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Town officials
Mayor the_blockmaster
Deputy Mayor powerminer01
Town Councillors Town Hero - Yellowitcher
Head of Transit - Yellowitcher}
Roadways  A94  (planned)
Facts and figures
Population 1
Town hall coordinates -539, 70, -4381
Founded 6 October 2015
Town rank [Councillor]
World New
Post codes HB1
Ward(s) 1

Hobelt was a small town located at  ZN8  Foobar on the Zephyr Line. The town is the main headquarters for Rapid Enterprises and its subsidiaries. In the Feburary GSM, FredTheTimeLord received the town of Hobelt and converted it into Bakersville. The area is now named South Bakersville or the Hobelt District.


Originally the name Hobelt was created for a school project. The aim of the project was to create your own country. The mayor the_blockmaster wanted the country to be the size of the benelux countries. Therefore he conjoined the first two letters in the country names. “ho” for Holland, “be” for Belgium, “l” for luxemburg and “t” solely for sounding/pronouncing purposes forming the name “Hobelt”.

Civil Protection

Hobelt prioritises the safety and well being of its citizens. Therefore the town is planning to construct a civil shelter that will protect its citizens against any CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear) attack.


Hobelt has a broadly developed mobile and Rednet (Redstone Network) network. The main RSP (Rednet Service Provider) is Rapid Communications through its brand RapidNet. The town is fully covered by 5G coverage and most buildings within the town are connected to a fibre network owned by Rapid Networks.