Horizon National Airport

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Horizon National Airport
Logo of Horizon National Airport
Airport typeAirport
Owner/OperatorKonawa Interior Agency, BART Police
LocationNorthwest New World
OpenedTerminal 1: November 20, 2016 Terminal 2: September 4, 2018
Hub forCaelus Airlines
Focus city forBART Airlines
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09/27 2,057 621 Stone Slab

Horizon National Airport (IATA: HZN, ICAO: NKLK) is an airport in the northwestern part of Epsilon in the New World. The airport primarily serves the cities of Konawa and Lanark and is the main hub for Caelus Airlines. This is the first airport to be built for a governor city of a non-urban city, and both terminals were built by _Kastle.


Horizon National Airport entered concept stages as the airport for the former Polaris SMP. Originally, it was proposed to build a massive complex of six terminals comprising many gates to be divided up between the town owners. However this plan was often called unfeasible and impossible. When Soleurs received Governor for Konawa, members of the Polaris group proposed pushing forward with the combined weight of Armada, Lanark, and Konawa. But instead, Soleurs decided to go another way and build an airport specifically for the latter two towns, partnering with Earack. Cynra_assisted in creation of the airport's original plan, which was partially approved at the October 2016 GSM. Terminal 1 opened on November 22, 2016 after an exhaustive and tense design and construction phase, which saw conflict between Soleurs and _Kastle.

Horizon National Airport terminal 2

By 2018, Lanark and Konawa had expanded significantly, finally allowing for the second terminal to be designed. Soleurs was able to convince _Kastle to return and design the second terminal, which features a unique design that maximizes gate space by placing the terminal high above the ground, with boarding guests entering the jetway via an elevator. Once in the jetway, as many as six planes can be connected to a single elevator, allowing a total of 24 medium-size gates in a small footprint plus 14 small gates on the peripheries.


The airport is connected via road, rail, bus, and warp train to the cities around it.



Take Highway A90.png to Highway A90-H.png to the airport.


Take Wellington Ave or Highway B18.png south, or Highway A90.png to Highway A90-H.png to the airport.


Take Highway A890.png southbound to Highway A90.png and exit at Highway A90-H.png to the airport.


Take Highway B91.png north and exit to Highway A890.png south. From there, take Highway A890.png to Highway A90.png, and take Highway A90-H.png to the airport.

Spruce Hills

Take B95-shield.png to Lanark. From there, take A95-shield.png and Highway A90.png to Highway A90-H.png.

Local Rail Services


Take the  Western  south to Horizon National Airport station.


Take  Yellow Line  South.


Rail Services
Previous station Next station
Laclede Airport Plaza
towards Zaquar
IntraRail Republic Express
Horizon National Airport
towards Rank Resort
Horizon National Airport
Birchwood City
Laclede - LHT
towards Tranquil Forest
BluRail BluRail2X-01.png
Horizon National Airport
PMA Airfield
towards Rank Resort
towards Tranquil Forest
BluRail BluRail2-01.png
Horizon National Airport
towards Rank Resort

Airlines and Destinations

Airline Destination(s)
AirLinQ Chokster City
BART Airlines Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina, Alturas, Hummingbird Islands, MRT Regional, Utopia, Whitechapel Sky Harbor
BenAir Omerah
BluAir Murrville-Arcadia, Sunshine Coast Máspalmas
Caelus Airlines Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina, Airchester-Epsilon, Arlington-Western Ocean, BirchView-Leydon, Chan Bay International, Deadbush Foxfoe, Elecna Bay, Espil, Fort Yaxier Airfield, Freedon Quartzwood, Hamanei, Ilirea, Kenthurst, Kolpino City, Larkspur Lilyflower, Mason City, Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng, MRT International, Radiance Square, Redwood Saint Roux-Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Segville, Spruce Neck, Sunshine Coast Máspalmas, Utopia, Vegeta, Venceslo, Vermilion, Wazamawazi, Whiteley, Whitechapel, Zerez
Cascadia Airways Bloomington-Robin's Hill, Ilirea Midcity, Oparia LeTourneau, Zaquar Ménage et Trois
Dragon Network Kessler
IntraAir Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina, Airchester-Epsilon, Crystal City, Elecna Bay, Fort Yaxier International, Mojang Town, Norwest, Segville, Siletz, Utopia
SkyTrans Fort Yaxier International Airport, Freedon Silverwood International Airport, Union of Central Western Territories International Airport
South Weast Airlines Arlington-Western Ocean, Espil Ecilidae Airport
Starfield Airways Marblelake
Vermilion Airways Fairfax-Atlanta
Waypoint Whitechapel Sky Harbor

