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CODE Callsign
HBR Harbour Air
Founded 06/24/2019
Commenced operations 10/06/2019
Operating bases Monte Isola
Hubs Monte Isola
Focus cities Monte Isola
Active flights 4
Destinations 6
Company slogan "From Sea to Shining Sea, we'll fly you there."
Key people Vulpicula (65% stake)
Johngi (25% stake)
MRTHS Air (10% stake)

HarbourAir is a small seaplane based airline, focused entirely on small seaplanes. It was launched back in June of 2019, but due to issues with seaplane regulations, it did not launch officially until October of 2019. At the same time as its launch, it merged with competitor Pan Aqua.

Flight List

Origin/Destination Origin/Destination Equipment Used Status
Carnoustie International Airport (CIA) <---> Sunshine Coast International Aiport (SSI) ITP1000 Active
Airchester Airfield (ACA) <---> Monte Isola Seaplane Airport (MIS) DHC-2 Active
Monolith Wharf Terminal (MON) <---> Monte Isola Seaplane Airport (MIS) DHC-2 Active
Quiris Bay Docks (QBD) <---> Monte Isola Seaplane Airport (MIS) DHC-2 Active