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The following is the proposed new treaty with the Kaktus Republic to end the feud ongoing since March 27:



BETWEEN THE CITY OF Gryffin AND THE Kaktus Republic.

a. Both Parties must repeal all laws regarding this incident. This includes 3:1, 3:2 and 3:4 for the City of Gryffin, and Resolution 39 for the Kaktus Republic.

b. Immediately after the ratification of this truce, the Kaktus Republic and the City of Gryffin must send out alerts saying that the treaty has been signed and impose steep penalties on citizens that want to escalate the situation further.

c. Both parties may pass laws limiting trade and immigration that expire no later than 60 days after the ratification. After that, parties must be treated as citizens.

d. Both parties will not grief, obnoxiously trap the other party in a jail cell, or impose the Death Penalty on the other party.

e. Both parties will allow all closed businesses closed due to this conflict to reopen at the owner's discretion. This includes the AstroSlurp in Gryffin.