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Game X
Game X.png
Game overview
Game show runJanuary 9, 2016 - February 2, 2019
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes26
Production locationsVarious locations

Game X was a game show in which contestants competed in various other games, typically game shows, each with a differing elimination-style hoping to be the last one standing to win the cash prize. The game was episodic, though games may have been used for more than one episode. With a number of varying gameplay elements, methods of elimination varied per episode. Generally, poor performance in a game show resulted in elimination.

The game show was an original idea created by MinecraftYoshi26. Its format originated from MinecraftYoshi26 wanting to try out small versions of certain games and allow people to try game shows they may have been prior reluctant to participate in. The title of the game came from collaboration between jphgolf4321 and MinecraftYoshi26.

The franchise was officially announced as concluded on March 8, 2021.



The set for each season varied. For the first season, the set was a television studio with twelve screens, numerous seats, and a large carpet reading "Game X". For the second season, the set was hell-themed with statues that represented each game played.


The contestants typically knew who the cast list was before the season began.

Some contestants formed alliances with other contestants, ostensibly to ensure safety in the event that a game involving voting other contestants off came into play.

Game selection

In Game I, games were selected randomly via a wheel. The wheel would alternate between all the colors of the twelve screens in the set. When a color was chosen, the corresponding game would be revealed by the screen dropping and the color would be removed for the next episode. In Game X: The Portals of Hell, the game order was pre-selected.

Protection pass

First appearing in Game X: The Portals of Hell, contestants gained protection from elimination by finding or earning Protection Passes throughout the show. Contestants could only play them when indicated by MinecraftYoshi26, which was available during at least one opportunity during each episode. If a contestant was eliminated with a protection pass in their possession, it became null and could not be transferred to another player. Protection passes could not have been stolen but could be given or used in someone else's name. Once they were used, they were discarded and cannot be used again. They could be used until the final four, which meant that the last time to use them was the final five.

Duel Dome

Introduced in Game X: The Portals of Hell, the Duel Dome was the site where, in certain games, the losers of the episode's game were sent to "fight for their life". Varying each duel, a mini-task was selected for the competitors to compete in, where one or multiple contestants were eliminated.


Season Dates Winner Runner-up Contestants Episodes Games featured Money won
Game X: Wheel of Games January 9, 2016 & January 23, 2016 godzilltrain mine_man_ 14 11 11 $5,500
Game X: The Portals of Hell January 19, 2019, January 26, 2019, & February 2, 2019 Conric005 megascatterbomb 18 15 12 $6,000[a]

Games featured

Rank Game Seasons featured Episodes
Big Brother 2 (1, 2) 3
Deal or No Deal 2 (1, 2) 2
Survivor 2 (1, 2) 3
The Amazing Race 2 (1, 2) 2
The Million Emerald Drop 2 (1, 2) 2
The Ultimate Renovation 2 (1, 2) 2
101 Ways To Leave A Game Show 1 (2) 1
Fallout Floor 1 (1) 1
King of the Nerds 1 (2) 1
Only Connect 1 (1) 1
Race To Escape 1 (2) 1
Survival Games 1 (2) 1
The Apprentice 1 (2) 1
The Mole 1 (1) 1
Trivial Wheel 1 (1) 1
Wheel of Fortune 1 (1) 1
Whodunnit? 1 (1[b], 2) 1
Bare Essentials 0 (1[b]) 0


  1. Conric005 won $5,025 and megascatterbomb won $975.
  2. a b Bare Essentials and Whodunnit? were on the Game Board in season 1, but did not get chosen.