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SkyNation Arena

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A screenshot of SkyNation Arena submitted for the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3.

SkyNation Arena, also known as SkyNation Arena at Venceslo Field, is a MAFL-tier football stadium in the town of Venceslo, just west of Venceslo Village, built solely by time2makemymove (with the help of a lot of world edits and stacks). Its main base is gray concrete, with light gray steel trusses holding up the stadium. Formerly known as Icicle Holdings Stadium, it is now sponsored by the SkyNation Alliance. It is serviced by the VMet's Stadium Station.

First completed in September 2017, in November 2018 the stadium was nearly completely redeveloped, including moving the field down 6 blocks, removing the roof and the exterior walls, and moving the parking underground, in the city of Venceslo's Stadium-North Venceslo Redevelopment Project. In this construction project, a new area on the north side of the stadium was created, called the SkyNation Arena Marketplace, a farmer's market and small shopping area to complement the stadium.

The stadium during its' reconstruction in November 2018.
The old version of the stadium, viewed from the dynmap, in September 2018.
The stadium during its' original construction from the dynmap.
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