Terminal 1

Gate Airline Destination Status
A1 SkyTrans Union of Central Western Territories International, Fort Yaxier International Active
A2 Caelus Airlines Inactive
A3 SkyTrans Freedon Silverwood Active
A4 Caelus Airlines Inactive
A5 Caelus Airlines Inactive
A6 Caelus Airlines Inactive
A7 Caelus Airlines Inactive
A8 Caelus Airlines Inactive
A9 IntraAir Segville, Elecna Bay, Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina Active
A10 IntraAir Crystal City, Fort Yaxier International, Utopia-Anthony Fokker Active
A11 Starfield Airways Marblelake Airport Active
A12 Waypoint Whitechapel Sky Harbor Active
A13 IntraAir Airchester-Epsilon International Active
A14 Vermilion Airways Fairfax-Atlanta Active
A15 Cascadia Airways Ilirea Midcity, Oparia LeTourneau Active
A16 Cascadia Airways Bloomington-Robin's Hill Active
A17 Cascadia Airways Zaquar Ménage et Trois Active
A18 BluAir Murrville-Arcadia, Sunshine Coast Máspalmas Active
A19 South Weast Airlines Espil Ecilidae & Arlington-Western Ocean Active
A20 Inactive
A21 BART Airlines MRT Regional Active
A22 BART Airlines Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina Active
A23 BART Airlines Hummingbird Islands Active
A24 BART Airlines Utopia-Anthony Fokker Active
A25 BART Airlines Alturas Active
A26 BART Airlines Whitechapel Sky Harbor Active
S1 Caelus Airlines Inactive
S2 Caelus Airlines Inactive
S3 Caelus Airlines Inactive
S4 Caelus Airlines Inactive
S5 IntraAir Mojang Town, Norwest, Siletz Active
S6 AirLinQ Chokster City Borderline Active
S7 BenAir Omerah Active
S8 FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward, San Dzobiak Active
S9 Dragon Network Kessler Active

Terminal 2

Gate Airline Destination Status
B1 ikeda MRT International Active
B2 Caelus Airlines Saint Roux-Charles de Gaulle Active
B3 ikeda Hamanei Active
B4 Caelus Airlines Elecna Bay Active
B5 Caelus Airlines Arlington-Western Ocean Active
B6 Caelus Airlines Radiance Square Active
B7 Caelus Airlines Ilirea Midcity Active
B8 Caelus Airlines Vermilion Gateway Active
B9 Caelus Airlines Espil Ecilidae Active
B10 Caelus Airlines Mason City Active
B11 Caelus Airlines Kenthurst Active
B12 Caelus Airlines Segville Active
B13 Caelus Airlines Whitechapel Sky Harbor Active
B14 Caelus Airlines Kolpino City Active
B15 Caelus Airlines Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina Active
B16 Caelus Airlines BirchView-Leydon Active
B17 Caelus Airlines Airchester-Epsilon Active
B18 Caelus Airlines Sunshine Coast Máspalmas Active
B19 Caelus Airlines Larkspur Lilyflower Active
B20 Caelus Airlines Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng Active
B21 Caelus Airlines Chan Bay International Active
B22 Caelus Airlines Inactive
B23 Caelus Airlines Inactive
B24 Caelus Airlines Inactive
S10 Caelus Airlines Inactive
S11 Caelus Airlines Deadbush Foxfoe, Fort Yaxier Airfield, Redwood Executive Active
S12 Caelus Airlines Utopia, Venceslo-Fifth Ward Active
S13 Caelus Airlines Vegeta, Wazamawazi Active
S14 Caelus Airlines Spruce Neck, Zerez Active
S15 Caelus Airlines Freedon Quartzwood, Whiteley Active
S16 Caelus Airlines Inactive

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