IntraAir Open

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IntraAir Open
Course Hendon Park
City Hendon
Course Architect London150
Town Mayor London150
Date June 2nd, 8 PM UTC
Number of Players 6
Purse $200
Season MGA Season 1
Important People
Scorers SkyjumperTalon, London150
Champion Cortesi
MGA Season 1
MMB Cup ◄ Chronology ► Olympics

The 2018 IntraAir Open is a mini-golf tournament that served as the second tournament of the first season of the MRT Golf Association.

Format and Leaderboard

The 6 players will play in groups of 3. They will play the first 9 at Hendon Park. After everyone has played 9 holes, the top 3 players will play in one group and the bottom 3 players will play in another at the Second 9 at Hendon Park.

Detailed scores can be found here

Rank Player Name Score (to par) Score (strokes) Prize Money
1 Flag of Italy.png Cortesi -9 34 100
2 Flag of The Netherlands.png Red_Ray -9 34 50
3 Flag of United States of America.png jphgolf4321 -6 37 30
4 Flag of United Kingdom.png GrumpyGoomba9 -5 38 10
5 Flag of United States of America.png KittyCat11231 -4 39 5
6 Flag of United Kingdom.png CondinYT1 -3 40 5
1. ^ Flag of United States of America.png MaxStewartS subbed for CondinYT after Hole 14, as CondinYT had to leave.


Player Hole 1 Hole 2
Cortesi 1 1
Red_Ray 1 2
2. ^ Red_Ray never finished the hole as he did not hole his tee shot.


1 Major sponsor and 2 standard sponsors were accepted.

Major Sponsor (1)

Standard Sponsors (2)