town
SoaPuffball: nah
SoaPuffball: already have 10
time2makemymove: TEN FUEL STATIONS?!?!?!?!?
time2makemymove: hey tom-slash-narnia, can I have a worldedit please?
Narnia17: pick tom I'm pvping
time2makemymove: tom status: picked
  • everyone and their mother has a flight to FYI
(explaining why Yoshi is vanished)
the staff are all busy
or in yoshi's case
it means he's the amazing race
searching the word "oof" in this channel (#minecraft-server) yields 91 pages of search results. the mean amount of search results per page on discord is roughly 25, assuming that every search result is less than two lines long in the search sidebar. doing a bit of maths, 25*91=2275, ergo we can assume that roughly the exclamation "oof" has been used two thousand, two hundred seventy-five times since the #minecraft-server channel was created.
 in conclusion, it's time to stop.
*the last one to speak battle*
time2makemymove: i will be the last one to speak
AyyLion: bet
time2makemymove: yes i will
AyyLion: :/
time2makemymove: it is a fact
AyyLion: :D
time2makemymove: undeniable
AyyLion: :P
time2makemymove: 100%
AyyLion: :)
time2makemymove: no chance
AyyLion: :///
time2makemymove: def me
AyyLion: cool
time2makemymove: lmao
AyyLion: have fun
time2makemymove: ok this is stupid
AyyLion: true
time2makemymove: jk its awesome
LDShadowLord left the server
MC_Protocol left the server
Vulpicula left the server
AyyLion left the server
ModernArt left the server
time2makemymove left the server
Frosty_Creeper10 left the server
Vickiposa left the server
camelfantasy left the server
JPlayzX01 left the server
airplane320 left the server
lil_shadow59 left the server
:octagonal_sign: Server has stopped
time2makemymove: (on discord) I WIN
  • how do i keep accidentally putting pants on
  • vulpi out here spittin bars
ap can i have a world murder
[Discord] time2makemymove: lol
*time2makemymove laughs in discordsrv
notshort925: bad time
SoaPuffball: bad time
time2makemymove: youre gonna have a bad time
SoaPuffball: worse time
time2makemymove: hey soa do you want 65 dollars for furnishing a 2-story office in venceslo
time2makemymove: *san dzobiak
time2makemymove: force of habit
SoaPuffball: san dzobiak is venceslo
time2makemymove: speaking of not funny things, "banned" is overused and a dead meme
time2makemymove: i mean banning itself is not bad
time2makemymove: rather saying
time2makemymove: Banned.
time2makemymove: ergo, Banned. is banned
_Lego_: could I get a quick schem load?
time2makemymove: could i get a quick laundry load?
VickiTori_: im not driving over to california to do your laundry time
  • ah yes, the legendary move one block over w/e
time2makemymove: first person to say amogus owes me $20
crimsonf0x: amogus
Starcubed: amogus
time2makemymove: pay up crimson
frogggggg: ok star give time 20
_fwis: Protocol may I please have another w/e
time2makemymove: me first >:(
_fwis: sad!
time2makemymove: sad!
[Discord] HarborRandom852: Ironic time isn't patient despite his name being time
time2makemymove: who ever said i was patient
time2makemymove: what is this word, patience
time2makemymove: never heard of it
_fwis: well as his name suggests he does things quickly, suggesting impatience
time2makemymove: patience is for the weak
time2makemymove: it's time2makemymove, not time2waitformymove
[Mayor+] Kr4ka: I suppose I could do some delandscarring
[Discord] time2makemymove: so if delandscarring is terraforming
[Discord] time2makemymove: does that mean deterraforming is landscarring
[Mod+] Needn_NL: yes
[Discord] time2makemymove: brb gonna do some deterraforming
[Mayor+] Kr4ka: naooo


  • Grammar is one of the most important aspects of life.
  • Look what you did Chief. Now everything is on fire.
Tom: Do you work Benie?
Benie: Yes. I work for worldedit
Tom: Wait, really? Wait, what's your salary? (Thought he was a developer of W/E)
  • For the last time...I AM TOM1.
  • Which Tom?
  • Tom: Lol, Thief. | Chief: lol | *chiefbozx shocked Tom_1277*
  • Since *mod name here* is gone, I can correct grammar freely.
  • Hawksfan1010 heavy...
  • Moose, your skin looks like a peeing octopus.
  • When Chief is on, I turn my Minecraft sounds off.
  • I made my username Bunny. (backup Mumble server)
  • I need to finish my flight to *location here*.
  • Yeah. My computer is acting like an Airbus.
  • JERRY *during a random moment*
  • I will facejerry you, Kitty.
  • Sug... *slap* (Trying hard to refrain from saying suggestive)
  • I found a new Jerry!
Tom: Soccer. It's soccer. Get your fat right.
 _frozen: OH!
Tar: get your fat right lol
Baseball: fat... lol
_frozen: lol
  • Hoooooooooold on.
Tom: Hello to all the people that erected during the time I was AFKing.
Rocket: erection?
Skele: ...
Tar: LOL
Jph: really tom... really?
Yoshi (in mumble): That's actually the correct way to use that word
Tom (in mumble): Exactly!
  • I read that wrong (every time Tom reads something suggestively wrong)
Tom: Yoshi TALK SLOWER!!!
Yoshi: Listen faster!!!
Tom: Yoshi, again talk slower. Slower...
Yoshi: Get better headphone, faster, bigger, better, stronger
Tom: But I like my stolen United Airlines headphones!

  • I need to settle down my schnoodle.
Yoshi: *insert sentence here*
Tom: Wait... WHAT?!
Yoshi: *clears up what he said*
Tom: Oooooooh, I thought you said something else, ok.
*Pms Music what he heard*
*Music spills everything in main mumble chat*


