Hotel-Resort Building Competition

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This page is about the competition. For the town that arose as a result of the competition, see Segav Sal.

Project Segav Sal, or more commonly known as the MRT Hotel-Resort Building Competition, was a building competition conducted by time2makemymove, occurring from late January to mid-February 2018, with a grand prize of $5000 for the owner of the voting public's favorite hotel. The location of this competition was at  LW7  Foobar, in the town of Segav Sal.

The competition results were released on February 17, with the winner being lalaboy, with second place to PineapplePerv and third to CortesiRaccoon. Click here for more details

2018 Contest Rules

NOTE: Breaking any of these rules (especially rules 2, 3, 6, and 10) may very well result in disqualification.

1. For a hotel to qualify, it must be built on the Segav Sal Strip in ZS39.

2. (NEW RULE) You must create your own plot to claim. Plots may resize north/south as much as you want, but the east/west width of the plot must be NO LARGER than 50 blocks. Failure to abide by this rule will result in disqualification.

2b. As a follow-up, this means to claim a spot you must mark your plot IMMEDIATELY with blocks and a sign to signify your location. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!!

2c. The sidewalk area in front of your claim is technically your property: HOWEVER, you may not make the sidewalk's width any smaller than it already is (4 blocks). However, you can make the sidewalk wider to add to the aesthetic if you wish. You can also make driveways to your hotel if you want to.

3. The hotel must be ORIGINAL. Work may be done on the lab world or on a single player world, but it MUST fit into the plot you claimed and it MUST be a new build to the server. (you can't just copy a hotel you already built and paste it into your plot - it has to be brand new, never before seen on the server.)

4. IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! Builds cannot be taller than 101 blocks (no higher than the 172 y coordinate). Failure to do so will result in AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION. (this is a personal preference and to curb excessive/unnecessary stacks - honestly, what are you possibly going to do above 20 floors of space anyway?)

5. All rooms must be furnished (in at least some fashion).

6. Outside help is allowed for your hotel, however, only one person can win the prize money.

7. You may only claim ONE plot. Building outside of your chosen plot is not allowed. HOWEVER: you can make bridges/walkways between hotels, if both hotel owners agree upon it.

8. Franchises are allowed in your hotel, but again, they may not be copy/pasted from somewhere else. (NOTE THAT time2makemymove will build a mall here as well to add to the appeal)

9. If a plot is claimed, there must be something built inside the plot within 5 days. Failure to do this will result in that claim becoming void.

10. If you would like to build something other than a hotel, contact time2makemymove.

11. And, as always, FOLLOW THE SERVER RULES! No plagiarism, no griefing - don't do anything silly.

Supplemental note: Please do not copy/paste your Segav Sal hotel into your own town after completing it. Thank you.

Extra Details

The competition’s cash prize came out of the server’s pocket via the January GSM. Plots were 50 by infinite blocks wide. First come first served for plots. If a hotel is not finished by the event ending date, it will be disqualified from the voting form, but the users would still receive $80 in compensation for finishing their hotel after the fact (this rule later ended up applying to FredTheTimeLord and Soso123).

Public voters were politely asked to look for a number of things when going through the voting process:

1) Exterior Appeal

2) Interior Appeal

3) Quality Hotel Amenities (e.g. Pool, Restaurants, Shopping, Activities, Parking, etc.)

4) Hotel Room Appeal (e.g. the interior of the actual bedrooms)

5) Accessibility

6) Whether YOU would want to spend a vacation at this hotel.

Voting was conducted by way of ranking every hotel on a scale of 1 to 10 and then averaging every public voter’s score together to get a final score. Players voting for their own hotel would not count toward the average. Players were also asked to list their top 3 favorite hotels in case a tiebreak was necessary (this ended up breaking the tie between Tom_Pairs and Osbuso).


The prizes were given out in this fashion:

1ST PLACE $5000

2ND PLACE $2000

3RD PLACE $1000

4TH/5TH/6TH $500

7TH/8TH/9TH $250

10TH+ $100

HONORABLE MENTIONS (users who finished hotels after the deadline): $80


time2makemymove got this idea after visiting the Las Vegas Strip, and subsequently wanting to see a thing like it on the server. Consequently, the name of the project is "Segav Sal," which is almost "Las Vegas" backwards.