Ice Tea Vendor

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Ice Tea Vendor
Founder & CEO Seastep
Number of Stores 25
Facts and figures
Headquarters Aviation
Founded 28th April 2017

Hello and welcome to the Ice Tea Vendor! This is a franchise made by Seastep. It is inspired by real-life Ice Tea Vendors. We serve many kinds of Ice Tea here, including Milk Tea, Green Ice Tea and more!

Note: All types of shops (Traditional, Larger, Custom, Van) are for take-away only.


Notice, prices may vary on location.

  • Milk Tea
  • Green Ice Tea
  • Black Ice Tea
  • Caramel Ice Tea
  • Mango Ice Tea
  • Citrus Ice Tea
  • Orange Ice Tea
  • Pineapple Tea
  • Fresh Kiwi Tea
  • Oolong Ice Tea
  • Jasmine Ice Tea
  • Grapefruit Tea
  • Winter Melon Tea
  • Chocolate Tea (10th Shop Edition, only in Stoneedge)
  • Passion Fruit Tea (15th Shop Edition, only in Savacaci)
  • Star Fruit Tea (20th Shop Edition, only in Spruce Valley)


  • Tapioca Balls
  • Tangerine

Shop Locations

Shop Styles

The Traditional vendor is a small, 6x5 take-away only vendor with a counter and a workplace, all surrounded by colourful glass.

The Larger vendor depends on size, but usually includes a larger workplace, counter, and an additional waiting area. Usually the Larger vendors also provide more types of Ice Tea.

The Custom vendor is a highly flexible shop. It is designed to suit the city's style or vibe. As long as the style is appropiate and the space provided can fit a counter and a workplace, the staff will build a vendor in this particular style.

The Truck shop is an Ice Tea Vendor on four wheels. The idea was inspired by frogggggg after he requested a vendor on wheels.

Ordering an Ice Tea Vendor

You can order an Ice Tea Vendor by asking Seastep when he is online or by /mailing him. The prices for the shops are;

  • Traditional, $5
  • Larger, $10
  • Custom, $5-10, depending on size
  • Truck, $7