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About the Editor's Hub

The Editor's Hub is a quick and easy tool designed to help you see where current efforts are being focused within the wiki. This will mostly consist of pages that could do with additional information and pages that would be nice to see created.

The Editor's Hub box is located on the wiki's Main Page and at the current time can only be edited by server staff. The Editor's Hub box on the front page will likely remain staff curated, drawing from user contributions from the Editor's Hub page.

Featured Page

The Featured Page section was introduced in September 2017 and designed to highlight already high quality articles within the wiki. It will be updated weekly every Sunday. By featuring these articles on the main page, it will hopefully serve as a good example of what a wiki page can end up looking like as well as bring attention to interesting or overlooked areas of the server and its community.

The featured page section will remain curated by staff, unfortunately members will not be able to request or suggest the next featured page. There is no specific criteria for a wiki article to be featured however the following will favourably increase the likelihood for feature:

  • An infobox and picture.
  • A well written overview that can easily be inserted into the "excerpt"
  • A variety of wiki formatting styles (tables, pictures, etc.)
  • Informative content.
  • Not overusing notices, placeholders and "work-in-progress" sections.

Due to inconsistencies with the wiki's own quality rating system, a higher rated page does not necessarily increase the likelihood of being featured, likewise a lower rated page may not impact on its likelihood for feature.

Current Projects

Alert.png In Progress
Information on how to add to the current projects lists will be available when the main Editor's Hub page is reworked.