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Flag of City-State of Kitania.png
The flag of the City-State of Kitania.
Government Staff
Mayor KittyCat11231
Deputy Mayor CortesiRaccoon
Founder yeamanator132
Additional Information
Occupied Territory of City-State of Kitania

 Y21  Hillside-Pagoda is a town on the MRT Server, originally created by Yeamanator132. Hillside-Pagoda is located at Y21 Station, south of  Y20  High Hoopsville.

The town has changed ownership twice, first to Music3_0 and then to KittyCat11231. It currently acts as an occupied territory of the City-State of Kitania.

Most of the information below is outdated.


Mayor: Yeamanator132

Treasurer: Colaja953

Town News

Date: Town Starts Construction

Date: MRT Mail comes to Town

Date: Hillside Basketball Stadium Constructed

Date: Bus Depot and BeefHut Express Constructed

Date: First BeefHut Diner Constructed

Date: Marina Constructed

10/3/13: Hillside Tennis Arena Constructed

24/3/13: Connected to High Hoopsville by Road

27/03/13: Hillside Theatre Under Construction

Major Attractions

Hillside-Pagoda is home to several attractions, franchise outlets, and random constructions:

BeefHut Diner, Express

Bus Depot


Movie Cinema

Tennis Arena

Basketball Stadium

Casino (and Hotel)

Traditional Japanese Pagoda

Law Courts


Cola's Burgers

MRT Mail

Magpie Industries

Theatre (Under Construction)

Transport Links

Hillside-Pagoda is Linked to the MRT in numerous ways;

MRT: Yellow Line at  Y21  Hillside-Pagoda Station

Bus: Bay 7 MRT Bus Depot

Road: Hillside Expressway, off South West Highway (via High Hoopsville or Gravcorn)

Rail: Hillside Airport Link: Regional Airport - Hillside - Chack City - Marauder (Under Construction)

Rail: Intercity East: Hillside- High Hoopsville (Under Planning)