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Town officials
Mayor tarheelscouse
Deputy Mayor JakD2000
Founder tarheelscouse
MRT  R3  Lighthouse (Take  BOOM  or  NKT  from Lighthouse)
Other transit

 BOOM  Boomerang Line

 NKT  NKTransit White Line

 NKT  NKTransit Orange Line

 NKT  NKTransit Magenta Line

 DS1  Palelmo Direct Services
Facts and figures
Population 9 (Tarheelscouse, HalfCrafteur, Chilledfrogs, bensismith, nktrain, KittyCat11231, Diemundz, Kiwirainbow and Tom_1277)
Town hall coordinates -2100x, 65y, 434z
Founded March 1st, 2014
Official language(s) English and Japanese

The Village

Hamanei, founded on 1/3/14, is a small village in the region of Akane, right in the middle diagonally between Lighthouse Station of the Red Line(R3) and Laurel Station of the Orange Line(O16). The village is constructed in Japanese style, and is officially bilingual in English and Japanese.

The Town Hall is at . For specifically in-game information e.g. building in the city, please consult the Town Hall archives.


Hamanei is a non-electorate democracy. This effectively means that while the public have 100% in decisions, the people who act on and suggest resolutions are chosen by the mayor, Tarheelscouse. The Town Hall contains the majority of in-game information on the city in the archives, and floors are reserved in future for offices for mayors and deputy mayors.

Please note that population, deputy mayors and potentially mayor status are absolutely subject to change.


The following rail lines serve Hamanei:

Line Name Line Code Status Operator Page Preceding Stations Following Stations
Boomerang Line  BOOM  Partially Open RailAkane and QIR Lighthouse -Terminus-
White Line  NKT  Open NKTransit Lighthouse Souslow, Hotels, Laurel
Orange Line  NKT  Open NKTransit NKCity -Terminus-
Magenta Line  NKT  Open NKTransit Green Cloud -Terminus-
Direct Services Line 1  DS1  Partially Open Palelmo Transit Stringcity Melbourne Plaza
Blue Line  CMT  Partially Open CMT Stanwood, Laurel, Souslow -Terminus--


  • Hamanei Town Hall
  • The Akane Tree
  • The Cherry Shrine
  • BenkGo! headquarters
  • Akane Mall
  • The NK Museum

Visiting Hamanei

Hamanei is open no matter what to visitors, and welcomes potential residents with open arms. In order to build something or join the community, please speak to tarheelscouse or one of the deputy mayors. We recommend that you read through the Town Hall archives before beginning your tour.