Ian & Obi Industries

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Ian & Obi Industries
The logo of IOI, made by FooteChicken
Senior staff
Founder Johngi and CaptainObi
CEO Johngi and CaptainObi
Facts and figures
Founded January 2019
Franchises Atlas World
IOI Food
IOI Vehicles
Obi Golf
Obi Hotels
Venus Albums
Previous names IanTech, Obi Corp

IOI (or Ian & Obi Industries) is a corporation founded after the merger of IanTech and Obi Corp. It owns a wide range of franchises, but transportation and food are the main two that it excels in.


IanTech was founded in December 2018 and quickly went into business. Its most popular service was Venus Albums, which makes albums of cities and for companies for a rather cheap price. It also made several vehicles, which can be found on the IOI Vehicles page. IanTech then merged with Obi Corp and created IOI, which is what now owns Venus Albums and all of those vehicles, and also took the idea for Atlas World, which was still in development, and continued development on it.

Obicorp started as a front for CaptainObi's Franchises and Golf builds. Obicorp also did Redstone station systems which are now part of IOI Iron.


IOI is a conglomerate, which means it is an "umbrella company" that owns several corporations (which are umbrella companies that own franchises) and some franchises. These are the currently owned franchises/corporations: