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Ikea logo.svg
Los Angeles IKEA.png
The first IKEA in Los Angeles
Date founded2016
Corporate structure
Current owner(s)0x10
Former owner(s)_Kastle (2016-2020)
autobus22 (2020-2022)
Sister companiesIKEAlink
No. of locations32

IKEA is a franchise founded by _Kastle and owned by 0x10 imitating the real life store.


IKEA's original location was built in Los Angeles by _Kastle c. 2016.

_Kastle popularized this IKEA, other minor ones were made, such as one built in Haskaa by jdkyhous and the franchise DOYKEA.

In October 2019, autobus22 and _Kastle brought to market a smaller version of the store with a lower price point for more general use.

On 20 August 2019, IKEA branched out into the transit industry with IKEAlink.

In August 2022, 0x10 was transferred ownership through an IAT, with permission from both autobus22 and _Kastle.



A large IKEA in Marblegate.

Originally built by _Kastle, the large IKEA is its flagship location that closely emulates the real life franchise. It features a showroom, marketplace, kids play area, cafe, and parking lot in a 406x158 footprint. Large IKEAs are available to cities Governor and up for $1000.

Large IKEAs can be found in these cities:


A small IKEA in Sansvikk.

Built by autobus22, the small IKEA is a much more modest location. Unlike the large IKEA, it only has a showroom, cafe, and much smaller parking lot in a 47x29 footprint. Small IKEAs are available to Senator cities and up for $280.

Small IKEAs can be found in these cities: