Hinanawi Town

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Hinanawi Town
Hinanawi Town.png
The town hall as seen in November 26, 2022
Deputy MayorFoote_Chicken
City recognition
Date foundedJanuary 10, 2022
Town hall coordinates-28051, -17691
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 8
Post code(s)HT8
Local transitHNTBus

Hinanawi Town (abbreviated HNT) is an unranked town in Ward 8


Hinanawi Town was founded in January 10, 2022. The town's landmark, Sword of Hisou and Hisoubashi, a bridge carrying a highway over the strait connecting Misty Lake and Lake 41 was built in this time.

After thinking of building a big suburban area, chimata decided that Hinanawi Town was a good candidate, with North Hinanawi Town being planned to be built across the strait. This led to the town being revived in November 23, 2022, with the road system being expanded and the first buildings being built.


The name was originally coined for another project chimata was on, which was planned to be a Chicago-inspired town located in a spruce biome.


Hinanawi Town is located approximately 33.2km from Central City. It is in the Zeta region and Ward 8.

Hinanawi Town is situated on the shores of Misty Lake (Lake 5) and Lake 41. A strait, called Hinanawi Strait connects the lakes together and divides the town in two parts, North Hinanawi Town and South Hinanawi Town.

Nearby towns include Iceborg to the northwest, Ardaman to the northeast and Tournesol to the southeast.



The heart of the town, it is home to a lot of commercial buildings. The HQ of Kawashiro, a rolling stock manufacturer is located in this district.


Diepio (pronounced Dieppe-io) is planned to be the nearby suburban-like area and is planned to have Diepio Port. Its buildings on this district are modeled after things from Diep.io, a game.