  • 42
  • Sorry common sense is dead
  • Sorry that comes with the kids meal (after someone didn't want lag during a backup)
  • I'm a blind man that can see
  • Mmm Spam
  • Chirp Chirp
Tom: Thats the smallest we can get ofr the shop
autobus: Oh rly?
tom: the oven would never fit in...
Autobus: oh rly?
5 mins later autobus shows a supersmall oven for the pizzas
tom: okay it does
tom: wait you said small not tiny XD
Ardy: marry me server (when Tom was on console)
Tom: nao
  • (on console) Hello I'm an 6687kittycat.What's your name?
Yoshi: Why do you have so many random statues in your town?
Tom: The other staff said I have to fill up all empty space, so I built a bunch of statues to fill up the crooks and nannies.
[Broadcast]: It's Coming it's coming!!!
Kitty: hi lala
Tom_Pairs joined the game
Tom: ello
Kitty: aw
Guest has joined the game
Guest has left the game
Guest has joined the game
Guest has left the game
(Goes on several times)
x Tom_Pairs gets out his ban hammer
*camelfantasy boxes Tom_Pairs*
x Tom_Pairs is no longer AFK
camelfantasy: ahhhhhhhh
camelfantasy: RUNNN
camelfantasy died
camelfantasy died
camelfantasy died
Tom_Pairs: eloo
camelfantasy died
sesese9: camel, have you learned your lesson? :)
camelfantasy: nope
camelfantasy died
  • breaking news _Ptld is advertising the MRT server on the MRT

(during a train speedbuild, Camelfantasy and Vulpicula box Architect_21)
  • afk speed build is later
Architect_21: Tom, I hate the Ravens!
x Tom_Pairs is no longer AFK.
  • Player Tom_Pairs banned c4nad1an for: No milk and cookies for you either. Do something productive with your life.
  • wait it's not ban guest day i thought it was ban senator day? hmm.
  • sorry sarcasm doesn't translate well in cyberspace
[Senator+] woorich999: Can i get an Eat and Bowl?
[Senator+] Hightech_TR: gtg now, sorry
[Senator+] Hightech_TR: but
[Admin] Tom_Pairs: I'll take 5 of them later Hightech_TR
[Mayor] CaptainChimpy: xD
[Mayor] London150: XD
[Senator+] Hightech_TR: rip...
Tom_Pairs: If you got some to build I'll take 10 in AT
SoaPuffball: everything gets 10 in at
SoaPuffball: is this a server crash? (points to reset)
Tom_Pairs: yes seses did a big w/e mistake in 10 sec
SoaPuffball: gg
  • step one gather underpants, step 2 ???, step 3 profit
  • ||| \o/ <--- now will run into a wall to clear a headach
CodyHM: how do you name a block?
Tom_Pairs: same way as you name a rock CodyHM
Vulpicula joined the game.
MojangChan joined the game.
Tom_Pairs: oh look a two for one sale buy one Vulpicula and get a MojangChan for free.
[Bunker] Tom_Pairs: find tom--- What I'm famous for???
[Bunker] Conric005: spelling
SoaPuffball: gramer
[Bunker] Tom_Pairs: yes I can hide in spelling and gramer?


  • Chimpeh's biography would be called ToiletChimps: When Being A Monkey Isn't Enough
  • [ToxxicApple - me (ie. CaptainChimpy)] /r ok sure


TrainPro: well, its now 23:03pm
ROM5419: no such thing as 23:03 pm
ROM5419: only 23:03
  • Monopoly is dangerous. <--- (Trademarked)
  • lmao... all the tits syndromes


  • The Long Face Incident:
nuuu!!! the chat cut my face in half!
Tulsi: You will be my funny quotes servant until I get trustee :p
Chief: Nope!
* chiefbozx left the game *
  • [Tulsi -> RedBear47] ...are you going to say you have a crush on me?
Ninjabob1797 joined the game
ModernBitey: hi ninjaboob

(while talking about Fraps) Tulsi: I've used faps before

[Tulsi]: lalalalalalalala
[Lalaboy]: What?
[Member]: So you can't even advertise our server on our server?
[Tulsi]: Hey guys, go join! :P
Tulsi joined the game
soso123: wb
[P4] Tulsi: hihih
[P4] Tulsi: woops
[Councillor] Tulsi: hihihi
Tulsi: i just asked my mom to make me coffee for the first day of school and she was like "are you crazy"
TrainPro: lol
soso123: lol
soso123: add that to your quotes Tulsi


  • Buns of steel
  • Uglyname: Bye

waits for response*

still waiting*

Uglyname: Bye Uglyname

Uglyname: Ok Uglyname bye

Random Citizen: Bye

Another Random Dude: Bye

Yet Another: Bye

  • *Uglyname randomly cries*

Uglyname randomly laughs*

Uglyname randomly cries*

Benie: Uglyname do you have to do that?

Uglyname: No

Benie: Well then stop

  • wasnt there this famous other yoshi?


  • how does one gasp and shout tnx in minecraft


[Councillor] underscorepie: 
[Councillor] underscorepie: wait
[Councillor] underscorepie: oop
[Senator+] Starcubed: base64
[Councillor] Racer395: um
[Senator+] SilverBubble: bsed64
[Discord] cosmon: bruh
[Councillor] Racer395: u good pie?
[Councillor] underscorepie: [[1]]
[Senator+] Starcubed: funny quotes
[Senator+] Starcubed: she clicked 'copy image' too quickly
[Councillor+] underscorepie: people use this chat?
[Senator+] hvt2011: no
[Senator+] hvt2011: ded chat
[Councillor+] underscorepie: someone just used it tho
[Senator+] hvt2011: ded chat
  • your moms pronouns are she/her i asked
your dad
thats it that's my april fools prank


  • daaafuuuuuq
  • BaconThamesBank
  • Bacon.. eh Baron
  • Chief is the trolling god, MCYoshi is the failing god
  • When my internet doesn't laag, my brain does
  • Everything has an end. But the sausage has two :D
  • jphgolf4321: goes through a HUGE ravine too
    DasNexus: That's what she said
    Frumple joined the game
    Frumple: Das...
  • (logiblocs does /kill)
    German Minecraft: logiblocs starb
    DasNexus: stahp
  • You kno' only Mario speaks like that?
  • \(|^^|)/
  • colaja953: Oh das is here too
    DasNexus: No, I'm not. *End of holographic transfer*
    DasNexus left the game
  • That's pissible too. *possible LOL
*Kraftler1 Joined The Game*
Kraftler1: *COUGH*
*Kraftler1 Left The Game*
  • I can Draw Bridges, but I can't build Drawbridges
  • Damn straight? I have no idea what that means :D
  • I hate it when a sentence just suddenly
TonyTajiri: So, Ardy you'd like to build an SMP with me?
ArdyArd: lets get some other dudes
[unjinz -> ArdyArd] suggestive
[Broadcast] 1g/5
[Mayor] sesese9: g? how much is there in 1?
[Mayor+] unjinz: *2 hours laterrrr* 1za
[Councillor] Supykun: Here's a sentence we Busaners LOVE to use: *Korean Characters*
[Councillor] Supykun: "Ga gagaga ga, Ga agaga ga?"
[Mayor+] unjinz: The new Song by Lady Gaga
[Senator+] Ardyan: LOL
[Senator+] frogggggg: lol my port is bigger than my airfeild
[Senator+] unjinz: airfailed.
SoaPuffball: what dies in an apple over the air
unjinz: Airbob Squarerudder
SoaPuffball: lol
I'm pining the server now, not a real problem
[SoaPuffball (me) -> unjinz] can you pls roast me
[unjinz -> SoaPuffball (me)] It's too early, no BBQ yet
[SoaPuffball (me) -> unjinz] :3
(whilst talking about F-Zero)
[Citizen] Airplaneguy9: m u t e c i t y
Player unjinz muted player city for 23 hours, 59 minutes
[Mod] unjinz: I'm seriously unsure whether crimson has some really nasty cerebral disease or not
  • I am not an onion. I think


