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Flag of Grisville
Deputy MayorFrostyCreeper10
Town recognition
Date foundedJanuary 2018
Town hall coordinates16920, 86, 4834
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 3
MRT F40  Grisville
Road connectionsA4
Population3 (Halfy_Crafty, Starcubed, JasperToirkens)

Grisville is a simili totalitarian city. It is situated in the far east of the New World, at F40 station.


  •  F40  Grisville - Station
  • Highway A4.png - Great Eastern Highway Exit  15 
  •  L1  - Central city <> Grisville line
  •  Shuttle  Valhala <> Endor

Finished Projects

Grisville Mountain station

There is currently one service going through the station. It is the Stratos™ Railways shuttle service between Endor and Valhala.

Grisville Mall

A great mall built over the MRT station. Still looking to fill it's franchises spaces.

Ongoing projects

GTA™|Grisville Transit Authority Metro system

The system will be TrainCarts powered. It will use the Stratos Corp. Vehicle Manufacture AMC V3

GRP™| Greener Rooftops Project

The Government of Grisville is looking to be more Eco-Friendly. This is why a vast majority of the city's Skyline rooftops are being modified to accommodate greenery and trees. For example, Grisville Mall has a 9 hole golf course on its roof.

Stratos™ Tower ON HOLD

The Stratos tower will be the Headquarters of the Stratos Corporation™
The corporation works on several sectors, such as Transportation, Finances, Large distributions (Supermarkets and malls). In term of transportation, Stratos Corp already own TrainLink, wich will be rebranded as Stratos Rail™.
For the time, the other sectore haven't been developped. See Stratos Corp. Wiki page for more informations

Futur Projects

Grisville Hospital

Because what is a city that doesn't have an hospital

High Density Residential area

3 Buildings of 10 Story with 8 flats per story

High Standing Residential area

For the people who have money, or power.