Groundhog Drive-In

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Groundhog Drive-In
"Food made from the bottom of our hearts"
Senior staff
Founder Vickiposa
CEO Vickiposa
Facts and figures
Headquarters Larkspur
Founded December 28th, 2018

Groundhog Drive-In is a primarily drive-in restaurant franchise operated by Vickiposa. Customers drive into one of several stalls, press an accompanying button to order food through an intercom system, and a carhop would carry the order to the customer and obtain payment and tips for the food. The restaurant franchise is based off of Sonic Drive-In, based in Oklahoma, United States.

Their primary products are split into five types:

  • Hamburgers: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, and Quarter Cheese.
  • Side Dishes: Chipfries, Cheesesticks, Tater Tots, and Southern-Style Biscuits.
  • Burritos: Standard, Spicy, Veggie, and Deluxe.
  • Standard Beverages: Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Lemonade, and "Lark Juice".
  • Special Beverages: Slushes, Milkshakes, Smoothies, and Cups of Ice.

Restaurant Types

Store Type Dimensions Cost
Standard Drive-In 23x16x21 $20
Custom User-defined $50+


Store City / Area Ward X-Coordinate Z-Coordinate Design
1 Larkspur / Central Ward 8 -8256 -8909 Standard Drive-In
2 Waterton Ward 1 3270 -7736 Standard Drive-In
3 Sunshine Coast / Palm Valley Ward 4 15173 17263 Standard Drive-In
4 Larkspur / Northmont Ward 8 -7864 -8966 Standard Drive-In
5 Seoland / East Seoland Ward 1 849 -11201 Standard Drive-In
6 Pasadena Ward 9 -4776 -4550 Standard Drive-In