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Flag of Hytown.svg
Flag of Hytown
Deputy Mayor_Cylian
SheriffNeedn_NL (head sheriff), Krakabraka, Frogggggg, DNAmaster10, ondist, Frosty_Creeper10
City recognition
Date foundedc. 2021
Town hall coordinates-3076, 72,+ -8667
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 9
Road connectionsB986
Local transitHytown Light Rail
Political affiliations
StateRepublic of Miu Wan
Political partiesProgressive Party
CurrencyMiu Wan Dollar
Driving SidePrimarily Left

Hytown is a Mayor ranked town owned by lalaboy, its deputy mayor is Cylian, and its councillor is AlphaDS.

Hytown has a light rail system, Hytown Light Rail. Sandstone Buss' major Hub is here too.

There is one major ski resort: Carrie Lam Dismemorial Ski Resort which is located near Hytown's Border. It was declared Hytown property after HarborRandom852 got the ski resort IATed to him.

Hytown is also in the UNO and the Federated States.


In 1935, shortly after the Northern War, Wang Reunrai, a trader from Miu Sai, came to Miu Wan to do business with another man, Jasper Emmanuel who was from Dogwood. After discussing with him for a short while, they found out that each of them had a common liking for something: Becoming a mayor for a country. They thought that they should settle on a place south of Miu Wan, a snow-covered land which was near a neighbouring small town, Tintong. After building the town hall, which was not completed until 1937, both men ordered people to help them build small houses which would accommodate numerous people. The first resident that went to stay there was a wealthy man, Wong Hu Tsai. Nothing would happen except building the town until 1953, during the Bristol War. Reunrai had been shot in the chest several times and he was pronounced dead after some days in the hospital. Jasper, seeing the death of Reunrai, had then became mayor and asked Wong to be his deputy. However, the Bristol War had soon came nearer to Miu Wan, then to Tintong and in January 1954, had reached Hytown. The Bristol Army had then set a bomb that would blow up about one quarter of the city. Disaster struck. Both Jasper and Wong where hiding underground when the bomb exploded. Both died in the explosion. After the Bristol War, the town was devastated and abandoned, with debris all over.

Nothing would happen until 1990, where an explorer from Titsensaki, Ho Ren Po, had came across this land as he had spotted something in the distance while eating noodles from a noodle stall in Tintong. He found out that it was Hytown, the devastated city since the war. As Ho was one of the wealthiest people back then, He asked some of the most well known builders to refurbish the city, as well as making a skyscraper which would fit multiple businesses.

After that, the town kept expanding. The first section of the Hytown Light Rail system was opened in February 1992 and subsequent extensions were built.

30 years later, Hytown has expanded until where it is today.

Current Residents

Mojito1014, HarborRandom852, DNAMaster10, AlphaDS, FILIPEK03, 7d, Ludus, Hightech_TR, sesese9, Starcubed, Frosty_Creeper10, LabCylian, STthecat, hvt2011, Tonster, Skelezomperman, Krakabraka, Missa_Solemnis, Melecie, MakeHistory068, LithiumMaudX, Needn_NL, kingsnake, Freskooo, crepper, Ada_Virus, Tom_Pairs, DintyB, MIKE24DUDE, WackyWerny, Purrcat2010, Minecraft252

Buildings in Hytown

PPK Outlets, Green Hill Creek, Hytown Light Rail Depot, MWR Hytown Central Station, Easteats Foodstall, Green Fine Dining, SippyJuice Stand, Bristol Brew Coffee Company, Town Hall, GreenRail Hytown Town Hall Station, Hytown Sheriff Office, MilkShack, Green Hill Capsule Hotel, Hylian Bank, HyCorp Gaming Outlet, MWR Hytown East Station, EPIC SKYDIVE, Hytown City Offices, Estates (Lowtown, Middletown), Guang Farms and Guang Stall, Hytown F&B, Hytown Tree Garden, HyCorp Frostytower, Eden Azalea Tower, OGA! Tacostand, OGA! Eats, Eat and Bowl, Luxury HDBs, Coconut Mall, Hytown Bus Interchange, Tze Wai Estate, Sut Shan Province News Centre, Stop n' Slep Hytown, Siu Tsang Guk Ravine, Hytown Ridge Town Centre, HyCorp Spleef Arena, Yuu Mart, Lab's Book's Bookstore, Wuster's Burgers, Comet Cafe, Pizza Haxt Pizzarea, Doner Plaza, Urban Llama