Grand Mesa

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Deadbush, the largest and only Premier city in the Grand Mesa

The Grand Mesa is a mesa region in the southwest reaches of Gamma New World. Towns in the region vary in size and design, however the largest city in the Mesa is the city of Deadbush. It is served by the MRT Mesa Line and Desert Line.


The Grand Mesa is well-served by transport, due to its status as one of the largest and most populated regions of the MRT. It has six airports and airfields clustered around the Deadbush metropolis, with Deadbush itself having five and Gemstride having one. Of these airports, West Mesa International Airport serves as the main gateway of the Grand Mesa in air travel.

Various towns in the Grand Mesa are served by the MRT in stations  M25 - M39  and  D29 - D39 . Numerous towns in the Mesa are also served by RaiLinQ, IntraRail, MCR, and other warp rails. The towns of Deadbush, Haskaa, and Weezerville all have ports, and are served by Hummingbird Boat Lines, mylesFerry, and other services.


Birdhall, the second largest city and the only Governor city in the Grand Mesa