Infamous Airlines Group

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Infamous Airlines Group
Founder & CEO woorich999
Board of Directors woorich999
Founded October 1st, 2018
Headquarters Coming Soon.
Offices N/A
Affilited Companies Infamous Airlines (49%)
Infamous Eagle (49%)
FlyCycle (49%)

Infamous Airlines Group, often shortened to ING, is a multinational airline holding company on the MRT Server. It was formed in October 2018 to better split control of Infamous Airlines and Infamous Eagle. All of our airlines are independent companies. It is one of the biggest airline holding companies on the MRT Server.


User Role % Share
woorich999 CEO of Infamous Airlines and the Infamous Airlines Group, Co-CEO of Infamous Eagle 50%
MigInfi CEO of FlyCycle 25%
Minecrafter_11 CO-CEO of Infamous Eagle 25%

Affilited Companies

Infamous.png InfamousEagle.png Flycyclelogo.png Waterfront Airlines
Infamous Airlines  49%  Infamous Eagle  49%  FlyCycle Airlines  49%  Waterfront Airlines  49% 

Governance Structure

Asset Allocation

Exit Procedures


Voluntary owner exit procedures: If a shareholder wishes to leave the group, they are allowed to leave and take their assets with them unless it is a shared airline in where they take the flights they brought into the airline when they joined.


Inactive or Banned From Server

In a event where a shareholder is inactive or banned from the server, their assets will be divided up among the other shareholders or can be given to the person listed on their will for their airline assets and that person will be allowed to replace that particular board of director on the board.

Forcibly Removed

Board of Directors may be removed at any time due to explicit behavior, inactivity, or due to other reasons chosen by the board (2/3 Vote to be removed). When they are forcibly removed, they will be allowed to take their assets with them when they are removed.

Changes to Governance Structure

Changes to governance structure may be proposed at any time but they do require majority vote to be changed on the governance structure.

Agreement By Board Members

  • I approve of the governance document -woorich999
  • I agree! - MgWn