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Number of Health Centers 3
Number of Hospitals 2
Number of Clinics 1
Regions Served Espil (Main Region), Aprix (Main Region), Waverly (Extra support), Kolpino (Extra support), Daneburg (Extra support), Mecklenburg (Extra support), Helix Bay (Extra support), Falloway (Extra support)
Facts and figures
Headquarters Espil


healthEspil is the only universal (free health care for citizens) public health service in Espil, and is run by the Espilian Government. The system is funded by taxpayers, and is listed as a public necessity for Espil. Neighbouring regions are free to use the health care system as long as the local government endorses it (Extra fee may be required for non-citizens of Espil).

Eisli Central Hospital
Rae General Hospital

Regions Served

healthEspil is working hard to serve as much people as possible, especially in the southwest. Both Espil and Aprix depend on healthEspil for their main health services, and subsidies from Aprix are recieved to help pay for this public service.
The following cities are in near enough vicinity to receive extra health care from healthEspil:

Citizens from these cities must pay a small fee to access healthEspil's services. If you don't want your city listed here, feel free to remove it!


Every major sub-district in Espil has at least one health care centre, whether it is a large hospital, or a smaller medical clinic.


Eisli has the most health care centres in Espil, and contains the large Eisli Central Hospital.


Health care is served by the following centres:

  • Eisli Central Hospital
  • inTis Medical Clinic (Planned)
  • Subtact Pharmacy (Planned)


Health care is served by the following centres:

  • Deltix Medical Clinic
  • Vulpix Pharmacy (Planned)


Health care is not yet available in this region.


Health care is not yet available in this region.


Ecilidae will be the future site of a large hospital (Ecilidae Central Hospital) that will serve the middle of the desert that stretches across the south-west.


Health care is served by the following centers:

  • Aura Medical Clinic
  • Aura Pharmacy (Planned)

Ecilidae Center

Health care is served by the following centers:

  • Ecilidae Central Hospital



  • Rae General Hospital

Health Care

Espil is working to get the most talented doctors and nurses from around the world, and is always looking to expand health service to cover the most amount of areas.
Health care covered:

  • Physicians
  • Pharmacist
  • Family Practitioner

Planned services:

  • Therapist
  • Dentist
  • Pediatrician
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Phlebotomist
  • Many more...