CaptLincoln: Do you know what MRT stands for?
UnknownSilent: Masive Rat Territory


  • umm... did someone just poop a mini superflat world? (During the Great AFK Box event)
  • Robin: I just found out TNT minecarts don't work on the MRT | JPH: There is a reason they are banned and his name is MinecraftYoshi26
Epicslinke: OK, my twitch is ready
Jphgolf4321: you're twitching? You should see a doctor about that.
  • frumple youre acting very chiefy... are you ok?
  • There must be something in that rice...
Toaro: jph are you available?
KittyCat11231 was slain by jphgolf4321 using [Yes.]
Tulsi: xDD
Toaro: lol
Toaro: ok i guess hes available
KittysEvilTwin: ATTN: The 47th Catronics store in Sealane is complete
jphgolf4321: Sealane has 47 Catronics stores?
Soleurs: God help Sealane.
KittysEvilTwin: no the MRT does :P
Soleurs: God help the MRT.
  • Player jphgolf4321 kicked chiefbozx for this is how you kick a chief.
jphgolf4321: bbl
jphgolf4321 joined the game
jphgolf4321 left the game
jphgolf4321 joined the game
jphgolf4321: yeah forgot to unvanish
jphgolf4321: so... for reals this time
jphgolf4321: stupid darmok
jphgolf4321 left the game
*Vulpicula is on his second account*
Player jphgolf4321 kicked Dogz9221 for pls dont do that again kthxbai.
MC_Protocol: I Realized that im Inkickable
Player jphgolf4321 kicked MC_Protocol for famous last words, eh MC.
[Mod] jphgolf4321: just don't bring any of that "Damn, Daniel" stuff around here
[Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: DAMN Daniel
MinecraftYoshi26 died (Killed By jph)
jphgolf4321 died (killed by yoshi)
[Mod] MinecraftYoshi26: DAMN jph
ByteMega: jph can I ask you a very serious question?
jphgolf4321: sure thing mega
ByteMega: s ?
ByteMega left the game.
Player jphgolf4321 kicked ByteMega for s..

Toaro has joined the game.
Toaro: hey
jphgolf4321: what time is it at your side, Toaro?
Toaro: 1am
Player jphgolf4321 kicked Toaro for go to bed.
[Lottery] Frumple just bought 20 tickets!
[Mayor+] ModernArt: frumple did you already buy 20 tickets?
[Owner] Frumple: for the last lotto
[Owner] Frumple: which I didn't win
[Owner] Frumple: again
[Mayor] SilverBubble: being an owner
[Mayor] SilverBubble: has its downsides
[Mod] jphgolf4321: it was supposed to be my turn to rig it dammit
[Mayor] SilverBubble: jphgolf is shillary!
[Mod] jphgolf4321: pls no
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: jphgolf. snapshotted. quoted.
[Trustee] SoaPuffball: *slaps jphgolf4321 for don't rig it.
[Mod] jphgolf4321: >implying it wasn't rigged from the start
[Mayor+] ModernArt: <$1,000 lost on buying lotto tickets
[Mayor+] ModernArt: $1000>
* Frumple is now AFK.
mjpwwf: *box*
SoaPuffball: the boxes are coming!
SoaPuffball: take cover frumple!
* Frumple is no longer AFK.
Frumple: come fite me
mjpwwf: uuhhh.wav
jphgolf4321: IRL or in Fortnite
SoaPuffball: where we dropping bois
SilverBubble: forkknife
Frumple: both


Skelezomperman... Frumple's a mod
i mean owner
  • I thought that an octopus has 8 testicals.
When VernCow wins the first not a clay challenge.
VernCow: I would also like to give my thanks to my iguana
VernCow: who is sitting on my lap
VernCow: watching me play
VernCow: minecraft
(after a while)
  • I once put maturnity instead of maturity in a Mineplex trainee application.
VernCow joined the game.
Frumple: Draw in 1 sec
_Kastle won the last lotto
[Lottery] VernCow has bought 5 tickets!
VernCow: Aww :(
Frumple: This will be the last lotto
Vern won the last lotto
Someone: Kastle (stroke) VernCow won the last lotto
Frumple: No more lottos after this one
[Lottery] SoSo123 has bought 5 tickets!


*chiefboxz has joined the game*
Vexpix: Hi Cheif!
*lightning bolts*
Vexpix: Hey Cheif, can I have a WorldEdit?
*lightning bolts*
Vexpix: Thanks Cheif!
*lightning bolts*


  • Dark energy is science for voodoo witch magic
  • unfortunately i dont think there's any good runways the length of an adult human
(in discord #general)
Megascatterbomb: also did @Vickiposa mistake #announcements for a normal chat channel just then Xd
Vickiposa: oof
Vickiposa: yes i just did
Citybuilder_: Bad vicki
Citybuilder: :x:
Citybuilder: good job
Vickiposa: better than crashing the server imho
Citybuilder: xD
camelfantasy: don't worry, it'll happen eventually
wbhob: what goes in a park
Vickiposa: park things
wbhob: thank you vicki
Vickiposa: np
wbhob: am i missing anything
Vickiposa: birds
Vickiposa: particularly pidgeons
Vickiposa: some may be purple
SoaPuffball: why am i lagging
Vickiposa: idk, may be your pc in larkspur
SoaPuffball: wat
Vickiposa: your pc lagging because you have to mess with larkspur
SoaPuffball: wat
* stealing peoples' money when shocking them is the very definition of robbery, assault, and battery

nothing to see here


(In Mumble P1)
Vulpicula: Maybe if we say Hightech's name three times, he'll join.
Lalaboy: Um
Vulpicula: Maybe Hightech will join, maybe Hightech won't.
[Hightech_TR Entered Channel]
[Muffled laughter from Vulpicula and Lalaboy]
Vulpicula burned to death.
Vulpicula: TIL: Milk does not put out a fire.
[Senator] Vulpicula: Camel: Ardy's system was an utter catastrophy
[Senator] Vulpicula: Ardy: lol
[Senator] Vulpicula: I just love how that played out
Mezzanine? Still not sure what that is.
Is that a type of medicine?
"Mezzanine, the premier cure for irritable bowel syndrome"
AP_Red: What did your coach say about feeding the horse things found on the ground?

