Hunters & Runners

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Hunters & Runners
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Hunters & Runners is a racing game created by MinecraftYoshi26 in 2013. The Hunters must kill the Runner(s) in a specified time limit with clues that come at interval from the moderator of the game. The game's popularity has dropped significantly with the introduction of much more connectivity between towns, resulting in it being replaced de facto by games such as The Runner, Bounty Hunters, and Get to X.

Several iterations of the game have occurred, such as Hunters & Runners: Pairs, where a team of two start in different locations, and if they meet up, ten minutes is taken off the time. Hunters & Runners: Secret Operations gives the runner a secret task that if completed takes ten minutes off of their time.


Rules of play

An example of godzilltrain in the game in Spawn City, and a possible picture clue that could have been given to the Hunters.

Rules vary widely between variants. Some common rules include:

  • The Runner is hidden on dynmap.
  • The Runner is in survival but may not break blocks.
  • The Runner is only allowed to have minecarts, steak, and one set of diamond armor they must wear.
  • The Runner can not use the wiki or dynmap.
  • The Runner can not lock themselves into a place with no access or requiring code or password.
  • The Hunters can not /tpa to players not in the game.
  • No commands are allowed, except for the Hunters using /tpa.
  • Private warps and homes are not allowed.
  • Death by natural causes also means the Runner loses.
  • To win, the Runner must survive 30 minutes.
  • Breaking rules results in a five-minute penalty.
  • Clues are given every two minutes. In the final ten minutes, the clues get more specific.
  • If the Runner is in the middle of nowhere, or staying on the same mode of transport, the clues are more specific.

Variant rules

  • Do not close doors on airplanes.
  • Longer or shorter playtime may be enacted.
  • Death by natural causes may not be counted.
  • No armor may be worn.
  • The Runner may have boats.
  • The Runner may hear the clues.
  • Transportation may be limited.