Heights City

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Heights City
Heights City.png Bird's eye view of Heights City, overlooking Heights Mall, MRT station and more.
Town officials
Mayor Toaro
Deputy Mayor HeavenAngel

 ZN14  Heights City

 C119 - ZN12  Mihama (Heights City)

 C118 - ZN11  Gold City (Heights City)
Facts and figures
Population 1
Founded 16 April 2015
Recognized as town YES
World New

Heights City

Heights City is currently a town established on 16 April 2015. This town is currently served by the MRT line  ZN14 . It is part of the Ionian Conurbation SMP.

Founding Days

Heights City, shortly after being established on 16 April 2015, has seen its first building - Heights City Mall. This Mall, the first building to be built in Heights City, has seen a huge occupancy rate and is known to house the flagship store of Toaro's Korean Restraunt.

After seeing that crime is a huge danger that has riddled many other cities in the MRT server, Heights City decided that crime is to be taken seriously and Has quickly established the Heights City jail. After which, Heights City has seen one of the lowest crime rates in the MRT server.

A town hall was built shortly after, comprising of 2 floors - one ground floor for all to view, and one secret entrance to the second floor, where all meetings regarding Heights City were to be held. The second floor also houses the office of Toaro, Mayor of Heights City, and the office of HeavenAngel, Deputy Mayor of Heights City.

Progress to present

It certainly hasn't been a smooth road from the start to present for Heights City, due to long periods of inactivity for real life issues, resulting in Heights City nearly being auctioned off, but Heights City has surely advanced to become a Mayor town today, and would progress to become even better

The Present

Heights City is now a proud member of the Ionian Conurbation SMP, together with BirchView and Quiris. As a mayor town in this SMP, it boasts an integrated transit hub connecting rail and road together. This central transit hub comprises of the MRT line, a fully underground bus interchange, the Ionian Conurbation Metro (ICM), and the East-West Monorail (Heights City's main form of transport).

Heights City currently features a High School, library and hotel, among many others.

The Future

Many plans have been envisioned for Heights City. New plans include a recreation centre, with bowling alleys and a cinema, connected to a shopping mall just accross a bridge to Quiris. A Heights Trade Hub is also under construction and will be ready soon for Trade to be done in Heights City, boosting the economy. A new landmark is set to be built in Heights City, at Mihama station, called the Quad Towers