Programming in a nutshell, ranges anywhere from "This is quite fun :D" to "DAMN YOU ALAN TURING!"

Everything below my knees is cold and stiff. Send an amberlamps
Derp term for ambulance
(When talking about a RaiLinQ station with a colorful roof) This looks like someone barfed skittles onto the roof
(After Tom_Pairs wins the lottery)
Vulpicula: tom you've got two options.
Vulpicula: give $35 to everyone online
Vulpicula: or
Vulpicula: stabby stabby'
Tom_Pairs: Someone please put that on funny quotes
*Tom Shocks Vulpicula*
[Unknown]: Tom chose shocky shocky
  • ...heaven you wanna do one of your large "vulpi made a ****up and needs a large section moved a block" W/Es?
mjpwwf: So...wild powerful is the nderdragon class? :P
Vulpicula: it farts death and breathes poison
Vulpicula: Always confuse megascatterbomb for megamc
SoaPuffball: gg
megascatterbomb: remember im the one called megascatterbomb
SoaPuffball: and bytemega is the one called megamc
SoaPuffball: c_r_s_a__
Vulpicula: Crossiant?
MojangChan: corussant
Vulpicula: It's clearly Crossiant.
* Vulpicula is no longer AFK.
Vulpicula: HONK
SoaPuffball: honk if you like pineapple pizza
Vulpicula: HONK
Vulpicula: wait s-t
SoaPuffball: you can't abort :P
Vulpicula: can i abort you
Pueffie: And good evening, everyone, welcome to this new iteration of the M. J. Pueff Show...
Pueffie: ...where we take your calls about everything wrong with the United Cities.
Pueffie: Telephone 1-800-NOT-REAL...
* Vulpicula calls.
Pueffie: And who's our first caller, Mrs. Pueff? *mumbling off mic*
Pueffie: Did you catch exactly who did such a dastardly act?
Vulpicula: "...well, it wasn't… my cat. I didn't see it either."
Vulpicula: " friend said that his friend saw a UC diplomat inhale his cat.."
Pueffie: "In that case, you are a mere conspiracy theorist, and I have no time or sympathy for you. Who's our next caller?"
Vulpicula: "You're just trying to surpress the truth about TRONC eating cats!"
Vulpicula: "...wait, this is the TRONC line, right?"
Pueffie: "Okay, now hold it. I thought you said it was a UC diplomat who ate your cat, and now you're talking about TRONC.
Vulpicula: "...he was both1"
Vulpicula: both!*
Vulpicula: "...they're the same thing, right?"
Pueffie: "Sir, I have one question, if I may..."
Pueffie: "...what drugs have you been taking in the last hour?"
Vulpicula: "Yes."
Pueffie: "That explains it. Good day."
Pueffie: "We'll be back after this obscene profit break."
When talking about trams, curved buildings and diagonal canals:
autobus22: Come to think of it: before I came along this town was very straight.
autobus22: Now we have multiple angled and curved buildings
Vulpicula: Yeah, you put chemicals in the water and turned it gay. >:V
* Vulpicula twitches.
* TheGreenKangaroo YouTubes
* Conric005 sneezes
* Frumple raises an eyebrow
* brombrombromley Periscopes.
* Vickiposa exists
* TheGreenKangaroo is dead
* Echohue screams
TheGreenKangaroo died
Player TheGreenKangaroo took their own life.
* brombrombromley vimeos
supykun: * I do not have access to the * command.
Vulpicula: ...wait, Espi, did you get demoted ?e-e
SoaPuffball: no?
EspiDev: ??
LegendOfYukari: espi was never staff?
Echohue: wat
EspiDev: wat
Vickiposa: espi has always been governor
camelfantasy: wat
[Discord] SqwidgyLegs: According to estimates
Conric004: im really good at drowning a carton of goldfish in 15 minutes
Vulpicula: I read Sqwidgy and Conric's messages as just one
Vulpicula: "according to estimates im really good at drowning a carton of goldfish in 15 minutes"
SoaPuffball: i'm running out of building ideas yet again
lil_shadow59: nuclear power plant
SoaPuffball: nope
lil_shadow59: coal power plant
SoaPuffball: no power plants
Vulpicula: wind turbine
SoaPuffball: not really a building
Vulpicula: a cardboard box with a wind turbine on it
SoaPuffball: lol
Vulpicula: yadda yadda two weeks to finish yadda yadda you know the dirll
Vulpicula: enjoy your yellow block of a house
(night map dynmap is rendering for the first time in the new world)
[Discord] SoaPuffball: dim life in the nightlight / evening light, watch it fly / pitch black lights, starry skies, a stellar evening of glinting shadows
Vulpicula: yes yes
Vulpicula: dim life
Vulpicula: now excuse me while i carve a roast into dynmap
SoaPuffball: "Also please don't ask me to join Mumble when I join, as I will most likely not. Please. No "soa mumble?" requests. Besides you won't hear me often, as I use the chat/text-to-speech function every single time, so no I'm not joining Mumble."
SoaPuffball: inb4 "soa mumble?"
Vulpicula: soa
Vulpicula: discord?
SoaPuffball: sure
SoaPuffball: not vc
TheGreenKangaroo: soa skype?
Vulpicula: soa
Vulpicula: AIM?
SoaPuffball: i don't use skype
SoaPuffball: ok this is getting riddiculous
TheGreenKangaroo: soa toll free telephone call?
Echohue: soa, telegraph?
SoaPuffball: anything new since i last visited
Vulpicula: did you see that tight alley yet?
Vulpicula: wait you've seen it you built a godd**g comet cafe there
  • Hey I self contain my stupidity. It's why I've got my own island. >:V
AP_Red: chat's a bit quiet tonight
MaxStewartS: Mhm
* Vulpicula is no longer AFK.
Vulpicula: LOUD NOISES
* Vulpicula is now AFK.
Vulpicula: There was a TAR pitstop here yonks ago, yesyes.
autobus22: "Yonks ago"
  • Stone sticks, if you think about it, its most metals.
MgWn: btw has any mod kicked itself
Player Vulpicula kicked Vulpicula for Yes.
London150: XD
MgWn: XD
  • I think I should either stop drinking, or continue drinking. That'll either fix things, or give me a valid excuse to f*** up more.
Vulpicula: ...why the wizards***s do I have a pumpkin?
Vulpicula joined the game.
Pueffie: wizards***s? xD
Vulpicula joined the game.
SansNotLuigi: vulpickle
Vulpicula: sans I will shove a Ouija board down your throat if you ever call me that again. >:v
Vulpicula: you bet your a*** I'm high
Vulpicula: wait what
[Discord] SilverBubble: ur hovercraft is full of sun eels?
[Discord] Vulpicula: my hovercraft is full of eels
Metromap_svg: wanna rate my mobile missile launcher lol
Metromap_svg: ebic
Metromap_svg: for protection
Metromap_svg: of those who will be watching the presidential election
Metromap_svg: so they wont be nuked by the republicans or shot by crazy antifa democrats
[Discord] Vulpicula: You forgot the Vulpi
[Discord] Vulpicula: With his recreational McNukes.
Worrski: i ship
Worrski left the game.
Player Vulpicula kicked Worrski for Shipping in a non-ship zone..
Vulpicula: the rule conveniently came into effect three seconds before i kicked you
Vulpicula: it was decided at the uh...
Vulpicula: VSM. Yep.
Vulpicula: oh yeah
Vulpicula: the next VSM will be on a name change
Vulpicula: thinking 'not the VSM' will be a good way to hide things.
Worrski: anyways I don;t listen to the rules of the VSM
Worrski: I'm gonna call this Mosspicula
Worrski left the game.
Player Vulpicula kicked Worrski for Violating VSM rules..
frogggggg: soa, you have ownership of aviation right?
[Discord] Vulpicula: Honk
[Discord] Vulpicula: Can confirm, soa owns the entire aviation industry
notsanta925 left the game.
Player Vulpicula temporarily banned notsanta925 for 1 minute: Cheapskate..
Oshawott_12: lmao
Winterecie: wat
Winterecie: why
Player chiefbozx unbanned notsanta925
SilverBubble: orange is the spirit
SilverBubble: i am orange
SilverBubble: orange is me
SilverBubble left the game.
Player Vulpicula kicked SilverBubble for orange is my favourite colour to kick :D
  • yeehaw, goring a road
  • MRT fundraising idea: hardcover books containing the funny quotes page
Winterecie: is this the krusty krab?
Vulpicula: wrong
Vulpicula: this
Vulpicula: is
SansNotLuigi: nickelback
Winterecie: sparta
Player Vulpicula kicked Winterecie for SPARTA.
  • Sometimes I don't think you even appreciate the work I spend kicking you for s***s and giggles, soa. </3
Vulpicula: Had a big dinner, though. Cooked itself.
Vulpicula: My chicken did not turn the oven and hop in, I promise.
Vulpicula: HMMMM
Vulpicula: another hmmm
Vulpicula: minor, but another hmmmm
in Discord VC
underscorepie: (playing Star Fox 64) Damn, I had balls to do that!
Vulpicula: ...but you don't have any balls, pie (pie is a girl)
(laughing from pie and Airplaneguy9)
  • Pretty sure the main thing that keeps soa going is his drive to make others lose the game.
godzilltrain: hate to break it to you Vulp, but when I was a staff member for the 2nd time I built 76 new MRT stations... In that time I think you built 1 :P
godzilltrain left the game.
Player godzilltrain was kicked by Vulpicula for yes but can you do this.
SantaThameslink: Because they get air in it ready so when it enters the water Sub, the skirt is then able to float the craft
Vulpicula: ...question
Vulpicula: Why is a boat wearing a skirt?
Moj1014: yes the boat is femboy


