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General Info
Founded 10th July 2019
Location -10256, 72, 12032
Town Ranks
Creation 10th July 2019
Councillor TBD
Mayor TBD

Gamesville is a settlement created by Gamer4_Good that began in July 2019

As of 30th July 2019 it has a total of 6 unique buildings/structures and 1 park and is an unranked settlement located in Ward 6

The plan for Gamesville will be to have 4 distinct districts, a Residential District (Houses, Apartments, etc...), a Commercial District (Shops, Banks, etc...), An Industrial District (Franchise Hubs, Warehouses, etc...) and a Sports and Leisure District (Sports Facilities/Stadiums, Theatre's etc...). As of 30th July 2019 only the Commercial District and the Sports and Leisure district contain buildings.


No Building Name Start Date End Date Owner
1 Central Park Statue TBD 10th July 2019 10th July 2019 Gamer4_Good
# Central Park TBD 10th July 2019 12th July 2019 Gamer4_Good
2 Apartment Block Gamesville Luxury Apartments 12th July 2019 15th July 2019 Gamer4_Good
3 Sports Shop Gamesville Sports 17th July 2019 19th July 2019 Gamer4_Good
4 ATM Bank of Gamesville ATM 20th July 2019 20th July 2019 Gamer4_Good
5 Bank Bank Of Gamesville 20th July 2019 20th July 2019 Gamer4_Good
6 Sumotori Arena Gamesville Sumotori Complex 22nd July 2019 25th July 2019 Gamer4_Good