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Welcome to the new website of Golden Beach Airways!

Golden Beach Airways is a major airline on the MRT Server. Golden Beach Airways has worked with the Star Alliance and with Colgan, United, and Continental Airlines.

Here are a couple of Golden Beach Airways's hubs and major destinations.

Main Hub: MRT International Airport/ Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County International Airport


  • Newark Liberty International
  • Chicago O'Hare International Airport
  • Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport
  • Baconland International Airport
  • MRT Regional Airport

Focused Airports

Honolulu International Airport and MRT Regional Airport


We also have a very strict regulation from the NTSB, FAA, and TSA stating that due to the weight of the airplane, we cannot allow a passenger bring anything heavier than 40 pounds of luggage. Also, the basic TSA regulations apply. No liquids over 3.3 ml are allowed. Fireworks, TNT, thor hammers, knives, armor, firearms, lava, water bucket, bats, and acid substances are not allowed on any Golden Beach Airways flight. Also, all of our flights are IFR, therefore all our flights have a valid flight plan and can go through hard weather. Flights will be delayed, canceled, and/or grounded due to overbooking, suspicious passenger or luggage, thor hammer attack, heavy winds, over weight passengers, luggage, and payloads, bad pilot, evil passengers and thunder storms. All of our pilots have been heavily trained and have many flying hours insuring a great flight for everyone. All of our flight attendants have also been well trained and can calmly handle any emergency. For passengers, please make sure you read the safety booklets prior to takeoff. Also please listen very carefully to the flight crew during the safety demonstration. We thank you very much for reading and understanding. This wiki page will constantly be continued by our founder and CEO, Tom_1277.

Golden Beach Airways NO FLY LIST

[redacted] [taco] [cake] [pineapple] [bacon] [thor hammered]

Golden Beach Airways Workers

Tom_1277- CEO, President, founder, pilot

MespritGira- Check-in counter worker

BossOfGames- Airline supervisor

hawksfan1010- Pilot

Airline history

8/22/12 Flying Squid Airlines founded by ariwcharles

12/28/12 Airline given to Tom_1277

12/28/12 Tom_1277 comes up with airline name 'Golden Beach Airways"

1/21/13 Check-in counter built

1/23/13 Terminal area for GBA complete

2/27/13 Logo made

2/27/13 Tom_1277 is first pilot

2/28/13 hawksfan1010 is second pilot