Weier: fred can you please explain your ad
SoaPuffball: Weier you ride fred rail
Weier: ?
JM_Ijsselwroomen: just ride it
Weier: where
JM_Ijsselwroomen: it'll answer all your questions
JM_Ijsselwroomen: at the fred rail station
Weier: which is at
JM_Ijssenroomen: the location in which Fred Rail trains load and offload passengers
[Discord] Weier: Is London in London
unjinz: Is Weier in Weier
unjinz: Is RacCort in RacCort?
[Discord] Weier: Is unjinz in unjinz
unjinz: The important questions
CodyHM: Log e oof 
Weier: Sorry im in my Calm  down cabin in Skoghiem
on Discord VC
(Weier crosses street, a French exchange is heard)
Weier: Sorry, some guy scolded me cos I forgot traffic lights existed
  • Pogwarts school of accounting
[Member+] Airplaneguy9: weir tpa
[Mayor+] Weier: tpaccept
(Weier gets teleported to a random snowy biome)
[Mayor+] Weier: where this
[Member+] Airplaneguy9: have fun
[Mayor+] Weier: have I been abandoned in the middle of nowhere
[Member+] Airplaneguy9: yeah
[Member+] Airplaneguy9: :DD 
[Mayor+] Weier: f lol
(a little later, Weier sends another tpa request, and Airplane tpas him to the bottom of the ocean)
[Mayor+] Weier: where the hell am i lol
[Member+] Airplaneguy9: you should know better than to tpa again
Weier joined the server
[Mayor+] DintyB: hewwo
[Senator+] crimsonf0x: Hewwo!
(His Minecraft client crashes)
[Discord] Weier: Minecraft whyyy
[Mayor+] DintyB: f
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: lol
[Discord] Weier: Worrkkk
[Senator+] crimsonf0x: LOL
[Discord] AirplaneNiner: here we go again
Weier went off with a bang due to a firework fired from [Fast Boi Spawn Egg Version 3.0 by kyyl_] by Weier
[Mayor+] Weier: take that painted
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: are you jealous
[Senator+] Starcubed: wire are you jealous
[Mayor+] Weier: I- I'm not jealous at all! b- baka
[Mayor+] Weier: you made me say a cringe line for no reaction
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: ?
[Mayor+] Weier: your punishment is an afk box
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: what is this cringe line
[Senator+] Starcubed: oh
[Senator+] Starcubed: [M] Weier: I- I'm not jealous at all! b- baka
[Senator+] Starcubed: someone quote this
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: oh
[Mayor+] Weier: you asked me if I wasa jealous
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: i can't or else my computer will accidentally censor the entire page (don't ask)
[Senator+] Starcubed: don't ask don't tell
[Mayor+] Weier: this isn't going on my funny quotes righht
[Senator+] Starcubed: i made weier say baka
[Discord] Weier: Fake join messages are like the first thing a Jew supporter does
[Discord] cosmon: jew supporter? 
[Discord] Weier: Autocorrect no
[Discord] Weier: *new supporter
[Councillor] _fwisTheFool: does anyone other than hightech has a custom restaurant franchise?
[Mayor+] Weier: lol
[Mayor+] Weier: why
[Councillor] _fwisTheFool: i have 2 eat and bowls already
[Mayor+] Weier: those are rookie numbers
[Senator+] Hightech_TR: weier no
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: how is rice and cheese any different from mac and cheese
Missa_Solemnis: Ooooookay this is going in the wrong direction
[Discord] Weier: Just no
[Discord] Weier: Frosty I'm disappointed in your dietary palate
[Discord] Aqua: Sometimes I eat fruit with cream cheese
[Discord] Weier: I'm not angry just disappointed
Missa_Solemnis: Oh goodness, Aqua
[Discord] Frosty_Creeper10: :((
[Discord] Melecie: how about cheese with cheese
[Discord] Weier: Rice with rice
[Discord] Aqua: rice with air
[Discord] Melecie: air with air
[Discord] Aqua: Give 3 reasons why cheese and rice don't go together
Missa_Solemnis: (1) No. (2) No. (3) No.
[Discord] Melecie: ok
[Discord] Melecie: create an essay then :P
Missa_Solemnis: this is cursed
[Discord] Weier: Rice and cheese don’t belong together. <br> one of the reasons I believe this is because No. <br> secondly, No. <br> finally, I think a compelling argument might be No. <br> to summarize, No.

