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Town officials
Mayor Wipeout111
Deputy Mayor OM3GA
Town Councillors Echohue
MRT  SW22  Foobar  SW23  Foobar
Water Hummingbird Boat Lines, Lapis Ferries, Sunshine Ferries
Nearest airport Gillmont Heliport
Facts and figures
Population -14 +
Town hall coordinates Will Be Added Soon
Founded 8/22/2019
Recognized as town 10/7/2019
Town rank [Mayor]
Official language(s) English
World New World
MPO People's Republic Of Zimbobwica
Ward(s) 6

Full Name "The people of Gillmonts unincorporated incorporated southern entity under the direct rule of the cities united council of Gillmont"

Previous Name(s) Morgate



After being accepted, Wipeout111 started flying around the server to find a suitible location for his first town. On his 3 try, he found the land for what is now Gillmont, and made a claim. Later that day the main road seperating the 2 sides of the city and town hall were built.

Ranking Up

Citizen After the first city block and town hall was complete, the town was endorsed to [Citizen].

Trustee After the city expanded further, the other side of the main road started to be populated with buildings creating the disctrict of downtown Gillmont. It only took 2 city blocks, 1 high-rise, and a few more buildings in between for the town to become [Trustee]. This unlocked Wipeout the use of water, and more importantly /speed.

Councillor Once downtown Gillmont started to get populated, the main road extended and the Gillmont Zoo started, Wipeout managed to get the town to [Councillor]

Mayor This is the towns current rank, and the rank it had to expand to most to achieve. The penninsula that laid home to Old Gillmont was completely filled up with buildings, Downtown Gillmont got a boat terminal and more buildings, a prestigious palace got pasted in on the outskirts of Old Gillmont, and the Empire Theatre was pasted in.

Current Times After achieving [Mayor] gillmont has been expanding slowly, with the District of Greenwich Village being added next to Old Gillmont and Downtown Gillmont recieved many new buildings. The town also hosted The 12 Days Of MRT Christmas 2019.


The first MPO Gillmont was a member of was the Epsilon Republic. It is currently a member of The People's Republic Of Zimbobwica

Districts Of Gillmont

Old Gillmont

The first section of the town that came into existence is now called "Old Gillmont" and surrounds 3 sides of the town hall, with the 4th side being home to a long strech of road. The style of buildings here consists of 19-20th century townhouses, connected to each other that form city blocks. At the back of Old Gillmont, a brige connects to the rest of Old Gillmont over a river. This area is home to the 1413 seat theatre, the Empire Theatre, built by Gillmont Theatre Co..

Downtown Gillmont

The second section of Gillmont started when Wipeout wanted to expand his town across the large, main roads that he used to start his town. This are became known as Old Gillmont and is home to the Skyscrapers and High-Rises of the city, and eventually became home to the cities main transit stations.

Greenwich Village

This is the newest District in the city and is very similar to Old Gillmont. It houses the Gillmont Heliport.


Gillmont Heliport

The heliport is home to Gillmont's 2 allowed Helicopted Gates.

Pad 1: IntraAir Helilines to Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport

Pad 2: Reserved for NIJK

Gillmont Marina

Dock 1: Sunshine Ferries to Sunshine Coast

Dock 2: Lapis Ferries to Lapis Bay

Dock 3: Hummingbird Boat Lines to MRT Marina (New World) & Beach City (Lobelia Line)

Dock 4: Hummingbird Boat Lines Currently No Service

Dock 5: Gillmont Shuttle Services to GSM Town