Helga Thonk Burger

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Helga Thonk Burger's first location in the Island Centre mall of Chugsdy Island.

Helga Thonk Burger (stylised as h e l g a T H O N K b u r g e r) is a franchise made by kyyl_. It attempts to cross the American hamburger, a widely known cultural item, with a random woman named "Helga" from the town of Akureyri. The franchise is largely known as a meme. Helga Thonk Burger locations are payment-optional, meaning that when a new location is constructed, no payment is expected.


  1. Chugsdy Island - Island Centre Mall
  2. Wazamawazi - Hiranomachi Warptrain Terminal.
  3. Venceslo - VFW Concourse C
  4. Anthro Island
  5. Beachview
  6. Seoland