[Mayor+]Weier: let's commit warcrimes in yugoslavia epsilon together

Weier: How is humour dry
Weier: Can humour be wet
Weier: Can it be humid
[Discord] Weier: Frick
[Discord] Weier: I applied too much force and impaled my banana
[Mayor] chimata: how
[Mayor+] aindrigo: your.. what?
[Councillor] OttersMeep: with too much force
[Premier+] LDShadowLord: I pray that's not a euphamism
[Discord] Weier: . . .
[Discord] Weier: Curved yellow fruit grown in tropical regions
[Mod+] DintyB: /discordshock weier
[Discord] Weier: Since I just cut my nails it used to be very easy to open the banana but now I need to apply lots of force
[Discord] Weier: Which is why it has now exploded onto the table


  • FINALLY, I GOT SHOCKED BY CHIEF FOR THE FIRST TIME! (When chief shocked everyone)
Welcome99: I think there's a terrorist attack
Welcome99: coz I hear TNTs
chiefbozx shocked MinecraftYoshi26
Welcome99: yoshis the terrorist XD
  • fyfe in a BATMOBILE! (when thomasfyfe overtook Welcome99 on the road)
  • the wonders of typo..
(Welcome99 was asking for a WorldEdit)
Welcome99: Since yoshi is here...
MinecraftYoshi26 left the game
MinecraftYoshi26 joined the game
MinecraftYoshi26: Give me time, I just joined...
(MinecraftYoshi26 was WorldEditing per request by Welcome99 [WorldEditing was done while vanishing to make Welcome99 suprised])
Welcome99: You did not see me fart!
MinecraftYoshi26 joined the game
MinecraftYoshi26: Eww
  • (while talking to _frozen) Have you ever nusted your kids? (meant to say busted)
tarheelscouse: I'm gonna afk for a couple of moments
Welcome99: A couple of months?


willowars: what happesn when you get kicked
unjimas: You get kicked, willowars
Starcubed: lets read jokes for minecrafters
willowars: so can you rejoing
Vickiposa: you leave the server, but can just come back
Halfy_Crafty: ye
unjimas: Yes. See:
willowars: oh
willowars: got it
willowars left the server (he has been kicked)
Halfy_Crafty XD
CaptainChimpy xD
Vickiposa xD
willowars joined the server
unjimas xD
willowars Makes sense now


willywilson123: "at each tim I hic up my heart feel like it pooping out my body"


        *Echo stacks a building
         Wipeout111 fell from a high place
        wipeout111: Buildings without roofs officially improve chances of suicide
        After the roof gets built
        wipeout111: Oh no, the roof got built :(
        wipeout111: I'll just jump off the other one instead

I should submit a Fuck Why Is Everyone Dying GSM event proposal so the word fuck could be on a GSM agenda. (10 seconds later) Ok thats the most immature thing I've said dont put this on my funny quotes page.

       MIKE24DUDE: Where is wipeout
       PtldKnight: Idk
       Wipeout111: somewhere over the rainbow

While playing Among Us
I dont think Johngi knows what walking is

      EliteNeon: inb4: Bill Wartz: stolen!
      Wipeout111: Hey you stole the word stolen!
[Discord] chiefbozx: hey @hvt2011 we have too many brain cells
[Mayor+] worrski": :zany_face:
[Mayor+] Wipeout111: *hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut*
[Mayor+] Wipeout111: :O
[Mayor] chimata: there can never be too many brain cells
[Mayor+] Wipeout111: welcome to the mrt
[Mayor+] Wipeout111: we have a strict cap
[Mayor+] Wipeout111: of 3 and a half


  • kazeshima has more islands than I have reasons to live
Worrski: northern region is a gr8 place to incest in as it's close to A92 and MRT
  • ha tb tried so hard to be commie and bing china rejected em but haversham was proudly democratic and we got the [unknown] lol (Referring to how Haversham shows up when searching for the MRT wiki on, as seen here)
  • Just skip the see and say, just smite
  • if you ever feel left out remember that no one calls sese sesese, imagine how lonely the third se and the 9 must be
  • alr this was fun, time to make experimental Vulpicula yodelcore
[Mayor+] worrski: im bulldozing land to make room for big rode :D
[Admin+] SimonScholar: bulldozing land? MRT social credit score -50
* Frumple selects the "bulldoze tool" in SimCity 2000 and clicks all over the screen


SoSo123: Talon where are you from?
TalonPlays: dc
SoSo123: Washington, D.C.?
TalonPlays: no, freaking north korea dc
woorich999: DCRK
woorich999: if you're missing a building, you can quickly get a RichPlus Fuel Station in your town
SoaPuffball: nah
SoaPuffball: already have 10
time2makemymove: TEN FUEL STATIONS?!?!?!?!?
time2makemymove: jk
woorich999: lol
woorich999: someone gets councillor with ten gas stations and calls it Rest Stop
time2mamemymove: lel
SoaPuffball: xD
woorich999: build that A-road
chiefbozx: woorich i will when your plans start making sense
MaxStewartS: Tp me to woo plz
woorich999: staff are not a taxi service max

woorich999: You can't break me; I already snorted everything

woorich999 fell from a high place
woorich999 (in Mumble): I'm suing IntraRail.


