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Green Party of the MRT

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MRT Green Party

MRT Green Party is a left-wing, green political party, focusing on terraforming and foresting issues. The Green Party stands out as the only party in the MRT that actually has implementable politics on a server-wide level.


The manifesto will be published soon.


MRT Green Party started out as a national party for Armada, under the name of ACCP. ACCP dissolved in October 2016, re-establishing under the name of MRT Green Party.



Our Projects

Here at Green Party, we work on projects with the intent of making green areas more prevalent in MRT. Here are some:


Armalans, also known as Autonomous Division of Autonomous Division of Schusterlans, is a proof-of-concept district of Schusterlans. It is currently the greenest settlement of MRT, with 25/30 trees per building.

United Cities Parks and Recreation Committee

MRT Green Party had played a large role in reforming the committee's inner framework, transforming the committee into an organisation with members and a framework allowing them to make progress unlike before.

Green Party Bureau of Auditing and Investigation

Green Party of the MRT/Press Releases
This division of the Green Party effectively brings the voice of the oppressed members to the table by carrying out investigations against any injustice and corruption of the MRT organisations. Any MRT member is allowed to request help from the bureau for investigation to be carried out if they believe they're left in an oppressed position and handled in an unjust way by the server's organisations and the people. The bureau will carry out any required investigation, question people and release its findings as press releases to the server public. The bureau might then contact relevant organisations (like MRTI and UC) to implement a solution for the issues revealed by the investigation.

Green Party Bureau of Legislation

This division of the party works on filling the gap created by the party's lack of participation in writing and debating resolutions and framework proposals.

Electoral History

Election Date Percentage Notes
United Cities Jul 17 President July 2017 28% 3rd Place
United Cities Jul 17 VP July 2017 15% Runner Up
United Cities Jul 17 SoS July 2017 67% Winner
United Cities Apr 17 President April 2017 43% Runner Up
United Cities Jan 17 President January 2017 42% Runner Up
United Cities Jan 2017 VP January 2017 18% Runner Up
United Cities Jan 2017 CJ January 2017 12% 3rd Place
Storalia January 2017 Elections Jan 6 - Jan 16 13% Two rounds system abolished, election lost
Storalia September 2016 Elections Sept 2 - Oct 1 7% Eliminated on round one
Storalia May 2016 Elections May 20 - 27 12% Eliminated on round one

Legislative History