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III TacoBurritoAThon

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III TacoBurritoAThon
Host Information
Host Alturas
Mayor _Kastle
Deputy Mayor jphgolf4321
Competition Information
Winner Bacon
Overall Record 4-1
Historical Information
Date July 16, 2016

III TacoBurritoAThon was the third edition of the TacoBurritoAThon. It was be held on July 16, 2016, the MRT Anniversary weekend, in the city of Alturas.

Bidding Process

Bidding opened immediately after II TacoBurritoAThon's conclusion. There were two applicant cities: Whiteley and Alturas. Alturas won the bidding by a narrow margin.


Official Roster. Note that if you show up, you may be chosen to play.

Team Taco

Team Bacon

Prize Money

The winners, Narnia17 and mine_man_, split a $290 prize.


Iron Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Diamond Sponsors


Opening Ceremony kicks off at 1800 UTC at Alturas Olympic Stadium.

Events will immediately follow in the following order:

SUMO WRESTLING presented by CowCompany at Alturas Indoor Arena.

AMERICAN FOOTBALL presented by Derpy Enterprises at Alturas Olympic Stadium.

SPLEEF presented by CreeperCola at Alturas Indoor Arena.

SWIMMING at Alturas Indoor Arena.

ATHLETICS presented by Natgas at Alturas Olympic Stadium.

CLOSING CEREMONY at Alturas Olympic Stadium.

It is estimated the program will finish in 1-3 hours, depending on how fast WorldEdits are conducted.

Information about Forfeits

Forfeits are possible in TacoBurritoAThon. Contingency rules are set up.

  • Teams have 30 minutes from when the event starts to supply players (i.e., immediately after the Opening Ceremony).
  • After the grace period ends, the following scenarios may occur:
    • If one team sent enough players and the other did not, it will count as a forfeit.
    • If neither team sent enough players, then the event will get postponed unless either team clinched a championship, in which case it will get cancelled and the event will skip to the Closing Ceremony.
  • All events must be played by Saturday, July 23. Any events not played by then will be cancelled with the score being frozen.
    • If, in this scenario, the score is frozen as a tie, the prize money is split among all players.
  • Players must have played in at least one event in order to be eligible for the prize.

Information about Alturas

Alturas is _Kastle's town on the Old World. It was built around the landmark Kastlekid Productions skyscraper.

Getting to Alturas

Oh noes! I'm new and don't know where Alturas is! Well you can find directions here!



Spleef was between Mineman and Narnia for Team Bacon, and jph and Derpy for Team Bacon. First one to go down was mineman. Then was jph, leaving Derpy and Narnia 1v1. After that, Narnia won.

American Football

American Football was held under simplified rules, with 10 rounds of play, best of 10. The goal was for a quarterback to shoot a receiver from the 20 yard line while the receiver is in the end zone. For Team Taco, the quarterback was jph and the receiver was Derpy. For Team Bacon, the quarterback was Narnia and the receiver was Mineman. After 9 rounds, Bacon won 6-4, putting Taco teetering on the edge.

Sumo Wrestling

This had a best-of-5 series within the teams for the right to represent the team in the finals. Narnia defeated Mineman in a resounding 3-0 sweep, after which Derpy and jph went to the wire and Derpy won 3-2. After that, the finals occurred, with Narnia starting a 2-0 lead. However, Derpy pushed the series to 6 games after that, with Narnia winning 4-2 to seal the win for Bacon, after which jph left.


Swimming was held between the four competitors, Mineman, Narnia, Steak, and Derpy. Derpy had an early lead, however him and Mineman had troubles with the lever of the checkpoint. Regardless, Derpy won, giving Taco their only event win of this edition of TBAThon.


The final event was a 2x200 relay between each team. Derpy had an early lead, however Taco had an error with passing the baton, with Narnia receiving the baton from Mineman to have an embarrassing win when he reached the finish before Taco could even pass the baton.