  • This is why we can't have nice things
  • I was the first one to get member status
  • D@#$it Chief!


CaptainChimpy: Guys, I know AP's real name!
Someone: I assume there is A and P in it?
Someone else: Adam... Parker?
CaptainChimpy: No :P
(After a while)
Yellowitcher: Arry Potter?
Soso123: Guys do you like Freedon?
MegaMC: Yes.
Yellowitcher: No thanks, I'd rather be a slave :P
Yellowitcher: Who wants a fat in Lutetia?
Yellowitcher: *flat*
SoSo123: me
Yellowitcher: to
SoSo123: I will still buy some fat
SoSo123: I'm so skinny


  • Yoshi: I GOT SUPPORTER | Kitty: now u can spam the chat everyday with bold colors like cody does! | Yoshi: YAY
  • why are there so many sad words that start with S?


  • what is bangin? (after robang says hi)


cgc747: sorry, relog.
zaxbyschicken I want to relog
*zaxbyschicken has left the game*
*zaxbyschicken has joined the game*
zaxbyschicken: What is the point of Relog?
hntredtie: To help ease major lag
cgc747: My computer had a lag attack a minute ago.
zaxbyschicken: Then I just did a Pointles Relog
cgc747: XD


SoaPuffball: but there's bleach
zomghi5: SHOTS!
zomghi5: Nvm
zomghi5: Wait, please tell me you can drink it


Sasha: What is the TAR?

CowsInTheSky: the amazing race

Sasha: AH

[Broadcast] / Console /  [Server]  / MRTMusicBot / [Lottery]

At the exact same time:

  • CortesiRaccoon joined the game.
  • QueenSmae joined the game.
  • VernCow joined the game.
  • I just sliced your head, James
[broadcast] Join plug dj for massive hugs
[broadcast] <plugDJ link>
autobus22: [broadcast] Yeah, massive hugs from a cactus!
[broadcast] nao, auto, naooooo
autobus22: broadcast, want a hug from a cactus again? I don't accept these prices!
[Broadcast] Nao, auto, naooo

[Trustee] Amtrak_pug: anyone vanished
[Broadcast] nope
[Broadcast] People still in:
[Broadcast] nopro_, jphgolf4321, and jphgolf4321!
[Senator] Narnia17: wat
[Councillor] Skelezomperman: LOL
[Mod] Just_robinho: Wat?
[Mod] jphgolf1234 i win twice?
[Broadcast] woops
[Broadcast] i derp
[Senator] RLcrafters: fantastic
[Senator] Narnia17: 11/8 yoshi
[Broadcast] derp derp derp
[Broadcast] nopro_, jphgolf4321, and Just_robinho are left!
  • [Broadcast] lets play "who the heck is on broadcast" game
[Broadcast] GSM will be soon
[Senator] mine_man_: "soon"
[Councillor] CaptainChimpy: yayyy
[Councillor] CaptainChimpy: lol
[Broadcast] just kidding april fools
[Mayor+] ArdyDuck: LOL
[Councillor] CaptainChimpy: naoooo
[Mayor] camelfantasy: clarify "soon"
[Senator] mine_man_: but its august...
[Broadcast] just kidding it's not april
[Mayor] camelfantasy: its not april
[Mayor+] TonyTajiri: A few weeks
[Mayor] camelfantasy: save that for then
[Councillor] CaptainChimpy: time to find out!
[Broadcast] now you're confused good

Player Console (Chiefbozx) kicked godzilltrain for go to bed

[Mayor+] ArdyDuck: what technology will people mover use?
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: idk
[Mayor] MeetMeInSpace: lol
[Broadcast] banana
(Discord #general)
KevinTheLlama15: !summon
MRTMusicBot: stop summoning me in this channel
MRTMusicBot: im already in the Random Interludes Channel
KevinTheLlama15: LOL WUT
Camelfantasy: OMG the MRTMusicBot is SENTIENT
  • Player Console kicked MinecraftYoshi26 for You have been kicked for idling more then 10 mins. Have a nice day..
Ardy: marry me server
Server: nao
  • [Server]: Hello I'm an 6687kittycat.What's your name?
  • [Broadcast]: Notice, thank you for noticing this new notice. Your noticing it has been noted.

AlikSong was sleeping and left MC running for 14 hours. Then...

