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Gregg Fyfe's Fish & Chips

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Gregg Fyfe's Fish & Chips
Founder & CEO AP_Red
Parent Company FyfeCorp
Number of Stores 2 7
Facts and figures
Headquarters Whiteley
Founded July 18th 2015

Gregg Fyfe's Fish & Chips (Gregg Fyfe's) is a franchise on the MRT Server, founded by AP_Red. This was originally founded in Lakeview, along with the more famous Lakeview Steak, but the headquarters are currently in Whiteley. Franchises are able to be purchased by contacting AP_Red


Gregg Fyfe's was founded by AP_Red in early 2015, shortly before obtaining the Senator rank. However, it wasn't until July that he decided to sell the shops commercially to other towns. Gregg Fyfe's hopes to be the most widely known "chippy" franchise on the entire MRT. Our motto is "Nowt but' best!"


All Gregg Fyfes use only the freshest Haddock available, caught from the nearest available ocean. As part of our sustainable fishing campaign, we always ensure enough Haddock are kept in the ocean to maintain the population. Our chips are freshly made and fried in-store, using potatoes from Sheepshead, near Whitechapel. All our other ingredients come from sustainable and carbon neutral sources.

  • Small Drinks (All £0.50)
    • Water
    • Canned drinks
    • Tea (Brewed to order)
    • (New) Iron Brew
  • Food
    • Fresh Haddock (Battered or unbattered): £4
    • Fishy Burger: £3
    • (New) Haggis and Chips: £3
    • Chips: £1
    • Peas: £1
    • (New) Deep Fried Martian Chocobar: £1
  • Special Meals
    • Value Meal (Haddock, Chips, Peas, Drink): £6
    • Family Bundle (Value Meal x 3): £15
    • Light Lunch (Half Haddock, Mushy Peas, Chips): £3

Store Types

  • Standard - typical store taking up a 11 x 13 floor space: Eat in or Take Away - $10
  • Mini - Much like a Standard store but with only 1 floor and no seating: Take Away only - $5
  • Drive-Through - a larger store with redesigned kitchen to include drive-through access windows: Eat in or Take Away - $20
  • Flagship - Three floors of seating, with extended menus and even more comfortable chairs: Eat in or Take Away - $30
  • Custom - variable depending on location, building space and needs of the customer - $5+

New World Locations

City Name Nearest MRT Number Of Stores Store Type(s)
Lakeview  P27  1 Mini
Whiteley N/A 1 Custom
West Calbar  A14  1 Standard
Freshney  A16  1 Standard
Seaview N/A 1 Custom
Nippia  ZN20  1 Standard
Janghwa City  M22  1 Custom
Vegeta N/A 1 Custom
Daneburg  C78  1 Custom
AEville  ZN18  1 Custom
Falloway  C76  1 Custom
Dandenong  C2  1 Standard
Royal Plaza  P34   ES20  1 Standard
Laclede  T13  2 Standard, Custom
Liten  ZN19  1 Standard
Watchfield  A8  1 Standard
Vermilion  XW15  1 Standard
Southlake  C49  1 Custom
Belvadere  C116  1 Standard
Desertview N/A 1 Standard
Mortonborough N/A 1 Standard
Valleta N/A 1 Custom
Freedon  F22  1 Custom
Cornus  T8  1 Custom
Izumo  C34  1 Custom
Heampstead  M42  Foobar 1 Custom
Phoenix Valley N/A 1 Custom
Segville  ZS6  1 Custom
Knoxford  ZS26  1 Standard
Benion  C3  1 Standard
Lowami N/A 1 Mini
MRT Land N/A 1 Custom
Bakersville  ZN8  1 Custom
Whitecliff North  ZN38  1 Custom
New Acreadium  ZN30  1 Standard
Richville N/A 1 Standard
Paixton N/A 1 Custom
New Woodbury N/A 2 Standard, Custom
Mason City  C12  2 Standard, Custom
Port Scarlett 1 Custom
Venceslo  ZS20  1 Custom