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Alert.png Grafton has now been split.
The east part of town has been demolished and is now part of Cape Cambridge, while the west part is now part of Oceanside. The page will be kept as an archive
Town officials
Mayor Steakbeard
Deputy Mayor Vroomba
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates -2480, 65, 25891
Founded March 5, 2020
Town rank Unranked
State Ben Nation
World New
Post codes GT5 xxx
Political Party  (F)  Freedom Party
City Phone Code +508
Other info
Dissolved September 20, 2020

Grafton was a town in the southern area of the New World, located in Ward 5. The town was founded on March 5, 2020 by Steakbeard.


There were two districts in the town of Grafton.

East Point

East Point was the home of Steakbeard's house and the Grafton Town Hall. Builds here were limited to three stories.

West Point

West Point was reserved for future use. Builds here were going to be limited to three stories.