  • Player Console kicked AlikSong for Sleep well :).
[Derpy_Melon (me) -> Console] is this Tom, BTB, Frozen, or Frumple?
[Console -> Derpy_Melon (me)] does it matter?
ModernArt left the game.
Player Console kicked ModernArt for You have been kicked for idling more then 10 mins..
[Broadcast]: What a Modern kick!
  • [Broadcast]: Reminder: Worldedits will not be granted during the GSM: Staff will be too busy discussing road proposals and/or fighting to the death over Tacos
  • [Broadcast] wheres the lamb SAUCE>> (Click for the full conversation!)
  • [Broadcast] big lag, big canal. prepare to die. (Referring to Kastle's canal worldedit)
  • SUDDENLY PINEAPPLES (in a random time)
[Broadcast] MclaurenMaster,
[Broadcast] You are now a contestant on...
[Broadcast] Wordedit School!
MclaurenMaster left the game
Five minutes later...
MclaurenMaster joined the game 
[Broadcast] Attention
[Broadcast] The W/E school admissions committee would like to congratulate MclaurenMaster on admission to WordEdit School!
MclaurenMaster left the game
A minute later...
MclaurenMaster joined the game 
The WordEdit School admissions committee would also like to congratulate fffelix_jan and Kel5 on admission!
[Broadcast] ffelix_jan has FAILED WorldEdit School!!!!
[Broadcast] BUT he might remedy himself. Stay tuned
[Server] ----------- ATTENTION! -----------
[Server] The server will restart in 15 minutes!
[Server] Starting save...
SnowPuffball_ joined the game.
[Server] --------------------------------
sesese9: (in Mumble): I'm not going to win the lottery...
[Server]: Congrats to sesese9 for winning....
Music3_0: what?
KittyCat11231: wow
sesese9: lol
bryce_am left the game.
[Lottery] Congratulations to bryce_am for winning $122!
[Lottery] ModernArt just bought 1 ticket! Draw in 1s
[Lottery] Congratulations to ModernArt for winning $206!
[Lottery] There was a total of 20 players buying 93 tickets!
*when the milkman is mentioned*
(SoaPuffball and megascatterbomb are boxing camelfanasy, who is known for "nuking" Bakersville)
SoaPuffball: a nuke
SoaPuffball: preferable sponsored by Bakersville
[Broadcast] ride fred rail
KittyCat11231: hey kastle you should get in mumble
[Broadcast]: kaslte mumbl
[Server] ----------- ATTENTION! -----------
[Mayor] SoaPuffball: ride the mrt
[Server] The server will restart in 15 minutes!
[Server] Starting save...
_Lego_ left the game.
[Server] --------------------------------
[Mayor] SoaPuffball: jungle line edition
InfamousColumbia: Prisoner 2187 is not here!!!
[Server] Error: Prisoner 404 not found
SoaPuffball: camellllllllllllll
woorich999: CAMEEEEELLLL!!!!!!!
(frog is offline)
frogggggg has left the game.
Player Console kicked frogggggg for being offline for more than 60 minutes.
autobus22: 0_0
nicrats: rip
frogggggg joined the game.
SoaPuffball: wait wat
Tom_Pairs: and I don't win
[LOTTERY] Congratulations for Tom_Pairs for winning $701!
[LOTTERY] There was a total of 30 players buying 601 tickets
(during GSM, two mods controlling Broadcast)
[Broadcast] Pineapple on pizza good FACT
[Broadcast] no
[Broadcast] BS
[Broadcast] yes
[Broadcast] broadcast drunk today
[Broadcast] Pineapple on pizza is a warnable offence
(soa trying to load baltop)
---- Balancetop -- Page 11/708 ---
90. PamelaJacosqui, $2,960.05
91. JTrain77, $2,929.51
92. Duechayapol, $2,890.60
93. lil_shadow59, $2,886.50
Top Balances (3/27/19 1:25 AM)
94. Cortesi, $2,849.55
95. Toaro, $2,743.60
---- Balancetop -- Pake 12/708
96. Architect_21, $2,651.11
99. nktrain, $2,552.78
97. Ardlyn, $2,619.88
100. AlikSong, $2,528.17
98. SoaPuffball, $2,594.70
101. angelzer0, $2,4688.77
Type /balancetop 12 to read the next page.
102. TMEVs, $2,440.84
103. moriaofchimes, $2,253.16
104. Leo_2807, $2,248.21
105. Vennefly, $2,232.10
/warp info viewable
Error parsing arguments: No such warp 'at'.
Did you mean 'republicgates'?
ModernArt: server bad
ModernArt: restart every decade
[Broadcast] no u
Cookie46910: no u broadcast
MistleSoa: no u broadcast
ModernArt: no u broadcast
[Broadcast] bc no no u
  • Word on the street: buying a lotto ticket after losing dramatically increases your chance of winning next lotto
  • sese dakimuras next gsm
cookie46910 left the game.
Player Console kicked cookie46910 for You have been kicked for idling more than 15 minutes..
Frosty_Creeper10 left the game.
Player Console kicked Frosty_Creeper10 for You have been kicked for idling more than 15 minutes..
SoaPuffball: oof x2
rocko6alex: killing spree
SoaPuffball: there's a serial killer?
rocko6alex: yeah its the console
SoaPuffball: bad console :x:
[mi_aquamarine (me) -> Console] hi
[Console -> mi_aquamarine (me)] Hello.
[Mayor+] mi_aquamarine: WHAT
[Broadcast] Broadcast is ephemeral. Broadcast is eternal. Broadcast is above the law. War is peace, freedom is slavery, and broadcast is funni meme xd.
(later, after police conversation with London)
[Broadcast] Your police reform bill now contains legislature about cheese!
London: we all know who's on broadcast
Xavier: and we are not telling you
London: is broadcast Needn? cos he talked about cheese earlier
London: let's play who the hell is on broadcat
London: oh ffs
[Broadcast] broadcast is totally not Vulpicula, shut up
EliteNeon left the game.
Player Vulpicula kicked EliteNeon for fake vulp
[Server] --------------------------------
[Governor+] frogggggg: uh
[Senator+] CodyHM: oof
[Senator+] Melecie: wha
[Server] ----------- ATTENTION! -----------
[Mayor+] i____7d: UH
[Senator+] Melecie: server why
[Governor+] frogggggg: jesus christ server no u
[Mayor+] i____7d: oops
  • and I said noo nooo no
  • sowwy uwu bwace for laggy waggy :((
chiefbozx joined the game.
[Broadcast] *ahem*
Player chiefbozx banned Guest for: Banned!.
[Broadcast] that is all
chiefbozx left the game.
HarborRandom852: give me a few seconds
HarborRandom852: im busy
[Broadcast] Breaking News: Harbor is busy


Note: if person is known, please move the quote to its proper location.

*[Member] is no longer afk*
*[Member] is now afk*
[Member]: Hi
[Member 2]: Huh?
  • [Member]: lala's gone lala (after seeing a station lalaboy created)
  • [Member]: You have been...Chiefboxed! (afk box by Chief)
  • [Member]: You have been...lalaboxed! (afk box by lalaboy)
[Member]:  I am going to make a fidget spinner shop
*A mod kills the member
[Citizen] SoaPuffball why did you kill hin for the fidget spinner shop?
[Mod]: Because fidget spinners are a no-no
[Member]: I am going to make a fidget spinner shop and no one can stop or kill me!
*A mod kills him again
  • Claiming Simulator would be a fun game. (during the October 2017 GSM Pre-Q&A)
  • get out of that chunk! (while Hightech_TR is in the Mail Center, he quoted it later)
  • if you withhold my right to the internet i will withhold your right to life
  • Appleton has a twitter for its airport (in Mumble)
  • 7886kiddycart (in Mumble)