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HelCom is a wireless phone and internet Provider.

The HQ is located at the HelkGroup building near Hamanei.

HelCom sells over the Net.

HelCom has a Customer Service Call Centre in BuildCity.


Unlimited Talk & Text With Unlimited 263kbs Net 5,00 $ /month.

WebPack S 500min talk and 1000SMS and Unlimited 2mbs Net 5,00$ /month

WebPack M 1000min talk and 5000SMS and Unlimited 5mbs Net 10,00$ /month

WebPack L 5000min Talk and 5000SMS and Unlimited 21mbs net 20,00$ /month

KidPack Unlimited talk and SMS to 10 phone numbers and unlimited 1mbs net 4,00$ /month

Antenna in your town?

Do you want to have a antenna in your town please contact Helkama on the MRT mail.

We have really good and fast Antennas for you.

To get an antenna is free.

HelCom WiFi

HelCom offers in a Few Café's and Railway stations free WiFi.