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Alert.png Gato is now under the ownership of LDShadowLord.
It has since been demolished and the Evella Airport has taken its place. This page is kept for historical reasons.
Town officials
Mayor LDShadowLord
Founder Mercury203
MRT  M13  Foobar
Roadways  B755 
Rail  Loop Line 
 Acacia Line 
 Expo Line 
Facts and figures
Founded 4/12/2016

Gato was a town located at  M13  Foobar. It was founded on 4/12/2016. The town was unranked.



Gato's downtown was the first part of town built. It housed several commercial spaces including the One Gato Center, a shopping complex with a cat shelter, a tour company, a football field as well as the temporary town hall. It was the hub for Gato Light Rail.

Gato Expo Center

Gato had a small expo center located north of Downtown. It was served by the  Expo Line .

Acacia District

The Acacia District was the southernmost district. All but one of the buildings that were here were red. It was served by the  Acacia Line .

Gato Industrial Park

Gato Industrial park was a small district located between the Downtown and Harbor districts. It included a self-storage warehouse as well as a frozen goods warehouse. More warehouses were planned before its transferal to a new mayor. It was planned to be served by the  Expo Line .

Harbor District

The Harbor District was not really a full district, but more like a transit It was under construction at the time, it was expected include a multi-modal transportation facility with an eight boat dock, a rail hub, and a bus terminal.

Marioni District

Marioni District, formerly known as the Republic of Marioni, was a large district on the west side of town. It was planned to be served by the  Marioni Line .

Plaza District

The Plaza District was a medium-sized district located west of the Harbor District. It was planned to be served by the  Marioni Line .

Marioni Mall

The Plaza District included an outdoor mall, that was undergoing renovations.



Gato had a connection with the B754 to Evella and Illrea and was slated to connect to Glenbrook and Espil.


See full article: Gato Light Rail

Gato had four rail lines, a shuttle line and a cable car line.


Gato had one bus connection as a partnership with Swiftbus to Central City. Hermes Bus was planning to serve the town as part of their Expo West Route.