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Flag of Idk.svg
Flag of Idk
Deputy MayorTheAllRounderMC
City recognition
Date foundedNovember 16, 2021
Date recognized as CouncillorDecember 10, 2021
Date recognized as MayorDecember 27, 2021
Town hall coordinates-19968, 69, 10490
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 6
Rail facilitiesIdk Station (NewRail FLR)
Local transitIDK Trams
Population145,124 (PCPMS)

Idk is a town founded by Krakabraka located at WS30 on the MRT Western Line.


At the November GSM, M60 was allocated to Krakabraka. Three days after the allocation, Krakabraka began construction. On November 16, 2021, Krakabraka started building some buildings and roads. A day later, when Krakabraka was asking for name suggestions for their town, LondonThameslink responded to a different conversation with "Idk", resulting in Krakabraka using it as the town's name. Krakabraka's original plan was to have apartments with stores at the bottom in the city center and then have a ring suburb around the entire town. However, he felt that the style of building was what he was particularly good at.

Krakabraka later settled on a quaint American village-style and started building a couple of houses. In the past, Krakabraka had built interiors similar to what would be seen in a survival world; however, he felt that it would not fit with the houses that were in Idk, so he made a more 'realistic' design for the interiors. He was inspired by Racer395's town of Harmony Grove, which can be seen in the kitchens in Idk. Progress on the town was quite slow, as Krakabraka's main town was Ponton Pier, Midbay.

After Krakabraka submitted his focus on building in Idk, the town was promoted to Councillor on the December 10, 2021, and later Mayor on the December 27, 2021.


An image of Idk.


Idk Trams

There is a tram network in Idk. There are currently 2 tram lines operating, but 3 are planned.

Blue Line (Completed) Red Line (Completed) Yelow Line (Partially Completed)
Town Square (Transfer to Red Line) Town Square (Transfer to Blue Line) North Park [Planned]
Lowland (Transfer to Red Line) Lowland (Transfer to Blue Line) Eastcity (Transfer to Red Line)
South Estates Greenbelt Kraka's Palace [Planned]
Eastcity (Transfer to Yellow Line)

Image of the tram network

The Idk Trams network.

NewRail FLR

There is a NewRail FLR station in Idk. The line R4 stops at it.

Idk discord server

If you are a Citizen, you need to join the Idk discord server. If you are not a citizen, you could if you want to, join the Idk discord server. It's much easier to become a citizen if you join the server first, since you can do it while I'm offline. The link is in #auxiliary-discords.

List of non-Krakabraka builds in Idk

The following is a list of builds in Idk not built by Krakabraka.

  • 1 Main Str.
  • 2 Main Str.
  • 6 Main Str.
  • 8 Main Str.
  • 10 Main Str.
  • All franchises except Quiclinic and Food in 21 North Rd.
  • 22 North Rd.
  • The roof on 21 Sunlight Rd. was partially built by SimonScholar
  • 3 Kraka Str.
  • Floor 5 of 2 Kraka Str.