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This article is about the modern bus company. For the company which operated on the old world in 2014, see IntraBus (Old World company).
President KittyCat11231
Additional Information
Parent Company Intra (a division of Feline Holdings)

IntraBus is the bus company owned by Intra, acting as a feeder service for IntraRail and IntraAir transportation services.

The IntraBus name was originally used for a previous bus company also owned under Feline Holdings, which operated bus services on the old world in 2014. The original IntraBus routes are operated by OMEGAbus!, an old world bus service 51% owned by IntraBus.

Routes are numbered as follows:

Routes Designation
100-199 Full-time bus services.
200-299 Part-time bus services.
300-399 Temporary bus services.
400-499 Routes formerly contracted by the United Cities Transportation Committee.
800-899 Old world bus services operated by OMEGAbus!.



101 Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport
Segville Grand Central
102 Sealane Central
UCWT International Airport
103 Formosa Northern
UCWT International Airport
104 Xilia IAHL Boarding Center
Xilia-Saint-Exupéry Airfield
105 Venceslo
Whiteley - Turing Square
Whiteley - Olympia-Cacturne Boulevards IntraRail Station
106 Spruce Neck Heliport/IntraRail Station
Spruce Neck - FDR Airfield
107 Konawa
Horizon National Airport
108 Amestris IntraRail Station
Amestris RaiLinQ Station
109 Espil Sanders Station - IntraRail
Espil North - Fred Rail/PMW Commuter
Downtown Espil
Espil Ecilidae Airport
110 Utopia - Anthony Fokker Regional Airport/Transit Hub
Utopia IKEA
111 Waterville Union Station
Orio & Waterville RaiLinQ Station
112 Dabecco IntraRail Station
Dabecco Regional Airport
113 Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport
Nippia IntraRail Station
114 Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport
Liten RaiLinQ Station
115 Washingcube Airfield
Washingcube East RaiLinQ Station
116 Siletz Salvador Station Bus Terminal
117 Scarborough Bus Terminal
Scarborough IntraRail/BluRail/NSC/MCR Stations
Scarborough ValleyConnect Station
118 Whitechapel Border IntraRail Station
Whitechapel Waterfront
Whitechapel Sky Harbor
119 Whitechapel Border IntraRail Station
West Calbar Regional Airport
311 Arcadia City Hall IntraRail Station
Arcadia Champion's Bowl - MRTvision
401 Central City - United Cities Bus Terminal
402 Central City - United Cities Bus Terminal