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Town officials
Mayor Halfy_Crafty
Deputy Mayor FrostyCreeper10
Founder Halfy_crafty
MRT  F40  Foobar
Other transit

Road: Highway A4.png - Great Eastern Highway Exit  15 
Stratos Bus:
 L1  Centrale City <> Grisville

Facts and figures
Population 3
Halfy_Crafty, Starcubed, JasperToirkens
Town hall coordinates X 16920,
Y 86.
Z 4834
Founded January 2018
Official language(s) English and French

The City

Grisville is a simili totalitarian city. It is situated in the Far East of the new map, at the  F40  Foobar Station.


  •  F40  Foobar - Station
  • Highway A4.png - Great Eastern Highway Exit  15 
  •  L1  - Centrale city <> Grisville line

Districts and Neighborhood

   Bridge Avenue

Infinity Pizzeria

 02  Bridge Avenue, Grisville

Richville Metropolitan Bank

 04  Bridge Avenue, Grisville

   Cliff Bridge Avenue

E Gadget Electronics

 03  Cliff Bridge Avenue, Grisville


 04  Cliff Bridge Avenue, Grisville


 02  Cliff Bridge Avenue, Grisville

Tacurger Shack

 01  Cliff Bridge Avenue, Grisville

   Cliff Cul-de-sac

Stratos Tower

 02  Cliff Cul-de-Sac, Grisville

Grisville ERC

 02  Cliff Cul-de-Sac, Grisville

   Cliff Side

You Fuel

 00  Cliff Side, Grisville

   Moutain road

Grape Store

 02  Moutain road, Grisville

   Nether road


 02  Nether Road, Grisville

   Stratos tower Street

   Tunnel Street

Ongoing projects

Stratos™ Tower ON HOLD

The Stratos tower will be the Headquarters of the Stratos Corporation™
The corporation works on several sectors, such as Transportation, Finances, Large distributions (Supermarkets and malls). In term of transportation, Stratos Corp already own TrainLink, wich will be rebranded as Stratos™.
For the time, the other sectore haven't been developped.

Grisville Train Station

This station will be the main station of the city.
Platforms have been planned before construction and it will go as follow:

  • Platform 1,2,5: Stratos™ Railways
  • Platform 3&4: -

Futur Projects

Grisville Mall

The Grisville Mall will be the location where you (maybe if it is possible) will find most of the franchises of the MRT.

Grisville Hospital

Because what is a city that doesn't have an hospital

High Density Residential area

3 Buildings of 10 Story with 8 flats per story

High Standing Residential area

For the people who have money, or power.

Abandoned projects

Grisville Transit Authority underground metro