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Harry S Truman International Airport

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Harry S Truman International Airport
Airport type Airport
Owner jphgolf4321
Operator jphgolf4321
Serves Laclede
Location North
Hub for South Weast Airlines
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09/18 Black/Gray Concrete

Harry S Truman International Airport (IATA: LHT, ICAO: NLHT) is an international airport that serves the city of Laclede ( T13  Laclede- T14  North Laclede)on the New World. The Airport was built by Cortesi in 5 days.

How To Get Here

You can reach the airport (situated in the North/West part of the City) via the subway LTA Yellow Line. Laclede is also connected to the MRT Road Network via A9-shield.png, Highway A94.png, Highway A942.png, Highway B90.png, Highway B901.png, and Highway B942.png. It is also served by Northern Star Ferries via the Bandaraya Ferry Terminal and an Arrivé bus terminal south of  T13  Laclede.

Airlines and Destinations

Check In Airline
01 Caelus Airlines
02 Caelus Airlines
03 BART Airlines
04 BART Airlines
05 IntraAir
06 IntraAir
07 Eastern Airways
08 Eastern Airways
09 South Weast Airlines
10 South Weast Airlines
11 South Weast Airlines
12 South Weast Airlines
13 Lala's Dragon Service
14 Lala's Dragon Service
15 Heampstead Air
16 Heampstead Air
Gate Airline Destination Status
A South Weast Airlines Nippia In Service
B South Weast Airlines Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport In Service
C South Weast Airlines Ilirea Heliport In Service
D South Weast Airlines Formosa Boarding Center In Service
00 Lala's Dragon Kessler In Service
01 South Weast Airlines Whitechapel Sky Harbor and Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport In Service
02 Eastern Airways Epsilon International Airport In Service
03 South Weast Airlines Ilirea Midcity Airport and MRT Intn'l In Service
04 Caelus Airlines Saint Roux International Airport In Service
05 South Weast Airlines ATC In Service
06 IntraAir Kitania Municipal Airport In Service
07 BART Airlines Alturas InterRegional Airport In Service
08 South Weast Airlines Vermilion Gateway Airport In Service
09 South Weast Airlines Brooklyn Regional Airport In Service
10 BART Airlines MRT Regional Airport In Service
11 BART Airlines Anthony Fokker Regional Airport In Service
12 IntraAir Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport In Service
13 Heampstead Air Horizon National Airport, Union of Central Western Territories International Airport In Service

NOTE: the lettered gates are for helicopters only and are all reserved for South Weast Airlines.

Bus Service

The airport also has an area for bus stops in front of the terminal entrance.

Bus Company Destination Status
Laclede Transit Authority Central City In Service
Laclede Transit Authority Ravenna In Service
BART Central City In Service
Laclede Transit Authority Vermilion In Service
Spruce Plains Transit Authority Spruce Plains In Service
BaseBus Bakersville In Service
BaseBus TBD Planned

Rail Service

The airport is also served by rail.

Rail Company Train Destinations
Laclede Transit Authority Yellow Line Euhstand Tower
(Southbound Only)
IntraRail Spruce Regional Laclede Central
IntraRail Republic Express Laclede Central
Horizon National Airport
IntraRail Lacledic Eagle Laclede Central
(Southbound Only)

Request A Gate

Thank you to all who requested a gate, but the slots have been filled and there were more applications than there were gates. We apologize if you didn't get a gate. If you would still like a connection to Laclede, feel free to ask one of the airlines in the table above for a codeshare.