Grayzen National Airport

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Grayzen National Airport - Peter Minuit Field
Airport typeAirfield, Regional Airport
Owner/OperatorCity of Grayzen
ServesGrayzen, to a certain extent Central City, Swellview
LocationCentral New World
Hub forPan Puno Skies
Cardinal's Airline
Direction Length Surface
ft m
9/27 Stone

Grayzen National Airport is an airfield that serves Grayzen. It was built by cardinalland, EliteNeon, SubwayGamerMC, Ben6331 and MRT Staff in the course of three and half hours.


On March 18, 2017, EliteNeon approached cardinalland and said that he wanted to build him an airfield. cardinalland accepted the offer and after 3 hours of hard work by EliteNeon, cardinalland, SubwayGamerMC, and MRT Staff, the airport was pronounced ready. The airport opened Sunday, March 26th, 2017.

Airlines and Destinations

Gate Airline Flight Destination
Gate 1 Ventus 007🔫 Espil and Utopia
Gate 2 Ventus 8 UCWT
Gate 3 Infamous Airlines IN5
Fort Yaxier International Airport
Ocean Suburb International Airport
Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield
Gate 4 BluAir BU22
Tranquil Forest Airfield
West Mesa International Airport
Gate 5 Caelus 68 Konawa via Siletz
Gate 6 BWIA BW103 Astoria
Gate 7 IntraAir umm Zaquar

Future Expansion

Immediately after Caelus 68 landed at the airport and cardinalland opened the doors, EliteNeon and cardinalland flew to Konawa and discussed future plans of the airport over a steak and a Sienna Lemon Lime at one of the lounges. There were 2 proposals, expansion of the current airport or relocation to a field in the NW corner. EliteNeon said that he would prefer the expansion of the current airport. cardinalland preferred to wait until he became Governor.