Gemstride Melodia Airfield

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Gemstride Melodia Airfield
Airport typeAirfield
Hub formylesHeli
Oceanic Langus Airways

Gemstride Melodia Airfield is an airfield located in Gemstride in the Metropolitan West Mesa owned by SoaPuffball. It is a hub of mylesHeli. It contains 16 gates and 10 helipads.


Gate Number Airline Status Destinations Gate Number Airline Status Destinations Helipad Number Airline Status Destinations Helipad Number Airline Status Destinations
A1 FlyCreeper Planned HND
B1 BluAir Now Boarding LAR
HA1 mylesHeli Planned LAR
HB1 Chicken Wings Air Planned UPM
A2 SkyTrans Planned CWI
B2 Infamous Airlines Now Boarding RVA HA2 mylesHeli Planned TBA HB2 FlySakura Planned NWT
A3 FliHigh Airlines Planned VFW B3 Waypoint Planned EIA HA3 mylesHeli Planned TBA HB3 None Planned TBA
A4 AirPurpur Planned HND
B4 Spirit Airlines Planned MMA HA4 SkyTrans Planned TBA HB4 None Planned TBA
A5 SunAir Planned SSI B5 IntraAir Planned SEG HA5 KaloroAir Planned Winterside HB5 None Planned TBA
A6 mylesAir Planned TBA B6 Oceanic Langus Airways Planned TBA
A7 MRTHS Air Planned CIA
B7 Oceanic Langus Airways Planned TBA
A8 South Weast Airlines Now Boarding LAR B8 National Airlines Planned PDA

Claiming Gates

Claiming gates is currently ALLOWED. It's time to duel for gates.

To claim a gate, please fill out this form:

Rules and Regulations:

  • Except for the 9 gates and 3 helipads given by SoaPuffball before the start of the gate claiming period, all gates and helipads cost $10.
  • Except for airlines who wish to use GSM as a hub, a maximum of one gate and one helipad per airline ONLY.
  • All gates bought will expire in two weeks when unfinished or unpaid. If this happens, the gate will be reassigned to another airline, and the offending airline may no longer serve GSM.
    • The above will not apply when said airline uses GSM as a hub.
  • If you wish to use GSM as a hub, please notify SoaPuffball.
    • Each airline with a hub in Gemstride has to put at least two (2) warps in each plane to save gates. However if the number of planned destinations is an odd number, then the airline can have one plane with one (1) warp.
  • Due to proximity, no flights to airports, airfields and heliports in the Metropolitan West Mesa, including these, shall be made: Gemstride Aria's Peak (GSA), West Mesa International (WMI), Deadbush Edgecliff (DEA), Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial (DFM), Euphorial (EUH), and Valletta Desert (VDA) shall be made.
    • Flights serving the currently planned Starlit Bay Heliport (SLB) shall be exempt from this rule, as this heliport is planned to service express routes to Metropolitan West Mesa towns and cities.
  • Rules are subject to change without notice.